My Fate Book 1: Sara's New Life

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Chapter 55: Blossom Can Get Up

I was working in my office catching up on the paperwork when there was a knock on the door. Come in. I looked up to see one of the she-wolfs rumored to try and get with Beta's or Alpha's in other pack houses.

I mine linked Star if she could come to my office, I told her why. Please, leave the door open. I would rather shut it if you don't mind. And why, would you want to do that Beth, Star asked from behind her.

I saw the instant anger on Beth's face. I leaned back in my chair. Star, I would say from the anger on Beth's face she was hoping to, 1. either get in my pants, or 2. Set me up. Isn't that right Beth?

Sit down, Beth. Star walked in and shut the door. What is it you wanted to talk to me about? It wasn't important. I will come back later.

Beth, you are new here. But your reputation has proceeded you. I never meet with a she-wolf alone. Not, ever. You should know, I have a mate. I will not cheat on my mate. So, if you thought I was single, you are sadly mistaken.

But I was told you didn't have a mate. You were told wrong. As a do have a mate. We just have not marked or mated yet. Even though it is none of your business I will be mating and marking my mate soon.

Another thing you should know. In this pack house, we do not tolerate this sort of behavior. So, if this is what you were planning, you might want to find another pack that would suit you better.

We do not have whores, or sluts in this pack. The teenagers know the rules, and do not date unless it is with their mates. No, single she-wolfs or males are permitted in each others bedrooms, nor are they unsupervised. Is that understood?

Yes, Gene. Excuse me? It is Beta Gene to you all, unless you are my friend, or family member. You, Beth, or neither. Is that all? Yes, Beta Gene. Good. You may leave now.

Star, looked from me to her. Star walked over and opened the door. She is going to be a problem. I agree. Best let Eddie, and Jeff know. We need to keep her busy. I agree with that too.

Thanks, for coming Star. No, problem, Gene. Just, watch your back. She is a sneaky bitch. I watched Star, walk out the door. I continued my work and an hour later closed and locked my door.

I walked to the hospital and opened my mates door. I walked in to see her dressed in a pair of jeans, tee-shirt, and sandals. I walked over and sat down in the chair next to her, after I hugged her.

I told her about Beth and how she is going to be a problem. I watched as Blossom turned her head and smiled at me. God, that smile. I want to kiss her.

I am not worried about this, Beth. You are my mate. You will not cheat. Olive, walked in and had papers with her. Blossom is being discharged today.

Blossom, you will sleep in the Beta's bedroom. I will. Gene, we should take, Blossom shopping. She needs everything. I handed Olive my charge card. You buy, my mate whatever she needs. I watched as; Olive took my card.

You, know I will do that. Do not go out of the territory. We will take, Blossom next week to the human malls. Sounds good. I signed the discharge papers and took, Blossom's hand.

Come and get, Blossom in two hours. I want to show her around. I will mine link you. All right. I held, Blossom's hand and said, come on.

I showed her where our bedroom was, my office, Eddie's off, and soon to be Jeff's. As we got to Eddie's office I knocked and opened the door.

Eddie and Jeff jumped up and ran to Blossom. They hugged. Blossom, I found my mate to, Jeff, said. Candy, this is our sister, Blossom. I found her in Alpha Rick's pack house. She was in bad shape.

Blossom, how would you like for Star, and me to train you when you feel better? I would like that very much. Olive is coming later to take Blossom, shopping. We will go with her.

Since, you are going to be our sister-in-law, we should get to know each other. I was showing, Blossom around. We are about to go to the training ground.

We will all go with you. We all, walked out of Eddie's office and down the hallway to the stairs. As we walked down the stairs, I saw Beth looking up at me.

I mine linked Eddie, and Jeff. That is Beth, she is going to be trouble. Watch this, Candy said. Beth, why are you not in training with the others?

I was not feeling well. Then, should you not be in the old pack house at the hospital seeing Olive and the doctor? We watched as she turned and walked away.

I mine linked Olive about Beth. I will let you know what the doctor has to say. Thanks, Olive. I closed our link. We walked out the back door and down the steps.

As we walked, the girls talked. Blossom asked, Candy what she does? I train the younger kids, and teen's. I also am a warrior. That is interesting. I didn't think women and kids could train.

Why is that Blossom? At Alpha Ricks, pack women were treated bad. We were sex slaves. We got beaten if we even looked at them.

I stiffened, and Eddie, Jeff, and I growled. I am safe know. My, mate, and brothers will protect me. Star, and Candy, looked at, Blossom. We will teach to fight, to protect yourself. No, male wolf will ever hurt you again. Not here.

They respect women and girls. This pack is protective of all of us. You will become a strong woman. We, promise you that, Blossom.

I smiled as my mate and, Star want to help Blossom. Here, we are. Eddie opened the door and we walked in. We sat down and watched as they trained.

We got a lot of looks, especially, Blossom. I know they wondered who she is, and why she is with me. I heard, Olive tells me she was on her way to the training building, I also need to talk to you, Eddie, and Jeff. We will wait I told her.

Olive is on her way here. She wants to talk to the three of us, before she takes Blossom shopping. We walked out the door and met, Olive.

Why, don't you three talk while we talk to, Olive. We watched as Blossom, Candy, and Star waked ahead of us. Silver stirred in my mine. Our mate has a nice butt. Silver not now.

Beth came into see Doctor, Roxie. And what did she find? Nothing. Then why was she in the pack house when she should have been training?

I heard her asking, Roxie questions about, Blossom. How, long you have known her, if she was really your mate, why was she in the hospital. Beth was also asking Roxie, about what your schedule is, do you exercise or run at certain times.

What did, Roxie tell her? She told her that she would not know what you do, or when you do it, and that Blossom was none of her business. Roxie also told her that she would not talk about Blossom and that, it was princess, Blossom to her.

You should have seen the shock on, Beth's face. She thought, Blossom was just a regular wolf. We started laughing. I am going to have so much fun with Beth.

We, need to embarrass her. Eddie, you should introduce, Blossom tonight at dinner. Yes, our sister, princess Blossom, and Beta Gene's mate.

We need to make sure and be looking at, Beth, when you do it. I love it. Now, Olive is taking my mate shopping. Buy, Blossom a beautiful dress to wear to dinner tonight. I will make sure we do that.

We caught up with the girls. I kissed, Blossom's cheek and watched as the girls got into the car. Behind them were 10 body guards.

We turned and walked into the pack house. As we entered we again saw, Beth in the library. What is she looking at, I asked? I don't know, but we are going to find out.

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