My Fate Book 1: Sara's New Life

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Chapter 7: Meeting with the Queen

I could not get that dream out of my head. After taking a shower and dressing, Sara and I walked to the private dining room. I told the queen that the Moon Goddess came to me in a dream. We will all talk in my office after breakfast.

An hour later we met with the queen and prince. I told them and Sara about my dream. I watched as the tears flowed down the queens face. I knew about that prophecy. I would guess you had not finished reading the books. No, we have not finished reading the book.

I suggest you two both go to your room read the books, make notes and then we will all meet in a few days and talk about everything. I watched as Sara and Brandon walked from the room. Honey in a few weeks I suggest that we start Brandon on his training along with the warriors and guards.

I agree with that. We need to keep them busy and get them prepared. 50 Years will go by faster than we know. I do know that honey. Well then. Let's get what we can done and out of the way before the serious work has to start.

All right then. Let's get through the list of things we need to do. Such as boxing up the food that will be stored in the cellars, the fields cleared and planted. All the Alphas need to do the same thing. Food will start to become hard to come by. We need to be ready to feed the wolfs when the hunters are blinded.

The lands will be destroyed, homes destroyed. And wolfs not being able to have pups will be an awful thing. But we will need to wait until we are needed. That is all we can do. I know your pain love. I know that there will be hardships, pain, sadness, crying, and a lot of angry wolfs.

But there will be joy again and children laughing and play among fields of flowers and corn growing along with other vegetables. The towns will grow again. That is what we have to look forward to. The only thing we can look forward to. Hope.

In Sara and Brandon's bedroom Brandon looked at Sara. Enough of this. I need to hold you Sara, make love you to. What is stopping you she said looking at me. With that I lifted Sara and laid her on the bed. I made love to my mate. I made her sigh and moan making me push harder and faster into her. Until we both went over the edge.

We both slept for an hour. We took a shower and felt more relaxed and able to get to work. We finished reading and making notes. Baby we will both be working harder than we ever had. Me with your grandfather, the warriors, and the guards. You with your grandmother doing your queen things.

I smiled at Sara and said, do I have to bow to you when you are queen? Not unless it is in public. I leaned down and kissed him. I love you, Brandon. I love you too Sara. Now, let's scheduled a meeting with your grandparents about our notes and give her the books back.

I was sitting at my desk when my phone rang. Hello, Brandon. Yes, let's schedule a whole day on Friday to talk about your notes and questions. I hung the phone up after scheduling the meeting. My phone rang again. Hello, Savage. What can I do for you?

I want to tell you that I did meet with the elders, but we do not believe you. There is no war coming. The elders say it is true. But we have had no hunters in our territory for over 100 years. That is fine that you do not believe me Alpha Savage, but you will find out.

And if you are not ready those that do not die from fighting will die from starvation. What else do you want? I want my mate back. You know that is not an option Alpha Savage. Sara is mated and marked. You are no longer her mate. You made that choice. She didn't.

Now you have to suffer the consequences and accept your punishment. That is bull shit, and you know it he told me. I smiled. It is because they have been mates for over 200 years. The Moon Goddess made them forget each other until the time was right for them to find each other again.

Oh, and Savage you might want to look into The Rouge Kings family. His brother is not his brother. His brother is his and Sara's son. And as for your beta. He is Sara's great, great, great, great, and so on grandson.

Bullshit. You may think bullshit but look into his ancestry as well. Better yet. Ask the elders. They will tell you. Get ready for the war. Keep him safe as he is going to be your best bet Sara will even help your pack. Good by Savage. Oh, and Savage don't you ever disrespect me again. If you do, instead of the other Alpha's killing you. I will put you in my Dungun where you will be walled up for thousands of years. Good-bye Savage.

I looked at my Beta. You want a good laugh? What would that be? The Queen says that you are Sara and Brandon's grandson. I looked at Savage and started laughing. And the Rouge Kings, "Brandon's" brother is not his brother. He is his and Sara's son. I fell off my chair laughing.

I have to hear that from the elders. Or check both your ancestry. The queen said to keep you in sight as you will be the reason Sara will even help my pack out. So, let's go see the elders. We walked out of the office door and down the hall. We then got into Savages car and road to talk to the elders. I had mine linked we were coming.

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