My Fate Book 1: Sara's New Life

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Chapter 42: Rejected She-Mates Getting Even

I was writing my letters when Branden knocked on the door. Enter I said. Rose, you have to hear this. Hear what? All she-wolfs whose mates do not want them are coming here to the hospital to have their tubes tied. I laughed.

You think that is funny? I sure as hell do. I did it. You what? Two months after Alpha Rage told me he didn't want me I had it done. I made sure that son of a bitch would never get the son he wants and needs to be the next Alpha of his pack.

I can have them untied if anything happens to him and I get a second chance mate or chosen mate to have pups with. But Alpha Rage will never get the pup he will eventually want and need.

We she-wolfs are sick and tired of them not rejecting us but not mating and marking us. That is until the male mate is ready to have a pup. The other thing Branden. We will never let our mate mark us even even if they begged us to let them do it.

I do not plan on mating with Alpha Rage just because he decides that he needs a son. He can go straight to hell. I just made sure he can't have that pup. Oh, I still go into heat, but I can't get pregnant.

Our mates are going to learn we are not a mate that when you want a pup you think you can come and fuck us. Not anymore. Those males are going to learn really fast. Do not lie, cheat, or tell your mate you do not want her. But when you need a pup mate her. It is not going to work like that. Not anymore.

I say good for those she-wolfs. We are teaching them that we have control over whether he gets the pup he wants. Guess what? He is not going to get the pup he wants ever.

You see Branden. I do not need a daughter of my own to become the next queen. There will always be a female born in this family I can choose to become the next queen. Unlike Alpha Rage. He has to have a son to be the next Alpha. Serves those sons of bitches for not accepting their mates in the first place.

Alpha Rage is furious Rose. He wants to kill you. Does he now. Well, he can try. I am a lot stronger than he is. He doesn't know that. Not yet. But he will. Let him come for me. I will make sure that he suffers if he does. I will mark him but not the way he would want. I will mark that face of his that women will look away from him.

You hate him that much? What do you think Branden? He tore my heart out. He almost killed Athena my wolf. Did he care he was hurting me? Me, his mate? No, he didn't instead he was fucking Diana and made her think he would claim, mate, and mark her as his Luna.

However, the only thing he could do was to mate with her. Did he stop doing it after he found I was his mate? No, he didn't. But I sure as hell gave her the beating, she deserved for not leaving my mate alone. And she is leaving the country, so word is now out that he rejected his mate.

I wonder what that bitch of a Moon Goddess has to say about all of this? Her she-wolves making sure their assigned mates are not really rejecting us but are by telling us they don't want us. And if you are here to convince me to get my tubes untied go to hell.

Wait, you found your mate didn't you? You told her you didn't want her. Now she is getting her tubes tied. I started laughing. Wait until mom and dad hears this. Branden she might have let you mate with her. But she would never let you mark her.

I watched as he walked out of my office and slammed the door shut. I mine linked mother and father. What is it, Rose? I just found out that Branden found his mate. That is wonderful news. Not so wonderful. What do you mean? He told her he didn't want her. Just like Alpha Rage told me he didn't want me.

I am going to kill that boy. How dare he deny his mate. I closed the mine link and laughed. My own brother did the same thing as my own mate.

I had a meeting with Alpha Blake and Eddie was going with me. I stood up and walked out the door. I met Eddie at the front door. Star looked at me. Rose, when you get back can we meet in your office? Yes, that will be fine Star. Be there at 6:00 tonight. Thank you, Rose. No problem.

I walked out the door and got into the car with Eddie sitting next to me. So, you are meeting with Alpha Blake. I am. He is a sneaky lying son of a bitch. I have some news that his mate asked me to give him. You mean the mate he doesn't want either. The very one.

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