The Way Home

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Chapter 2

Kane opened the door while Tank and Bear already had some old rock music on in the back ground They had their rooms set up it was everything else they needed help with. “Ok , so where do you think would be the best place to start?” Bear asked scratching the back of his head.

“That’s the easy part.” Marie said the guy looked at her curiously. “Ok Tank you wash all the dishes and cabinets to put them in. Bear you and Kane dust and sweep the walls and counter tops than vacuum and sweep the floors than we can start piece in the place together. I’ll start on all the bathrooms. We should be done at the same time. They worked quickly and all sang along with the classic rock station having a generally good time. By the time Marie finished the guys were looking at each other.

“What’s wrong?” She asked “What do you clean the floors with?” “Well I use lemon pinsol and some bleach or you can use your dish soap and some bleach. I like to use the lemon ajax and Clorox if you have it instead of pinsol.” They just looked around. “Didn’t you guys have to clean in the army. Ya but we got stuck with two dudes who had OCD and they would only lets us clean with whatever they gave us and we just went with it so they could feel at ease.” Kane said.

“Ok let me put it together and than I’ll make sure to get you guys some bottles and mix somethings for you to be able to clean with. Did you at least dust with the Clorox cleaner I gave you and the windex disinfect?” “Yes we did. Let me tell you that is very powerful aroma you got going on here. That’s why the fans are on and the windows are opened nit wit.” Tank rolled his eyes. Ok guys Tank help me roll out the rugs and than Bear you and Kane you can start putting the furniture together and than we are done besides food shopping for the kitchen that is.” Marie said another twenty minutes they had the whole set and they all collapsed on the couch.

“I made all your beds, put all your blankets and sheets and towels in the halls and set up your in you rooms.”Marie said out loud to all of them.” “Crap girl you know we didn’t even think about actually making the bed, you really did think of everything.” “Ya if you weren’t here we’d still be putting this place together Angel.” Tank added. “Why don’t you guys go ahead and go to bed it’s a long day we all have to get up early tomorrow.” “Why don’t you just stay the night here babe.” Kane said. “I know that it maybe too soon but neither one of us can keep our eyes open to drive and I don’t want some stranger in uber taking my girl home in the dark. You can take my bed and I can stay here on the couch. I just want you safe but I still want you comfortable.”

“I can’t sleep in a new place that easy I am scared I may wake you guys you know the PTSD I have is no joke sometimes its happens and sometimes it doesn’t. I would hate to scare the crap out of you guys your first night in your finished home. How about if you stayed in the room with me?”

“ I could make a bed on the floor to make you feel comfortable if that’s what you need honey.” “No I mean like you can stay in the same bed there’s plenty of room and I feel safe with you I trust you to be the gentlemen you are.” “Are you sure? I promise nothing will make you uncomfortable will come from me. I just finally got you I’m not going to do something stupid to mess it up now.” He said holding his hands out to help her off the couch.

“Here, you can go in my bathroom and put this on.” He handed her an old army shirt. “I figured it’d be long enough to cover most of your body I could give you an old set of boxer shorts if you like but anything else I got is just gonna slip right off your body even with all them curves you got.” Kane said with a wink.

It was true even though she was short she wasn’t fat and she wasn’t too thin she had a nice flat belly but still looked healthy about it she had a good set of hips, thighs, her butt was in great shape thanks to her bestfriend and she was sporting the double D cups. She had the curves to die for, at least Kane would. She was defiantly admired for her beauty inside and out.

“This should be fine thank you Kane.” “Are you ok if I’m in boxers or do you want me to wear some pants or shorts?” “How do you normally sleep. “Honestly in my underwear or boxers I’m just more comfortable. I got used to sleeping in clothes you know just in case we got pulled out, but if I’m going for good sleep its just the underwear.” “Well I’m ok with that I want you to be comfortable in your room in your home. I trust you Kane. I’ve never been able to say that to someone besides Ricki, it feels good.” Marie said smiling at him.

