My Fate Book 1: Sara's New Life

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Chapter 47: Alpha Danger

I looked at her and saw how beautiful she was. I saw the tears in her eyes as she walked out the door. My brother had hurt her? How could he tell such a beautiful woman he didn't want her. He didn't even think that he might have not said the words to reject her but that was just what he did.

I watched as Beta Mark hugged her. I heard her ask him if he would be at their family dinner next week? I will be there. Tell grandma and grandpa I can't wait to see them again. I will let them know.

Without turning around, she said, "Alpha Danger, I am sorry about the loss of your brother." Beta Mark looked at me. I have something to say and then we will never mention this again. He cheated on Rose, he had a woman named Diana he wanted to mate and mark.

But Rose forbid him to ever mate and mark another woman. Ever. He hated her for that. He hated that she was not dying from a broken heart. That she became even stronger, and she used her hat against him.

He was angry when she had her tubes tied. And he was even more angry when she went into heat. He said he could not stop smelling her scent even though she lives a hundreds of miles from him.

I would say that her wolf made him pay for that rejection. She did. He wanted her to die of depression and waste away, but she didn't. And she beat the hell out of Diana and forced her to leave the country never to return.

Alpha Rage was a bastard Alpha Danger. But I was his Beta and he used me to get all the information he could from me about Rose.

I am telling you I will not do that for you. Listen Beta Mark. She is my second chance mate. I could not tell her that. I covered my scent. If you think that I will tell her I don't want her, you are dead wrong.

She just lost her first mate. I could not tell her or let her know I am her mate. Not yet. Let her grieve for something she never had. I will let her know after the funeral. I will let you know that she did smell a bit of my scent. Just enough to make her wonder.

I will go meet with her after the funeral. But first we burry my brother. Just then the bedroom door swung open, and Diana walked in. So, it is true. He is dead? He is. Who are you? I am his brother Alpha Danger.

Do not look at me that way. I am not him. I have morals. And you I understand are to be out of this country. I want to be a Luna he promised to make me his Luna. That is not going to happen.

What about you, you will need a Luna. Not interested. And you will leave this territory. I have a Luna. She just doesn't know it yet. And you are not her. I can be your lover. Again, not interested.

I do not cheat on my mate. My brother might have but I won't. Beta Mark, you know what to do with her. With pleasure. I walked over and grabbed Diana's arm. I pulled her out of the room, down the hall, stairs, and out the front door.

You have 10 minutes to get out of our territory. After that I will set the warriors after you with permission to kill you. I can't leave the territory in 10 minutes. Exactly.

You always hated me. I do hate you. He was my cousins mate. You kept him from her. Now, I get to have you killed. Run. I watched her run. I mine linked the warriors.

You have permission to hunt down Diana and kill her. When she is dead bring her body back here. I turned and walked into the pack house. Is it being taken care of? It is. I told them to bring her body back here.

Good. His body is being prepared and the coffin is being brought to his room. It will then be sat in front of the stage. After her body is brought back. She will be placed in the coffin with him. She wanted him, she has him.

Once that is done the coffin will be carried to the cemetery and a short memorial service will be held. They will be buried togeather. Beta Mark, I want her alive. She will be buried alive.

Warriors bring her back alive. We were putting Alpha Rage in the coffin when the warriors said they had her outside. Bring her to Alpha Rage's bedroom.

Let me go Diana screamed. Alpha Danger looked at her. You wanted him, you are going to have him. Lay her on top of my brother. And put the lid on the coffin.

With pleasure. This bitch took our Luna from us. She can now have Alpha Rage even in death. Once the lid was on and nailed down, you could not hear her screams. Let's go to the cemetery.

The members followed the coffin and watched as it was placed in the ground. Alpha Danger completed the service and the members watched as the grave was filled and the ground packed down.

You are all dismissed Beta Mark mine linked. But be ready for a pack meeting in two hours. You are all free to go back to your homes. I watched as they turned and walked away.

Shall we meet in your office Alpha Danger? Yes, and please mine link a maid to bring coffee to us. We walked back to the pack house and up the stairs to his office. Once there the maid was just leaving the room.

I shut the door behind me and walked over and sat down at the small table. Well, were you expecting all of this to land in your lap? Not this soon. He would have lived for centuries if he had not rejected his mate.

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