My Fate Book 1: Sara's New Life

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Chapter 4: Something Is Different.

I slowly opened my eyes. I just lay there. Something was different. I can feel it. I sat up and felt the need to walk to Brandon’s office. I don’t understand but the need was great. I must find Brandon. I walked into his office and he looked toward the door. Mate I said. Brandon you are my second chance mate.

I ran over to him and crawled onto his lap. I saw him look at me with love. My wish came true. You are my mate. I felt him reach his hand behind my head and we kissed. That kiss got harder, and his arms wrapped around me. I needed him. Brandon, I need you. Something is telling me we have to mate and mark each other. We must do this before the day ends.

Brandon, we need to mate and mark each other. He stood up and carried me to his bedroom. He removed his clothes and mine and we started making out soon he had me screaming his name. As we made love, we marked each other. We made love several times that night. It was like we had been apart forever and was making up for it.

All of her mates woke up screaming and holding their necks as Brandon marked Sara. No, they screamed. They all woke up their pack house and people wondered why they were screaming. I lost my mate they all screamed. She is mated and marked by another wolf.

The she-wolves in bed with them looked at the Alpha’s. So, Sara mated and marked another wolf. All of them laughed. Alpha Savage you were so sure she would never do that. Now all of her mates who rejected her will be sorry. She will be the queen of the wolfs and vampires. Both her vampire mate and her wolf mate will sit next to her on that thrown.

You will never sit next to her after all. You were so sure you had Sara under your thumb. Well, Savage I guess you found out not to mess with the moon goddess. I stood up and started dressing. Where are you going? Home. I no longer have any use for you. What the hell. We can now mate and mark each other.

Oh, no that is not going to happen. You see I want my mates pups. Now that you rejected Sara and she is mated and marked by another Alpha you cannot give me children. Of course, I can. No, you can’t. Have you forgotten what they taught us in school? I watched him set up fast.

No, that can’t be true. I jumped out of bed and grabbed my cell phone. I called my father. Dad, I need to know something. What is it son? What if a wolf rejects his mate? That depends. Did she mate and mark another wolf after the rejection?

Yes, she did. Was it Sara? Yes. Then you my boy are being punished by the moon goddesses. What do you mean? You rejected your mate. She mated and marked another wolf. You will never find a second chance mate. You can mate with another she-wolf, but she will not be a second chance mate and you will never have any cubs of your own.

It will be the same for all the mates that rejected her. None of you will have second chance mates or pups. I heard my father sigh. Savage, I thought better of you. I guess after losing your virginity you just couldn’t have sex with your mate. You had to sleep around. Now you will have to face the consequences.

I am sorry Savage. But you all will have a rough time of it. And your pack is going to suffer because of them no longer having their rightful Luna. I hung the phone up and suddenly I had a very bad feelings. Something big was coming and I am not going to like it. I don’t know what it is but I do know I will be begging Sara for help in some form or another.

I took a shower and got dressed. I walked downstairs to get breakfast. As I sat down, I felt the eyes on mypack watching me. What is it I asked? We lost our Luna during the night. We all felt it. She mated and Marked another Alpha.

That is not going to fair well for our pack Alpha Savage. I know. I was a fool. One of the elders shook his head. When are you young people going to learn? When you reject your mate and have sex with someone who is not your mate it brings the downfall of our pack. Especially when it is the Alpha doing the rejecting.

Just then a pack member walked in with an envelope. I took it from him and opened it. I have been summoned to attend the announcing of the Queen and Kings palace this weekend. It is to announce the mating and marking of their granddaughter and announce in five years that she and her mate will become the new Queen and King of the Vampire and Werewolf communities. My attendance is demanded.

Alpha Savage you do remember who Sara’s grandparents are don’t you? Shit. I forgot. Sara and her new mate will be our new Queen and King. I did forget. If you had not rejected Sara, you would be the new King. I wonder which of her mates she marked and mated? I don’t know. I just know it isn’t me.

Let me remind you. Sara’s mate will not be the king but prince consort. There have been very few kings. We have been ruled by the Queen not a king for over 500 years. So, her mate will not be the king.

I stood up and walked to my office. I looked up to seem my Beta walk in. So, he said sitting down. You have been summoned? Not just me I said throwing an invitation at him. He picked it up and read it. I have been summoned as well. This will be very interesting. I wonder if all you will get into a fight that night. No use fighting. It is what it is.

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