My Fate Book 1: Sara's New Life

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Chapter 5: Brandon & Sara

I slowly rolled over and looked at Brandon. Hello, love. Hello, Brandon. He leaned down and kissed me. Sara, I am so glad that we are second mates. It appears that we have been mates 200 years ago. But why would the Moon Goddess separate us? I don’t know love. Maybe we will learn why later. It doesn’t matter if we don’t find out or not.

We have each other now. That is all that matters. Yes, it is. And this little one belongs to me. I am his or her father. Yes, you are. The baby calms down when he or she hears your voice. I bent down and kissed Brandon. We ended up making love again. We soon got up and took a shower before getting dressed.

We walked to the kitchen to make breakfast that we had missed several hours ago. I was frying bacon and eggs when Brandon put his arms around my belly. The baby gently moved and when he removed his hands it stopped. We ate our breakfast then washed the dishes and put the dishes away.

I followed Brandon to his office where he sat at his desk and I sat on his couch. I picked up the book I had been reading. I had just finished reading four chapters when we hard fighting going on outside. Brandon stood up and I followed him to the front door.

I looked behind him and saw his guards holding Savage by his arms and he was on his knees. I saw him growl when he saw my mate mark. You had no right to mark my mate, Brandon. I had every right. She has been my mate for over 200 years now. She belongs to me.

If you had wanted her for your mate, you should have marked her. But you were selfish and wanted to just mate her and every other she-wolf. I on the other hand love Sara. And she is having my child. No, she is not. That is my child. Are you sure Savage?

Smell the air. I laughed, as now I understood. The Moon Goddess has been changing my child’s scent to smell like Brandon and me mixed. I watched as Savage sniffed the air. You son of a bitch. It has been you watching her the whole time. Even when my Uncle was the Alpha here.

I was the one watching over Sara. I was the one protecting her. But I could not stop you from taking my mates virginity now, could I? But I brought her here when you were caught fucking another, she-wolf. When my mate tried to kill herself. And if she had done that. I would have killed you.

Now, get off my island and do not come back. On second thought I saw looking at my helicopter landing. I turned my head and looked at my pack members carrying our suitcases across the lawn to the chopper. I took Sara’s hand and walked across the lawn and lifting her in and putting her seat belt on. I climbed on next to her and did the same.

I mine linked my guards and told them to let Savage go. We lifted into the air and headed to the castle. Are you alright Sara? I am great. I know what the Moon Goddess did. She changed the DNA of the baby to be our DNA mixed. So, this is our baby.

We arrived at the castle, and stepped out of the chopper, and walked over to the car waiting for us. After we were seated, we were driven to the castle and met by Sara’s grandparents. As we stepped out of the car, I took Sara’s hand and we walked up the steps to greet them.

Sara’s grandparents hugged and kissed Sara they shook my hand and congratulated us. We followed them into the castle and to Sara’s grandmother’s office. Our luggage was taken to the room assigned to Sara and me.

Once we sat down Sara asked her grandmother why we were there? In five years, Sara you will become queen. Brandon will become Prince Brandon Reynolds. Your first born if a girl will become the Queen, if a son the King when you retired or pass away. We will be having all the Alpha’s, their Luna’s, and Beta’s here this weekend to announce this.

Now, don’t look at me like that Sara. You have known for 10 years that this was going to happen. But, what about mom and dad? Your parents have other obligations in Canada. Besides your mother never wanted to become queen she always felt you would make a better queen then she would.

I know that you can do the job Sara. I have something to give you. I looked over and saw her grandmother hand her two books. What are these. You and Brandon read these. These Books are the prophecies that are to come and about you and Brandon. Now, you two need to go to your room and rest.

We will see you tonight at supper. Sara and I stood up and walked out of the room and went to the bedroom assigned to us three doors down from her grandparents room. We kicked our shoes off and picked up the book with the prophecy about Brandon and me.

We climbed on the bed and I lay against Brandon as he opened the book and started reading. As he read the part of the Moon Goddess protecting us by keeping our real wolves asleep for over 200 years. The prophets said that a war was coming between the wolf hunters.

The war will last for 50 years and almost wipe out the population. This will be to Alpha Savage refusing the assistance of the Wolf/Vampire Queens help to send in her military. On the 50th year Alpha Savage will meet a human woman fall in love and the Moon Goddess will let Alpha Savage impregnate her.

However due to his failure to permit the Queen to send her warriors he will watch as the hunters kill his human mate and their child. Then and only then will he beg the Queen to send the warriors. The next prophase says that Alpha Savage will die at the hands of the remaining Alpha's.

They will blame him for the war continuing and the loss of friends, families, their Luna's and their pups. The Moon Goddess will then come down and blind the hunters. Put an invisible shield around all Wolf territories. And the wolfs that are left alive will rebuild their lives.

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