My Fate Book 1: Sara's New Life

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Chapter 43: Alpha Blakes News

As we got out of the car Alpha Blake met us at the door. Queen Rose, Eddie welcome to my pack house. Thank you, Alpha Blake. Follow me to my office he said. As we entered, I sat down in a chair across from him as Eddie sat next to me.

It has been a long time, Eddie. Yes, it has. Eddie is my older brother I said looking at Alpha Blake he was shocked. I called this meeting because your mate asked me to talk to you.

About what? She said that since you decided you did not want her. That she knows one day you will need a son. And, that she is the only one that can give you that son. That's true she is. Well, the fact is. She made sure you will never have that son Alpha Blake.

What are you talking about? Since you rejected her, she had her tubes tied. She can still go into heat. But she cannot get pregnant. She can't do that. Well, Yes, she can.

She decided that she is not going to wait until you decide to mate her to get the son and Alpha you will need to take over for you. And she said. Even if she did not to it, she would never let you mark her.

So, whatever all you Alpha's are up to. You might want to stop it. You are rejecting your mates by telling us you don't want us. So, we are making sure that none of you males ever have the pups you need to take over after you retire or die. No son's to carry on your family names.

And Alpha Blake. When you bastards get together again. I would let them all know what is going on. So, if those other Alpha's who have not yet found their mates want pups they best not tell their mates they don't want them.

I did the same thing to Alpha Rage. He is never going to have the hair and Alpha son he needs either. Good day Alpha Blake. Eddie and I walked out of his office and down the stairs. As we were leaving his territory, we heard his howl of pain.

Why are they all doing this to their mates Rose? Why don't you ask our brother that? What do you mean? Did you know that Branden found his mate? He told her he didn't want her. She had her tubes tied as well.

That son of a bitch. I am going to kill him. Not if mom and dad get to him first. What are these Alpha's doing? I don't know. But they better stop or none of them will have a son to carrying after they are gone.

Rose, did you really get your tubes tied? I am going under the knife tonight. At 8:00 pm. I refuse to give Alpha Rage his son. Not after what he did to me.

I'm sorry Rose. So am I. I wanted pups more than anything in this world. But I can't let him think he can just decide he wants me after all. Knowing he only wants to mate with me to get a son. So, having my tubes tied he won't get what he wants.

I can always have them untied. If, I was lucky to be given a second chance mate or a chosen mate. But I don't look for that to happen. We she-wolfs are sick of being told our mate do not want us. So, if you don't want us, then you don't want the pups we can give you.

We arrived back home, and I walked in the door. I told the maid to bring coffee for two to my office. I walked up the stairs and opened my office door. I walked over and sat down leaving it open.

I looked up and saw the maid carrying the tray in and sit it on the coffee table. Come in Rose. Shut the door behind you. I watched her walk over sit in the chair facing me. I handed her a cup of coffee.

What can I do for you? Is it true? Is what true? Are all the she-wolf who are being told by their mates they don't want them having their tubes tied? It is true. Did you do that? I am tonight at 8:00pm. But why? If our mates do not want us then they don't need the pups we can give them.

She started laughing. So, you all are getting your tubes tied, and still go into heat to entice your mates knowing that you will not mate with them and cannot give them the male pups the want and need when they decided they now want you.

That's correct. Oh, my god. I love it. Does Rage know what you are doing? He thinks I have already done it. That is so evil. No, that is revenge. You can't tell me you don't want me and then decide that you need a pup to carry on your name and become the next Alpha and that I am going to mate with you.

It doesn't work that way. I will never mate with your brother or let him ever mark me. This is his fault. I did not choose for him to reject me without rejecting me. He made that decision. I didn't make it. I was not given a choice.

Now all of those males rejecting their mates by telling them they don't want them will never have the pups they want and need. And their true mate is the only one they can get pregnant. We are making sure that never happens now.

We are making sure they learn they can't treat us that way and get away without receiving a punishment. They need to suffer as much as we are. Your brother nearly killed my wolf. We both hate him more than anyone in this world. Good for you. I do not blame you, Rose. I blame my brother.

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