The Way Home

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Chapter 22

It has been a few weeks since Jennifer has come shown her crazy side out, she has actually been transported to jail next to the state lines a few hours out., however the bus broke down with two flat tires and she escaped. No one has heard or seen from her, than again no one seems that bothered either considering everyone pretty much owned a gun and understood how to handle deranged women. Marie had finally broken down and got the bridesmaids she would be needing. She of course had Ricki as made of honor to be partnered with Bear, so she had to pair up the rest Ellie and Lola had graciously turned down her request as a brides maid so she was thinking of the other single girls she knew in the area.

She finally had her list of ladies and Mama Callie and Ricki and the other girls were meeting up to pick out their dresses. She choose a nice royal dark blue that wasn’t heavy and it was a halter top and meet like a sweetheart shape so it would keep everyones boobs in place while still looking attractive, and the dress would flow down to show off their curves in a naturally beautiful way and not a you can see my pudge way, while it lasted down to just around the knee and thigh they had when the girls did spins on the dance floor it would be modest yet still flare out but above all it was comfortable and affordable even though Marie was buying for everyone they would get measured now and would have a final fitting a week before the wedding.

“Ok so before you girls head out I want to thank you for doing this for me I really appreciate it but I also wanted to tell you about the guys and see if you wanted me to assign you an escort or pick one for yourself or would you guys like them to choose their escort?” The girls looked around. “I think it would be more interesting to see who they pick.” Isabella said. “Ok, well here they are so let’s get this settled.” Marie said as Kane came and grabbed ahold tightly swinging her around close to her while the other guys sat with their mouths opened staring at the beautiful girls in their dresses. “Hey guys while your closing your mouths and wiping your drool from your chin we ladies have decided that you guys get to pick who you walk down the aisle with as your escort for the wedding party. SO I will introduce the girls one by one and you guys will just dib them as they go. Ok?” everyone nodded. They girls went to change, and they met back in the room once the measurements were settled.

“Ok now all these lovely ladies are nurses with me in different offices here in town and who Ricki and I meet with or coffee or tea hour. First we have the love Ms. Isabella Newman who goes by either Bell, Bellz, Bella, or Iza.” “Mine. I mean if it’s ok with you Bellz I’d like to take you to the wedding I mean walk you down the aisle.” Tank managed to stutter out. “Well I would like that very much you know I don’t have a date so if you still think you would like to take me to the wedding as well I would love that. In fact I don’t think any of us have dates for the wedding so if any of you other guys are opened or lonely I’m sure the rest of the girls are open to the idea. It does save the trouble to find one later.” Bella said looking at the girls for their approval. Who all agreed and nodded. “I think that’s a great idea.” Colt said loudly. The guys agreeing quickly shaking their heads in agreement. Kane and Marie looked at each other and just smiled. “Suttle man.” Kane said with a chin nod to Colt earning a glare back.

“Ok well this is actually fun so bacholertte number two is none other than Ms. Natalie Holdman, all these ladies are 28 like me as well, Natalie likes fall weather, hates rude people and is highly uncomfortable around clowns. Who is stepping up for Ms. Holdman?” “I would love to take Natalie.” Colt said still not taking his eyes off her. “That sounds nice thank you.” “Up next on side instore walk way is Ms. Madison Jones. Come on Madz give us a little twirl.” Marie said as Madison playfully twirled as if she were truly walking on a cat walk and owning it with her brilliant smile.” “That would be me.” Dylan said turning beat red. “alright than.” Madz said with a smirk. Moving out of the way. Last but never least is our own and lovely Ms. Chloe Masterson.” Marie said making Chloe blush as she was probably the second most shy on eof the group along with Marie. “You my beautiful new friend are all mine if you’d have me.” Ace said working that charm already.

“Sure, that would be nice thank you. Sorry if you feel you got stuck with me or anything like that. I understand if you have other plans or dates for the wedding.” Chloe said. “No I didn’t get stuck with you. Trust me out of the line up you are defiantly the one I choose for myself walking up and if I didn’t get you I would be begging one of the others to trade. What makes you think I would have other dates for the wedding?” “Ace I don’t know who you’re trying to fool but everyone in town knows your woman count.” Chloe said with a laugh. “Oh, yeah. That. Well umm… I’m not going to insult you by trying to cover that up but yes I have been around the block or couple of blocks maybe even twice but trust me when I say there is no one else I honestly want to go to this wedding with more than you. You are truly the most beautiful girl I have ever seen and I have never said that to another woman you can even ask around.” Ace said trying to plead with her. Willing to beg.

