My Fate Book 1: Sara's New Life

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Chapter 40: Alpha Chris's Pack House

I arrived at Uncle Chris's house and am in my usual room. I walked down the stairs in my fighting outfit. I smiled as Chris told me that Diana has signed up to fight. Put her with me. I watched as he grinned. We were walking toward the training ground when I smelled him.

I ignored him as I walked to the ring. I jumped in and saw that Diana had her back to me. When she turned around, I saw her smile. Your royal highness aren't you in the wrong place, shouldn't you be sitting over there?

No, I am in the right place. And Diana, I am going to hurt you. When I finish with you, I expect you to leave this territory and country. Stay away from my mate.

You may be the queen, but you are weak. You see that is where you and Rage are wrong. Shall we start this fight? She came at me and I broke her ribs, I then swung my legs out knocking her feet out under her.

I was on her beating the shit out of her and I enjoyed it. I knocked a few of her teeth out. I blackened both her eyes and broke her wrist. Soon she pounded on the mat giving up.

I leaned down and whispered. The next time I see you. I might have to kill you. I stood up and kicked her in the side. I jumped out of the ring and just then I smelled him. Take your hand off me right now.

Did you have to hurt her that bad? Yes, I did. Next time I see her I will kill her. Plain and simple. I walked with Chris to the pack house and my bedroom. I showered and put on jeans, a tee-shirt, and boots.

I met Chris by the back door. We walked out and sat down and watched the other fights. When it was over, and Chris and I were sitting in his office he looked at me. I have to tell you one of my pack members came to me while you were taking a shower.

Male or female? Male. What did he have to say? He heard Alpha Rage telling his Beta that he made a big mistake. And? He said that you were not as weak as he thought. He said Diana was a really strong she-wolf, but you, you took her down like she was nothing.

That you are perfect for him. But after what he did that you would never give him a second chance. And even if you did, you would never let him mate and mark you. Let's just say that I will never let him mark me. But mate me one day maybe.

After all, if I want children, I can only have them with him. I don't have to be marked by him for me to have pups. I forgot about that. The Mark is just to prove he is your mate. Exactly.

Rose my dear. You carry on where our ancestors females have left off. Every one of our female ancestors are conniving. Uncle Chris have you read the history of mothers family? No, but I heard grandmother talk a lot about them.

Apparently at least 25 of the she-wolf's caught their mates either cheating or they refused to mate them at first. When they did mate with their mates, they refused to let them mark them. They only mated with them to have pups.

A lot of the she-wolves mates died of broken hearts. And when they died, the she-wolf's did not go into depression at all. They were able to have second chance mates or chosen mates.

Centuries ago, she-wolf's got their revenge on their mates. I started laughing. I got to say uncle Chris the men then and today are so stupid.

Why do you say that? Because the male wolfs forget that they cannot mark the she-wolf without her permission. Even today the male-wolfs think they can reject their mates until they want to have pups. Right? Yes, you are right.

So, those males think their mate will forgive them from putting them through pain and hell and just open their legs and give them their necks to mark. Right again.

Well, the smart she-wolfs like those in our family. Can still open their legs to get the pups they need or want without being marked. The male wolf forgets that. Therefore, they are mates but not fully mated.

And, if anything happens to the female mate, they suffer we don't. You see, their wolf cannot stand it their mate hates them. But will let them mate them.

Explain it to me Rose. I know that I can't have pups, or children as they are called today unless it is with my mate. My mate being Alpha Rage. I and my wolf Athena hate our mate with a passion.

In order to have the pups we have to let him mate with us. But we will never, and I mean never let him or his wolf mark us. So, he is a mate but not a mate. We do not have to live with him. And he cannot force us to.

The tables are turned on those mates. You know the saying men have? I want my cake and eat it too? I have a wife but a lover as well. I get it. Now she-wolf's have their mate to give her the pups she needs but she does not have to were his mark.

That will hurt her mate more than anything. The refusal to let him mark her as his. And all the male wolf and she-wolfs will know that he has done something to her to make her hate him. But to use him to get what she wants. Her pups.

On the other hand, she-wolfs like me. I don't need his pups. I don't want him. I don't need him. I have no reason to have a pup to carry on as the next queen. I can name any female in our family to do that.

As for Alpha Rage. He needs those pups to have an Alpha. That is my revenge against him. He will not have a son to become the next Alpha. He can only get that son from me and I am not going to give that son to him.

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