My Fate Book 1: Sara's New Life

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Chapter 51: Clearing The Land

We had been working for a month and finally all the land we wanted cleared is finished. Houses are being built for the mated wolves, training barracks are being built on the other side of the territory.

The pack house is almost finished. The driveway and roads done. The next building to be started is the meeting hall where we can have family BBQ, weddings, and other celebrations. A school house that is 10 miles from us is being added onto as there will be more high schoolers, middle schooler, and preschoolers attending.

My sister and Eddie her mate lived five miles from our pack house. I am one mile from the castle. Rose and I go from the castle to the pack house. We have mated but not marked each other yet.

Today the old pack house had been packed up and everything is being moved in today. The mates are moving their houses today as well. We will be moved in permanently by the weekend.

I am happy for that. Tonight, Rose and I will be staying in our room at the pack house. And tonight, I am going to mark my mate.

I arrived at the new pack house and walked to the bedroom. I stripped naked and walked to the bathroom and stepped into the shower. I put my arms around Danger and moved my hand down and rubbed his cock.

I was against the wall and he shoved it inside me. I moaned as he pounded in and out of me. Faster I said. And he soon I screamed his name.

That night we marked each other. I am his Luna, and he will be my prince consort. He doesn't know but I had my tubes untied. I found that my mate is all I want, and I am all he wants.

The next morning, we made love before taking another shower. He was going to help finish the buildings and I had letters to read and answer. We are going to have lunch at Eddie and Star's house.

I finished my work and closed the office door. I drove to the pack house and Danger walked out the front door and climbed into my car. We held hands as I drove to Eddie's house. Once we arrived, I got out and shut the door.

I walked around and held Dangers hand as we walked onto the porch and knocked on the door. As it opened Star hugged both Danger and me. Danger shook hands with Eddie and then Eddie hugged me.

We walked into the living room and Eddie handed us a beer. We sat talking for about an hour and drinking when Star said lunch was ready. We walked to the dining room.

As we ate, we talked about how things were going, and Danger said the building are almost finished. And then we will have a BBQ to celebrate it.

I looked over at Danger and smiled. I am not only his Luna, but I have some news. Eddie, I wanted to talk to you and Star. About what? Eddie, we have not had a king in the family for several years.

I want to retire and just be Dangers Luna. I want to know if you will become the king and you first born daughter the queen when you want to retire. I don't know what to say. Eddie, you will make a good king. Star will make a good Queen consort.

I talked to mom and dad and they agree with me. Please say you will do it. I will do it. I jumped up and hugged him. Thank you, so much. We will have your coronation in one month. You already know what needs to be done.

You have worked with me since I was crowned. I don't want to be both Queen and Luna. We understand. It is not easy to do both jobs.

Eddie never doubt yourself. You know everything that has to be done. You can move to the castle and still keep your house. And make sure to take time and spend it together. And this time it is you who has to have the holidays at the castle.

But don't forget. We have servants to clean up afterwards. Yes, you will. Now that is settled, I will expect you to come to work to get you ready to take over. I hugged Star and Eddie and Danger, and I walked out and got into the car.

Are you sure about this Rose? I am sure Danger. I want to be just your Luna and mate. I also want us to have pups one day and I don't want to have my attention taken up as the queen.

We drove to the pack house and walked to our bedroom. We ended spending several hours making love. I was happy. Happier than I have been in a long time.

The tension is gone from my life and I just want to be the best Luna I can be. Danger and I will have the most famous pack house. And we will have many teenagers going to college and having a good work ethic instead of known as the pack house with sluts and whores.

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