The Way Home

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Chapter 18

Chapter 18

A few weeks have passed it was now the beginning of March Marie just finished the last chart and it was Friday the whole crew was ready to call it a day. Ricki was going to be a couple of minutes late. Marie was in the lobby waiting for him, while Dylan was speaking to another doctor to give a second opinion. Looking through her phone she got a call. “Hello.” She said happily. “Its good to hear you voice baby.” Her face dropped.

“What the hell do you want. What part of no contact is so hard for you to understand Jason?” He held back the growl and other words he was holding back. “Look I know you don’t want to speak to me but I just need to say you cutting out Lexy because of me and some other here from home is a low move and it was wrong for you to do. Look Marie I know we had some problems but that’s our issue not Lexy’s her feelings are still hurt and it’s not fair to see her this sad planning for her wedding without her friend. Marie that’s not you. Like it or not I know who you really are and that’s not it. Maybe if you’re so dead set on moving on you should meet up with me wherever you want and we can talk things out and the both of us can finally have the closure we need. At least than Lexy can get her friend back and we can officially move on.” Marie face dropped.

“ I am not happy about not being able to speak to Lexy but I wouldn’t meet up with your sorry ass if the world was filled with piss and you lived in the only tree. Jason you are not the only reason I cut everyone off you’re just the main point. I don’t need closure form you I have already happily moved on. If you can’t do that that’s just you’re problem and no you don’t know a damn thing about me or else you would know better to call. Answer me this Mr.Morgan is calling out your ex really worth your job I mean didn’t’ you just get it back?” “Marie I do know you whether you like it or not we had great times for years. I just I’m sorry for everything that’s ever happened and I just want to do this for you. I have waited for so long to make things right I know you still have feelings for me. Marie please I’m begging you to come home. To people who love you people like me and Lexy, and so many others who want to show you how important you are to us. Please come home. Let me make this right, I’m in therapy for a few months now I swear I’ve changed. I’ll do anything.”

“The only thing you can do for me is move on Jason. I’m never going back to that hell. I don’t give a flying crap about anything or anyone from that prison of a place you call home. I was only important because of you no one would help me or save me because of you as well. I love Lexy but I won’t do this to her. I don’t love you Jason, I don’t want you, I’m glad your getting help but too little too late. You need to let me go. I just agreed to let you go back to work with your probation officer here if you try to contact me again don’t expect to go back to work. We both know how important it is to you. Don’t lose that as well because of your poor choices. Good bye Jason I actually wish you well just also wish you would leave me alone. I don’t need your closure, I just need Kane and my family here.”

“No baby please wait…” Marie hung up quickly. Turning around to see Kane staring straight at her. “Ricki got held up with a surprise from bear. I couldn’t wait ot see you and thought I’d bring you home. Are you ok baby?” Kane said walking up, hugging her. “I don’t know what he thought he could accomplish really. I just don’t need any of it. More case in point I don’t want any of it. I’m ready when you are.” “Sorry that took so long, I’m even more sorry you had that call; but I am so proud of you. You didn’t faulter or show any emotion. Sometimes I get so amazed by how strong you really are.”

“Hey I wanted to tell you I got you some time at the range to practice shooting this weekend. I know you liked the self defense classes and tricks from the guys. I know you got your taser and conceal to carry permits, but I would like you to get some more practice in I thought maybe it could be a fun date with a nice dinner afterwards.” “Oh that does sound fun.” The drive home was short. Tank was in the front yard on the grill making cheese burgers and grilled chicken burgers. “Mmm you have it smelling so good over here love bug.” Marie said placing a quick kiss on Tanks cheek.

“Thanks angel I figured it sounded good and I know your week was long so figured I would be nice today.” Tank said with a wink and a smile with a drink in one hand and flipping the burgers with the other.” Laughter was heard as Kane and Marie went and took a quick shower and went out to eat with the rest of the hands. “Hey boss man. Some guy came by today and looking for work and a place to stay while working. He’s a drifter so to speak guess he’s got some experience and needing fresh start I told him to come back tomorrow after noon. Oh frank also called Range is closed for awhile his wifes aunt up north passed away he’s closing for a little bit maybe two weeks depending on how long it all takes. But you know we can all always go out in the field make some targets up and have a good afternoon.” Adam said making his plate.

“Just let the hands up at the gate let me know when he here and i’ll interview him. Did he say where he was from?” “Well hes spent some time up north and now is here.” “I’m so full. Tank I think you and Kane are going to make fat.” “Oh so it’s ok to fatten us up but when we show you a little love we the enemy.” Tank said putting his hands up in surrender. “You could never get fat my love. You’re perfect just the way you are.” Kane said placing kisses all over the side of her face. “Let’s go to bed. I know your beat babe.” “Sounds perfect.” Being exhausted they settled into bed. After the taxing day they managed to do everything but sleep.

Kane woke up naked and to an empty side of the bed, as he heard all the voices in the kitchen dishes clattering. He dressed quickly and followed the smell that had his stomach rumbling. Sneaking up behind her wrapping his hands around her waist catching her by surprise. “Smells great baby, but I don’t like waking up without you.” “I know honey but we got hungry.” “We?” Kane said looking around to see Tank, Rick sitting on Bear’s lap, and some of the other hands who sitting back like their bellies as if they would pop. “I swear you herd are here more than we are.” Kane said shaking his head. Grabbing a drink and making his seat at the head of the table. Marie came placing his plate infront of him.

