The Way Home

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Chapter 11

Thursday evening came around quickly the guys gathered around the table at Dylans. “Ok guys Ricki and Tessa are watching game of thrones arguing of movies that star Jason Momoa, Idris Alba, and Heath Ledger movies so we got awhile.” Bear said being the last one to walk into the house looking at the rest of the guys who are laughing at his stamen.

“Ok let’s begin Colt?” Kane said. “Ok so here’s what were looking at guys this is a classic a case of psycho ex-boyfriend who is insanely obsessed with a female and is what I think willing to take drastic measures if he can’t have her no one can kind of thing. His name is Jason Morgan 28 years of age almost 29 in a few months. Top detective, now is on the mayor’s committee basically help run the city like it’s his and his parents playground. He has not even looked at another woman apparently, so he may be an asshole but a loyal one."

"He from what I gathered still thinks he is going to wife her up. He is so high on his own ego horse that nothing but the best for him and his little hoard. He had for sure not only frightened our little Angel but her mother she knew he was hurting her and did nothing to stop it the only thing she did was keep it from her dad. Who is so not what we thought he was. He is actively looking for her like Jason and his parents, but it’s because he genuinely loves and missed her and wants her in his life it’s actually kind of heart breaking."

"He has cut her mother off and cut her out of his will and from what I found out is willing to cut her from the social classes he believes she is to be blamed for his daughter running away. He never filed a missing person report like Jason wanted because he believes she ran away on her own and he’s just trying to track her down and make up. It hasn’t even donned on him she was abused by the same man who keeps assuring daily she will come back to them. Jason is extremely well trained, and smart as fuck. I honestly don’t understand how he hasn’t found her yet that just shows his power ends a few ways before here. So gentlemen we like in star wars have the high ground. He has zero influence or power here."

"SO we have that going for us. He will come for here we have to be ready on the plus side he can’t come in and take her. He has to legally stay away from here once we put out the restraining order here is the medical evidence from hospitals of suspected abuse reports and broken bones and cut bruises and belt and whipping marks. So if he comes in he will lose everything he has built for back home.”

“That won’t stop a man like Morgan. He is so gone for her that losing everything is a risk worth taking he can always find a way or his parents will that will get him off easy and still trying to drag her back. That’s ok because that’s where our influence and power comes in.” Kane said. “When my baby decide she’s done running I have her game plan ready. So everything is in set play we just have to wait to call it.” “What’s your play?”

“Ricki and Marie will come live on the ranch it’s private property and everyone is skilled in weapons and combat out there. Plus I say this with all respect I as of last month run this and the surrounding states. Plus she is now working for you, so she’s guarded during the day she’s got Colt and his station, Dylan and access to drugs to sedate an attacker, and Ricki who has all the tools in one office and the strength to truly fuck a mother fucker up well.” Kane said flatly like it was obvious. “She is on board with just packing up and staying on the farm?” Ace asked.

“I mean don’t you stay there sometimes, and with Ricki dating bear living next door, and Dylan on the other side wouldn’t’ that provide some safety as well?” Ace added. “Well we have cameras, and again he can’t come on or get into our lands at all legally here he can just walk right up no cameras on any of your places and it’s around public property like sidewalks. Plus Ricki will be with us you guys work in the same building so they can carpool. SO that’s the game plan. Yes she knows, yes she agrees. I hope you guys know how special you are to her because she thinks highly of all of you.” Kane added the other guys shaking their head watching the look of shock on their faces.

“Really?” Dylan asked hoping he was pulling him again. “No really, she thinks of you guys as her close friends which reminds me her surprise party is at Rickis house Saturday December 11th. Our Angel will be 28.” Tank added. “Ok so we are settled on the Morgan case?” Colt asked. Everyone agreed. “Everyone is set on her surprise party?” “Yes. Is there a theme?” Dylan asked. “Have you not met Ricki?” Bear asked raising his eyebrows. “Seriously, what are you new?” Ace added. “Tim Burton movie themed you know Edward Scissors Hands, Nightmare Before Christmas, Alice in Wonderland, you get the point.” Kane said.