“No that’s necessary I would be more than happy to go with you. Thank you Ace.” Chloe said turning beat red. Marie was starring at her men and thought of something nice. “So if no one is busy Saturday evening how about we all go out to dinner together and spend a little time getting to know each other so we will all be a little more comfortable with each other before the our big day. You know it’s also a small town and it’s always nice to make and meet new friends I know most of you know just how well Chloe and I get out of our shell around new people and I think this would be great for us.” Marie said. Looking at everyone. The girls looked at each other blushing, the guys nodding in agreement the second the words came out. “You know we’re free Darlin’ we spend most weekends together anyway; but you know the extra company does sound nice.” Dylan said. “I would love some more company and mixing things up.” Tank said still staring at Iza. “We would love to when and where?” Bella asked. “I was thinking maybe the bowling alley actually or Grillz the bar diner with the pool tables? It gives us all a chance to interact with each other and at the bowling alley we can whoop these guys butts.” Marie said everyone laughed. “IS that so my love well boys I do believe we have been challenged. Now we can’t let these ladies down now can we shame we have to make liars out of ya.” Kane said smiling kissing Marie forehead. “Ya well see about that you don’t know what you boys just got yourselfs into.” Natalie said. “Believe me I think we’re about to find out.” Colt said with a wink.

Friday evening came along quickly. As Marie dropped her things as Ricki and her we’re zombie walking in her home to find the house with the boys on the couch waiting for her sitting in the huge living room. “Guys are you ok, is everyone o. Kane what’s going on?” Marie said with a little panic grabbing onto Ricki hands waiting to hear the worse news. Papa Neil and Caleb on the other side of the room. Kane, Bear,Neil, and Caleb were smirking so hard doing everything they could not laugh while the other guys just looked lost and a little nauseous. Kane turned to face her more from his seat in the big couch and reached out his hand to her, Bear doing the same to Ricki. They both walked over and pulled them into their laps. “Calm down baby everything and everyone is fine. The boys here are a little lost and were hoping to talk to you and Ricki if that’s ok.” Kane said. “Oh and dads are back there because they find this way to funny not to be here and mock them.” Bear chimed in winking at the guys. “Tank what’s wrong.” Marie was crazy close to Tank and the way he looked so torn had Maries stomach turn in knots.

Tank took a deep breath. “Well the guys here and I we have a little problem none of us can get the girls from Monday out of our heads and we really want tomorrow to go great and leave a good impression so we can ask them out on dates. However we also don’t want to look like an asshole, or jerk or give off the wrong idea or the idea that we want to be just friends; because ewe are so insanely attracted to them and we are way over thinking this because again we can not get these chicks out of our heads.” Tank rushed out as the other guys nodded along. “So Darlin’ we were just hoping to maybe find out some about them from you, kinda get a foot in the inside track.” Dylan said. “You know find a way where me being some kind of man whore could possibly be appealing to someone who is innocent beyond belief?” Ace said a little ashamed of himself. “Just help us get to know what the don’t like so we can avoid those areas and show them a great time.” Colt said.

Marie looked and Ricki who has not stopped laughing. “Y’all got it so damn bad. Wow they must have left quiet a mark on you.” Ricki said with Bear and the dad’s laughing hard with him. Marie smack Ricki. “WE will help you guys because we know what it feels like to be caught up in knotts, don’t we?” Marie said looking at Kane, Bear, Ricki, and both her dads’ who hung their head a little. With murmurs of ya’s flowed through. “Ok so Tank with Isabella she is actually the smartest of us she is not just a nurse she is actually gradating this year getting her PHD she is a surgeon and doctor. She just did nursing to pay for her schooling. The men in her family are all retired vets all were in different branches of the military. She loves everything I love actually she is my souls twin. So you pretty much already know her by knowing what I like we have the exact favorite movies, books, color, food, everything. Except she is more adventurous, and out spoken than me.” That is the only difference beside hair color. Look at thatall you guys got snowflakes. All these babies gonna have that beautiful mixed baby skin.” Ricki said. “They always got hem beautiful eyes too.” Kane said smiling. “You don’t need no babies just yet there cowboy.” Caleb said loudly causing everyone to laugh. Kane just looked at her and winked.

