The Way Home

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Chapter 12

After hanging up the phone So much anger flowing through Calber he knew deep down his twisted minded wife knew of everything that’s about to come to light to him and that must have been why she held her back so much when Jason and Marie started to live together. He had all the red flags there and ignored it all. Listening to those around him. He never liked how quite she got and believe it or not This should have never have happened this is all his fault.

He should have seen the signs, he should have made more of a fight to see her one on one . He should have asked more questions. He should have been more involved instead of working over half his life away to build a company for his daughter she never even wanted? Why didn’t her hear her when he ha the chance? Why couldn’t her just see her when she was in front of him begging to be seen.

He had so much to apologize for, he never helped her he might as well helped those assholes himself. So much rage coming over her. That little twisted dick little bastard had hurt his baby and lied every single time he sees his cowardly little face. Any man willing to lift his hand to a woman is nothing short of a pathetic coward, and as her father he never did a thing to help her. It’s so damn irritating knowing that deep down Jason did believe he is in love with her, but the fact that he did what he did to make her tuck tail and run means he’s going to have to restrain himself from killing this boy.

Thinking more on it he was relaxed with the thought of going to prison for murder but he needs to destroy who evil ass mother first. There was no doubt he loved his wife with all he had, but no body, and he meant no body messes with his kid. Jennifer knew this whole time and was to scared to open her mouth what pisses him off more is that he wasn’t sure if she was scared to open her mouth if she was, she more scared to speak up because she was scared of further danger for their daughter of falling from her position.

All he knew was All those involved were going to pay. He poured himself a hard drink of whiskey. Looking out his widow he decided he was going to look up this Kane man his last name was Medina why is that so familiar it’s almost like he’s heard it before. Pulling up his laptop. He started going into a special background system his I.T guy put in his laptop. He typed up his name and saw everything from military background to the program he was in, his graduation his grades, the family ranch and their success covering well over three full states and parts of other small farms in other states this man basically could control the whole east side of the country.

He was proud his daughter found such a strong man who was willing to law down the law with him even if it was over the phone. His door opened and shut. The sound of high heels coming closer to him, she wrapped her arms around him draping her hands dangling over his chest. Making him cringe on the inside taking everything in him not to throw this woman out by her hair. “I know today is hard for us, but do you plan on hiding here for the rest of the night or do you plan on coming to bed soon. You know today is hard on me too.” She said with a tear or two rolling down her cheek.

Wow she really is good she should have been an actress their good at being fake bitches too he thought. “I’m sorry dear. I wasn’t hiding I was working. The meeting I have next week of the branches I bought out back East the head of the bank gave me the name of the biggest account that’s truly essential to all the chains. See once I sign these papers I become the main branch chain and this man will be my main account. I was curious on him it’s no big deal dear “Wow he is quiete the accomplished man for such a young age. Good for him. Shame all that success and he chooses to live that type of style.” She said shaking her head a little.

"Are you ready for your meeting next week?” “Yes I am.” “Do you think you’ll be back by Christmas? You know the Morgans are having everyone stay with them again this year they are expecting us.” “Well I will do everything in my power to get back in time but they think their might be a big storm coming through. So if that is true I will make my way down to the next state it’s only hours away and hop a flight from there.” He said closing his laptop. “Ok perfect, I know today is hard for both of us, maybe we should go see Jason tomorrow Chloe called earlier saying he was just a big crying mess.” She said walking in front of him. Going into their room pulling down the covers and getting in the bed. He got undressed into his sweats and got into bed. “No need, I have no doubt he’ll be at my office Monday morning. Don’t worry I’ll take good care of that boy.” He said turning off the light and rolling over to sleep.

The next morning just like expected Jason knocked on the door carring in two cups of coffee. “Mornin’ I figured you would be needing this almost as much as I do this morning.” Jason said handing him the cup. Caleb took it taking a deep look at him he was a tall dark, and handsome man. He could have anyone he wanted I their world, so what was it that made him still crazy for his daughter. How could a guy who put this daughter through hell, yet still stay loyal to her for almost three years. Surely he has to have some type of real love for her, but that doesn’t mean it was a good thing.

