The Way Home

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Chapter 15

It has been three weeks and nothing has happened after seeing that video that only lasted thirty minutes as far as we know it was never aired lived it was accidently leaked and erased firing the lead anchor of the talk show host. There was however a small article about Jennifer Alderman being an abusive and neglectful manipulative woman and lots of other bad things Marie knew she was but she couldn’t understand why she was accepting the blame for all the wrong doings. She knew very well why the Morgans would deny the charges but with as much power as they actually wielded they could admit it and nothing would happen to them they probably would be pardoned with a bigger key to the damn state beside just the city.

“So Neil how much you think my ex got paid to not only admit here wrongs, and take the full dive?” Caleb asked sitting in the back wrap around porch on the main house of the ranch. Kane and Marie had been fully moved in for three weeks, her dad lived ten minutes away, and Kanes parents were actually his neighbors. The homes were technically still on the property just not in the gated parts.” “Well she really had nothing to lose and her friends were already cutting her off so might as well take the pay out and high tail out of country.” Mama Callie said.

“The real question is what Jason game play is going to be.” Pop said. “A smart man would send scouts to check and level the field for his arrival, but seeing as areas he can actually be in is limited that maybe he’s only options. So honey did you have any other besties or close friends besides Ricki here that maybe we should be on the look out for? I mean some people might find their way here to say they want to check on you or offer their support, but honey we should be cautious of these people they could be playing the devils hand their like a big ol game of simon says.” Kane said.

“So what do you suggest Babe I only had Ricki I was a nerd and only really allowed to talk to Jason’s friends girlfriends. I have social anxiety I was the weirdo people just were nice to me because of my parents money and pull, and the Morgans money and Power.” “Well if you see any blasts from the past this goes for you to babe, you only meet with them in public spaces make sure you have people around or have cameras visible to see you. Never meet up at hotels or offer for them to come here. Never agree to pick them up or for them to come pick you up. Avoid any situations where you would be in private with them. You don’t know their intentions we have no real idea of what information they are searching for. We have no idea who they are with or how many of them they have hidden.” Bear said.

“Aw feels like old times.” Tank said. “I must have missed these times.” Ricki said playfully pushing tanks chair with his foot earning a smile form everyone. “You know what they say life’s a battlefield.” Tank said playfully. “No, it’s Love is a battlefield.” Marie said laughing. “Well nutsz to that I feel much safer with my chances of actul battlefield it’s less crazy makes more sense.” Tank said back with a playful shiver. Everyone laughing in agreement.

“Seriously though babe, promise you’ll follow those rules try your best never to be alone unless you here on the property. Were not trying to take over your freedom or suffocate you just say when you need some peace and we will leave some other part, just don’t be on your own outside the property you know the limits are far and wide. Plenty of room to roam.” Kane said holding onto her tightly in his lap. “Ok, I promise.” The sun set and they all went home to their beds.

Marie was still carpooling with Ricki. Keeping true to her word not going anywhere alone. “I’m dying I hate Mondays.” Dylan said with his head on her shoulder while she filled the last of his paper work. “I told you not to watch Star Wars we always have this problem you can’t watch just one. You started the first on Sunday around what ten am and serious though you could get through all of them in one day and night and still be able to sleep?” Marie said laughing at him patting his back.

"I only watched one through three, I was doing other things earlier that day Ace wanted to meet this girl at the gym so he had me go to her work shop class only to find out she was sick and her inhuman body builder cousin who made the Arnold Schwarzenegger’s body like scrawny nerd was doing a nonstop four hour body building class who whooped our ass in torturous ways like we owed him fucking money. Ace called into work he still can’t move. I’m so sore it hurts to move.” Dylan whined. “You look you need a little pick me up? How about I run and get us some drinks at the café? Liam you want to go it’s all on me?” Marie said.

“That is sweet thanks let me got check what Riley wants. “Now I make sure all your appointments are rescheduled for the rest of the week, we will just take time for rest. You can’t help anyone if you have no down time keep working like this your body is going to lock up. I’ll come over tomorrow and clean up for you cook some stuff so you only have to heat it up tomorrow and the day after. Does that sound ok?” “You are my savior Darlin’, please just get a sweet tea at least that will still make it easy to go to sleep.”