Kane came up to her and cupped her face starring down at her “You don’t know how happy that make me baby.” He leaned his forehead down to touch hers, kissed the top of her forehead. “Hurry and change we need sleep. Do you need me to charge your phone? Or maybe set an alarm?” “Would you please” I have a spare charger in my purse feel free to grab it. My alarm is already set.”

She went and quickly took off her clothes everything except her underwear and the newly borrowed shirt. She came back out to Kane on his phone already under the covers. “Hey can you give me your finger for a minute before I forget.” “Ugh ok sure which one do you need.” “Your thumb or index finger. Your right handed so on the right side.” OK She held up her right finger as he took it and rolled it on a censor on his phone. “Alright ok you’re all set.” “All set for what?” “Oh my phones security lock is on the finger print thing the boys are set and now so are you so if you need to get in it or I need you to get in it you can also everyone whose fingers are saved on my phone are saved in the security system so under the door bell you can put your finger to it and itll open in case you lose your key.” He said plainly like it was no big deal.

“ Mmm…mmyyy k-key?” “ Well ya your with me now honey you need a key to get into my place. Besides the fact that my parents love you more than anything else to walk this Earth and you know that’s true you can still hide that beautiful smirk. You are basically family on this land. I plan on staying with you for as long as you’ll have me you need a key you are welcome to come here and escape life whenever you need. Don’t worry I know you may think this might be too fast and you don’t have to worry about giving me a key I am going at your pace it won’t hurt my feelings but I’ve wanted this for years now so don’t feel any guilt or worry. I swear nothing crazy will come from this.”

“Thank you for trusting me so much with all this. It means a lot to me. Well it does seem a little fast but it’s not scary as I thought it would be, it actually makes me feel like its right. So I have also felt strongly for you for the last two years I owe you so much honestly I do. So The spare key is hidden inside a rock that has a K at the bottom of it I’d like you to take it and keep it, also my spare car key is there if you could keep that too that’d be great. Also the password on my phone is the last two digits of the years we were both born so like I’m 1993 and you are 1990 so the code is 9390.” “How long as that been your password?” He asked with a smirk. “Since the first six months we started writing.” She put her head down.

“Don’t hide from me baby. I am proud you think so highly of me to put me in your security system. That actually makes me very happy.” She blushed deeply. “I love that blush baby, but no need to be embrassed in front of me. Do you mind if I cuddle with you or is that pushing to far?” “Ugh I don’t know um.. we could try it I guess and just see how it goes.” She suggested.

“I guess you can say i‘m kind of new to this and kind of not.” “Hey it’s ok. Just turn on your left side and put your back to my chest I will put one arm around your waist and another I will use the other I will use my other to run through your hair til you go to sleep. So come on bring that cute ass over here let me hold you.” He said with the biggest smile. She laid just as she was told. For once she didn’t have a panic attack, her anxiety did not rack over her body, and she felt safe. A feeling she never felt even with her own parents she never felt this safe before. She took a deep breathe before she fell asleep and it was she she was taken breathe for the first time. Kane smiled and holding her close he finally understood what true inner peace really was.

They awoke early she had to be at the office by eight and still had to go home to shower. She awoke with Kane about six he had to be on the farm anytime between five-seven on somedays it didn’t really matter as long as he was about the grounds around seven he was the boss now after all his parents had already signed everything over into his name days before he got home.

He was now probably the richest guy in town, and a couple states owning most of the farms in this town and a couple others over expanded even a few states around him.. The only thing he cared about was the woman getting dressed in his bathroom.

“Good morning guys.” Thanks for the coffee man.” Tank said Bear nodding. “What coffee how’d you guys make breakfast so fast?” Kane said looking down to see scrambled eggs and toast with some fresh fruit. “I hope you don’t mind I got up a little early and went to Pops and grab a few things made breakfast there and coffee for everyone.” Marie said pulling her hair out of Kanes hoodie he insisted she ware as it was getting cold in the morning. Grabbing her purse and phone putting her charger in her purse.