“OK so moving on to Natalie Holdman, the thing about Natalie, Chloe, Madison, and I is we’re not just nurses pratictioners we are mid wives. That is where Natalie mainly work sin she is in the obgyn and does the midwife house calls. She is great at what she does she is insanely competitive though she loves sports like all of them.” Marie giggled out. “None of us like shopping if we don’t have to. We all love cooking, baking, and having bbq’s. “ Ricki added.

“Chloe Masterson is the one who will try to be a wall flower she does not like attention and does not want it on her she and Marie share that anxiety. She has no idea just how beautiful and amazing she is no matter how hard we try to show her.” Ricki said. “HHmmmm who does that sound like?” Kane tease Marie in her ear nibbling it. ”Stop babe.” Marie whined a little only for him to hear. “Chloe also loves to read she loves all genres, also loves things more on the romantic side all those little detailed things she would eat up as long as your truthful and honest about it. Everything has to be truthful from the heart, from you, and it has to be rea. Don’t just use all this thinking you can get her into bed and score. No she ain’t no virgin either, but she’s worth way more than what you give out Ace.” Ricki said pointing his finger at him in a protective way. “I swear to god you break one of my girls I will break your favorite toy and part of your body.”

“These girls are nothing like Ellie and her friends. In fact Ellies friends hate mine. I think they only talk to me because of Ellie and because all of you guys are hot and eligible bachelors in their eyes.” Marie added. “Last but not least Ms Madison Jones. Madison is actually working for Dr. Phillips about two offices over in the same complex. She is very smart. She also likes to read, opinionated, outspoken. Out of all of us she is for sure the most girly one. She is a classic romantic as well I think we all kind of are. She loves action movies over anything besides comedies.” Marie said starting at Dylan. The guys have hung on their every word learning more about the wonder like goddess that won’t leave their brains. “Now here’s the thing about all these girls you need to know because they all like these exact things. They like fishing, hiking, sports, being active, food, food, naps, food, swimming, dancing. They all like that lovey dovey stuff don’t hold back or out, and last but not least food.” Ricki said. “You said food a lot.” Colt said. “Boy you ain’t got no idea be warned and be a little scared do not touch they plate unless they offer you anything because you will lose some fingers, food is like bae and god to us in this tea circle group, best mind that.” Ricki said. Marie nodding in agreement.

Marie had written the girls favorite colors, food, and flowers for the guys and they all were outside saying goodbye. Ricki and Bear took off a little bit ago saying something about checking the horses and invoice in the office before they headed off to their house for bed. The guys we’re all talking and Marie was hearing somethings in the horse barn not to far. “Be right back baby. Night guys.” “Good night Angel thanx again.” Clot said. “G’night Angel.” Ace said waving. “See you tomorrow Darlin’. Dylan said. Kane turned back talking to the guys.

Marie walked slowly in the long barn and was checking both ways left and right all the stalls and stables the horses. Everything seemed fine but there was something that made it feel they were not alone. It’s been a little while since anyone should have been in here though. She heard a thump in the office down the way. She picked the crow bar in her hand feeling an unsettling feeling going through her veins. She came up an into the office as the door was opened. She walked in just enough time to hear Ricki saying. “Uumm damn DADDY you suck me so good.” While bear quickly got up from his knees and turned Ricki over onto Bears desk and started to pound into Rickis ass. “BEAR!” “Ugh you take it so good baby. You like it deep don’t you.” Bear growled out to him. Marie quickly leaving through the other side of the barn. Feeling grossed out. She really needed to talk to them about this, but she really just wanted to stop catching them in the middle of the act. Shaking it off and turning to her left to talk the long walk back around to the back of the barn and to the house. That’s when he got her attention.

“Awfully late, but a beautiful nigh tis not Angel?” Keith said as he was sitting on the barrel. She jumped back not expecting him to be here. “Whoa easy now, wasn’t trying to scare you. Thought you knew someone was here.” “I did, or I thought I did until say them going at it like a freaking porn video.” Marie said trying to shake that image form her mind. “Ya we all caught them in the act a lot but at least their in love and happy. Got that sparkalive. How about you are you that happy?” “I don’t understand that question.” She said backing up a little noticeing the big whisey bottle half empty in his hand. “It wasn’t a sexual question, just a question. Are you happy the happiness you get when you find yourself in love and you can feel it through every fiber in your heart? Like you can even feel your heart smile at times?” Keith asked. “Yes, Keith I am that happy. It took awhile to get there, but it was so worth every step on the journey here to get me this way.” Marie said with a smile.