“Will do we’ll have the schedule changes now by Riley and finish up paper work today. I’ll get a sign on the door.” Marie said grabbing her money from her wallet. placing her purse back into Dylans office sliding her cell phone back into her pocket. “Alright little lady let’s go.” Liam said holding the door open the café was about six buildings down across the street down the opposite way of the way home. They walked in hearing the bell jingle on the door. “Damn it smells so good in here.” Liam said starting to drool a little. “It sure does let’s get a couple of pastries and the drinks.” “Ya we all wanted sweet teas, I can pay you know you don’t have to.” Liam said looking down at her. “No it’s ok I got it, I have more cash now than I know what to do with so it’s really ok.” “As you wish love.” After they placed their order and was waiting. The heard the door jingle and opened to see someone she never thought she would see here. “Marie?” The woman said with a big smile. “Kayla. Hi. What are you doing here?” “Oh what a small world. I was just going coming through you know my grandparents and aunts and uncles they all live about five hours out. I came as a stop over about three hours south because my man wanted to see his cousins before we got there. You know I see family about once a season, there was such a bad storm couple weeks back so I skipped now here we are trying to play catch up.” Kayla said hugging Marie.

Marie was shocked she never thought anyone from home would actually drive through a small town and Kayla did have so many family members out this way. “Whose this?” kayla asked nicely. “Liam I’m her coworker making an office run.” “That’s so sweet.” Kayla said happily. “Marir I’m sorry for all the news from back home, and your mom you know if you need anything I am just one phone call away. Or I could stay in town one more night to have dinner and catch up?” Kayla offered.

“That is so nice of you to offer but honestly Kay I’m fine. I’m really good. I wouldn’t want to keep you and your boyfriend from your family you still have quite a way to go.” The door jingled again to walk in someone she was not ready to see, almost as bad as the devil himself.” “Tristan look who I found what a crazy small world right? Marie you remember my boyfriend right.” “Marie it’s so good to see you, it’s been awhile.” He said taking her hand in his kissing the top of the back like he used to do all the time. “It has. Not long enough.” She mumbled the last part getting uneasy scooting more towards Liam.

“Wow oh my God would you look at the size of that rock, I’m blind how are able to move around with that mountain on your hand. So… who’s the lucky guy who snagged up our sweet girl.” “Kane. He really is the best man I’ve ever known.” Marie said. “He’s the best man the towns know.” Liam said with a chuckle. They called their order and Marie and Liam grabbed it. “Well I would love to meet him maybe we should all get together before we roll out of town we have a few days to spare?” Tristan said with a smile.

“I would love that babe, I would love to meet the man who thinks he’s good enough for Marie.” “Oh that would be interesting but we rather are busy for few weeks. Trust me he’s way better than most.” Marie said dead panned in the eye to Tristan. “Have a safe drive out. Lovely seeing you Kayla.” They made their way out to finish their day at the office. Dylan not happy with the interaction, and more alert. Marie waited at Ricki’s office with his pastry too until he was done. She had text Kane what happened he was not happy about how easy it was to run into me but knew it was bound to happen. Kane was truly smart, like mind reader smart. He never even met Jason and he was already predicting his moves. Scouts just like he though would happen. Marie thought.

“You’ll never guess who I ran into at the dinner today.” Ricki said. “Strange isn’t it that they went to the dinner and than the café isn’t it? They could have been less obvious I mean how long do you think they’ve been watching us to know where we would most likely show up?” Ricki asked. “With Kayla as the source less than a day she knows food is our bae.” Marie said. Causing Ricki to bend over laughing. “If that aint the damn truth baby.” He mad their way to his car. “So what did you say when they bumped into you and wanted to go to dinner.”

“Actually she said they just ran into you and was hoping I could talk you into going on a triple date. I told them I didn’t like they ass than I’m not going to go out of my way to talk to you now. Not today Satan Bye Felica.” “You did not.” “I did too, you bet your fat ass I did. I ain’t going to pretend I like these people ain’t no one got time to play the fake game life is too short.” They pulled up to the main house bear opening RIckis door and Kane to Marie’s. “Yall so whipped.” Tank said dusting off his boots on the porch taking them off and putting on his house shoes Marie gave him just for her house. “Proudly whipped.” Kane said. “So other than that was your day ok?” “yes it was.”

“I was thinking do you want a fall, or spring wedding I don’t want it to be too hot.” “I would like fall. How about October 11th. It’s a Saturday, it’s not hot or cold, it’s beautiful out here around that time. We can have it here right behind the house a little bit from the barn so there would still be bathrooms without using the house, all of the guest list lives close enough to carpool if they wanted to drink a little.” “I think that’s perfect. So we have we date?” “We have a date, we are getting married.”

“Oh by the way I already have the guest list done. You guys can go into town tomorrow and make the invitations.” Ricki said.” “How do you have that so soon?” Adam said walking by getting in his truck to go to the handles house.” “I know everyone Marie does or likes, Bear knows everyone of Kanes family and friends boom done. Order them tomorrow they’ll be done by Thursday or Friday we can have them written out and mailed by Saturday. Than we can start planning the rest will tackle all one step at a time so there will be plenty of time between now and October it’s almost February so time is ticking to do it all now and takes eighty percent of stress ff when things get close to the date, plus in case numb nuts comes in at least we have the important things covered.” Ricki said. “It sounds smart will do that. I’ll give you a ride to Dylans afterwards to help him out I will also come for you a few hours later.” “Ok now I just have to figure out the bridesmaids.” Everyone laughed at her.