“Also I made you guys some sandwhiches in the paper bags they are all labeled for you I know how picky you guys can get so I’m sure you’ll be fine. There is a jug of sweet tea in the fridge for ya in portable bottles along with bottle waters. I’ve got to go I’ll see you soon.” “Thank you Angel.” Tank said kissing her forehead. “You are truly a queen among girls Angel.” Bear said bowing in front of her. Kissing her forehead. They sat at the table to eat.

“Let me see you out babe.” Kane said putting his coffee down. He opened the door, and followed her out. “You didn’t have to get up early and take care of us honey, but I’m very grateful you did. Thank you really.” He hugged her tightly. “Can I kiss you?” He asked. She stared at him for a moment.

"Um.. oo o-h oo-k.” She cleared her throat embrassed by the stuttering. “Ok.” She said with more confidence. Hey put his hand up to her face lifting her chin and placing his lips upon hers not forcefully but with just enough to be felt yet soft enough not to make her feel over powered or over whelmed. It didn’t last to long because she knew he wouldn’t have the strength to pull away after a few minutes. She looked at him eyes wide deep in shock. “That.. that was..” “Wow.” They both spoke at the same time. “Drive safe baby, and thank you can you text me when you get home and get to the office? Also when you head home so I can start getting ready to take you to dinner tonight? Don’t worry it won’t be no where fancy or anywhere you’ll get uncomfortable but with beauty like your you can bet you will always be the center of attention.” He winked.

“Oh ya sure ok. I’ll make sure to get my stick to beat off all the suitors she joked. But yes you beautiful beast I will text you.” He said with a laugh. “Hey now I’m only your beast.” He said with a wink and let her drive off. She made her way home which was really only a fifteen to twenty minute drive depending on the lights and traffic. She got home, showered changed and was already running out the door locking it. Sending Kane a text saying she’s leaving home.

“Good morning neighbor.” Dylan said with his charming smile walking up to her opening her car door. “Thank you and Good morning yourself friend.” She smiled back. “I got worried about ya when I got home late and saw you still weren’t here. Are you ok?” Dylan asked with a worried look. “Oh ya the guys needed help putting their place together so I stayed late and helped them out I dread cleaning my own now so much dust from theirs, I wanted to run home and clean my own. I just ended up staying with Kane.” She said with the worlds biggest smile remembering how good it felt to be cared for in his arms the night before to the best nights sleep she’s ever had.

“Ok, I just got nervous for ya you know you’ve never been one to break routine.” “Well I think you for worrying you’re a great friend. I should warn you though I am starting to slowly come out of my comfort zone slowly little by little I’m trying to take back control of my life and start to feel like I’m living it I just feel like I needed a change is all all of you were right.” They both laughed as she put her hands up in surrender.

“Well I’ll be damned it’s about time darlin. Ricki and I been trying to pull you out for months this is great. Hey how about we have dinner tonight to celebrate this turn of life moment.” He aid in high hopes. “That sounds great it does but Kane and I going on our first date tonight. Maybe we can have a big BBQ this Saturday. We can get Ricki and a few of all of our friends and just try to get to know each other better I would love it if you got to know they guys more I can see how uncomfortable you are around them and I think we’ll get along well once we get to know each other just a little better. They are going to be coming around here a lot more especially Kane and I just would love it if everyone could along.”

“That sounds wonderful you just let me know what to bring and I’ll bring Colt and Ace. I know how you get around new people and know your good with them. I promise I will be on my best behavior and I agree it’d be nice to meet new people and have a good time.” Dylan said. “Great I will tell Ricki and the guys. Oh this will be so much fun. I gotta run I don’t want to be late.” “I’ll see ya later.” She backed up and she drove out.

Dylan grabbed his phone and waited for someone to pick up. “What’s up bro what’s going on?” “Hey Colt I need a favor can you call Ace and meet up for sinner tonight I need a small favor.” “Ya sure man we’ll see ya tonight anything else?” “Ya Maire gonna have a BBQ she invited us all over.” “That’s awesome man you know we love her cooking she’s a real doll that one.” “Ya that’s where I’m gonna need that favor. We’ll talk at dinner tonight.” “Alright sounds good.” Dylan got in his truck and drove to work.