Grabbing her and placing her on his lap as he enjoyed the food and conversation. Until the gate buzzer rang. Kane Cell phone rang. “What you need Tommy?... Oh ok, well why don’t you escort him up leave his truck outside the gate and drive him to the main house, than come eat. Drive him back to the gate when I’m done with him.” Kane hangs up the phone. “Got a man looking for work. Figure just do the interview here.” There was a knock at the door all the hands always as a sign of respect, and wait until Marie let’s them in. She never minded if they walked in or not she welcomed all who worked there like a big old family. “Just come on in Tommy, bring the new one too.”

“Good morning Tommy. Hope you hungry theirs is still plenty left.” “Yes ma’am.” Marie gave him a glare. “I mean thank you Marie.” “You can call me literally anything but that.” They all laughed. “How about you, are you hungry? There is plenty to go around?” “That actually sounds nice if it’s not being weird or burden?” “Great I’m Marie Alderman Kane is sitting over there waiting for you.” The guy looked up a little nervous looking straight at her than to the table.

“It’s nice to meet you Marie, I’m Keith Rodgers.” He said shaking her hand. “You go on in there and I’ll bring you a plate a little of everything if that suits you alright?” “That’s great thank you.” “Tommy show Keith on in there.” Tommy nodding grabbing some drinks handing him one. “Thanks man.” Kane stood up and held out his hand. “Kane Medina. I hear you looking for some work?” “Yes, sir. Keith, Keith Rodgers.” “Rodgers like won’t you be my neighbor?” Bear asked. Earning a smack in the back of the head by both Tank and Ricki. “OWW!! Sorry.” Bear said holding his head. Exactly like won’t you be my neighbor he chuckled. "

Yes I am looking for work. I was on a ranch up in Near the Canadian border I just needed a change of scenery.” “How much experience you got?” “About ten years give or take.” “What really brings you out here knocking on my door. No one just gets up and leaves everything behind just for a change of scenery.” Kane said looking him dead in the eye waiting for some truth to come out. Marie put the two plates in front of both men. Kane pulling her back into his lap. Keith looked up at both of them leaving them a little uncomfortable.

“Well I came here because I figured as much as land all over you got under you gotta need help somewhere. I am capable, loyal, reliable, respectful, knowledgeable, and hard working. Good with my hands, I’m a laid back guy. I actually did leave for a change of scenery though something about catching your girlfriend with one of your friends that make you really just not want to stay around.” He said looking at Kane with a small slight smile finished with all the food. All the guys nodded. “Ya that’ll do it.” Tank said looking at him. “Well you got a place?” “Nope, not yet. I’m posted up in a hotel there in town.”

“Well all hires have to get the ok from the Mrs.” Kane said holding on tight to Marie looking at her. “So… what’s the verdict lil’ Mrs.?” They all chuckled with that. “First I ain’t Mrs. yet and I think you should go and collect your things and have Adam show you where you’ll be bedding down. You start Monday.” “Well I thank you sincerely. Mrs. Medina.” “I like the sound of that already.” Kane growled out causing Marie to blush redder than she wished to be. “You guys make a fine couple. Have you been together long?”

“You could say that in some ways. Tommy go ahead and come on out with us. Baby go change to be out in the fields. We going to be shooting today and it’s going to be slightly breezy.” Kane said placing a kiss to Marie head and a light smack to her bum. “Alrighty see you guys in a little bit I still got just these dishes after I change and be right out.” She hopped up and went up stairs. “Come on boys let’s get our new man out back.” Tank said as the yall gathered around him.

“Tommy will take you back to the gate to your truck and you heard my woman go collect your things you have an hour and Adam will in fact take you to your room over at one of the hand bunkers. You will start at 6a.m. Monday. You will stay under the men you see around you right now and you will do what your told exactly how your told to do it.” Kane said. “Marie goes by many names out here we all mainly call here Angel. See she believes that every one deserves a fair shot. That there’s some good in everyone. The thing is we are not as easy persuaded so to speak.” Bear said standing a little closer to him.

“You came along way from near Canadian border. Where else have you journeyed I wonder. Italy Ireland perhaps?” Ricki asked curiously. “Nope only up North. Although I would like to go see Ireland I mean I hear it’s beauty is amazing. I don’t know what you’re looking for but I am really only here to get some work and move on with my life. I just want to shake off all the wasted time, emotions and start moving on.” “You will get trained here but you will be moving on being transferred onward to where I think I need you. You got a long way to earn some trust her bro. Good luck to ya though. Tommy.” Kane said with a nod to get him out of there. Tommy and Keith left and did what they were told to do. “I don’t like him.” Tank said. “Took long enough to send a scout to the inside don’t you think?” Bear said. “What make you think that?” Adam asked. “Easy he came from the exact spot I told my parents Marie was living and the only person who knew was Jason. Ironically a man from way up North came all the way down to the south, you know how much work available from here to where he was? Especially with all his damn phone calls and knowing right where she is now. I call bullshit.” Ricki said. “Guess we just going to have to wait and see.” Adam said. “All set guys. Hey you ok? You guys look so serious.” “No baby were fine were just going over a to do list. You know us sweetheart always working.” “You guys work to hard. Let’s go blow off some steam.” Marie said. They guys all smiled happy to go and let out some stress. Worried about having to watch over the new guy. They were already ready. Smirking at each other Poor Keith he has no idea what he’s in for, just how ready for them they were or how long they have been waiting.

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