“I’m so happy this is actually happening.” Kane said squeezing Marie to him. “it’s amazing how figuring out one little date makes everything seem big and real.” “Ya it’s all going to be half as beautiful as my woman. Let’s face it ain’t nothing got anything on you baby.” He said kissing her. This whole time Kane has been patient and respectful, they have been doing things bringing her to a whole other level, but she was ready and was craving more. “Baby I need to stop or I won’t be able to control myself.” “I don’t want you to.”She said nibbiling on his ear. “Are you sure? Do you know what your saying baby girl? I’m not going to lie you know it’s going to hurt for a spill.”

“Kane I want this and I want you how much longer are you really going to make us wait. I’m going to be spending forever with you.” “I’m not holding us back I just wanted to make sure I don’t want to put you in any pain in any way.” “I love that but please I am in this one hundred percent, give in to us.” He looked into her eyes looking for reassurance and one he had it he was upon her lips taking off both his and her shirt in between they were already in just their underwear was already off as they were in pjs. He kissed her lips down to her neck teasing sensual areas and making his way lower to her chest sucking on one kneading the other.

“Kane… Please.” She moaned. He made his way lower pulling down her under wear with his teeth. He put his face down to her core and started to licked and suck she was like a drug he was addicted to. He added a finger and started curling it in and out while still torturing her clit with his tongue. It was driving her to edge until she finally let go and released on his hand and mouth after lapping her up he wiped his mouth and chin. Pulling himself up to her kissing her deeply getting wrapped up and drunk in the lust.

“You ready for me baby?” He asked huskily. “Yes.” She was already dripping wet body was begging to be touched. He lined up his raging member to her entrance. Looking down into her eyes he pushed into her all the way and stayed still using his finger to rub and massage her clit to help relax and adjust better. Tears filled and spilled over her eye to roll down her cheek. He leaned down to kiss each one of them. She nodded to him to start moving as the pain dulled over. HE started moving at rhythm that put them both on a special high feeling neither of them felt could get enough of.

Moans and the sounds of their bodies moving together filled the room. Twisting his hips and her lifting to reach him every time she thought he couldn’t get any deeper each thrust and twist proved her wrong. She couldn’t hold it anymore and called out his name as her legs started shaking wrapped tightly around him scratching his back. Driving him even more near the brink to insanity he flips her to lay flat on her belly propping up her his to just the right angle where he slid right back into her as deep as she ever thought possible give me your hands baby. She reached her hands back interacting with his and he used them to pull her into him as he kept pounding into her. “You good baby?”

“Please… don’t..stop.” She cried out. He kept going trying to hold back. He lifted her to where her back was to his chest reaching his hand back around and he was moving his hips into her reaching and rubbing into her clit “Come on baby get us both there.” HE said while sucking on her sensitive spot of her neck playfully biting. She finally let go both calling each others name. Catching their breath he went to get a rag and cleaned her up, tossing the rag across the room to the hamper. Pulling her onto his chest.

“That was truly amazing.” She said to him. “Yes, it was. It’s only going to get better baby. You will be sore but not all the time.” “Kane, we didn’t use protection did we?” “No baby we did not. I’m honestly perfectly fine with that we are almost thirty Marie we are not getting any younger I would like to have kids while were still young enough to keep up with them. I’m not saying I’m trying to knock you up honey but if it happens I would be nothing short of ecstatic.” “Are you sure your ready for all that so soon?” “It’s not that soon though baby we’ve been doing this dance for three years now as of like what almost two weeks ago?” He said smiling down on her.

“So should I get birth control or just wing it if it happens it happens . That sounds like trying though doesn’t it.” “Well how about we just wing it and if it happens great, if not well we got a lot of fun times ahead. I really don’t want to be in my mid fifties when our kids graduate high school Marie. “You know what your right I want to be able to chase our kids while we are young enough to.” “This is exciting thinking and talking about the future. I honestly can’t thank you enough. I mean you are literally everything to me Marie. I am just lost without you.” “I know Kane. It’s strange I felt so long running away for my old life. I t feels like I ran away from there to just run to you. This is where we are suppose to be. Kane being with you is like I have finally found my way home.”

“That my love we can agree on. If the being in the military taught me anything is home is not a place it’s a person. You are my person baby girl. I don’t know what I did to be so lucky but I swear I’ll try every day to be worthy of such luck.” He said kissing he deeply. “I love you Kane.” “I love you baby. Sleep we got us a good morning tomorrow.” She curled up more into him and they both gave into sleep.

