The Way Home

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Chapter 21

Looking around walking down the hall you could almost feel the anger just coming off him in fumes. After waiting half the days trying to calm himself down enough just to walk through the building that was the promise he made with the Chief and Colt. It was going to be hard but he planned on not completely losing his shit until he gets to the privacy in his own home. The guard stopped and they started to stare at the mess in the corner of the cell sitting on the bench staring off into space looking away from them. Taking deep breathes he looked at the guarded who nodded and turn to walk away to leave them alone on the floor.

“I know we haven’t been separated for long Jen but when did common sense completely leave your sense on reality. I was there when you received that magical piece of paper cutting you off all contact from Marie yet hear you are harassing and putting our hands on my baby girl. Why the fuck are you here? Didn’t Jason and those other manipulative ass hats pay you enough to take all that blame, I don’t think they would appreciate you here fucking up whatever side plan they got going on.” Caleb said looking at her like she would burst into flames.

“I didn’t come her just for her. I came to get my family back. I have had some time to think things through. I ’ve made so many mistakes that I know there is no way to atone for them all. I know that most if not almost all is completely unforgiveable. I swear I only did everything I’ve done because I was doing what I felt was best for our daughter. I know I should have gone about it differently. I just thought if I could get here and get to talk some sense into Marie that maybe we could just start over somewhere else. I started thinking about everything and like you I started to worry that Jason would in fact come here and try to drag my baby back to that hell hole. SO I thought maybe if I could get through to her we could pick up and all vanish together the best way we can because with all the business you have over the country we could virtually go anywhere on the globe and not be specifically pin pointed to any one area. We could do it you know just start over. However that man came and ruined everything. I can’t believe her she could do so much better. He may have the money but that is not to maintain anything that really matters in the end.” Jennifer scuffed.

“Ya like a sense of security you know why would any woman whose been abused in so many different ways want some type of stable security for a mentally stable man who treats them like the damn queen they are? The nerve of our kid growing up and earning her own way in life and finding someone who treats like a damn queen. Being there for her mentally and emotionally I mean what the hell was she thinking. I mean its almost like she should still be back west getting the crap beat out of her for stupid reasons, and slapped by her mother for not doing whatever the mother wants. Who the hell does she think she is out here living her life. Do you even hear yourself Jennifer do you hear how stupid you sound and are being.? Life is not about money and social status, it’s about finding your own way making your place and finding out who you are. It’s about finding the right people that will surround you with love, loyalty, support, and will be there for you. They don’t put their hands on you or go out of their way to cause any type of harm.” Caleb roared at her. “I know that Caleb and that is not what she’s going to find here she may think she ahs that right now but it will fade this is not going to last.” Jennifer sneared back.

You know what I think Jennifer I think something has run you wild with fear. I think something has got you so scared you came here thinking that if you fix things with Marie you could put her back under your damn guilted mind control that you can fix whatever you got fucked up in the first place. I don’t know what someone has over you to come down here and not only face the wrath of the Morgans and most of those back west and the wrath and the law of our child who travelled clear across country and got legal help to keep you away for her for pretty much the remainder of her future.” “I’m not running from anyone. I just want my family back. I want things to be the way they were suppose to be. I swear I’m not running away from anyone I…I just need you guys back. I have been a good mother to her and yes I made mistakes but so have you Caleb. I am not the only one who has fucked up beyond all measures so why am I the ONLY ONE getting punished for it? No one else why am I the ONLY ONE to lose everything based mainly because of other people? It was Marie who brought Jason home. It was her who choose to stay with him. It was Marie choice to lie about school, and with hold the truth from both of us. She choose to run away, you left everything to me. Why am I the only one being punished? I gave her everything. I gave you everything, I’ve done all you asked of me. I turned her into a young educated, respected woman with a whole life set up with even in laws who we could get along with for all of the grand children we’re suppose to have. Yet I’m the only one forced to face the consequences alone?” Jennifer snapped at him.

“You have made her choose the life she did not want none of what you did is what she wanted had you opened your ears or just one time asked her you would have known that. It was you who never made her feel safe when she came running for protection you did the same damn thing that little bastard did and struck her because what she needed did not go along with your plans of social climbing. I paid for my mistakes over two years with nothing but constant worry, and heart break and I came and atoned for my mistakes. You can’t even admit that you were wrong in the first place you keep trying to justify what you have done. But that’s just it Jen there is NO JUSTIFICATION, there is no REASON, or EXCUSE you can use to try wiggle or weasel your way out of the truth. Even now you can’t even admit you’re wrong. You can’t even say sorry and that’s what this is isn’t? You’re finally feeling the guilt and remorse or are you finally feeling the shame and disgust from others. Well knowing how selfish, and self centered you really are it must be the shame and disgust from the other people back home because everyone has literally cut you out. The irony of you never wanting to listen to Marie and now no one wants to listen or hear you. Even if you didn’t take the fall for Jason you would still have been cut out because what kind of mother let’s their child goes through that knowing what harm their baby is going through and does not help them? You would have been outcasted no matter what. You thought it would a good idea to come down here and yell at her to come back home bruising the hell out of her arms and shoulders? You have a restraining order against you from her and you come down and caused her bodily harm, because what that could only good for you?” Caleb asked sarcastically.

“FINE I was desperate I want my life back.” Jennifer screamed at him tears covering her face. “Obviously not going about it the right seems to be my thing right? She yelled started to shake. I should be picking out her wedding dress, planning the venue, I should be getting the showers planned with Ricki it should be me, and it she shouldn’t be walking down that aisle with you to give away to some damn hick yes he has power and wealth here, but we would have enough power to spread here with an iron fist she could have the whole world on a platter. With people who love her. Honestly, what the hell could she know about running a ranch empire? She would only suffer out here she is a quite, introvert, shy woman these places are always in your business there would be no true peace for her here. This is not good for her she can’t possible be happy in a place like this she just needs to get over everything and go back home where she belongs and can be herself.”