“Thank you son. It was a long night.” “ So have you P.I’s called you back because mine got nothing and coming in from Italy.” He said teary eyed. “Ya they were coming in last night she’s not in Ireland. I think I am going to start in a part of Canada. Ricki’s parent’s said they think she would be there. Something about a job possibility. Ricki hasn’t heard anything for sure he is pretty shaken up about missing her.”

“Canada? That would make sense I’m thinking of branching out through there too. My P.I said to stick there just in case the last sightings could have took her farther. If she really wanted to be out of thought he wouldn’t stay in the country, and she wouldn’t go somewhere she talked of with us if she was trying not to be found. I…I just really miss her. I don’t know what to do without her.” Jason said crying softly. “Ya, I know what you mean It’s bee almost three years and it feels like she just left.” Caleb said sadly. “We just have to be strong son, she will find her way home. I have full faith that everything will come out the way their meant to.” Caleb said putting his hands on his shoulder.

“OK thanks Caleb. I’m actually going to miss you when you leave in a couple days. You know how my dad is it’s nice to have male role model who I can come to about emotional things without feeling less of a man.” “I’m here for you son, your dad loves you Jason, he just was raised differently so it’s harder for him to be comforting back in our day that was a mothers place. We just all got to learn to adapt a little bit with change. When you meet the right girl everything changes and you change to be better for her.” “That is true, Marie did change the hell out of me.” Jason said smiling remembering her smile and laugh. “Well I have to get going go luck with the signing.” Jason said walking out. It was now eleven in the morning.

He picked up the office phone and dialed the number form his cell phone which he labeled Eastern Office. So no one would notice if they went through his phone. He dialed and waited for someone on the other end to answer the phone, knowing now his daughter was back east he knew it was about a three hour leap ahead. So it was about two p.m Kane answered on the fourth ring. “Mr. Alderman, how are you?” “Hello Mr. Medina I was wondering if you were going to answer.” “I know how weird this must be for you. I am going to do what I can to make this easier for Marie and hopefully you as well. If you wan to speak to her I’m sorry she’s still at work for another two hours I’m a little wrapped up here at work as well but I am about twenty minutes away from the office. I could run over to her if you need her.”

“No, no that’s ok, maybe, I ughh I really wanted to talk to you Mr. Medina.” Mr. Alderman with all due respect just call me Kane.” “Ok Kane, I really wanted to talk with you. Call me Caleb.” “Ok Caleb well what can I do for you?” “I know you know I looked you up and done some research.” “I have no doubt about it, I would be offended mentally if you didn’t. SO tell me Caleb when is your plane coming in next week to take over my accounts?” “You know Kane, I like you, you really are smart and very aware of things around you. I guess that must be the difference between us really you’re aware of everything going on around you but you actually do something positive about it. I wish I would have done more positive things when I could have.”

“Caleb she doesn’t blame you. She really needs to explain everything to you to start getting closure of her pass. She’s trying to get her life back. She’s going to need you. You can’t help her if you keep blaming yourself for things that weren’t in your control believe it or not she did try to go to the police and get help but even you can see why she got denied.” “YA I’m starting to understand, he was here this morning like clock work he spends a lot of time with me digging looking for her. I am coming next week, and I’ll only be about what I think is three hours away from your town. Could it be possible to meet up with you and see her?”

“I think that would be the best surprise Christmas gift either of us could give her. Look there is a storm coming in you will be stuck here for at least three days so my boys and I will come up to get ya and I’ll bring you back to her house and you can stay with her until it’s safe to fly out. You can’t tell anyone where you are. You’re phone will have to stay off, you will be assigned a room in the best hotel next town over which is actually about just forty minutes away, you will check in once a day and you will have all your answers and even some make up bonding time. This is the best I can give you.”

