The Way Home

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Chapter 23

“Strike! Wow you know it’s funny I honestly think you guys would have been better at this when y’all suggested coming here.” Bella said as everyone laughed with her. It was the first group get together that the rest of the guys have been nervous for, making Marie enjoy all of this just a little too much. Kane and the rest of the guys kind of shaking their heads a little. “Well see maybe we jut wanted to take the gentlemen route about it?” Colt said. See they decided to be girls plus Ricki against the guys to make it even. ’” Oh you mean by letting us win?” Natalie asked taking a drink from her soda. “Awe well you guys didn’t have to slack that bad, no offense it’s starting to look a little bad.” Maddy added. “Ya the girls murmured agreeing.”

“Maybe we don’t care about who wins or loses, maybe we just wanted to kick back and enjoy your stimulating company?” Ace asked putting an arm behind Chloe’s chair. Who just slowly shook her head turning red. “From what I know you have no problem finding stimulating company.” She said giving his arm back getting up and taking her turn. Ace dropped his head, ad tank chuckled patting his shoulder. Looking up at Colt. “She’s killing me man. This is going to be like a damn mission.” He whispered. “Man we’ve seen a lot shit, but never had a mission look rougher than you do dude.” Bear said giving him a soda. Kane just nodded from across the way.

“Marie came up to Chloe getting ready for her turn. “How much longer you going to bust his balls. Clo?” Marie asked in a whisper with a giggle. “I don’t know, I like him, but his track record Marie come one I don’t want to me just another number added.” She said looking down sadly. “I get that I do. If you haven’t noticed by now though you already are a number being marked off. I mean come on Chloe. You are the first girl he’s going out of his way for, the first girl he’s chasing, the first girl to keep his attention and stay permanently in his head. You are the only number in that category. You could very well be the last one too. How you ever going to know if you don’t get out of your own way and take a chance. I’ve known Ace a long time. This time just this one time I think your wrong about him on this one. He may have gotten around the block, but do you think he would have put this much energy and effort into you if it was just sex he was chasing. He could get that at a snap of the fingers, Ace don’t date. Yet here he is on hands and knees begging for one. Maybe that’s a sign you need to finally take the plunge.”

Chloe took a deep breath looking back at him looking a little defeated. “You sure he’s not just playing around with me?” She asked a little shaky. “I know him well, no he’s not. Your so scared too let someone in it’s holding you back. If you don’t watch it will make you bitter and alone. Just this once Chloe take the leap of faith no matter what happens you’ll always have us to catch you. Just think about it.” Marie said taking her turn getting another strike. Chloe looked another look around to see Bella caught up laughing with Tank. Bear kissing the nachos cheese off Ricki’s face. Maddy stealing some of Dylans fries. Colt and Natalie laughing as the people watch. Kane talking to Ace trying to perk him up. She knew Marie was right. About all of it. What was she waiting for?

The night went well. All the girls, Rick and Cane came in Marie’s Navigator as the guys all had their own cars. “Hey Angel I’m going to be taking Bellz home ok. I’ll see you back at the house you guys drive safe though and be safe.” Tank said kissing the top of her head, as Bella came up to hug her goodbye. “This was so much fun can’t wait to see what we do next week.” Bella said with a wink. They waved everyone and left.

“We’re going to take off too.” Colt said grabbing Natalies hand kissing Marie’s head and hugging Kane. “Ya Maddy and I are going to head to the dinner and get some real food. This was a blast Darlin’.” Dyaln said kissing the top of her head and hugging Natalie. They four walked away. Waving at the remaining. “Well if Tank’s going to be out of the house for awhile, I’m going to hurry back and ride my man into the sunset catch all you lovely people later. Bear said pulling Ricki to the car both smiling deeply, leaving everyone else to laugh deeply at them.”

“You know I think they got he right idea in mind what you say baby you want to go back home and ride me into the sunset?” Kane asked pulling Marie’s hands around his neck as his arms wrap tightly getting lost in their own little moment. Ace looked down quietly feeling disappointed. Chloe looked at the ground and than back up at him. Normally he would try to engage her in conversation but it seems he was trying to make her comfortable by giving her some space. “So are you trying to rush out of her too? Got any big plans?” Chloe asked him still with her soft voice with a smile to Ace. Ace got shocked. “Ugh no, I never make other plans when I come out with the fam.” “The fam?” She playfully asked. “Ya you know Angel and the guys. I never make extras plans because that’s our time together. I know it may sound cheesy or whatever but I like spending time with them, it’s one of the few times I can be myself and not be judged for being me.” Ace shrugging his shoulders. “

