My Fate Book 1: Sara's New Life

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Chapter 58: The Introduction of Blossom

We held their hands and walked down the steps. As we entered the dining room, we all sat at the head table. We all saw the look on, Beth's face as the girls walked in wearing their tiaras.

Eddie stood up. I know that many of you have wondered who Blossom is. Blossom is Princess Blossom, she is not only my sister, But Jeff's sister. I might as well tell you.

Queen Sara is retiring. I will be the next King. Jeff will become your new Alpha and Candy your Luna. Now, back to Blossom. She is also Beta Gene's mate. She will be your Beta female.

Beth, was shocked and her face very red. That is not true, she said. What is not true? Blossom is not our princess. I stood up angry. Watch your tonuge, or I will cut it out.

I am the Queen's sister. I am not only her sister, Jeff's, or Eddies. I am also Brandon Jr's sister. Beth, I would advice you not to disrespect me in front of my parents. My mother is not a nice person when someone disrespects her children.

She will not hesitate to put you in your place fast. And by fast, she will kick your ass all over this place. She might even scar you by making you change into your wolf before she does it.

That will make your scars permanent. I am not afraid of your mother. Just then we heard, you will be. Take your fat ass outside. Now.

We all left the table and followed my parents out the door. My other can touch silver. It does not hurt her. You want to disrespect my daughter? You are not afraid of me?

Change into your wolf. Now, she yelled. Beth whimpered. My mother walked over to Beth. She took the knife and put it to Beth's wolfs check near her ear. Then she cut her clear down to her lip.

Now change back. Now, tell me you are not scared of me. Beth was crying. You are a problem, Beth. I have dealt with you before. I warned you than. Now since you cannot keep that mouth shut, you will not turn into your wolf for one year.

You are demoted to an Omega. Cause one more problem in the pack and you will be thrown out and become rouge. Now, clean your room out and see that small cabin right there.

Yes. That is your new room. You will not attend family gatherings unless it is to serve, you will not drive the best cars, you will not eat dinner with the pack. You will eat your meals in the kitchen.

And, I know you have avoided attending the chase. You will attend every chase from now on. You will find your mate, or he will find you. Soon, very soon. Now, go to the kitchen and eat your dinner, and then go to your room and move your things to the cabin.

Everyone let us go inside and enjoy our dinner. We all followed mother and father inside. As we sat down Eddie started eating. We all followed after him.

So, Beta Gene, you are Blossom's mate. Yes mam. Good to know. I expect you will be a good mate to her. I will. Make no mistake about that.

I am not worried. She is much better and happier since she first came here. I have talked to Silver Bell. Silver Bell loves you wolf Silver. She should. He loved her too.

Blossom will spread her wings with you and, Candy, and Star. I do believe that these three women will keep you all on your toes.

Candy, I approve of a strong woman. You have to be strong to handle Jeff. We all laughed. I am happy to have another child home again.

That is not all. Eddie, and Star looked at mom and dad. We have some news. We are going to have a pup. Mom jumped up clapping her hands. Another grandchild. She hugged, Eddie, and Star. We all did.

You will be showing when you both are crowned. And three months later our pup will be born. This is so exciting. So, Jeff. Are you ready to take over as Alpha?

Not really. You will be. Just than Brandon walked into the pack house. What, did I miss. Your brother and Star are going to have a pup. Congratulations.

I have more good news. I found Julie. Where is she, is she mated, does she have pups. Mother, give me a chance to answer your questions.

I walked out the door and walked in with my sister. Julie, mother ran to her hugging her. I thought you were all dead. No, we are home now. And so are you.

Where have you been? In Europe. I have been living there for 100 years now. I saw on the news that the Old King and Queen were looking for their daughter. Then my face popped up. It said to call a number.

Of course, it was Brandon's. He flew to Europe and brought me home. I have all my children home with me now. Do you have a mate?

Sadly, not yet. Well I am sure that you and Brandon, will find your mates soon. Just then Brandon sniffed the air. My mate is here. Go find her Brandon. Candy's sister was walking back from training when she also sniffed the air.

Mate, Mate, our mate is here. I ran toward the pack house. I saw him just as I came out of the woods. Mate, I said. My name is prince Brandon. What is your name mate?

I am Robin. I am one of the warriors here. I took her hand. Please come meet my family. As we walked in Candy looked over and laughed.

You are matted to my sister. Really? Yes, Candy is my sister. You know, Alpha Eddie, and Luna Star of course, and Jeff, and Gene. Met my parents. Sara, she is the queen mother, and our father Bandon. This is our sister Princess Julie. My other sister, Rose is our queen.

Please to meet all of you. So, where do you live Brandon? I live at the old castle. Is that where we will live. Yes, with my parents.

So, you will move there with me. I see. Will I be close enough to continue my training? You can train at the castle if you want to. We will see. I will think about it.

Well, children, I think Julie should come with your father and me. You all have a good time. Brandon, you will take your mate, Robin, and her things to the old castle.

Come Julie, we have so much to talk about. I want to hear everything. I followed mother and father out the door. We turned into our wolfs and ran to the old castle. My home.

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