My Fate Book 1: Sara's New Life

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Chapter 49: The Other Rooms.

As we cleaned out the rooms, I was shocked at what I found. I sat down and read the journals. Mark, I yelled help me carry these and put them on the table. We completely cleaned the room out. It was big, really big.

Have a few she-wolfs come here and wash the walls down and shampoo this carpet. There were windows all along one wall. Once that is done, I want bookshelves to be put in all along that wall top to bottom.

We walked into the office and started taking the journals out. We put them in order by year. I want all of these put on the shelves.

I want a couch, loveseat and coffee table between them. In a another corner I need a few side tables and chairs and near the window a long table that will seat six.

The she-wolves had the room finished in three hours. And the bookshelves were being put in, The chairs, love seat, couch tables and lamps were all put in the room. Mark and I started putting the journals in the bookshelves. The room looked really homey and nice.

Your brother never wanted to have these room used. Well, I am not my brother. We walked down to the room at the end of the hall. It was about the size of my office.

It has windows on two sides. I want this as the Luna's office. It had a famine desk, couch, love seat, chairs in front of the desk file cabinets and end tables along with bookshelves. I want everything boxed and again taken to my office.

The she-wolves were washing the walls and had taken the curtains down and thrown them into the washer. When they finished it was ready for my Luna, my mate.

I smiled as we walked out of the room. We walked to the last room. So, this is your office. I don't have an office. It says Beta Office on the door. He would not let me use it.

You will now that I am here. Let's have a look, shall we? We opened the door and saw that it has not been used in many years. Let's get this cleaned, shall we? Boxes were brought in the file cabinets unloaded and put in the boxes.

Next the desk drawers were unloaded and put in the boxes as well. From there the books were removed from the shelfs and also put into boxes. All of them were taken to my office.

I think this desk is just too old. We will move it out of here and burn it, the chairs. Hell burn everything in here but the bookshelves.

The curtains were taken down and burned as well. The carpet was in really good condition it just needed shampooed. The she-wolfs went to work on the Beta office. By 8pm the room was finished. It looked good.

Now just to buy the new furniture for the room. We will do that in the morning. In the meantime we decided to go through the boxes in the morning as well.

We walked out of Dangers office and locked the door. Danger was temporally using a different bedroom. He is thinking about looking at the Alpha bedroom on the third floor later this week.

We walked to our bedrooms and took showers before changing into clean clothes. We then walked to the dining hall were we sat down at the table. The food was sat in front of us, and Alpha Danger thanked the Moon Goddess for the meal and helping hands that made it.

Then he took a bite which told the other wolfs they could start eating. Once the meal was finished everyone carried the plates to the kitchen, rinsed them and put them in the dishwasher. After that they were free to do as they wanted.

Alpha Danger made a cup of coffee and carried it out back and put it on a table before he sat down to watch the kids play. He asked me about my mate.

I have not found her yet. I am sure that I will soon. I hope that you do. What happened to your first mate Danger? She rejected me when I was in high school.

She found out that she could not have pups after she mated and marked her boyfriend at the time. She tried to get me to mate with her a year later.

I told her she could forget that and that she made her bed and she had to lay in it. I was not interested in mating with her just so she could become a mother.

After that I never saw her again. I pissed her off because I would not help her out. She and her mate moved to another state. Ever since then I make sure that I am also never alone with a she-wolf. Not ever.

I don't want one of them to get it into their head I am interested in them. Be careful here Danger. We have a few she-wolfs that will try to get you in bed.

I won't worry about that. Anyways I had given up hoping that I would find a second chance mate. That is until I smelled Rose coming up the stairs. What I don't get is why Rage told her he didn't want her. She is very beautiful.

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