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In a world that is beyond the human mind, that they don't know exist, is filled with magic. It all started with the first two bloodlines, The Diamonds and the Damon's. They were created together for balance. The most powerful of all. Next came the Kane's who were Just under them. Then there was the Young's who were obsessed with power and greed, turning their line dark, though they are said to be extinct. There is an animosity between the Damon's and the Diamonds, and never has there been a talisman between the two bloodlines. Any other magical person is born from humans, depending on their mindset. There is an Academy that was founded by the first two families called Redwood. Though the Diamonds disappeared years ago. No one knows where they went or why. Some say that the young's did something, some say that the Damon's have something to do with their disappearance, though no one knows for sure. Then she showed up. .......... I'm not any good at writing descriptions so bear with me and give it a chance.

Romance / Fantasy
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Redwood Directory

Diamond's: Are one out of two of the most powerful bloodlines. Disappeared about 18 years ago.

Damon's: Are the other bloodline that is most powerful.

Kane's: Are the third bloodline.

Young's: Are the fourth bloodline. They are extinct.

Redwood: The academy.

Talisman: In other words it means Mate. A talisman is like a lifeline, so I used it instead of Mate which has been used a lot and usually is used for werewolf novels.

Grimm: Spell book.

Coven: family of witches, though not all are by blood.

Crone: Coven leader.

*Scrying: is a magical locator that can help find someone or something that you are looking for.

*Atmokinesis: The ability to control the weather.

*Haven: The place where witches and other supernatural beings go when they die.

*There will be some Latin language in here, I am making it the witch language they use for spells and stuff. I use a mobile app to translate it because I do not know Latin, so if you do speak Latin, correct me if I am wrong. I will try to write down what the translation is if I remember but if I don't, just point it out to me, I won't mind. Thank you for taking the time to read my story, I hope you enjoy it.

(I will add more if needed the further I get into the story.)


>Ariel (F) and Mathew (M) Kane

-17 years old (twins)

-Emerald Green eyes, blonde hair. (A) 5'6" (M) 6'2

*parents names are: Jason and Tessa Kane

>Isaac Kane

-15 years old

-5'10", forest green eyes, blonde hair.

>Avery (M) and Emery (F) Damon

-17 years old (twins)

-Black hair, Sapphire blue eyes, (E) 5'8" (A) 6'3"

*parents names are: Sebastian and Brooke Damon

>Rhys Damon

-15 years old

-Dark brown hair, pale blue eyes, 5'10"

>Lux (F) and Liam (M) Diamond

-17 years old (twins)

-Violet eyes, Dark amber brown hair, 5'11"

-Liam deceased

*parents names are: Luther and Alison Diamond (both deceased)

>Headmistress Rayne

-5'5", Stormy Grey eyes, dark brown hair

-basically the principal of the school, you don't ask a lady her age though she's in her thirties I'd say.

*Rayne and Brooke Damon are cousins.

*Everything with a * in front of it is recently added.


These are the only character descriptions I will do.


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