The Way Home

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Chapter 14

Kane woke up on cloud nine everyone on the ranch knew of the good news. His parents were over the moon. The guys had ear to ear smiles and Ricki was on the internet with Bear and Tank looking up ideas for the weddings and reception, even the bachelor/bachelorette, and hell he was even on the bridal shower. “OK guys Dyaln and the other boys are going to meet us at the bowling alley.” Marie said walking into the room. “I for one can’t wait for you guys to tell them.” Tank said with a wink.

“Really why?” Marie said getting her things getting ready to walk out the door. “Well I think what he means Angel is that we know how close they are to you and we know that they will be happy for you. It’s always nice to be around so much happiness and love when good news is spread in such an ugly world.” Bear said holding Ricki's hand waking out the house. “Huh, I guess your right. You think they would be offended to be asked to be bridesmaid or brides men?” They all started laughing hard. “I’m sure tank would love to walk to Colt and Ace down the aisle my love.” Kane said with a wink

. “Hey we would rock that aisle. Watch out ladies it’d be like a stud muffin parade.” Laughing hard they started wiping some tears from their eyes as they loaded into her navigator. Walking into the bowling alley the boys had them all set up they we’re going to do teams and had the alley and shoes and everything set they just had to get their balls. Kane went to get hers. “Ok Ace, Colt, Dylan I do have some exciting news to share with you before the guys come back.” “Well were al ears. Darlin’ .” Dylan said with a wink. “OK well I don’t know how to say it so I’m just going to say it. Kane asked me to marry him and I said yes, so I guess what I am saying I’m going to be getting married.” The guys mouths dropped down. “Are you sure you are ready for that? Is this really what you want?” Dylan asked in shock as if someone just smacked him in the face and stabbed his heart out and showed it to him.

“I know you’re worried about me and I appreciate that so much you guys I really do. I know you guys feel like weve only been with each other for a little over a month, because that is how long you have known him, or I have seen him face to face for. But we all know it’s longer than that, that Kane and I have known each other. This feels right I have thought it out and this is what I want. I don’t feel rushed or pressure or any negative things about that. My father has officially moved out and will be able to be apart of it something I wasn’t so sure would be happen ever honestly. But well there it is you guys.” Marie said a little nervous.

“I think that’s great Angel, I’m happy for you.” Colt said coming around to hug her and kiss her cheek. “You gonna make one knock out bride gorgeous.” Ace said following suit. “Are you happy?” Dylan asked in his hug. “I am.” She sai back hugging him just as tight. “I don’t think I’ll ever be able to really let you go.” He said pulling back rom her. “I guess I never really stood a chance though did I?” HE asked looking in her eye. “Dyl, you know I love you and you are always going to be important to me, but you’re meant for something and someone else, and I truly believe I am right where I am meant to be. Do you still want me to work for you?” She asked as the guys started “You better never leave my office.” “He said with a smile. “We’re ok Marie. I’ll be fine. Promise. If you are truly happy, I am happy for you.” Dylan said holding her hands to his chest kissing one.

Looking up to Kane who was eyeing hi hard. “Congradualtions Kane you got yourself and amazing woman and I wish you nothing but the best.” He said shaking his hand. Kane shook it they looked at each other deeply nodding at each other. As bad as Dylan felt he knew his pursuit was finally done and he lost. He still couldn’t find himself able to let her go completely so friendship is all that was left that’s what he would take, he really did want whatevers best for her.” The night went on with everyone happy and celebrating enjoying good company and for the first time Marie took pictures with her friends and posted them on her social media. Ricki had set up for the night before. She was truly happy sitting on Kanes lap and laughing with her friends looking forward to more times of this in the future.

“Hey bro, how you doing?” Tristan asked coming around Jason at the bar in his home he was sharing with Marie with Eric to his right. “Well let see the woman I am completely and hopelessly in love with and searching relentlessly for almost three years now has send me a special paper saying I can never make contact with her again. I don’t think it’s going to get much worse than this.” Eric said putting his drink down he was barley even drinking it was more just something for him to hold. His phone pinged well than I guess I shouldn’t show you this.” Tristan said checking it over. “Show me what?” “Well you know that friends with benefits thing I got going on with Kayla well Marie just got social media set up. No doubt that was thanks to Ricki, Kayla started following her maybe she is not set into private yet or something I don’t know but they werew kind of friends when she was here.

Anyway she has been posting some photos up tonight. Of her new friends and her new man.” He added that last part a little lowly. “New man?! What new man?!” Jason roared across the room taking his friends phone. He started to read it out loud. Wait she just got tagged in his Kane or whatever his name is. Me and the future Mrs. Maire Medina can’t wait. What the hell she’s actually kissing him. SHE’S ENGAGED?!” He yelled. “She just got engaged last night.” Eric said pointing it out from Kanes profile.”

“I can’t believe she’s going to be getting married to someone that isn’t me. This is not going to happen. UGH!!! Caleb has left her mom and high tailed over to be closer to her and left us all behind. I can’t let this happen I need her. She is my forever NOT HIS!! Jason yelled throwing some glasses and vases. I refuse to roll over and let some damn hick roll up and try to claim my woman, he is not goignto get what’s mine!” Jason said getting more mad. “What do you want us to do it’s not like you can exactly roll up and take her to dinner. One little apology is not going to drag her ass back.” Tristan said.

