The Way Home

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Chapter 10

It’s crazy how time flies when you’re truly happy. The week of Thanksgiving flew straight by. They made a meal so big it lasted two days. They remained stuffed for three. Between the chores of ranch, and spending time with the family Rick and Marie had made for themselves time went in a blink of an eye. She loved reading inside the horses stables, she didn’t prefer any specific one she loved them all. It was already Monday and she was already clocking in Dr. Eddie office.

“Hello ladies, how was your break?” He asked. “It was full of family so I spent the majority in the kitchen wondering how people could eat so much and where all the food was going.” Lola joked. “I spent it with Ricki down on the Medina farm cooking up storm with mama Callie.” Marie said happily. “I saw some family and mainly stuck to destroying my liver making bad life decisions.” Ellie said looking like she was nursing her hangover. “Should you be here.” “Eddie asked.

“Yes, Dr. Johnson this is just a three day migraine. If you have any Aleve or Ib profin I’d be forever thankful. Trust me I’m sober.” They all laughed. Ellie did suffer from horrid migraines from time to tie no real known reason, even if she didn’t drink they would sneak up on her. Ricki calls it Karma from all the headaches she gives the men who actually try to date her. Marie smiled at the thought.

“So ladies I have been talking too my family and a couple of close friends and I have come to the conclusion that I miss being close to my family and I am going to retire and close up shop to be closer to them. Now I don’t want you three to panic about work, because when I brought it up at the doctors luncheon we had a couple days back I had three office actually jump up to claim each of you before I even finished the word retired. The little damn vultures.” They all laughed.

“It turns our the orthopedic office next door to Rickis practice actually needs a new nurse full time as well as Dr. Meyers office he just hired his receptionist Liam as a nurse who just got registered and still has Riley, and Ricki has requested a new receptionist who won’t flirt with the patients so they have already sent out their invitation letters to the ones they are hoping to join their staff you should get them today actually here. We are not going to be open today. I actually will be having you girls send all patient charts to the destined offices of their new doctors today and tomorrow. And I will be leaving all the equipment here The person buying this building is actually opening up to be a new vet office. SO as of Wednesday you will start your new jobs unless you refuse the offer you will have to go look elsewhere in town. I was asked to remind you girls these doctors choose who the need and if you were not sent an offer than maybe take your resume elsewhere.” Eddie said eyes landing on Ellie.

“Wow. Well I’m happy for you Eddie. I know how much you want this. I am very thankful you took me for as long as you did. Thank you for everything Eddie you really are the best boss I have ever worked for. I really learned a lot form you. Marie said hugging on to him. “Thank you, you were my favorite.” He whispered in her ear. Causing them both to laugh hard. The other girls wished him well sad they couldn’t have a party for him. They quickly went to work getting the lists from each doctor and putting the charts in the chosen pile and wrapped them all up than putting the offices close together to be delivered and the same time. Than went on their way. Maire took all the ones in walking distance only because she wanted to order a goodbye personal cake for Dr. Johnson. She made her way to her last office before she went to the bakery.

“Hey Maire.” Riley chimmed in happily it’s been a week and I miss you. Are those my new patients.” “yes they are, and I miss you too. I’m actually just going to drop these and head to lunch I want to order a goof bye cake for Eddie.” Marie said. “Please tell me you are the one who got invited to work here I don’t think we could handle Ellie anymore. Girl was starting to need the fire department being that damn thirsty” Liam chimmed in. “Wow was she really that bad you know I only got to see half of it because I was actually working.” She joked a they all chuckled. “Afternoon Darlin’ missed ya last couple days how was your week?” Dylan said handing a few papers to Riley.

“It was fattening, but I was able to work it off on the ranch.” Marie giggled. “Well I gotta get going if I want to get that order in before Lunch ends.” Marie said “Well we’ll be seeing you soon.” Dylan said with a smirk. Marie waved out the door. Dylan smiled back at the boys. “Please say you grabbed her and not Ellie.” Liam begged. “I dibbed her first before Eddie even finished the word retire.” Dylan said laughing a little.

“Let me tell you I was fighting hard, she apparently is so good at what she does Eddie had people trying to give season football, basketball, and baseball, and hockey passes. Not only that they were literally trying to buy her off him.” “What did you give up.” “I didn’t give up anything Eddie considers me a great friend and like his young grasshopper he knows she’s got some anxiety so he agreed that here is where she would be most comfortable. I don’t think I need to worry about Ellie anymore.” Dylan said with a smirk.

“What did you do?” riley asked with an evil smirk. “I just don’t see her acting the way she has later down the road. I have faith in people being able to change.” Dylan said with a smile. His phone started ringing. “Hey man.” Hey bro Ace said. “I’m on long lunch today and realized you never told me what happened at the luncheon.”