The day went faster than she thought she would they were still giving out flu shots like mad and the thing with those is you didn’t even need to see the doctor on staff just need a nurse to give it to ya and being there was only three nurse on staff and up to ten waiting rooms she was chosen to be on shot duty. While the others divided and conquer the other chores. One kept up with the doctor on each patient and one did things like vitals and set up and they all did things in between the day was truly over as soon as it started he felt.

Marie texted Kane she was heading home and needed a quick shower and would be ready in about almost an hour. She was excited she hasn’t had a real date in years. At least not one she looked forward to or would enjoy. She refused to let any negative thoughts come in her mind tonight she deserved this. She deserved this chance at happiness.

Once she got home she was getting ready to start her shower she texted Ricki that She was going on a date with Kane and that they were now together and than she put the phone on her bed and took her shower. Once she got dressed in here dark washed jeans that highlighted her curves in an pleasant and a nice black v Neck long sleeve blouse. She was drying her hair walking into her room for a second before she opened the door she thought she heard a door slam. Looking up at her bed she screamed caught off guard looking at Ricki looking up at her.

“How could you wait to tell me you have a date? Is that why you a weren’t home last night spending time with your new man? If he does one thing that crosses any line I will end him.” Ricki rushing all his questions out. Ricki was a huge built man he was actually a mans man loved sports and tattoos.

Most women got disappointed when they found he swing didn’t swing their way. He took great pride in his body and it showed. “Ric! He is a gentlemen and he didn’t push or rush anything and in fact they can’t wait to meet you in person you know how they dote on you. Actually I talked Dylan into a BBQ this Saturday with the guys and Dylan’s going to bring Colt and Ace. So we can all get to know each other since we all will be seeing each other so much more now.” “Look at you turning into a social little butterfly. I look forward to it. You look great by the way" he said walking up kissing my forehead.

"Here sit down I’ll curl your hair we both know you can’t reach the back of your head." He was beautifully browned skinned with a black father and a Mexican mother his skin was perfect all year round and I looked like a tanner version of a flash light. Ricki always came through for me, him and his family.

Her own parents loved her but not in the ways she needed. They were proud of her just not in her. Truly upset that she wanted to leave and couldn’t stand the though of being a nurse and not taking over their family business they ran a bank and an accounting firm. They weren’t insanely wealthy they had more than enough to get by though.

Marie however always worked for her money. She wouldn’t take hand outs from her parents they had no idea she worked at a café all the way through high school they thought she got private tutor lessons. She had her stash of cash which is how she was able to get out. Ricki finished curling the bottom of her hair. "Leave it down like this add some black eyeliner and you’ll be cleaning the drool off his chin most of the night. Don’t forget a jacket it’s starting to get cold in the evenings.”

The door bell rang well come on love bug let’s go meet Mr. Tall dark and handsome than shall we?” She smiled I’ll be right down she said putting away her eyeliner that was the only make up she would ever use. Nothing else she felt would look right. She made sure to grab some money and her ID in her cell phone wallet case as she placed her cell phone into the case as well. She grabbed her keys as well.

“Hi, I’m Ricki. She’ll be in here in minute.” She heard him say as she popped out of the hall into the living room. “Kane and Ricki talked all the time they knew each other well and they guys could care less if he was gay or not. Kane walked right up and hugged the hell out of Ricki and that made Ric look at Marie raising his eyebrow.

"I’m Kane Medina and it’s damn good to meet you. I have so much to thank you for looking out for my baby girl here. I gotta say man you look just like we all pictured it’s nice to put the voice to the face though bro.” Kane said as he let go. “Ya, I know what you mean. It’s good to see you in person I look forward to meeting the other guys too. In fact our Angel as y'all call her totally stealing by the way. Has Invited Dylan and his two friends Colt and Ace here Saturday for a BBQ so we can all get to know each other a little better since were all going to be seeing so much of each other and all. Hell you can even call it our welcome home party for you guys or since you're finally here a welcome to our family party it’s hard for Marie and I to make good friends but you three pulled it off like a boss and even did it long distance.” They fist bumped.