“That is a new one I like that.” Tank said. “Ok, well I think it’s time for us to leave we will catch you guys later. Thanks for everything it really means a lot to us.” “Ya we know how you feel.” Dylan said back. They all gave a nod and parted ways. The guys walked into a heated conversation they never thought hear from the two besties. “NO YOU”RE WRONG!! Marie yelled back. “NO I’m NOT. If I am holding the hammer while Thor while Thor is holding the hammer I have half the power of Thor to be able to be holding it half way.” Ricki said back. “No you don’t, your just piggy backing off Thor holding his own hammer. If I make a cake and decorated it but you helped me place the last topper off did you actually make the cake?” She asked back

“Well… no .. ok. Now I get it.” “OK not that, that wasn’t odd to walk into I’m going to bed.” Tank said kissing her forehead walking to his room. “Is all your arguements always that intense?” Kane asked with a smile. “Little bit.” “Ya.” They said laughing. They all said good night and went to bed. “Did you have a good guys night?” She asked cuddling into him. “It was fun just ya know getting to know each other a little more, it was chilled. I’m much happier here with my baby girl.” He said pulling her close.

“Oh really?” She said kissing him deeply. They got so lost in each other they didn’t even realize he was hovered over her a little bit and her shirt was pulled up revealing her black laced panties. “You can say no and that’ll be ok, no pressure, but baby. Can I touch you?” He asked huskily looking deep in her eyes. She stared for a moment so caught up in it she didn’t have to think about it. She wanted this, she wanted this with him.

“Yes. Please. Kane.” She moaned out looking back at him letting him know she was sure of this. Still lost getting drunk in the kisses. He pulled off her shirt kissing down her neck, to her chest his tongue lapping and sucking on her breast than made his way down her belly and went down to her underwear looking at her eyes not breaking eye contact he took her panties into his mouth and took them off her. He pulled himself back up to her his mouth enveloping hers she met him back with the same passion. His hand traveling down taking his finger tips and running them up and down her slit as it was sleek and waiting.

“So dripping for me already baby and I’ve yet to touch you. Do you trust me baby?” “Yes” she said moaned out not skipping a beat. He slowly made his way down and made his way to her core. Her body jumped and she gasped as his tongue slid up an down her folds. “It’s ok baby. I got you.” He said as he continued rolling his tongue in and out of her driving her to the edge of insanity she was so wrapped up in the new sensations he never thought possible. Until he slipped a finger into her while still licking and sucking on her clit. Working on her she tried her best to keep her moans and noises down so the rest of the guys wouldn’t hear. He added one more finger into her tight hole his tongue was still attacking her clit as he stayed eating her like a starving man. Until she felt her stomach knot get tighter until she to shake a little and her core started to get tired.

”Kane..Kane im.” “Let go baby. Give it to me.” HE said licking her greedily and fingers curling vigorously until she called his name releasing on his fingers and tongue as he lapped her up. Getting instantly addicted to her sweet taste. He knew he was done for this was it he was hooked on her. He went to the bathroom and got a rag to come clean her up. She looked at him lovingly, he returned the same stare. “Ugh what about.. W-w-what about. You?” What about me what baby?” “You know like what about you?” She said looking down at his raging erection. “Oh don’t worry about that baby, tonight is about you. Well get there soon baby I think it’s best to adjust to all this one step at a time.”

“Ok, Thank you for understanding Kane it means so much to me.” “Hey I get it. We’ve come along way already baby you should be proud. Just know I’d do anything for you honey. I love you.” “I love you too babe.” She said as Kane placed his shirt back on her and spooned her close to him leaving kisses on her cheek and neck and they drifted off. Revealing in the comfort in each other enjoying the calm before the storm.

It’s been a few weeks and the guys were decorating for her party. Their guests which contain of lots of nurses and some doctors and some other people who she has gotten to know her in the last almost three years now she’s been there. Ricki took her out for them to get coffees. The house was in full swing as they yelled surprise.

She stayed close to all the guy s and the Medinas the whole night. Ellie and here friends left early as all the guys were trying to avoid their advances it was like all of them the other doctors some locals it’s starting to look like they are going to have date next couple towns over. Once everyone left. The guys, and Kanes parents were surrounded around Rickis living room in circle enjoying in each others company. Dylan, Ace and Colt decided to leave after giving her hug and forehead kiss. “Kane?” Marie said as the laughter started to die down.