“That’s not cheesy Ace that’s honesty. It’s good to be open and honesty about how things make you feel, you shouldn’t be ashamed of it.” Ace smiled at her blushing a bit.” “Thanks Chloe.” “Um if your not too busy than would you mind if maybe I can take you to dinner? I mean look at them, I would hate to get in between them when they get time like this. I also don’t want to put you out. Maybe I should just get an uber.” Chloe started to mumble to herself. “No. You won’t be putting me out of anything. I would love to have dinner with you. Or maybe something less of making me sound so desperate.” Ace said making Chloe laugh softly. “Ok, sounds good.” Chloe said. “Hey Marie, Kane we are going to be going now. Well catch up with two you later.” Ace said happily Kissing Marie’s forehead, and giving a dude hug to Kane. Only to walk over to the passenger side of the door waiting for Chloe to get in.

Kane looked down to the smirking woman in his arms. “You wouldn’t happen to know any thing about Ms. Masterson’s little change of heart now would you my love?” Kane said with a lift in his eye brow and a smug smirk. “I don’t think I know what your talking about.” “Oh I think you do. I let you off this one, as long as you promise to be all mine when we get home.” He said putting his head into her neck lacing it up wit sweet kisses. “You got yourself a promise.” Marie said as Kane lead and helped her into her car, and the left back to their home laughing the whole way and stealing kisses anxious to get home.

Walking into the steak house was a little awkward for Chloe giving the romantic setting set with candles and flowers through out the table. “I hope you don’t mind this place, it’s just one of my favorite places to eat. He food portion’s are actually very generous, and the setting actually relaxes me but if it makes you feel uncomfortable we can go anywhere else. It’s still pretty early.” He said looking down to his watch to see it had just turned 6 p.m. “No, it’s fine. I drive by this place like a hundred times and always wanted to stop in just never got a chance, so mark this off my list I guess.” She said with a little giggle watching Ace smile deepen.

“I should warn you that is quickly starting to become one of my favorite sounds.” Ace warned. “What is?” “Your laugh.” He said simply watching her blush even deeper even in the dim lighting it still shined through. “Table for two?” The hostess asked looking at both of them. “Yes please.” He said. “OK,right this way she said walking ahead of them to show them to their seats. “Here we are.” Ace held out Chloes chair who mumbled a soft thank you. “What can we get started for drinks?” The nice woman asked. “I would like to have your strawberry lemonade please.” Chloe said a little louder than her normal voice just so people can hear her. “Make that two please.” Ace said. She nodded and left them to settle on a choice.

“So Ace what would you recommend?” “Well now that depends on what you catches your fancy really. As Marie always says just tell tell me what kind of meat you want and will take it from there.” He said. “Ya, but she has a point that always work. So ok how about a steak?” “OK well I would say either the New York Strip or the Rib Eye. I know Marie and most of the guys prefer the New York but I see you enjoying the Rib Eye.” He said. “IS that just because it’s your favorite?” She asked with a smile. “Yes, but that’s beside the point I think you might tactually like it.” HE said with a chuckle. The waiter came and waited for the order. “Well have two Rib Eyes well done, the roasted vegetables, and the house salad, I would like ranch on the side, Chloe?”Ace asked. “Same, please.” She said. The waiter nodded. Putting the fresh warm bread sticks on the table.

“No one has ever ordered for me before.” She said still a little shocked. “Oh, igh I’m sorry was that ok, or did I just totally over step my limits there?” Ace asked getting a little nervous. “No in a weird way it was kind of nice. See me and Marie have something in common when we don’t like a whole lot of social interaction.” Ace face looked like it dropped. “Oh no, no, no not for any of the same reason as Marie I just was never good with people I’m just a natural introvert. No one has ever hurt me or anything like that.” She rushed out. “Hey it’s ok. I get it it’s fine that is a complete different situation. I would like to avoid but I would love to hear more about you. Oh and that’s the first time I ever ordered for anyone that wasn’t me. I think I shocked myself.” Ace said laughing.

“So you don’t order for any of the other girls you take out? I may go to a restaurant with some women but it was never a date. In fact you’re the first person I’ve ever taken here. It’s kind of one of my special places and I just really wanted to share it with you.” He said scratching the back of his head afraid he’s revealing too much so soon, making her awkward. “Really, well I must say I’m not only honored by the notion but extremely flattered.” She said looking deep in his eyes only to find sincerity in them. The waiter came and placed their food down getting lost in the luscious aroma coming from the meal in front of them. Little moans coming from both of them while they took a couple of first bites. “OK you can order for me forever from now on if it’s all even half as good as this.” She said both smiling.

