My Fate Book 1: Sara's New Life

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Chapter 6. The Dinner

We watched as the invited wolves started arriving at the castle. Brandon and I followed my grandparents to the great hall for dinner surrounded by her guards. As we entered the room everyone in the room bowed. We sat down at the table and the dinner began. An hour later we followed my grandparents to the Throne Room.

As we walked up the steps to the thrones my grandmother sat down, I sat next to her and grandfather sat in a chair next to grandmother and Brandon next to mine chair. As everyone entered the room the doors were closed. Grandmother stood and walked to the pulpit.

Thank you, all for coming. I have an announcement to make. Well three really. The first is the marking and mating of my granddaughter Sara and her mate Alpha Brandon Reynolds, and they are going to have my first grandchild in a month.

The last and most important announcement is that I and your prince will be retiring in five years. You are here to witness the first crowning of my granddaughter as your Queen to be and her mate as your new prince to me. So, let us do this. I watched as my grandmother lifted a crown identical to hers but smaller and put it on my head.

Grandfather lifted a crown smaller than his but identical to his and place it on Brandon's head. Grandmother stood up and said, Congratulation to our Queen Sara and Prince Brandon. We sat down and heard a low growl in the back of the room.

Alpha Savage do you have an issue. I do. Sara was my mate. Yes, she was. But you only mated her. You refused to mark her. All of you rejected her. And then she looked at Cash. Alpha Cash rejected Sara when he slept with a whore. Ryan, my best friends grandson just rejected her.

The only one who stood by Sara was the King of the rogues. Brandon Reynolds. Who has been her real mate for 200 years? The Moon Goddess concealed the bond until now. Then she looked at Alpha Savage.

Alpha Savage you will start a war with Hunters in 50 years. That war will last 53 years. Because of your anger toward yourself for rejecting Sara and not becoming the prince. You will refuse Queen Sara's assistance to send her warrior's to help. You will convince the other Alpha's that they do not need her help.

That is not until the Moon Goddess grants you a human mate who will become pregnant. For Alpha Savages punishment. He will not request Queen Sara's assistance with her warriors. Not until he watches the hunters kill his human mate and their unborn child.

Then and only then will he accept her help. After three more years the Moon Goddess will come to earth blind all the hunters and all the remaining Alpha's will demand your death Alpha Savage for the loss of their family, friends, Luna's, and pups. you will die Alpha Savage 3 years after the war ends.

That is why we are getting ready to train our Queen to be and Prince to be. To start preparing them for battle. And they will have 55 years to get ready. I would suggest that you all return to your homes and territories discuss this with your elders for verification and start preparing for war.

We watched as all the Alpha's looked over at Alpha Savage and the glare he gave the queen. Everyone was escorted from the palace to the waiting cars. As the last car left the castle the gates were closed and locked.

We turned and walked out of the throne room and followed my grandparents to my grandmothers office. As we sat down, she looked at me and Brandon. I know that this is a lot to take in she said. But it is coming. Go to your rooms read the books. That way you both know what is coming.

We said good night stood up and walked to our bedroom. We took a shower and sat on the couch while Brandon read the first book. A maid knocked on the door and I walked over and opened it. Thank you, I said taking the tray filled with coffee from her.

I turned and walked over sitting the tray down on the table before sitting next to Brandon. As he read, I realized that it was a lot to remember. But I know it is coming. And many, many, wolfs will die. I thought of all the pups that would die and my heart was breaking.

I looked up at Brandon with sad eyes. Brandon, do you think the Moon Goddess made you the Rough King to prepare you for what is about to happen? Just like she prepared you with all the mates. The pain you went through. Yes, I do believe that. But, we have so much more work ahead of us.

I know that, Brandon. But I also know we will be ready. The warriors and guards will be ready as well. It just makes me sad that one of my mates out of hatred of losing me, and not becoming the prince is willing to let all those wolves die. Then to watch his human mate and child die.

Sara, you have a soft heart. You are a good person. And you try to treat others fairly. You will make the perfect queen. Let's go to bed. You and the baby need your rest. I turned the lights off next to the couch and followed Sara over to the bed. Once we were in bed, I shut the light off on my side.

I rolled over and pulled Sara close to me. I kissed her forehead and rubbed her belly. Soon she was asleep. I closed my eyes and fell asleep myself. I had a dream the Moon Goddess came to me. Moon Goddess, Brandon my child. Please tell me why we have to watch a war that will last 53 years. The loss of women and pups.

My son it must happen. It is not my choice to do this however, there is a lesson in this. It is to show the wolfs that they cannot continue to think that they can reject their mates, or sleep with other wolfs and not be punished.

I saw that you have not read all the prophases. Especially the one where the she-wolf's will not carry pups to full term, or most won't be able to conceive at all. Why would you do that? I saw her look at me. Because it had to be done. If they do not stop what they are doing soon, there will be very few of the wolfs left.

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