My Fate Book 1: Sara's New Life

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Chapter 52: Blossom Is Found

Jeff contacted Eddie and informed him he has found Blossom, but not Jane, or Raylan. He stated that Blossom is in Canada at Alpha Ricks Pack house.

Eddie you are not going to like what they are doing to her. She is being abused. Physically and sexually. She is treated worse than a dog. She doesn't even know who I am. She jumps at the slightest notice or when someone moves their hand.

Jeff, it time to get her out of there even if we have to go to war. But first try and buy her if you have to. If not, we will take her. I walked back into Alpha Rick's pack house.

I sat down and talked to Alpha Rick, and his Beta, Tim. So, I see you keep looking at our little slave over there. Why is that? My wolf is drawn to her. Right now, I am keeping him from coming out and ripping the two of you apart.

Only five male alphas can beat me, Alpha Rick said. Is that right? Let's go outside. I am curious. I would like to meet your wolf. Then I will show you mine.

I watched as Alpha Rick changed. My wolf started laughing. Here we go. As soon as I changed, I looked down at Alpha Rick's wolf. He bowed. I am all black, with blue eyes, and I stand 10 feet tall.

I changed back to human form. As did Alpha Rick. But I was fully clothed. He bowed again. Prince Jeff, I apologize. You may take the she-wolf with you. I do appreciate that. We walked into the club and Beta Tim brought Blossom to me.

She did not look at me. I took her arm and walked her out the door. I put her in the back seat of the car, and I sat down next to her. She just stared out the window.

We soon arrived at Eddie's pack house. Blossom was asleep. As the car stopped, I got out and lifted my little sister in my arms. I carried her into the pack house.

Follow me to the hospital. His hospital is in the old pack house. Eddie was met by the doctor. This is our little sister. She was being held at Alpha Rick's MC. Oh, god. follow me.

We followed him into a private room. I will have my nurse help me give her a full examination. If you will wait in waiting room. An hour later Nurse Olive and I looked at each other.

Blossom has been severely beaten, her wolf is in hiding, and she had been raped. But her body will heal. It is her mind I am worried about.

We made her comfortable and walked out of the room. We walked to the waiting room. I sent Olive, to sit with Blossom. It is not good. She has been physically abused and raped repeatedly. Her wolf is in hiding, and that is why she is not healing.

I am worried about her mind. Should we call mom and dad. Yes, we better. Here goes nothing, Jeff said. I mine linked dad. What is wrong Jeff. I have good news, and bad news. Give me the good news. I found Blossom; she is in Eddies hospital. We are on our way.

We arrived at Eddies and changed back to human form. We walked into the hospital. What is the bad news? She has been abused, rapped repeatedly, and her wolf is in hiding.

We want to see her. We walked down the hall to her room. Eddie opened the door and walked in. Dad and mom looked over at the bed. My baby. What have they done to you?

Dad, growled. I will tear them to pieces. Who did this? Alpha Rick and his club members. You did not want to make my dad's wolf mad. He is furious seeing his child laying in that bed, covered in bruises. and her wolf in hiding.

My dad's wolf can talk to every one of ours. I watched as dad sat down on the other side of the bed. I watched as his eyes changed. Silver Bell, I know you are there.

I heard whimpering. Silver Bell, answer me. "Daddy." Yes, it is daddy. You and Blossom are safe now. Do you remember your brothers Eddie, and Jeff? Yes. Jeff rescued you. He brought you here to Eddie's pack house. Mommie is here too. "mommy." Yes.

I need for you to show yourself. I can't daddy. They will beat her. No, they are not here. I will protect you. Show yourself. We all watched as Blossom was turning into Silver Bell. Come on now, Silver Bell, you can do this. Change Now!

Blossom disappeared and Silver Bell lay in the bed. Good girl. Now, look around. Mommie, Daddy, Eddie, Jeff, we are all here. Yes, we are. You can change now without fear of Blossom being hurt. Do you understand? I understand.

I will have the doctor examine you now. Doctor, I said you may examine Silver Bell. We watched as the doctor looked her over. She is fine. She is just weak. I will have her change at least three times a day for a week.

We all walked over and pet, Silver Bell. You can rest now, Silver Bell. You do not have to protect Blossom. She is safe here. You are safe here too.

Change back now Silver Bell. We saw her change back to her human form. Blossom looked a little stronger. We will let them rest now. Olive, bring Blossom some milk, soup, and half a sandwich in an hour. Then let her sleep.

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