My Fate Book 1: Sara's New Life

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Chapter 54: Beta Gene

I was walking down the hall of the hospital when I sniffed. What is it, Mark? My mate. She is here in the hospital. I gasped. Could Blossom be his mate? My sister is the only person here right now.

I followed, Mark as he ran down the hallway straight to Blossom's door. Mark, wait. There is something you need to know. What, is wrong with my mate?

Not here, we walked to the waiting room. I told him everything. Mark, he turned into his wolf. Mark has alpha blood. Silver give Mark back control.

When Silver gave Mark control back, he said, I am going to kill him. I have to see my mate, Eddie. Only if you are calm. I am calm.

We walked to Blossom's room. As we walked in, I saw Blossom sitting in her bed with her head in her knees. Blossom. I looked over at my brother.

I know my mate will reject me. He won't want me now, after what all those men did to me. I looked over at my mate, the tears flowing down my face.

I saw a tall, strong man with long black hair past his shoulders. He was very handsome. A Beta. I watched as he slowly walked over and sat in the chair.

I reached for her hand, but she moved away from me, whimpering. I leaned against the wall with my arms crossed watching.

I knew that Silver was talking to Silver Bell. Blossom's wolf. Hello, mate. my name is Silver, what's yours? Silver Bell. You are beautiful.

I know you don't want me now. Silver Bell do not say that. What they did to your human was not your fault or hers. I know you did what you could to protect her.

They raped us. I know, Silver Bell. I will avenge you and your human. They hurt us really bad. They did bad things to us. Are you and your human going to reject us?

Never, you are my mate. I would never do that. Will you help your human to heal? My human wants to talk to her. We will protect you.

We want to hold you. I want to run with you, to make you happy. To see you free. I will talk to my human. Blossom, his human loves you.

He wants to see you happy. He will protect us. Please, give them a chance. I will try. Good. I feel safe with them. I trust Silver. He is my mate.

All right, Silver Bell. Silver, Blossom said, she will try. She is scared like me. Have patience with her. She fears a man's touch right now. Always, Silver Bell. I felt my wolf give me control back.

I looked into Blossom's eyes. You can trust me, Blossom. I know. I knew everything would work out. I have to go. Go, Eddie, I will stay with my mate.

I walked over and kissed Blossom's head. Gene, growled at me and I grinned at him. Brother, sister remember. Sorry. I will see you both later I said and walked out the door.

I took Blossom's small hand in mine. Blossom, you are safe with us. I will not let anyone hurt you. Not ever again. I need you to heal, I need you to stay with us. Silver and me.

I can't believe that Jeff, found you and brought you home, here to me. One day, I hope you will let me mate and mark you. I will be patient.

I understand what you are feeling. We are made for each other. Now that I found you I will not let you go. I will have a queen bed moved in here.

I have to sleep with you. I don't want you out of my sight. Can I lay with you? I shook my head yes. I stiffened at first when my mate lay down on the bed.

Then, I relaxed as he pulled me into his arms. We lay watching a movie when the door opened, and Olive walked in. What do we have here, she asked?

Olive, this is my mate. Beta Gene. I know Beta Gene. Congratulations. Blossom, did Gene tell you that he had a sister? We did not get that far. I smiled. Mate, Olive is my sister.

I am so happy for the both of you. Gene has been looking for his mate since he turned 16 years old. He thought he would never find you. Now that he has, he will start smiling again.

I will have dinner brought to you both. And a queen bed. I doubt that my brother will let you out of his sight for a long time. Out supper was brought to us 15 minutes later.

Five minutes after we finished eating, Olive came back with the doctor. Beta Gene, we have a bed outside. Bring it in, please. We watched as a queen bed was sat up across the room. Then the TV was moved to the other wall where we could watch it from the bed.

Olive put clean sheets, and blankets on the bed. I lifted Blossom out of the hospital bed and lay her in the new bed. We watched as the hospital bed was removed from the room.

I sat with my back against the headboard. Blossom was laying with her head on my chest. I could hear Silver purring. Mate is beautiful, isn't she?

Yes, but. But what? She is still not comfortable with us yet. She will be. She is trying. Yes, she is. I want to mark her. Not yet, Silver.

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