My Fate Book 1: Sara's New Life

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Chapter 41: Mark Beta to Alpha Rage

I looked over at Rose. You really do not hate Alpha Rage that much do you Rose? I hate him that much to have surgery so that I can't have pups. Chris and Mark looked at me shocked. Rose. What are you talking about?

I hate Alpha Rage enough to go under the knife and have my tubs tied. I hate him enough to make him pay for me almost losing my wolf. I had my tubes tied. I cannot have pups unless I have them untied.

When did you have that done? Two months after he rejected me but didn't reject me. I still go into heat put I can't get pregnant. Now, should Alpha Rage ever die. Then and only then will have my tubs untied and have pups with my second chance mate or chosen mate. But never will I give Alpha Rage the son he wants to be the next Alpha.

I looked at the clock. I am going to my room. I have to leave in the morning. I will see you at breakfast Chris. I walked out the door and to my room. Athena said, you are a good liar, Rose. I am, aren't I. But it is something to think about. I guess.

We watched as Rose walked out the door. Then Mark laughed. What are you laughing about Mark? That bastard took her right to have a pup away from her. She chose to tie her tubes so she never had her mates child.

Just wait until I tell him what her revenge for him is. You will hear one angry howl. His finding out that she will never give him the son he wants, and needs is never going to happen.

She put the nail in his coffin and just hammered it in on him. He pissed his mate off, and she got the final word. Don't think that when you are ready to have that needed son, I will mate you and give him to you because it can't happen. Not now.

You should never have rejected me because you thought I was weak because I am short and tiny. I am stronger than you are. That is what she is telling him.

I can't wait until he tells me he made a mistake in telling her he didn't want her. I will remind him that she is the only person that could have given him the son he will want and need to carry on after him. But now she can't give him the son he will want and need to carry on his name and be the next Alpha and why he is going to go crazy.

I can't wait to tell him that she still goes into heat but can't get pregnant he is going to angry. All hell will break out. And those two will fight. She will kill him. Yes, she will. Or she will let him live knowing she outsmarted him.

I have to go. I will call you later. I walked out of my uncles pack house and got into my car. I can't believe what Rose told us. She had to be in so much pain to have her tubes tied to keep from having pups.

I drove home to Alpha Rage's pack house. My wolf is furious. How dare Alpha Rage reject his mate. And for her to do such a think so she didn't have any pups. She had denied herself the ability to become a mother.

I stopped my car in front of the pack house. I turned it off and looked up at the window of his office. He was there as the light was on. I got out of the car and walked into the front door. I saw a girl about Rose's age when he told her he didn't want her.

I walked up the stairs and turned to walk into his office. Mark what keeps you up late? I just left my uncle's pack house and talking with him and Rose.

Yes, my mate. I could not believe how strong she is. You can say that again. I should try to get to know her. I will need a son to carry on as the Alpha when I retire or die.

Rage, that is not going to happen. What are you talking about? You will never get the son you want and need to carry on as the next Alpha. Of course, I will. I just have to get her to want me again.

You don't understand Rage. She went under the knife two months after you told her you didn't want her. What are you talking about Mark?

Rose made sure that she would never have your pups. She cannot give you the son you want and need to be the next Alpha. She had surgery to stop that from happening. She still goes into heat, but she cannot get pregnant now.

I felt the pain rip through my chest. Are you telling me that she purposely had a doctor operate on her so she could not have pups? That is what I am saying. She told Alpha Chris and me that not over an hour ago.

She told us that even after two months your rejection of her caused her so much pain she got her revenge against you. She said that she knows one day you would want to mate her to have a son. She said she might mate you, but she would never let you mark her. And she made sure that you would never have a son to carry on after you.

Rose said unlike you. She does not need her own daughter to become the next queen. She can name one of her nieces for that. How dare she take my chances of having a son away from me.

You can't blame her. You did that yourself. You took that away from you on your own when you told her you didn't want her. So, blame yourself. Not her. She and her wolf hate you so much that she would take away her own chances of having her own pups. This is your fault.

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