My Fate Book 1: Sara's New Life

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Chapter 48: The Announcement Of Alpha Danger

Two hours later I stood on the stage with Alpha Danger next to me. As you all know Alpha Rage was not always a good Alpha for the pack. His brother Alpha Danger is our new Alpha. He of course will run this pack the way he sees fit.

I stepped back and Alpha Danger stepped forward. I expect that all single wolfs, and she-wolfs will continue to follow the schedule given. The teenagers will continue to attend school, training, and work. At no time will any teenager be left unsupervised or be in each others bedrooms ever.

No teenager will date unless they are mates. And we will have no sluts or whores in this pack is that understood? Everyone will work around the pack house. If rules are broken I and Beta Mark will deal with them. Once I have my mate, she will manage the females that break the rules.

We will have weekly meetings, family BBQ’s, and other activities together. Is that understood? We will have no Omega’s in this pack house service any single males period. The Omega’s here will clean, cook, and do other chores.

I will not abide any male telling his mate he does not want her. As you all know Alpha Rage was our queens mate, but he told her he didn’t want her. We buried him today. He may not have said the rejection the right way but, he still rejected his mate.

He died because of that. And she-wolf's are starting to get their own revenge. Making sure that their mate when and if they decided they wanted pups to accept them never gets that pup.

No more. The last war killed to many wolves and pups. This will not take place in our pack. If I find out any male wolf or she-wolf cheats on their mate they will be dealt with accordingly.

Any questions? Do you have a mate? I do but she doesn’t know it yet. She does not live close to the pack. But when I do mate and mark her we will move the pack closer to where she lives.

When will she know? I smiled at them. When the time is right. At this time, she is busy, and I was not able to let her know she is my mate. But I would like it to be today. But I need to get her to trust me. So, I hope it is within the next few days.

Any other questions? None? Then carry on with your duties. We walked off the stage and to the pack house. We walked into the office and I looked at Mark. I want to go through the file cabinet and get rid of what is no longer needed and store old files on pack members.

I said, are the rooms close to this office being used? No, they are full of junk. Well, let's look at them. As we opened the door next to the office I moaned. What are in all these boxes? Don’t know.

Let's start going through them. We carried 10 of the boxes to the office. We sat at the conference table and opened the first box. We stacked the files by year. Soon we went through them nothing we needed to know. We put them in a burn box.

We kept anything worth historical value and put the files of deceased wolves in the burn box. Call a pack member to take these boxes down and empty the documents in the burn pile and start a fire.

Have them bring the boxes back up we might need them. As the boxes were brought up we marked the boxes with the years file, and one of historical value and placed the files in the right boxes.

We had two pack members bring 10 more boxes in and sit them on the floor near the table. Four hours later the room was cleaned out.

We moved to the next room and did the same thing. By lunch time all the rooms were cleaned out and there were 20 boxes. I instructed the pack members to wash the walls down and clean the carpet. One of the rooms had no windows.

We will make this the file room. Beta Mark put as many file cabinets as you can in that room. Then we will make files and put the documents in this box in the file drawers.

While I looked at the other rooms which there were 20 of them. Beta Mark ordered the cabinets to be delivered after lunch. It is time for lunch I said to everyone.

After lunch when the cabinets arrive come back here and help carry them in and put them where Beta Mark tells you. I will tell you what to do after that is finished.

We all walked down the stairs and into the dining hall. Mark and I got our plate of food and sat down at the table. I need someone who is good at filing paperwork. One of our she-wolfs is taking business in high school.

Have her meet with us after lunch. I mine linked Sara and asked her to meet me in the Alpha's office after lunch. I think she will enjoy the job. I told Danger. Now, I heard my sister Star is mates to you cousin Eddie.

That is true. They live two miles from the new castle., my grandparents, live in the old castle. Branden Jr and Jeff, Rose's brothers live in the new castle with Rose. Her sister Lily is mated to Alpha Savage, and Alpha Chris is her brother.

She still has some sister that have not been found. We hope that one day they will be. What does Rose like to do? She loves riding her horses, reading, going through the history of our family, and quilting.

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