“ That sounds like a miracle right now really. I’ve spent almost three years praying just to hear her voice or make sure she was ok not dead some where or hurt. You have no idea how much my heart honestly needs this Kane.” “I’m very close to my parents Caleb and I’ve been in the army I got a good idea hell my parents can relate to a certain extent. Marie is actually close to my parents as well. She has a strong support system here one she built herself she built a life for herself here Caleb, I’m not going to let anyone walk in and ruin that for her.” “I understand believe you me I don’t want her back here either if that twisted little bastard hurt this damn bad to make her run off for years with no contact. Honestly Kane the more I think about it the more I realize there is nothing here for her. This was never a life she wanted she could have had the world on silver platter, only to sacrifice her freedom and anything else she ever wanted for her future. I can’t let her come back here. Are you two married? Is there any grandkids I need to know about?” Kane laughed in the phone.

“No, we are not married, there are no grandkids. Well not yet anyways. I have been officially with your daughter for over a month you know I got released last month well a week before I came home is when we became official. She was writing to me and my best friends in the letter from home program thing for over two years and got to know each other through that she lives in my home town and that’s how we got here. I’m not going to lie I spend every night with here either at my place or hers, so we basically live with each other unofficially we just see it as we got two homes I think. So when you come to stay with her I will be there. Better to know know. She suffers severely for PTSD Caleb from the abuse she received and when I sleep with she never has an episode, she hasn’t had to take any meds since a week before I came home.” “Is she ok?” “Ya she will be when this is all over he’ll be way better off.”

“Well my plane comes in Thursday my meeting is Friday at 9:00 a.m. I have no idea how long it will actually take it’s just a closing meeting I sign papers shake hands and that’s it. I’m free after that. “Well send me the address of the hotel and me and my boys will come get you. We will leave at 7 in the morning and we should be able to be back just before two. So we will have about two hours before Marie comes home from the office. Well actually be able to surprise her pretty good. You should be able to catch a plane out by the 23rd if the storm let’s up to be able to fly out.” “Sounds good, we will stop at that hotel and check in and I’ll call Jennifer to check in and let her know I’ll be busy. I have to run I got a conference call coming in. Thank you Kane. For, everything.”

“There is nothing I won’t do for your daughter Caleb. We’ll see you soon.” They hung up. Caleb had a small tear leave his eye, he was finally going to get to see his baby. She was ok, thriving without him, finally happy. It was almost like he’s still holding a breathe and can’t breathe. How his wife keeps face in the public eye without knowing if Marie is ok as always something he couldn’t understand what kind of mother is this ok. Hell at least Chloe still cries when Marie gets brought up, watching her son struggle with missing her she cries with him, Jennifer is almost incapable of shredding emotion deep like that. He got up went into a board room and put on his boss face he was not one to be messed with it’s about time he started reminding people of that.

It was finally Friday morning. “Good morning my love.” Kane said kissing her deeply. “Let’s get dressed and get ready honey it’s going to be long day.” “I don’t want to I’m tired.” Well maybe next time Ricki and yourself won’t stay up so late watching sex and the city marathon. “Don’t knock bestie night.” “ Oh please babe that just one more episode thing always lead to trouble.” He laughs at her. They got done makin the bed. “Hey babe how about I make dinner tonight I actually will be off a little early today I just have to run a few towns over to pick up some things.” “That sounds great babe thank you.” She said kissing him playfully. Door opened up and they heard cabinet opened. Kane came out first.

“Morning Dyl.” Kane said flatly. “Kane, Darlin’.” Dylan said with a nod filling his portable thermas. “You riding in with me Darlin’?” “Ya if that’s ok I’m pretty tired. I don’t really want to drive.” “I don’t even want to know what you and Ricki got into last night.” Dylan said shaking his head. “I’ll meet you outside she said hugging Kane getting her kiss goodbye.” After the door shut. “Are you ok with all this I mean is he still coming?” “Ya I’m leaving as soon as the guys pull up in about ten minutes. Take care of my woman Meyers she going to have a huge day ahead of her.” “If anything happens or starts to happen swear you come to get me I have everything in the house she could need.” Dylan said straight face.

“That’s is a promise. She needs all of us Dylan. I won’t take that from her. Let’s not keep her waiting.” Kane lead Dylan out and locked up. Hey babe could I use your car today?” “Sure here you go.” She handed him the keys. Kane had her and all of her home and her vehicle added to his insurance about two weeks ago. “Thanks baby girl. I’ll have the guys with me. Call if you need anything.” “Promise.” Dylan took off just as tank got of his truck. Bear waled out of Rickis house. “Ricki going to be so pissed I didn’t tell him. So expect me home tonight tank.” Bear said hs head hanging down. “This is strange but I get it.” Tank said. “Welp come on guys it’s like three hours to get him and than get him checked in and bring him home.”