“Are you happy Keith?” “I am actually. I didn’t think I would take to it this easily here. Lord knows y’all did not make it easy. But honestly Angel I love it out here. You guys have stars you can see every night and every one takes care of each other. The food is always great. The land is beautiful.” Keith said looking down. “I owe this all to you. You are why I found some type of happiness here. I even made good friends in town. Thank you Angel.” “Here you are. How you doing Keith?” Kane said wrapping his around Maries waist. “Kane.” Keith said tilting his bottle to Kane. “I don’t want you to think I’m drunk boss man I’m actually far from it. Just took the bottle form Leo who is drunk an din his room, and I had to swipe it also from Tommy who is in the same state. I just mainly have it to take a couple chots to give me the courage to talk to Marie here.” Keith said. “Why would you need courage to talk to my woman Keith?’ Kane asked in a little bit of a growl. “Well that’s the thing I owe her and even you an apology.”

“Why do you think that Keith?” Marie asked. “You were always right about me, but not the way you think.” Keith said. “How is that?” Kane asked. “I am not a ranch hand, I did run to Canada because that’s where everyone from home thought you went I also went to Italy and Scottland looking for you. I am a private investigator hired from our home town Marie. However I was a ranch hand when I was younger all that stuff I true. I also did catch my bestie and my woman together years ago I wasn’t completely in love with her though. I was here to make you believe I was a spy for Jason. He wanted you to think I was reporting back to him. Which I have not done I have not spoken to him since I had to tell him I got into town. I don’t actually report to anyone Im just here to work as a ranch hand and throw you off.”

Kanes hands were starting to bleed from the five deep punches he took on keiths face which was now bleeding everywhere from his mouth, busted lips, side temple and his broken nose. “Kane. Kane stop. Let him finish what he has to say.” Marie said as she got Kane off him. Kanes face went straight into Maries neck as he breathed her in deeply trying to calm himself down. Tank, Bear, and Ricki all came running up to him. Keith pieceing himself together was catching them up to speed. “I’m fine baby. I’m here safe with you. I’m not going anywhere, were all ok.” Marie was cooing in Kanes ear as he released her red eyed nodding his head to her. “I’m sorry.” He whisper out. “It’s ok.” “You sick son of a bitch.” Tank yelled. Marie went in between Keith and the three angry dark skinned men in front of her. “Stop you guys he has more to say and I need to hear it.” She said they looked at her. “Fine.” Bear said.

“As I was saying I was here to throw you off the others scent so to speak.” Keith said trying to get himself adjusted as he accepting Marie’s little towel from inside the barn to help wit the bleeding. She got down on her knees and started to hold one rag on his temple to stop bleeding by putting some pressure on it while he tilited his nose up to stop bleeding there. “You are too good and kind to me Angel. I am so sorry. I see why you drive these boys crazy two in particular.” Marie just smiled while the other four made angry sounds and snarls standing infront of them. “Watch it bitch.” Kane said. Keith looked back up at Marie into her eyes.

You see I was just a private investigator and I am one of the best but I do not call the plays. Marie Jason has more than like five guys here I know that is only seven but two left for other work there are five men in total here to watch you. Four besides me. I don’t know who exactly they are but they are not in this town they are in the city next to where they can see you but you can’t see them. I know for a fact that one got inside the cell your mom was in and a very pist off Jason had spoken to Jennifer and than her prison bus mysteriously blew two tires and she disappeared. Come on now I know damn well your soldier boys did not believe that loud of crap.” “No we did not.” Bear said honestly. Keith nodded his head. “I know that she tried to get someone form the underground back home to get the one up on Jason because she was sick and tired of living under his word. Marie I don’t know if you knew this but every time your mother had every raised a hand a you. Jason had made sure she got every scratch back just the same he put her through hell like she did you. He was a sick twisted bastard who loved you, was obsessed with you but would never let anyone get away with touching you ever.” Keith said.