“Hey how that date go the other night.” ”Bombed and bombed hard you tell Bear I’ll take that hug this Saturday.” “Alright man will do. Babe you about ready?” “Ya hey did you find they spare key I told you about?” “Ya I already got it on my key ring here he smiled proudly both of them. Well can I just leave my keys than and you can just lock up with your key?” “Ya that’s cool.” “Ricki you staying the night or going home?” “I’m going to go home. You guys have a great night.” Kane and Ricki hugged and than he hugged Marie Kane locked the door.

While Marie slowly made her way to the truck Kane opened her door lifted her up and buckled her in the truck was a little bigger than she was and he didn’t want to risk her falling or slipping and getting hurt. “ I hope you don’t mind I called ahead to one of the steak houses in town and got us a table saved.” “That sounds perfect actually. Thank you.” They had no problem keeping conversation up on the short drive there. Marie did not live to far from the main parts of town.

The town was big but not as big as most cities. They pulled up and got into the into the restaurant. Walking up to the smiling hostest. “Hello Mr. Medina Ms. Alderman we have you your table ready and luckily it being it’s not that crowded. Come on let me get you guys set up.” “Thanks Lacey.” Lacey was one of the nicest people you could meet who was dating one of the helping hands down on the Medinas farm.

“Ok knowing you both do you want sweet tea or sodas?” “Coke.” Kane said looking up to Marie as he pushed in her chair. “Cherry coke please.” Your waiter will be here soon.” Lacey made her wat to the waiter and back to her podium.

“So how was your day?” She asked with a smile. “It was good productive you know how it is at home. We did fix the fences and took the cattle to the other pasture and that was it. We did get to the stores and finally get all the stuff we needed. That was the worse chore by far. Tank and Bear arguing over cereals and every other little thing in the aisles people were looking at us like we were having a lovers quarrel in the center of the store. You know how dramatic Bear can get so that really didn’t help.” They where laughing a little loud.

The waiter brought their drinks over “are you ready to order?” “Babe you know what you want?” “Yes, can I please have the side green salad, the new York steak well done or at least just to the point where there is no pink, and the French fries please.” Make that two same way as hers.” “Yes sir.” “I gotta say I do love that you love your meat cooked I hate when people eat the steaks where the cows is practically still mooing its gross.” “yes its disgusting when someone cuts into a steak and the blood practically just squirts out over the other juices. I like to cut my steak up and toss it into my salad.” “Now that’s a salad I can get on bored with.”

“So Babe how was your day.” “Still hectic with the flu shots?” “Yes. “ She started to whine a little just thinking of how many more days she is still on that part of duty. “Do you mind if I swing in tomorrow with the guys I swear we are the only ones at home who don’t have one, and you know how my mom gets.” He said with a smile. “ya your lucky to have a mom like that.” She said sadly. Kane almost didn’t catch it.

“Marie?” They both looked up as the waiter put down their food and heard a male voice.” “Colt,? Hi how are you?” “I’m great it’s good to see you. Whose you’re friend?” Colt putting out his hand for Kane to Shake. “I’m Kane Medina Marie’s boyfriend.” Kane said with a small smile shaking his hand. “Colt Andrews. I’m a friend of Maries. I’m actually going to be coming to her little shing ding this Saturday. I know our girl through Dylan who is also here over on the other side with Ace. I know this is a small town but damn really small right?” He joked. Colt was a great guy he was always nice and sensitive to the fact that Marie had trouble in social circumstances. “Well anyway I’ll leave you guys to it, I just wanted to say hi and let you know me and Ace will be there this weekend. It was nice to meet you Kane I’ll see you soon or around. Again small town and all.” “Ya it was good to meet you too. I’ll catch you this weekend.” Colt made his way cross the place.

“Hey guys awe great food’s here I’ve craving their burgers all day.” Colt said sitting down. “You know Dyl I owe you an apology I really do. When you said that Marie had a boyfriend and those soldiers she was writing came home here I thought you were crazy but after meeting him across the restaurant. Damn man you got some serious competition that dude’s body puts yours to shame.” Colt said with a chuckle. “Their here?” Dyaln said both Ace and Dylan looking across the way.