“Oh right. Remember how I called Eddie on the week off to check on him like every year.?” “Yeah.” “Well he finally took me up on the advice of how important it is to be close to family and how time is so short and he had such a great time up there he said he didn’t really want to come back and I told him if that’s how he truly felt than he shouldn’t that the girls and patients would understand there will always be doctors to take his load form him and that he worked hard enough in his life it’s time to start putting his needs first.” “And…”

“He agreed Tuesday is his last day he sold the office to a new vet and had a luncheon to say good bye to al of us and help his girls get jobs and since I brought him to the happy choice he said he would push for Marie to come to my practice don’t get me wrong all the of the other offices are sending out invtaitions to join to but I have faith she will show up at our door Wednesday.” “What do you mean show up at your door?”

Well if she accepts my offer over someone elses than she is requested to just show up and start her first day. If she doesn’t than that means she went another way.” Dylan said. “Do you think she would really go to another practice?” “No I don’t we are friends so she will be comfortable in the environment, we’re neighbors so she honestly does now me and can carpool, and my building is the closest building to the Medina ranches it’s only about fifteen to twenty minute drive since we on the non busy side of the strip in town.

Not to mention Kane is going to be more worried about that crazy psycho ex he’ll push her to be closer to my office because he knows I’m not only close to the sheriff and police station I would actually be able to help keep her safe. Colt is down the way so she has help three ways with Ricki in the same building. I have every once of faith she’ll be coming in that door Wednesday.” Dylan said with a smile feeling victorious. “Damn man you really thought that through kudos. Oh by the way Colt has the information for us and the guys to go over I was thinking we could do it on Thursday since Ricki and Marie occupy themselves with their bestie night.” “Sounds great I know Kane will be at her place tonight and probably tomorrow so I’ll tell him.” “Alright bro see you than.” Dylan hung up feeling excited happy to know everything he hoped for was finally falling into place. Now he just has to play his cards right and hopefully everyone in the end can come out happy.

The mail to office came right before Dr. Johnson was about to lock up. “Wow.” He said as he took it and sorted it Marie was now holding sixty seven letters of hospitals and practices, Ellie was holding twenty, and Lola was holding about thirty five give or take. He hugged the girls and started to walk Marie to her car. “So quite the options you got there looks like a lot to read and think about.” Eddie said. “Ya I can’t believe this, it makes my heart happy to know and see this. However I ugh um I don’t know if I could do hospitals with all the memories that would come so that’s all out. It’s kind of hard to think of a place where my anxiety won’t trip out worse case thinking I can always go to Rickis office.”

“I actually was hoping you would go to Dr. Meyers office most of our patients will be happy to see a familiar face and you are already used to everything there. The staff absolutely loves you. Everyone in that building loves you got four practices praying you take one of them in that building. It’s across the street hell your parking spot won’t even change. It would put your mind at ease to be with people your most relaxed with and from what I learned that place is with Dylan.” Eddie said looking her dead in the eye because they both knew he was right. “I’m really going to miss you Eddie.” She said a little misty eyed. “I am too. I am one call away if things ever come to light and you need witness or friend.” Eddie said hugging her one last time opening her door. “Thanks see you tomorrow Dr. Johnson.” She said as she drove off to him waving.

She pulled up to Dylan and Kane talking. “Hey baby I ordered you pizza and wings. Wow, Dylan told me about Dr. Eddie closing up shop but damn it looks like you just got into every damn college in the state.” They all chuckled. “I’m sorry he’s leaving honey but damn look at my woman on top of her game. I’m so proud of you.” Kane said giving her a kiss and wrapping a hand around her waist. “How many letters did you get?” Dylan asked not shocked that there were so many. “Well about sixty-seven. I’m not even going to open the hospitals or the ones out of town.” Marie said.

Letting both guys breathe a little easier they both noticed the breath they let out and just gave a slight nod to each other. “I hear Lola was requested by Ricki because his receptionist keeps flirting with any man with a pulse.” Kane said. “Ironically I think that’s Ellie’s bestie.” Dylan added causing them to all bust out in laughter. “YA the way he fired her is going to make it difficult to find work anywhere in about a five hour radius. You can’t cross Ricki and not get black listed in some type of way.” Marie said tossing her hands up. “It was something. I hope you think about what we talked about last week Marie and think about staying with us. I’ll leave you two yo guys seem to have a lot to read and talk about. Goodnight.” Dylan waved off walking in to his house.

“So let’s get you in the bath, and I’ll run my muddy ass in the shower quickly before pizza guy get here.” “Ok did you want to start reading some of the letters?” “Are you seriously going to read them?” Kane asked raising an eyebrow. “Let’s talk about this when we bath because your ass is currently dropping mud n my floor.” She said unhappily. “Crap babe, sorry. Don’t worry I’ll get it cleaned up.” After they cleaned up and got relaxed on the couch and was full from the food. “I can’t believe all those offices wanted me.” “I can. I told you, you’re amazing babe. You are great at your job and this only proves that. See I’m not the only on who knows how special you truly are.” He said Hugging her closely with a kiss.