“I’m done.” “You wanna go home?’ He asked. Looking at with a smile. It was about eight p.m. “No babe, I’m done running. I want to call my dad. I know today has to be hard for him, it’s a little hard for me too. I don’t want to be scared anymore and I don’t want to look over my shoulder anymore.” Everyone looked at her in surprise. “Well than stop baby. We’re right here for whatever you need.” “I only as one thing. If this is what you want to do.” “What’s that?” “You use my phone and mine only when you make contact with him.” “Ok, I can do that. I understand where your coming from.” Kane pulled out his phone and gave it to her.

“Are you sure about this?” “I am .” She said taking it. Placing her finger to unlock and she started to dial, she got up and went out to the back yard on the porch swing and dialed after staring at the phone for few minutes. “Enough is enough.” She whispered and pushed the send button. She waited by the fourth ring an answer.

“Caleb Alderman” the man answered. She was quite for a moment. “Um hi Mr. Alderman I was hoping to catch you in a moment alone?” “Why is that who is this.” “I have information on Marie Alderman but it is meant for your ears only sir no one else.” “Who the hell are you and what do you want?” HE roared in the phone. “Daddy it’s me.” “Marie.” “Hi dad.” “Where are you? Are you hurt are you ok?” “I’m fine dad. I great actually. I have so much to tell you but I will only stay on this line if you can promise me one thing.” “Anything princess.” He said tears slowly forming his eyes.

“You have to swear you won’t tell anyone especially mom, and Jason and his entire family you have any contact with me or from me. I can’t go back to that hell dad. Please I miss you so much, but I can’t do all of the hell again.” She said as she choked it out the sobs. The tears finally falling form his eyes. “I’ll tell no living soul as long as you tell me everything.” “I’ll do you one better if you keep your promise I’ll send you my address and I’ll tell you in person. I have a whole new life her dad. Friends I consider family, a great home, a great job, and a wonderful boyfriend whose phone this is. He know everything and our contact will only be on his phone.”

“You really have a whole new life, you really did run as far as you could. I won’t tell a soul and a have a business meeting coming up I will only call you from the office and I wil call on what ‘s his faces phone. You really have moved on?” “Kane dad his name is Kane and e is the best thing to ever happen to me I don’t know if I’d even still be alive if it wasn’t for him our friends his parents and Ricki. I’ve been with him this whole time in fact we’ve been neighbors and even work in the same building.”

“I am not going to pretend like I am not angry at this moment but I know deep down you have your reasons for leaving. Just can you tell me just for now was it because of your mom?” “Dad, me leaving was part of me living. Part of the Morgans, and it was mainly because of Jason dad.” She said stuttering it out. “Did he hurt you?” She felt like she couldn’t’ speak. Tears falling hard. “Mr. Alderman my name is Kane Medina I’m the Marie’s boyfriend and yes Jason beat the crap out of my woman for years and I’m letting you know I’ll do everything in my power to make sure no one from you hometown ever hurt my girl again. She really wants to see you but she’s scared to death you’ll bring one of them with you.”

“Where’s is she what just happened.” “She’s taking a minute to catch her breathe this is a huge step for her. It’s a lot for her to take in talking to you putting this trust in you it’s a little overwhelming for her, I can only understand how torn up you are right now. But if you keep your side of the deal I will send you our information and you can see her and find out everything for yourself and finally put your minds and hearts at rest.”

“Well Kane I can respect those terms. I will only call from my office phone, and I will call next week can I at least talk to her one last time before I have to leave I don’t want her mother to come in.” “Ya baby he has to go why don’t you say good bye?” “Dad.” She said snapping out of it. “Happy birthday princess.” “Thanks dad. I miss you.” “I miss you to goodnight baby girl. I love you. “Love you too dad.” She hung up leaning into Kane his arm wrapped around her waist pulling her closer to him. “Everything just totally changed, it was like a foot in the door to coming out of the dark.” “Are you ok baby?” “No.” She said crying now tears falling like a storm. “No, I am not; but I will be. Thank you. All of you.” She said quietly to him staring at into the yard. Her family in silent tears watching over her. Kane mentally preparing getting ready for everything about to come nodding to the boys. Who just started texting Ace, Colt, and Dylan letting know the play has now been put in motion. Time will tell how long all of this will last, but it’s going to be a hell of a game.

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