My Fate Book 1: Sara's New Life

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Chapter 8: The Elders

We arrived at the building the Elders lived in. I knocked on the door. Alpha Savage please come in the Elders are waiting for you and your Beta. We followed the she-wolf down the hall to a door on the right. She opened the door and introduced us. Come in Alpha Savage, Beta. Please have a seat.

So, Alpha Savage we have brought the information you are seeking. Alpha Brandon and Luna Sara have lived for over 200 years. They marked and mated each other 250 years ago. They had five daughters and six sons. 30 years after their mating the Moon Goddess predicted what was coming.

She separated them removing their mate marks and putting their original wolfs to sleep until the time was right for them to reawaken. That time was one month ago. Sara was put thru everything to prepare for her role as queen. Brandon was made the rough king.

So, what you want to know is just what the rough king's brother really is to Brandon and Sara. He is their son. You beta are there so many great grandson. And what the queen told you Alpha Savage is the truth. She will help your pack first because her grandson lives here. If he leaves your pack, she will help yours last.

We can't change anything Alpha Savage. You set this stage. You rejected your mate by mating her but refusing to mark her. You set the stage by having sex with other women. This is on you. The moon goddess has become very angry at all of you wolfs that reject your mates and have sex with those that are not your mates.

You got your question answered Alpha Savage. Beta how do you feel now that you know that Sara is your grandmother? Shocked. I am shocked that my grandmother looks younger than I am. That is to be expected. and finding out that she is over 200 years old the same as your grandfather.

I did not think that wolves could live that long. You have not paid attention in school have you. We can live to be very, very old. You will live to be old as well Beta. You ancestors have all lived to be old. Your oldest relative and his mate lived to be over 3,000 years old. That is pretty old for a wolf.

The weak wolfs will all die off but those who have strong genes will carry on and repopulate the packs again. Many wolves will die during the war. Many pups will die. And many she-wolfs will not carry their pups full term, many will not be able to conceive pups.

So, you need to prepare for the war. Stock up on food, train everyone. Don't stop training. protect your pack houses, re-enforce your walls. protect the pups as much as you can. Build brick walls around your territories. Do what you have to do. You have 50 years to get it done.

Good-bye Alpha Savage. Good-bye Beta. We thanked the Elders and walked out of the room. Once we were in the car I turned to look over at my Beta because he was laughing again. Now why in the hell are you laughing? I don't know if I should call her Sara, princess Sara, or grandmother.

Now that is something to laugh about. Imagine Savage. If you would have marked Sara, I would be calling you grandfather. Shut the hell up. But, Savage it is so funny. We have work to do. We need to call a pack meeting.

We need to do what the Elders said. We have 50 years to get it done. We can't be sitting around on our asses. The women have to start canning and getting the cellars stacked with can goods that will last for years. We need to build a smoker to smoke meat and get it packaged as that last a long time as well. We have to leave it up to the women to can what they can.

We need men to start hunting for deer, wild pigs, and any other meat we can smoke and save. We need to start building that brick wall high enough and long enough to go around our territory that hunters and hired wolfs can't get over and around it. We need men to start training and training now.

So, we do have a lot of things to get done. We don't have time to waste. So, let's call this meeting and get it over with. They need to know everything the Elders told us. I mine linked the pack members to meet me outside ASAP.

Once I was standing on the porch, I told them everything. I told them who would be doing what and that it needs to be started today. I turned and walked back into the room. I walked upstairs and to my bedroom and shut the door.

I opened the closet and walked in. I took one of her shirts off the hanger and sniffed it. I fucked up. I turned out like the rest of them. I hurt Sara. She begged me to mark her. I did bite her, but I didn't bite deep enough to make it a real mark.

She thought I did. But I didn't. I know that when I rejected her that mark went away. I also refused to let her mark me. Now I wish I had not done that. But it is too late. Too late for regrets. So, it is time to get down to business.

I changed into older work clothes and went outside to help build the wall. I sent some of my members into the city to buy as many bricks as they can find. We will keep building this wall and when we get down to the last brick buy more.

We have sent trucks out to every town and big cities and ended up with enough bricks. We had a truck load left after finishing the wall. The biggest project is now off the list. The next thing was sending out as many hunters as we can to bring deer, rabbits, and any other eatable animal into smoke.

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