“So Kane how would you feel about me taking a spot in Dylans building all four practices put in for me, even though I know Ricki doesn’t need me right now he still put it. In fact his letter was even official it just a big drawing of the two of us in super hero capes and mask that said ’don’t even trip I got you beau.” They both laughed. “That’s Ricki. I’m framing this for my house.” Kane said. “Alright.” “I think it should be Dylans office babe.” He said flatly. “Think about honey he is good friend, you know how to run his office, you know the patients and what they need, you know the hours, you know the staff. You are close to help with Dylan, Ricki, Colt, and all the stations. Hell you don’t even have to get in the car to go to lunch and your close enough for me to drop everything and get to. I think we both know this would be best for you.”

"That’s exactly what Eddie said. He also said if I need a witness he’s a call away.” “See honey you got a support system right here, and the greatest part is you built it yourself.” “Ok, you are right. It’s the most sensible thing to do, and I would feel more at ease there. I am so ready for bed it’s my last day with Eddie and the girls tomorrow. I have to leave early to pick the cake anyway.” “When are you going to tell Dylan you’re joining hi team?” “I think it would be fun to just show up at his office and let him wonder a bit.” Marie said with a little smirk. “I love you so much right now. But ya let’s go to bed.” Marie wondering if she should tell Kane she has been thinking of calling her dad as a small step of coming out of the shadows. She was more nervous of her dad telling anyone he heard from her. The next couple of weeks are going to be rough.

Kane got up to Marie kissing him goodbye and heading out the door. Kane picked up his phone. “Hey bro what time you coming in vet’s going to be here soon.” “I’m actually getting ready to head the door. Hey Colt has the information. He’s going to show it to us Thursday did you get the information on our side?” “Come on man you know I did.” “Good let’s keep that piece just for us; and take in the information Colt has and well compare and contrast later. We called it by the way Eddie caved and went into retirement so looks like Meyers had more pull on him than we hoped this actually is going to work in our favor.”

“Ya I can’t believe he actually thought this would be good for him.” They both laughed. “I got it all set up too. The florist you recommended last week was great by the way. Their set up with the dates I set up.” “That’s going to be awesome. Too bad we can’t see the look on his face when her lights up at the thought of you and the pretty sentiment.” Bear laughed hard. “Anyways hurry up and get over here, I got a hot date tonight.” “Ya, ya whatever I’m out now.” Kane hung up, and locked the door. “Morning half way neighbor.” “Hey man how’s it going?” “Is Marie here?” “Nope my woman had an early day. Can I help you with something before I leave?” “Uh I was just wondering if she made up her mind about coming to work for me tomorrow, welp apparently Eddie and I batted in your corner but she said she’ll let me know how it goes when she comes home tomorrow. SO being the supportive man I am I just told her I’d have dinner ready. I’ll catch you later man.” Kane said with a smile and a wave while leaving. Dylan stood there starting to worry a little he honestly thought she’d be telling him she accepted by now. He was actually starting to get worried.

Once Eddie walked out of his office to his girls holding a cake that said ‘we’ll miss you’, smiling at him. He smiled back and they cut it sharing favorite stories. “SO did you girls choose were you going to go?” “I actually took Ricki up on his offer.” Lola said. “Ya I decided last night Kane helped me pick; but I did take your advice into consideration.” Marie said with a wink. “I know where I’m going to. This has been such an odd week.” Ellie said. “They all nodded in agreement. “To Eddie hoping you have a great retirement, and thanks for everything, it truly has made us all better.” “To Eddie.” They all said bringing him into a hug. It was weird to see him close up knowing it wouldn’t open back up again. She drove away wondering about what other changes are going to come here way. The night went quickly leaving one person actually nervous for the next day.

Dylan looked at his watched it was now 9:15 am she was fifteen minutes late. The guys looked around at each other wondering if maybe she rally didn’t take the offer. The door opened. “I am so sorry I’m late. I forgot to get gas last night and for some reason the pump did not want to work so I had to change pumps three times THREE TIMES!.” Marie said huffing and puffing.

The door opened again. “Hey babe, you forgot your lunch on the table. I just go out of the bank and thought I’d drop it off.” HE said kissing her with a hug. Holding out the bag. “Hey guys. I’m Kane.” He said to Liam and Riley shaking there hands. “Riley. The receptionist. “Liam the other nurse. Good to meet you man are you the boyfriend?” “Proudly.” Kane said. “I don’t want to hold you guys up have good second first day babe see you at home.” Kane smiled walking out the door waving to Dylan. Dylan glared for a moment he knew the whole time she was coming here and he played with him.