“Damn she looks great. How long has it been since she’s been out on a date you think? Ace asked. “A couple years, you know how her anxiety get around people let alone men in general. She was writing these soldiers a few months before she even moved here.” Dylan said. “She does look amazing.” “She could wear a potato sack and you would still be picking up your tongue to roll back in your mouth.” Colt said they all laughed. “She is a great person though.” Ace said.

“So what’s the plan you roll over and let him have her?” Ace said with an amusing look. “I think maybe we get to know these guys and check them out. Maybe if I get her to see how great we could be together or we fit. I could stand a chance.” “Well getting to know them would be a great place to start. Remember to be the friend she knows she can come to you. What’s that phrase a shoulder to lean becomes a dick to ride on?” Ace said trying to remember. “Who the hell says that shit?” Dylan asked. “People say it, just roll with it because believe it or not it’s got some truth to it.”

“How are we going to get Dylan to be the crying shoulder though when ricki clearly got that covered?” “Easy we get him dates. There is nothing more important to Marie than his happiness if we can get him dates and some more work tossed at him he’ll get bookedup. Enter Dylan when she has a bad day.” “That is the greatest thing you’ve said tonight. “Well here’s to stealing the girl. May the best man win. The clinked their beers and Dylan couldn’t keep his eyes off her the rest off the night he observed them and was clearly doing his research.

Kane was lifting her out of the truck and walking her back to the door to unlock it for her. “I had the best time with you tonight I can’t even remember last time I enjoyed myself like this.” Kane said with the worlds biggest smile. “I had a great time. Thank you I wish you would have at least let me half the bill I do work you know.”

“I know you work hard for your money too, but baby as log as you as your with you will not pay for anything. I’m serious Marie this subject is not open for negotiation. One thing I won’t bend on. I would be truly insulted if you paid anything while we were out together.” “Well maybe somethings you can let slip and it could be more of a comprise so you could actually treat us as the equals you claim us to be?” She said knowing just how to push his buttons.

“Fine some things will be comprised, and my pride will stay wounded.” He said holding his heart as if he was actually hurt. They let out a smile. “Would it be weird to ask if you… if you wanted. If like you weren’t too busy.” She stopped and took a deep breathe.

“Marie breath, it’s just me. You can tell me anything. I will never judge you. You know that.” “I wanted to see if you wanted to stay over like we did last night.” Kane looked at her in disbelief. “You know last night was the best night sleep I think I’ve ever had. I’ll take any chance I can get to spend as much time with you as I can get. Come on baby let’s get inside before you get cold.” He ushered her in and locked her door.

“Do I get a tour sweetheart?” He teased. Well this is the living room , the kitchen is behind to the left and straight down the hall we have two guest rooms one the first door on the right and the second door on the left there’s a bathroom on the left and the master bedroom with a bathroom inside is the last door on the right. “Come on baby it’s getting late and I know your tired so why don’t you head to your room and get ready for bed, and I’ll use your bathroom in the hall do you mind if I wear the same thing I did last night?” “Yes that’s’ ok, just head into the room when your ready.”

She normally slept in either a spaghetti strap long dress nighty or a spaghetti strap under shirt and some short shorts or boy shorts. When she got out Kane was already in bed under the covers on his phone. “Looking though your ifunny?” She asked him. “Yes I am, I had to tell the guys not to worry about me. I was thinking if maybe Ricki can hit it off with Bear we could start double dating. That would be cool.” “Is Bear dating again?” “Ya he decided to get back out there maybe we’ve given him confidence. Tank is not hoping on the dating wagon just yet. He would rather adjust to being a civilian again and than take it a step at a time.” “That sounds like a smart man, I mean that’s what I did in a nut shell.” After looking at Ifunny for about fifteen minutes and changing his alarm setting. He held her close like he did the night before and they gave into the sleep their bodies craved.