“Really because for as long as I’ve been here she’s never been happier she has an honest smile everyday. She laughs with towns people, takes care of them. Socializes in big parties and she’s been helping run all these ranches in all the states really well with Kane who has shown her everything she needs to know he has been altered must the business to fit in with her ideas and changes they wanted to make together. She is at peace out here away from all that damn noise in that crazy ass corrupted city where you have to follow the leadership of a twisted minded psychopaths of people who control everything and everyone. Here everyone looks for everyone whether they like them or not they are accepted for who they are. That’s something you can’t say you can do defiantly not easily you never accepted our daughter for who she is or what she wants. It’s time you picked up what you have left and go start over somewhere else. You need to let go of everything you can’t change anything you have done and you can’t make it right. There’s noting you can do to fix this. You will have to face the mercy of the judge now and he is one of our daughters greatest admirers in town so you better hope she feels merciful towards you, because I damn sure wouldn’t I would leave you to rot in here and repent for what you’ve done. I honestly can’t believe I stayed so long with someone who is as mentally fucked up as you are Jennifer you are truly remarkably twisted. I don’t miss you, neither does Marie it was not hard to get over hell I’ve already done it. Clearly Marie had no trouble moving on either she has a wonderful mother figure here for her who shows her what it truly means to be a mother Jen and that be her future mother in law, who frankly wants nothing more than to be alone with you for five minutes and if it should ever come to that you should be scared of her that woman is fierce. See she actually protects the people she loves. A lesson you could learn from.” Caleb spat at her.

“You spent more time with Jason than I have the last couple years Caleb. Tell me do you honestly think he just magically stopped loving her? Can you really say you have no idea what he could possibility be doing next you should know him better than anyone should even his own father, isn’t that right?” Jennifer smirked. “That’s the difference between all of this Jennifer you can’t even see it. See I gave that boy time, affection, I showed him things. Taught him things, I gave him the love of a real father just to be lied to everyday to my face. Everyday to be shown a fake boy playing in a mans body he lie and if you think that Marie is the only person who got hurt in all of this than your more short sighted than I thought you were. All that time and love wasted on people who just kept taking and taking from the people who were willing to keep giving and giving all because we thought were on the same page but it was all just one big fucking fake ass joke.” Caleb growled back at her. “I can see I’m just wasting time here there is no way anyone is going to get through to you Jennifer, you can’t talk to a mountain and make it move.” Caleb said turning to walk away. “So you would leave me here, just like this? Did that boy get under your skin so easily too?” She snarled at him? “That man has carried more of my weight than he should have to. I refuse to make him do anymore. That man is incredible and I don’t have to wonder about Jason next moves when Kane does it well enough for us.” He left her in there.

Jennifer sat back down on the bench tears now cleaned from her face she let her head fall back to the wall. A door squeaked opened again. A man with his face covered, wearing casual clothes came up to the cell. She turned her head to look at him he smirked you could only see his eyes and his lips. “What do you want?” Jennifer growled at the man in front of her. “I want nothing, however phone’s for you.” He said as he passed a burner phone through the cell. Grabbing it putting it up to her ear.

“Hello Jennifer. How are you? How are you finding it your time behind those bars?” “Jason?” She tooked a deep breathe starring at the man backing away to a deeper corner of the cell room. “What do you want Jason I’m actually a little busy right now.” She said with attitude. “I can tell it must be so hard getting a tongue lashing from your family who must be beyond pist and going back to sitting alone in cell all alone, I can see how limited your time is. Tell me do you think it’s a coincidence that you’re there all alone in that room with literally not one soul to talk to? I’d like to inform you even if Caleb and some of the others there didn’t have the power to make this happen I sure the hell still do. I heard you lost your shit and yelled at my woman about coming back home. Seems you put some bruises up on her to do I need to remind you how much I don’t approve of that?” “She’s my child Jason it’s my duty as her parent to discipline her when she acts up. What was any of your excuses for laying a hand on your quote unquote woman. You know form my view while she was all cozied up to that damn hick she didn’t look much like your woman form my point of view but you know maybe that engagement ring could have also gave off another vibe.” She snapped back. “Do you really want to test me over the phone because I can make more worse things happen than you just being alone in the cell that actually is the safest place for you to be at the moment, unless you forgot all the times I had to correct your behavior for putting your damn hands on her all those times. She is still mine no matter what those people think. She just hasn’t come to grip with it again yet. See unlike some people I am going to admit everything I’ve done to her and at least I have been in therapy for some time. You just went plum ass crazy. If I find out you come near my woman again being crazy as fuck Jennifer it could possibly be the last thing you ever do. I have quite a few pair of eyes there to make sure that we don’t have another problem out of you or any thing else that crawls in my baby’s way. Watch yourself Jennifer I will come for her eventually and I hope your no where near her when that happens.”

He said hanging up the phone. She handed the phone back to the man who gave a creepy smirk and walked out before the guard on duty came back. Her mind went crazy as her eyes filled with tears again remembering how everytime she did raise her hands on Marie, how Jason came later that night and returned the favor. No one but Marie knew about it maybe that’s why she stayed so long with him knowing it was me who cracked half of the bones on her out of rage and anger but Jason was just as worse. It was her duty to correct her child she reminded herself. How spoiled she thought Marie was to refuse everything that was handed to her. She will fix this everything will be right again it will just take time besides there was still one more man who was willing to lay claim on Marie and with the power behind him she could really control way more than just the west and east parts. Jennifer laughed to herself. Laying down thinking of all the new plans she can take. Decisions, decisions. She hummed to herself closing her eyes.

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