“Maybe we can convince her to come home. We can get down there with Kayla and try to talk to her on your behalf. Tell her you’re a different man, you love her maybe we can get her to come home. If that fails maybe we go to plan B were we get you down and get her to get a moment alone with you and you can try to plead your case.” “How do you expect me to get down there and plead my case with a restraining order?” Jason growled. “You’re the best detective in the state and you going to tell me you can’t try to challenge that order and demand for proof that evidence was you maybe you can pay off her mother to taking the full blame, like she is black listed every where she is not going to be able to get a job she will be getting desperate because all of her inner circle friends are slowly pushing her out of society and she will be getting desperate.” Tristan said.

“This is why you the best attorney ever. Let’s fight it. I need to get over to Jennifers house and explain her options she will not cross me. She should be smarter than that by now. I’ll get my mother to get her over. The biggest hill will be her dad. If I can get him to lean a little towards my way than I might have a chance. If not well we just got to make sure the competition gets out of the way one way or the other.” Jason said smiling at his best friends. Eric was a doctor and shrink. Tristan was a great attorney and Jason was the best detective or so they think. “I think it’s time to drag our asses out to the country and show this hicks how and why we run this half of the country let’s start digging boys we got some homework to do.” Tristan said. Jason looked out their window smiling. Get ready baby I’m coming for you. He thought to himself.

A couple days later and one after they spent the with her father Ricki was laying on Bear on the couch Tank was on the recliner and Kane had Marie in his lap as they were talking and watching Ready Player One. Dylan came walking through. They looked up and waved. “Darlin’ have you seen this?” Dylan asked showing his phone to her it was a talk show news thing that was covering a story. “Here he put on the channel on her tv.”

“Ok so if you’re joining us we are covering a strange story tonight about a woman who was considered a great woman of society who turned out to be anything but that. Jennifer Alderman has admitted to abusing and neglecting her daughter Marie Alderman. Her husband Caleb Alderman had filed for Divorce from her on Christmas Day and she was sent restraining order he even gave a short statement with local media that she had without things from him and was neglective. Marie Aldermen had left the city almost three years ago, without a single trace it was very obvious she ran away it only leaves us to wonder if she was running away from her abusive mother. It was a concern of her fiancé Jason Morgan as to why his future bride would just run away from home. There are actual Medical records that waved concern for years about abuse on young Ms. Alderman. Some thought it was he controlling husband to be but he has denied all charges and so has his parents the Morgans. When we asked them about what they think of the situation at hand. They told reporter that their heart breaks for Marie and their son and all the time they lost that got taken from them do to fear and the mother who was so controlling that she was scared to live her life, and had to flee to do so. The Morgans had denied any abusive actions done on their end, yet we have information that says all three of them and Jennifer Alderman actually were served restraining orders to have any type of contact with her. SO one has to wonder if it was really just Jennifer who did wrong by the young Aldermen or if maybe our society is darker than it looks. That’s all we have time for join us next week when interview a teacher who got caught with their student after getting pregnant by the student’s best friend.”

“Oh my God this was actually live back home?” “Ya don’t worry it only played in every where Jason has influence actually it was taken and wiped form broad castings. It wasn’t a big shock since it questioned the Morgan family. I’ll be surprised if that broadcaster has a job in the morning.” “Don’t need to it just showed online she got fired for reporting false facts.” Ricki added holding his phone out. “He’s right Marie I can’t find this anywhere online.” Bear said. “Someone wanted you to know that your mother is taking the blame. Your dad said she won’t really be able to get a job all her friends probably have shunned her now that she isn’t rich really anymore. What if Jason’s mother paid her to take a dive?” “If she took a dive, you may have to go to court about the order on Jason he might be able to fight it if your mother is trying to take full blame and he is denying charges.”

“DO you think it would come to that?” Marie said getting nervous. “It could love, but don’t worry baby he won’t be getting ahold of you as long as we’re breathing.” Kane whispered in her ear. She just nodded hugging onto him tighter. “Don’t worry angel he may have that place wrapped around his finger; but he going to learn real fast who runs the East.”Tank said with authority. “It’s ok sweetness we will handle him if it comes to that well just play this by ear. You will carpool with me, and we will start staying a Kanes house. We had a back up plan we are ready.” Ricki said. “My parents did move out of the main house and went to the other side of the land anyway babe they signed it over just for us. SO maybe we should just start moving in there this week.” Kane said. “What about my house?” “Well how about we rent it out? Wasn’t Colt lease up anyway maybe he would like your and Ace could take over Ricki’s?” Kane added. “They guy’s do need anew place to stay in about two weeks so that actually would be perfect. Dylan said.” “Ok I guess. I just need my clothes they can keep everything else. This is the safest and smartest thing we can do right now.” Marie said smiling at her boys. “Caleb is probably throwing a fit.” Bear said. “I’m scared to call or go see mama Cal, hell she probably half back to your home Marie.” Tank said. The guys stayed and talked and laughed helping her box up her things she was going to take with her. She finally got a moment to herself. Everyone moment she ever had with Jason ran through her head both good and bad since the day they met. For the first time ever she wasn’t having any anxiety or panic attacks. She wasn’t breaking down. For the first time she grew with so much anger flowing through her, anger she didn’t know could feel this intense. For the first time in her whole life she felt like she was finally ready to fight back, not only was she ready she wanted to. She finally has the life she worked hard for and wanted; she had something worth fight for and she damn sure was going to fight for it. Taking a deep breathe she smiled. I’m ready she thought to herself.

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