My Fate Book 1: Sara's New Life

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Chapter 46: Two Weeks Later

Braden walked into my office. I need to apologize to you Rose. For what? I made you think that I met my mate and didn't want her. That is not true. I have not met my mate yet. I am glad to hear that. I came to tell you that all the mates who told their mates they didn't want them are not doing well.

In what way. They are all losing their wolfs and they are dying. Well, that is sad to hear. Alpha Rage is dying. Not my fought. You really do hate him. What do you think? He hurt me. You should now that his brother has been called to his bedside. He is to become the new Alpha. His name is Destroyer.
Just then my phone rang. What is it Mark? Alpha Rage is asking to see you. Fine. I will be there in 20 minutes. I arrived at Alpha Rage's pack house. I walked in and Mark hugged me. Follow me.
I followed Mark to Alpha Rage's bedroom. You wanted to see me? I'm sorry for what I did to you. I was selfish. I thought you were too weak to be my mate. I was wrong. I should have never told you I didn't want you.
I forgive you Alpha Rage. What I can't forgive is all you males telling your mates that. Even though you do not want us you are still rejecting us as your mates. I hope that your wolf finds a better human.
Queen Sara, I would like you to meet my brother he will be the new Alpha. Alpha Danger meet my rejected mate Rose, Queen Rose of the wolfs and vampires. I did her wrong. I told her I did not want her. I thought she was too weak to be my mate. I was wrong. She did this to me in a fight.
His face side stomach was scared. I told you not to come to the castle. You did it anyway. And then you disrespected me. You had it coming. I guess I did. I was looking at her and thought is she my second chance mate. Does she know it?
I watched as Alpha Rage took his last breath. As his unwanted mate I will not be attending his funeral. I will send flowers Alpha Damage. I turned and walked out the door. I walked down the stairs and got into the car. Tears flowing down my face.
I did not care who saw them. The pack members knew. The Alpha is dead. She was crying. What did you think she would do? Her mate is dead. The mate that never gave her a chance. Of course, she is crying.
Mark looked at Alpha Damage. You should mine link the pack members of his death. I sat and looked at my brother. Beta Mark what happened here? My cousin our queen is his mate. The day he met her he told her he didn't want her.
Two months later she had her tubes tied. She said, that her mate was not going to decide he wants her when he needs a pup. She would never give him the pup he wanted and needed. She said since he didn't want her, he would never mate and mark her. And if he did mate her, she would never give her consent for him to mark her ever.
A lot of the male wolfs are telling their mates they don't want them. So, the she-wolf's are having their tubes tied denying their mates the sons they need and want. Their own revenge you could say.
So, now that Alpha Rage is dead. Queen Rose will have her tubes untied. So if she does have a second chance mate and he mates and marks her she can give him the pups he wants.
I had not realized the male wolfs were doing this. Not mating and marking their mates. More than you know. And now their wolves are dying, and a few weeks later they are dying. That is why your brother died.
I don't understand why they are all doing this. But in the end, it is killing them. Leaving the she-wolf's free and able to have a second chance mate or a chosen mate. I don't think she is going to like it.
Like what? She is my second chance mate. Are you going to reject her like he did? Hell no. My first mate rejected me. I would never reject my mate. I want a mate to love, to have pups with. Then once she calms down you need to start visiting your sister Star.
She is mated and marked by my cousin Eddie. The live about two miles from the castle. And Alpha Danger. Yes, Beta Mark. Rose is strong. Not only physically but mentally. She is very loving of her friends and family. She wanted a mate so much.
But your brother took that away from her. He hurt her. He tore her heart out and almost killed her wolf. Do not reject her. And she will fight it. She will not make it easy for you. Just telling you so you are prepared. She will want to deny that you are her mate.

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