My Fate Book 1: Sara's New Life

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Chapter 53: Eddie Talks To Jeff

We walked to my office, once inside we sat down. What's on your mind, Eddie? Sara is stepping down as Queen. I am to become the first King in centuries. The deal is that my first-born daughter will become the queen, after I retire or die.

I want you to become the Alpha of my pack. Are you serious? I am. You would make a good Alpha. You are smart, kind, understand the need for what the Moon Goddess wants from us. You are good at problem solving and making deals.
What about finding our other siblings? Send out trackers. As the Alpha you will be meeting more Alpha's going to their pack houses, and this gives you more of an advantage to find our sisters.
I did not think about that. The same for me as I will go to the other pack's once a month or once every three months. We can get out there even more. We can put the word out we are looking for the missing prince, and princesses.
I will do it. I will take over this pack when you become the King. Thank you, Jeff. It means a lot to me. Besides, Brandon is still going to be looking as well.
Now, about Blossom. We cannot have Alpha's, Betas, or their members abusing she-wolves, and omega's. Something needs to be done about that.
Blossom is not Blossom anymore. She is beat down. She almost lost her wolf. We cannot have that happening. Since the war, there are not that many pups being born.
Eddie, if this continues, there will be less, and less of our kind. I know. I will need to speak with the elders about this. It has to stop. Alpha's permitting this type of behavior in their pack houses need to be fined or something.
Dad is furious. Hell, I am furious about the treatment our sister received. It might come down to putting the Alpha in jail for a while.
Jeff, have you found your mate yet? I sighed. No. I am beginning to think she is dead, or not born yet. If she ever will be. Lord, help me if she is an infant.
I laughed at that one. Or if she is a teenager. I am too old to have a mate who is a teenager. No, thank you. But I would not reject her either.
Where is your Beta at? Training grounds. We did get a new family two days ago. They have come with two she-wolfs. One of them is a strong willed woman.
Let's go to the training building. We walked out of his office and down the hall to the stairs. We talked about how Sara finally got to be happy.
As we got halfway to the building, I saw Jeff lift his nose and sniff the air. Let's hurry. My mate is here. I bet it is one of the new she-wolfs.
Inside the building I was talking to my sister. I stiffened. I sniffed. My mate is here. I started looking around and looked over at Alpha Eddie.
I saw a very handsome man with him. He looked at me and I looked at him. As they walked over to us, I said, you are my mate. I am.
Alpha Eddie. Candy this is my brother, Prince Jeff, and soon to be the new Alpha here. My sister looked at me and gasped. You are mates with the, prince Jeff and you will become the new Luna.
I smiled down at her. Eddie looked at the both of us. Go on the two of you get out of here. The pack members looked at me and Prince Jeff as we walked out of the building.
We walked into the woods and once out of sight he turned me around and looked at me. What is it? I know that you want to reject me, but you won't.
I would never reject my mate. I looked for you for centuries. I thought I would never find you. I pulled her into my arms and kissed her.
You will move in with me. Are you going to make me stop fighting? Nope. You won't, really? Really. As the next Luna of this pack, you will need to be strong.
I flung my arms around him and he lifted me, as I wrapped my legs around him. We ended making out for a while. So, your name is Candy? Yes, Prince Jeff. Stop calling me that.
My name is Jeff. You are my mate. What are you doing tonight? Whatever, you are doing. We are going to my family BBQ tonight.
I expect you to be ready around 6 tonight. I will pick you up at the Packhouse. I need to find out from Eddie when he is moving to the castle. We will need the Alpha's rooms cleaned before we move into that bedroom.
Candy why did you think I would reject you? Because most wolfs do not want a woman that is strong-willed and can fight. That is crazy. I always wanted a strong woman. She has to be strong to put up with me.
I can be very stubborn and demanding. I held her hand as we walked out of the woods. Go get ready. I have to go to the castle as that is where I currently am living.
I turned into my wolf and ran to the castle. I changed back to human form and walked to my bedroom. I showered, dressed, and walked out the door.
I walked to the garage and got into my car. I pulled out and headed to Eddie's pack house to pick up Candy, my beautiful mate. Sara, and Candy will like each other. They are both strong women.
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