The next morning Kane was ear to ear stuck in a smile. The guys and farm hands couldn’t help but smile and smirk around him as they listened to what need to be done while he was going to be gone for a few hours that morning. Ricki was starring at him as he shut the door for Marie. Kane stopped and looked at Ricki who was staring at him with a weird look. “You got some booty.” Ricki said. Kane’s face went with red. “Yup you got booty. With amazing booty comes responsibility. Take care of my sweet girl.” Ricki said.

“Always brother.” He said than got into the truck driving into the town to the towns book café shop which was also a photocenter that did special designs for invite, or calendars, or projects, posters. They did keep busy but they were very fast. “Good morning guys was wondering when you were going to come and see me.” She said with a big smile to all of them. “Hey Shelly. How are you?” Marie asked. “I’m great. So do you have a date are you to start picking out the background picture or theme.” “The theme is us.” Kane said pulling out a little flash drive with his favorite pictures of them together.

“I was thinking you could do a little collage of some of these to the best of your imagination with the text of you know were and when.” Kane said. “I really like that that’s cute.” Marie said. “Ok well here you write the location, day and time and I will make it happen oh also how many you’re going to need.” The door bell’s jingled. “I’ll be right back. Y’all just write down here on the pad and I will get right back to you.” Shelly walked behind them “Hi how can I help you? Oh it’s you guys I have those comics you wanted yesterday. Let me go grab them.”

“Marie? What are you doing here?” Tristan asked with Kayla who was happily hugging on her. Kane pulling her back to him. “I think the real question is what are you guys doing here?” Marie said allowing Kanes arms to surround her tightly around the waist. “Well we came in here yesterday and bought the comics my little cousins loves and they would be ready right about now and here we are we were getting to head out of town once were done here. I am so glad to run into you before we left I would have been sad not to be able to say goodbye.”

“I’m glad to say goodbye to you too Kayla.” Marie said honestly. Kayla was a sweet girl who was always nice to her.” “Hey you must be the lucky guy who’s trying wife up Marie here.” Tristian asked holding out his hand to shake. Kane left it hanging there. “There is no trying man I’m doing it.” Kane said smiling kissing the top of her head. “Aw so sweet I am so happy for you guys and wish you nothing but best wishes. Kaylas said rubbing Marie’s arms knowing Kane won’t release her for a hug, and Marie knowing she really means it. “Are you sure you don’t want to have lunch before we head out?” Kayla asked aske she was grabbing the comics from Shelly’s hands thanking her.

“Sorry, but we’re all are tied for the next couple weeks.” Kane said. Looking at Tristan who was looking dead panned at him. “So what are you guys getting made?” “Our invitations.” Kane said flatly. “How exciting is the big day close?” “Not close enough.” Kane said smiling down at her to find her looking at him happily.

“Well Marie I know you might be going through a difficult with your mom and everything and I just want you to know if you need anything I just want you to know I’m just one call away.” Tristan said looking at her. “Well Tristan as sweet as you think that is if and when I do need help I would never ask you or anyone from home. “ “Ya we all know how well that went when she tried last few times right? Thanks for the offer Tristan but I got this, she don’t need you or anyone else who didn’t help her before she got the support she needs right here. Right where she belongs now when you go and run back to your boyfriend you be sure to remind him of that for me.” Kane said. “What’s that suppose to mean?” Kayla asked getting offended. “It’s nothing Kayla I think it’s best we go now why don’t you go outside I’m right behind you. Kane I don’t think I know who your talking about.” He said smiling on the way out the door. “Ya, I think I know what you mean Tristan you can tell him it was that easy for me to move on from his memory to.” Marie said watching his eyes widen a little. “Surely you can’t be serous comparing him to him.” Tristan said point at Kane. “Who are you talking about Tris? I thought you weren’t sure?” Kane asked with a smirk. Getting red he walked out the door. “All done?” Shelly asked with a smile?” “I think actually it all just got started but we’re are all set here. Thanks Shellz we’ll be back Friday.” “It’ll be here. I’ll email you the sample Kane just say yes or no until I get the right type your looking for.” “Will do.” After they got in the car. “That was so sexy the way you told him off baby.” “Well I’m glad you think so.” She giggled. “Are you nervous?” He asked. Starting the truck looking around them. “Nope just want this to be over and finally be free of them. I don’t even understand why Jason is still trying I don’t even think I want to know. I just want it to stop.” “It will babe I promise we’re going to end this together. Let’s get you to Dylan’s he’s probably begging for help.” She stared out the window feeling alittle different she never had anyone who wasn’t Ricki stand up for her before it was such an emotion that reached to her core. This is what love is she thought happily to herself. I could get use to this.

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