“No he liked to make sure he did that himself.” She said sadly. “I remember what he did to anyone who would even look at me like they were mentally touching me. It’s something I would rather forget. Nice to know at least my mom got paid back a little she deserves it too.” Marie said which surprised everyone. Keith raised his hand back and forth. “She is right y’all don’t give her that look. You don’t even know. Not enough holy water on this earth nor Heaven for that womans sins.
Looking back to Marie. “I know Jason’s men here all of the other four has gotten together to take your mother back to one of his holding cells to deal with her properly he won’t kill her yet. I don’t think he will it’s better to let her live with everything she’s done and stripped like your father has left her.” “What do you mean cells?” Marie said confused. “Jason doesn’t have cells or he’s never placed me inside one thankfully at least.” “Marie when Jennifer tried her contact for the undergrounds black market boss for our city, she had no idea that the person who just took over as main boss from is father is none other than Jason Morgan himself. How else do you think the Morgans have got that whole city under lock and key. They control the three other neighboring states too. However that’s as far as their power can get that’s it no more or he’ll have war to deal with and he does not have enough man power to support a war. He would lose everything. Even if he loses his job as a police detective he still has a job on the council of the city, county, and state boards.” Keith said looking ashamed to have to tell her all of this truth. “Why are you telling me all of this?” Marie said checking his temple.

“I owe you so much I told you I love it here and you are such an amazing incredible person I couldn’t keep this from you you deserve to know everything even all the dirt that Jason is keeping from you. He is the big boss back at home now and the underground is not what yout hinky a there maybe some drugs and guns that get past here and there but it’s not all bad it’s mainly a place and system people use to do the jobs that police officers can’t actually do themselves when let’s say a woman is in trouble and her husband is a fellow officer or knows someone in a high pay grade and is beating her and the kids the underground is the one who helps that woman become a widow. It’s a system to fight back for the people without the system getting in the way. However it also makes money off illegal gambling and other things. Jason has always been a woman man and you will be the queen of all that however he has made it known to never let you into any of that side of the fence. He wanted to protect you from all that. Just not from himself the irony really.” Keith said as he took another swing of the whiskey.

“I got to tell you I love the underground here though it’s the best. There is no drugs, no illegal activity the whole town has everything out in the open and the best part is it’s completely run by all the vets so everything is insanely smart.” “There’s an underground here?” Marie asked glaring at the three boys in front of her. “Nope it’s not an underground per say it is a small little agreement type base system see everyone here keeps everything out in the open but only for everyone else here in town and if the cops can’t help them than they all get together and do it together when they are clocked out off duty say and clocked out. Like helping a woman on the run form a psycho ex and making sure no one touches her.” Keith said. “These boys here are holding nothing back form you, you know everything know and so do they the reason those guys for Jason are in cities away is because they can not break through to reach further everyone loves, respects, is loyal to , and mainly fears Kane. Kane is single handly the sole reason any of these states are surviving finically. He and his family have given so much in jobs, health care, food, education in so many ways to so many states their influence and power seriously has no bounds all over the east side of this country and than some.

“Kane you should be so proud. I know Morgan and his whole system like the back of my hand. I want to stay here, and help protect you. I owe you everything and I honestly never want to see anything bad happen to anyone here. I don’t want Jason to ever get you back. Look at you so happy here, you doing so good. Kane I know I done wrong on y’all on so many levels but could find some way to see past it keep me working here and let me help?” Keith said with tears falling down his face. “No one has ever made me feel like I was worth the things you have shown me Angel really. I just want to help you. I have been trying to talk to you for weeks but now that the other four are gone for a little while, and no I don’t know who they are just that they took your mama. I don’t know when they’ll be back but I do know they have been keeping an eye on all her.”

Kane and the boys circle around each other talking among themselves. Looking back at him. “Whatever my woman says goes. I swear to god you cross us in any way shape or form I will do things to you that he devil himself will flinch as he sees what I have done to you. If you ever do anything that makes her regret her trust in you and your efforts I will end you where you stand skinning you alive making sure you stay alive until I’m done with everything that comes after that.” Kane said as he made sure to lean down eye level with Keith so he could understand everything that he was telling him. “So what say you Angel?” Ricki asked. “Life is all about choices and chances. You made the choice to come her eon Jason’s accord. You made the choice to lie to me. I gave the choice to give you a chance knowing you were holding back form the whole time. You had the choice to go deeper and make this worse for use. You took the chance on me. Keith if you swear you are here for us and you help me. You can stay here for as long as you want because you know that once this over you can never go back home. Hell once they figure out you are not with them you’ll be lucky to be able to leave this town. So you can stay on those terms. If you want to help me you have to keep up the act you’ve been giving the whole time. Don’t let them think somethings is a miss and we won’t give them a reason to.” Marie said.