' “I got to say I had honestly thought you changed your mind and went somewhere better.” The guys behind nodding in agreement. “Oh come on guys you know there’s no one better than yall besides Ricki.” She muttered that last part with a smile. The door opened up one more time to see Ellie standing there in her scrubs and starbucks. “Hey guys, how’s it going?” They all stared at her for a moment saying hello. “Hey El, were you here to pick up some files?” Riley asked waling around the desk to ty to get them ready. “No, no you silly boy. I’ here for work. I figured there must have been a mistake with the offers when I didn’t see one for here so I thought I would just come in here and we could just get over the silly mistake.” Ellie said with a smile.

“Hey Marie are you here grabbing files?” She looked at here with a tilted confused as to why she was here. “No Ellie there wasn’t’ a mistake. I didn’t send you an offer because I sent it to Liam and Marie and they have accepted I’m sorry but my staff is full at the moment if you would like to leave your CV I’ll keep ya on file.” Dylan said scratching the back of his head everyone feeling a little uncomfortable. “Are you serious right now? I thought you said you said I did a good job, was there a problem with me so bad you chose her over me? No offense Marie.” She whispered that last part.

“No it’s just the patients enjoyed having Marie around more and to be honest I didn’t always have to be in the room for her to do her job thoroughly. Where as with you, you stayed glued to my side like you needed someone to hold your hand. It made me wonder about your competence.” Dylan said shrugging his shoulders. “I am completely competent in my work. I only did that because I just wanted to spend some more time with you. Did it cross your mind that maybe I was learning from you?”

“If you were in fact learning than wouldn’t it have crossed your mind to ask me medical questions not question as to what I like to do in free time, or hobbies? You never asked one medical question.” Dylan asked back. Riley Marie and Liam to the side out of sight just looking back and forth. “Ellie you made the staff a little uncomfortable when you followed around like a lost puppy and it made them pick up the slack. I can’t have that here. I need someone I can trust to be able to work on their own. I’m sorry but I don’t ever see me offering a job to you any where near or in the future.” Dyalan said feeling bad. Ellie face started to turn red.

“Ok. Well thank you for your honesty. I am sorry if I may have crossed a professional line. So that being said and were no longer going to be working together I was wondering if maybe we could go out on a date sometime I know this great little spot.” She said running a finger down his arm. He took her arm and gave it back. “That’s going to be a hard no, sorry.” Dylan. “Was it something I did.” “It’s not something of what you did, more like who you did to be honest. I am a loyal friend and we have a bro code and we dip in the same ink jar. I hate to be so blunt but I don’t even know how else to get through to you Ellie. I think you are a perfectly fine person, you just need to get a little more modesty and self respect.” “FUCK YOU DR.MEYERS!!” Ellie throwing her coffee at him storming out the door. “Wow that was crazy did she really think a blended coffee would make that big of a mess when her fat ass sucked all down as she walked in.” Riley asked laughing. “I am sorry for you all seeing that. Especially you Darlin’ you shouldn’t have to heard all that and as a gentlemen I shouldn’t have been that straight forward I could have gone about that differently but she just got to me.” “ What did you mean you know who she done?” Marie asked. “Well apparently she quote un quote ran into me at the market and I turned her down for dinner last week she got drunk and booty called Ace.” Dylan said. “Oh wow that it is well not really surprising.”” Marie said flatly in thought. Well enough drama Marie thank you for accepting my offer the patients will be so happy knowing your back. Let’s get to work.” She felt ready to drop. As Dylan opened her car door. “SO do you maybe want to carpool tomorrow?” He asked hopefully. Well actually I’m spending the night at Kanes I’m so wiped I just want to hurry up and get home and get into bed. See you in the morning. Oh the guys said their still on for tomorrow night.” “That’s great we may end up using Ricki’s hoop by the way. Just give him heads up.” “Ok, we’ll just stay at mine than.” See you in the morning Dyl.” Marie said driving off to the ranch. Dylan picked up the phone waiting for the other person to pick up. “Hello.” “Hey so I kinda told off your booty call today so if she calls later I’m sorry.” Dylan said laughing. “Dude seriously that was the worse time I’ve ever had ever. It was so bad I could remember that while drunk. I am not jumping on that grenade for you again.” Ace said chuckling back shaking his head. “Hey by the way we are set for tomorrow this guy is seriously crazy and untouchable, but he’s only untouchable there. Well go over this tomorrow I gotta run your stalkers trying to call me ugh dude so hate you right now.” Ace said hanging up, casing Dylan to smile ear to ear and than let it fall as he got into his truck staring out the window for a moment. Who the hell are you Jason? He thought to himself.

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