The car ride was long and felt like it was just never going to end. The guys were feeling a little uncomfortable. “They got out of the Navigator and walked up to Hotel doors. “If this bugs my Angel too bad I’m going to toss this guy next town over.” Bear said seriously. “Agreed.” Tank said flatly. The doors of the hotel opened up as a huge built man who almost matched their size with sunglasses and a duffle bag came walking out his walk and appearnce was one that demanded respect or authority. The man stopped a few feet from the guys starring him straight in his eyes.

“Kane.” “Caleb. This is Tank and this is bear basically like adopted brothers to me and your daughter.” “It’s nice to meet you boys.” Caleb said shaking all their hands. “Let me help you with your bag.” Tank offer. “No it’s ok. I think you boys carried more than enough of my weight by now don’t you?” Caleb asked with sadness in his voice. “Well if it’s any difference we are honored to do it.” Bear said. The other two nodded in agreement. “Well I actually took Marie’s car so let’s get on the road I still got to make dinner tonight.” Kane said everyone chuckled a little.

They ran by the best hotel checked him in and Caleb walked in and told Jennifer that the storm next state up has com through and stopped flights so he will be working in the offices near by and staying at the hotel, to call the front desk and he’ll check in by tomorrow. They got back in the car snow has reached all over the ground it wasn’t bad here but from Caleb original hotel it was already road closed central. “Man we got out just in time. Don’t worry though for some reason it never gets that bad here.” Caleb shook his head. Tank got in his truck and went home to the ranch. Bear went home to Ricki’s. “Ok so, Marie has this three bedroom three bathroom home. The master room and Bear and Rickis has a bathroom in the room. However Tank gave up his room for you and your bathroom is the door next to yours still on the left. Ricki lives on the right side and Dylan lives on the left.”

“Dylan is the doctor friend still gunning for my kid?” “Ya but we just pretend that he’s not because Marie doesn’t need all that right now, and he’s actually her boss.” “Colt Is the detective, and Ace is actually a lawyer here?” “Yup, all best friends with Marie. We actually get together a lot and hangout.” “What about your parents?” “She was actually friends with them when she rolled into town on her own I had no idea she was the girl who was taking care of my parents when we were writing back and forth. Until the day after I came home and she was having her Sunday night dinner like every Sunday at the house I came up form fixing some floors, and their she was in her beautiful smile. Kane said smiling at the memory.” “I’ve missed so much. Hope she’ll forgive me for everything.” Caleb said.

“I think she’s hoping the same thing man.” He nodded “Well you go ahead and get ready relax I’m going to get some burgers going on the stove there I got maybe forty minutes before she walks in that door.” “Ok holler if you need some help.” After awhile the house smelt great. The door opened. “It smells like heaven in here feels like it too. It’s so warm it’s freezing outside.” She said putting her purse down and headed off to the kitchen to give Kane a hug and kiss. That’s a lot of food they guys coming?” “No. I do have a guest though. It was meant to be an early Christmas present, that’s how I am hoping you’ll take it.” “Ok, that’s fine. A little heads up would have been nice.” She said playfully tickling his stomach. He chuckeled for a minute. “Ya I’m not even sorry.” He said scratching the back f his head. “Food’s ready.” Kane yelled out. Marie laughed getting some drinks and plates on the table. “Hey princess.” She heard from the husky voice behind her making her stand straight up and turn around. “Dad?” He smiled back. “It’s been awhile.” “Ya. It has.” Kane finished bringing food to the table. “So let’s eat.” Kane said pushing her chair in when she got seated. “SO tell me about yourself.” Caleb said still amazed staring at his baby. “It’s not going to be ease to hear.” “I need to know. Are you ready to tell me, tell me everything.” Marie satred at both the men in front of her. Was she ready? He needed to know he had the right to know, it’s been long enough. “Ya. I think I finally am.”

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