My Fate Book 1: Sara's New Life

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Chapter 57: Beta Gene's Family History

I found it! I found them. Now, I can find out what he is hiding. I finally found the books about, Beta Gene's, family history. We started talking as we walked into the library.

I pushed the book back in where I found it and turned and grabbed another book. I sat down on the chair across the room with my back to them.

We walked over to the books that; Beth had been looking at. I looked over and noticed that book about my family history was not pushed all the way in.

I stood behind, Eddie, and Jeff. I pulled the books out about my family. I replaced them with books from the bottom shelf. I knelled down and they moved.

I saw, Beth watching me. I acted like I grabbed the three books and pulled them out. I stood up and and said, found them. We walked out of the library.

We walked to Eddie's office. Once inside we shut and locked the door. She knows, I have, Alpha blood. These are the books she was looking at.

What is, Beth up to? She came to my office today. I mine liked, Sara to come to my office as soon as I saw, Beth. I told, Beth to leave the door open. She said, she would rather not. That is when, Star asked her why she wanted the door the shut.

I saw the anger on, Beth's face. She did not want, Star there. So, Beth tried to leave. She said, it was not the important. I informed her again of some of the rules.

She wants me to mark and mate her. She has none this in other packs. We, know she is asking about Blossom. What I want to know, is why, Beth is so interested in my family history.

I don't know but, I mine linked a warrior to watch the library and, Beth. Alpha Eddie, you might want to come to the library. Beth is throwing books everywhere.

She, keeps saying, I will find those books. He can't have hidden them that fast. We walked to the library and saw, Beth throwing books.

Eddie yelled, enough. We watched as, Beth turned and looked at us. She was angry. What did you do with the books? What books? You know what books.

Are you talking about the books on my family history? You know daman well those are the books I am talking about. I am curious, Beth. Why, so interested in my family history?

We all saw the change in her. You, have Alpha Blood. I know you do. And what if I do? That has nothing to do with you. You are not my mate. Everyone here knows that I have Alpha Blood.

What, you want to know is why, I am not the Alpha of my own pack. I will tell you why. My brother is the Alpha of our parents, grandparents, great grandparents pack. I am the youngest of six boys. I have more Beta Blood than I do Alpha.

Just so you know, Beth. All of my brothers are mated and marked. So, again. Why so interested in my family history. I will tell you why.

You cannot just claim a mate a regular wolf. I started laughing. I can claim and mate the mate our moon goddesses gave me. You are not my mate, you will never be my mate.

You need to get that through your head. I don't understand just why you think my mate is a regular wolf? I know where she came from.

Is that right, and just what do you know? She was a sex slave at Alpha Rick's pack. And just how would you know that? Eddie used his Alpha voice. Answer, your Beta now.

Because my brother sold her to him. He found her and he know she was a special wolf. I see. So, you also know she is not a low wolf. Yes.

One more time you try to interfere with me and my mate, you will leave here. No, questions asked. You will be gone. Now, pick up every one of those books and put them back in order. You will not find the books on my history.

I have them locked in Alpha Eddie's office. They are not for your eyes to read. Not ever. I have a warrior watching you. He will look to see if all those books are in order.

If they are not, you will miss dinner. And don't you ever do anything like this again. Do you understand me, Beth? I understand. We watched as she picked the books up and laid them on the table.

Then we walked out of the library in time to see the girls walk in the door. We watched as the guards started to carry the bags up the stairs and down the hall to my bedroom.

Olive handed me back the charge card. She got everything. And wait until you see the dress. It is beautiful. Good. Dinner will be ready in two hours.

Shall we go to our bedroom and put your clothes away? I took her hand and walked up the stairs to our bedroom. We walked up to the third floor and to the Beta bedroom.

After all her clothes were put away, I let Blossom take her shower first. When she finished, I took my shower. I walked out to see her in a white knee length dress, hills, her hair up and a tiara on.

She looked every inch the princess. I took her hand and we walked down the hall. We met Jeff, Candy, Star, and Eddie. All three girls wore a tiara as Candy and Star are claimed by princes.

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