My Fate Book 1: Sara's New Life

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Chapter 45: The Queen Is Out Of Heat

I was so happy that I was finished with my heat. I headed home and knew that in 28 days I would be in heat again. I took a shower and dressed. I left my clothes here as I would return again soon. I told mom I need to have more pain medication for the heat.

I went to see the doctor and he gave me the next 100 pain pills I would need to help me with my heat. I took them back to the apartment and sat them in the bathroom before locking the door and driving back to the castle.

Everyone was so relieved it was over with. Seven days. But they knew it was coming again. I just entered my office when my phone rang. This is Queen Rose how can I help you? This is Alpha Rage. We need to talk.

Is this business or personal? Personal. We have nothing to talk about then Alpha Rage. Have a nice day. I hung the phone up and started working on the papers on my desk.

An hour later I smelled him. I walked down the stairs and to the front door where my guard's were ordering him off my property. I told you we have nothing to talk about.

You are my mate. I started laughing. No, you're a mate without a mate. You bitch. You made me this way Alpha Rage. You may be my mate, but I don't want you. I refuse to mate with you, and I will never agree to you marking me.

Leave my territory. Just then he turned into his wolf. Mate you will listen to me. I turned into my mate just as my parents arrived, his sister and Eddie arrived, and Branden arrived.

I am first, and foremost your Queen not your mate. But as your unwanted mate I would rather kill you than look at you, or let you mate and mark me. He ran at me and I swiped my claws down his face.

I then attacked him and ripped his sides and across his stomach. I turned back into my human form. Through this piece of shit off our territory. I turned and walked through the crowd and into the castle.

I walked over and purred myself a glass of wine. Shit Rose. You fought your own mate. You are damn right I did. I told him not to come here and that we had nothing to talk about and I meant it.

He brought this on his self. This is not what I wanted. I wanted a mate like father. A mate that would love me. But I didn't get that now did I?

Alpha Rage arrived back at his pack house. He looked at Mark in anger. Look at what your cousin did to me. To me her mate. No, you told her you didn't want her. So technically you rejected her. She is not your mate. She is not mated and marked. And she will never let you mark her now.

She scared my face. She sure did. She handed out more of her revenge. She made sure that the she-wolf's would not want you to fuck them. I am sure she has much, much more revenge waiting for you Alpha.

You see the she-wolves in my family for centuries have always gotten revenge on their mates. They have always come out of battles with their mates unscarred. However, the males have not. She can keep this up for centuries or until you die.

I suggest that you move your pack house to another country or get ready for more of her hate for you to come out. What the more can she do? You will smell her scent more. Even though we are thousands of miles from the castle.

Her scent is going to drive you crazy. You won't be able to get away from it. Soon, you wolf will drive you crazy and after that you will lose your wolf. That won't happen. It will I talked to the Elders.

Call them I want to meet with them. I don't have to. They are waiting in your office. I stormed up the stairs and down the hall. I walked into the office followed by Mark.

I see that phase four has started. You fought with your mate. Or should we say your unwanted mate. It is starting again. Only this time you males are not rejecting your mates. You just are not mating and marking them.

It will get worse Alpha Rage. Not for the she-wolfs but for you males. Soon you will lose your wolf. Then you will start growing old. If I, were you, I would start to look for the next Alpha of your pack house. I would choose wisely.

I started laughing. None of that is going to happen. Oh, it is. by this time next week, you will notice that your wolf is talking less and less and a few days after that your wolf will die. You all have made the wrong decisions.

Now you all will pay for it. Not just you Alpha Rage. All of you wolfs who decided you didn't want your mates. You might want to call your brother and talk to him.

Why would I want to call my brother? To announce that he will be the next Alpha of course. Alpha Damage has a nice ring don't you think one of the Elders said. You will be dead in three weeks Alpha Rage. Prepare for your funeral.

We need to get back to the house. Good day Beta Mark, Good day Alpha Rage. We will pray to the Moon Goddess to be with you.

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