“I swear I’m here to only help you. I understand and I will do just that and I’ll make sure to keep everything up with you Kane. I promise.” They all nodded. “Now go get cleaned up, and get to bed. YOU TWO! Kane said pointing at Bear and Ricki. Stop having sex in all of our joint offices. Now get in there and delete all that footage ain’t no one want to see that.” “You got it boss.” “Wait baby you going to make a dvd for me right first?” Bear said running after Ricki. “I’m sorry for tonight Angel I know that was a lot of information to take in tonight and I can’t believe he just came out like that. I keep telling you you’re an actual Angel baby girl you just get everyone hooked on you one way or the other.” Tank said with a wink. “Watch yourself now and step back boy. However baby he is right there’s just something about you that attracts all to become a better person.” Kane said kiss her. Marie turned beat red. “Come on baby let’s get to bed.” Kane picked her up and she wrapped her legs around his waist. “Night brotha.” ’Gnight bro.” Tank said walking back to his room on the other house.

Kane brought her in the house locking the door behind them knowing the rest of the house is locked and sealed and alarmed on he took his woman up stairs still attached to him. He looked at her and her lips before he licked them and smashed his lips down to hers getting lost in the lust and the need of the kiss. He slowly placed her upon the bed hovering over as she released her legs from his waist propping one up slight. Still making out with passion he had one hand on her jawline and neck and one hand slowly sliding up his hand up her thigh. Feeling his way and cupping her core rubbing it on the outside. The sounds of her moans was driving him crazy.

He released himself away from her lips for her to sit up a little for him to remove her shirt, and he return the actions to him. Laying her back down on the bed while sitting on top of her waist. Letting his hand glide slowly palm first down her neck to her chest over her mounds and finger tips gliding over her stomach. He made his way down and took his mouth to her hem of the lacey panties, and his fingers under her hips to help him pull down her under wear. “Tell me what you want baby?” “You. Kane I just want you.” “Tell me what you need me to do sweetheart?” “Touch..I need you to touch me.” “As you wish baby.” Kane said as he put his mouth to start licking and sucking on her breast. As he slid fingers into her dripping core. He slid another finger in her. He was so entranced in watching her come undone enjoying herself put him to a place of lust he never thought he could reach but she pushes him there everytime.

He pulled away when he felt her start to tighten around him he wasn’t ready for her to let go yet and he knew she was close. Hell he was close just watching he knew he wouldn’t last too long with her this wound up. It was the sexiest thing he’s ever seen every time she loses herself in them in these moments it pushes him to the edge as well. He too both her hands and held them above her head. “Look at me and don’t look away baby.” Kane said as he hovered over and pushed his raging painful hard on in to in a swift move he was so deep she swore she could feel him in her stomach. Feeling him be balls deep caused her eyes to roll back a little. “No, no, no love you keep your eyes on me.” He said as he pinched her clit. Causing her to cry out his name. “He took his two fingers and slide them in with her as he was thrusting steadily inside her using his thumb rubbing her clit and thrusting deep inside her.

“Ugh It…iits’s too much daddy.” She cried out. “What you call me?” Kane said not slowing down but going a little faster hearing his innocent girl saying dirty things really pushed him to the edge to the point he wanted to burst. “Say it again baby call my name. Don’t hold back now baby let the whole ranch know who you belong to baby. Ugh say my name baby.” “Kane1” “Ugh baby that’s not what I want to hear.” Kane said. “Ahh…ahh. It’s too much. Ohh. DADDY!!” She cried loud enough for the whole world to hear as she finally was able to let go with her legs shaking like an earth quake still keeping the eye contact. His release shook him to his core seeing spots and getting out of breathe, and shakey calling out her name. “Damn baby. That was seriously intense. Crazy good.” Kane said as he collapsed on top of her. “That was incredible. You made me twitch everywhere.” Marie said hugging him close to her. He rolled off her and held her close to his chest rubbing his side cheek into her hair and head. Arms wrapped around her in loving way scared to let her go. “I love you so much baby girl.” He said to her lifting her chin to make her look at him kissing her sweetly. “I love you to daddy.” She purred sweetly. “Sweetheart you going to talking to me like that I may just have to flip you over and take you in some other ways I know your legs can’t handle right now.” “I know that’s right.” She chuckled curling herself into him. He covered them both with a blanket as they both gave into sleep.

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