“Did you want something to eat first?” Kane asked. “No I don’t really like eating breakfast too much in the mornings sometimes it makes me feel sick, I have to really crave it. I need to get going you coming?” “Ya here let me lock up.” Kane said turning to lock the door. Dylan on his side of the yard “Morning Marie. Kane.” “Morning.” Kane said a little to flatly “Mornin Dyl.” “Let me get that for you babe.” Kane said opening her door. “Thank you Kane.” She said with a smile. “Ill see you just before lunch me and the guys will be there for our shot and than were going for lunch before we head back to work.” “Ok I’ll be ready. I miss them already and know a place tank will love and it’s within walking distance.” “Perfect see you soon drive safe baby.”

He said getting in a kiss. “Crap I’m going to be late. Bye Dyl.” She waved backing out. “How’s it going man?” Dylan said to Kane. “SO far it’s a great morning kinda hard not to be when you start it off right though you know.” “And How’s that.” “Waking up to your perfect girl in your arms and a kiss.” “I gotta say I’m happy to see her branching out of her comfort zone, it’s nice to see her happy. I mean that’s all we really want for her.” Dylan said honestly. “Ya me too.” Kane said proudly. “Well I gotta get to work. So I’ll see you around than.” “Ya, I’ll see you around. Kane and Dylan drove off.

Kane came walking into the barn “hey guys were getting those flu shots today unless you want mama Callie beat that ass. Than we going to lunch with our Angel.” “Sounds great.” Bear said. “Hey how do you feel about that Dylan Meyers we met?” “I don’t like him.” They both said “He gives off a vibe that’s quite unsettling.” “I don’t like him either. I think he’s shady as shit.” Neil chimmed in. “Dad?”

“Look son I had to put up with a friend of your mothers who was just like this little shit stain Dyson r Dylan or whatever the hell his name is so let me tell you in advanced he knows what he’s doing. He’s going to befriend and you need to let him keep that enemy close son. Don’t ever give in to a reason for her to question you. Never call him out unless you call him out in a question so it doesn’t look like you’re the bad guy you’re the one trying to understand the situation.” Neil said using air quotes. “Don’t let him be a shoulder to cry on. What’s that phrase a shoulder to cry on is a dick to fly on.” “It’s ride on pop.” Bear chimmed in. “ Whatever you know what I mean. No I don’t who the hell says this shit?” Kane asked surprised.

“Listen to me son his friends and himself are already close to her and they will do whatever they can to get you guys to break up in the most complicatedingly simple way possible so just roll with it the first phase is easy the getting to know you phase even though it might feel and look like a giant pissing contest don’t give in to the irritation just remember right now you already have her. So you already won half the battle, now you just gotta hold down the fort. So the best way to do that is Ricki.”

“What why Ricki?” Tank asked. “ Look I know everyone one of us loves Ricki like our own but he is Marie go to man and friend always has been always will be and we need to keep it that way. If for some reason you guys are held up in work here which could be a lot, and Dylan gets Ricki busy who do you think she’ll turn to for advice?” The boys mouths dropped.

“Wow you really had to fight for mama hard didn’t you pop. You are very detailed about all this.”” I conquered son. Aint nobody got more game than our daddy, and you are your fathers son. Now this Saturday at that BBQ before you leave if he really is making a B-Line for your girl in a romantic way he will invite all three of you guys out with his friends to hang out better. Always say yes. Be aware of everything around you guys when you do he’s actually a fair fighter so he’ll do anything he can to try to you out of your relationship with her and make it seem like it was your idea. You’ll be able to handle that just fine. This is just my warning to ya son so you have aheads up the minds games are crazy but if your girl is worth it, just remember to including her in all your thought process let her know you care, what you like about her, take her, out , call or text for no reason. Just be yourself and you’ll have no trouble.” “Thanks dad.” “Now go on go get ready for your shots or your mama will belt you all.” They all laughed. He could feel the jealousy rolling off Dylan this morning a blind man could see it. Game on Dylan he thought to himself; as they got in his truck on their way to go see his woman.

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