My Fate Book 1: Sara's New Life

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Chapter 44: Rose Goes Into Heat

I knew that I was getting ready to go into my heat. I packed two weeks of clothes and the medication to help with the pain and drove to the building in the woods guarded by mated wolves Warriors and guards.

I drove through the gate and soon mother met me there. She will be helping me out making sure that I have enough ice for the tub to keep my heat down. Athena tries her best to help but she is in heat just as much as I am.

We all have two- bedroom apartments in the buildings. Kitchen, bathrooms, living room, enough food to last a month. We have internet and TV to keep us busy while we are here. Being the queen now my scent will carry for miles.

I was sitting talking to Mark doing my paperwork. When we both smelled her. The queen is in heat. My wolf was roaming in my head. I want my mate, but she no longer wants us. I want a pup. But she can't even give me that now because you had to tell her you didn't want her.

She is in pain. She is burning up. Mark looked at me. Why does her scent not bother you, Mark? Because she is my cousin. I saw him smile at me. Just think of all those unmated wolfs roaming around the building she is locked in.

And think that even though she is in heat, she cannot get pregnant. But that doesn't mean she can't have some relief from another single male wolf. And he doesn't even have to fuck her to help her with that heat.

All he has to do is oral sex on her. But she doesn't take any of them up to help her through it. Instead, she suffers in pain. Pain her mate could have been helping her through.

I know that my grandmother is making sure she has enough ice to reduce her heat but there's nothing that she can do to relieve the pain. Imagine, she will be going through this for one full week.

You look like you want to run and find her. Go to hell Mark. Want me to lock you in the cells? No, I don't want you to lock me in the cells. You do know she can die from this don't you? Shut up Mark. I don't care.

It would suit me fine if she did. Then I can choose the mate I want. No, human you won't. If my mate dies, you will die. And if you don't, I will never change into my wolf form.

Mom I screamed. I need more ice. It was a good thing that dad and mom thought to put in 10 ice machines. As the queen my heat is 10x's worse than a regular she-wolfs. The only good thing is that no single males will try to get to me. Only my real mate will want me.

But he is not here. His human is strong willed, and he doesn't care if I live or die. He would prefer that I die though. But I will not give him that satisfaction. Three hours later my temperature was down, and I could get some sleep.

Back at Alpha Rage's pack house he was agitated and snapping at all she-wolfs. One of them told the others that the queen is in heat. And she is his true mate. We all know what happened bitch. We don't need to hear you gloat about it.

Another male wolf told them he heard that their real Luna, the queen had her tubes tied so that Alpha Rage will never have the son he needs to carry his name. Do you blame her? another male said. Alpha Rage got what he deserved.

He told her he didn't want her, but he didn't reject her. She made sure he would never mate and mark her. She made sure he would never get the son he needs to be the next Alpha of their pack house.

He can mate and mark another she-wolf. He can but she can't have pups with him. The Moon Goddess made sure of that. The males can only have pups with their real mates. If he is lucky and gets a second chance mate, she might be able to give him pups. A chosen mate cannot give him pups either.

I can't stand it. Our queen smells better than any she-wolf in heat. I can't wait until she is out of heat. She did this to punish Alpha Rage. To entice him knowing she is not going to mate with him and even if he would he would never have those pups.

The queens scent is driving every single male crazy. Especially Alpha Rage. He knows she won't let him near her. This is another part of her revenge. And it was not just Alpha Rage going through this.

All the male wolfs who told their mates they didn't want them is going through the same thing. One after the other. And they would rather suffer then let their mates touch them. That is how much they have come to hate them. To get their revenge on them. Make them have to jack off all day long for hours.

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