“SO tell me something about you Ace?” She said looking at him intently. “What is it you want to know?” He asked honestly a little nervous. He has never been nervous around any woman before this was completely out of his comfort zone new unchartered waters he was actually a little scared. “Tell me something…real. Something no one else knows. I promise I won’t tell.” “Well that’s just the thing I’m an open book, I’m honest with everyone what you see is what you get. But if your curious I actually love to read in any spare time I get. I love movies based on books. I can speak Spanish, Italian, and sign language because those were the languages most used in my home growing up. I love dogs. The real reason my skin always feel soft and smooth is because I use those charcoal peel off mask with Marie and Ricki. You are the first thing I’ve been thinking about when I get up an the last thing I think about when I go to sleep because I think you are the nicest and most beautiful woman I have ever met.” He finished hoping it wasn’t pushing to hard with her.

Chloe choked a little on her drink as it spilled a little out of her mouth. “I’m sorry w-w-w-wh-hat?” “You wanted to know something true and honest everything I laid on the table is just that. I think you are the just amazing, and I am loving getting to know you. I get excited knowing I may get to see you. I don’t want to scare you off to badly here; because I know how much it must have took for you to come out here and be alone with me when I know you are not my biggest fan but I just want be straight with you knowing where I stand.”

“No I am not your biggest fan. That was surely a lot of new information to take it right there. Look my issues with you are my own and not your fault. Well not entirely your fault. It’s not a secret of you track record and I know you must understand how that can put a lot of people off. I also know that you couldn’t make record like that all on your own and that those woman knew what they were getting into I know girls like Ellie and trust me Ace I get it. I’m no angel myself. Those issues those were just me I was always just too scared to put my trust into any one else for the fear of getting hurt. I was always was to afraid to put myself on the line thinking I would get used, or hurt, or end up not being good enough. All the possible what if’s and not being to hip on group gatherings made it difficult to trust any one. I don’t want to be this way anymore I realized today I don’t like where my life is going on this track. I want to live life while I still have one. I don’t want to be alone, so I someone very smart told me I need to get out of my own way, and just take a leap of faith. So all jokes aside if you are serious with your intent on maybe dating me than I think I will be open to that. I would like to get to know you better.” She said nervously.

Ace face had dropped and could not believe the words that just cam eout of her mouth in fact he’s pretty sure he is stuck in a day dream until he heard tyring to gain his attention. “Ace. Ace?” “I’m sorry I ugh. I’m just a little caught off guard, I was definitely not expecting that. I really don’t want to ask you this because I’m so scared you’ll change your mind by why the sudden change of hear clo?” Well let’s just say someone with way too much faith in you, talked sense into me for how wrong I was being to you.” Ace smiled deeply. “I don’t ever want you to think I wasn’t serious about dating you Chloe. I’ll take whatever shot you are willing to give me and we can go as slow as you want or need.” “Ok. I appreciate that.” “So where does that leave us now?” HE asked a little confused on what’s happening. “Well I guess are we dating, or we together?” She asked him. “Everything in me is saying together but I’m going by you boss.” He said playfully. “Ok than we can be dating and together. Well see how this goes. I’m really trusting you here Ace please don’t make regret rushing into this so soon.” She said softly. “I swear I won’t. Are you ready for me to take you home?” “Yes let’s go.

After refusing to let Chloe pay the bill he drove her home walked her to the door and she shocked again by giving him a deep kiss goodnight that sent electricity through out both their bodies catching them off guard in a great way. That night they both went to sleep excited to see what else is awaits them for the next day.

It was Sunday morning after a long night of rolling the bed, the kitchen and the bathroom. Marie and Kane were still cuddled up Marie had one of his shirts on and underwear Kane in his boxers. When the front door opened and foot steps were lud and fast approaching their room as a male figure came charging in the bed between them only to be hovering over Marie Kane still wrapped tightly to her. Knowing it was him by the way he walked down the hall. “I don’t know what the hell you said to Chloe yesterday and I don’t need to know but I can never thank you enough he said kissing all over her forehead. Out of all the sisters Ace didn’t have Marie was by far his favorite. At least that’s what he told everybody.

“Baby I told you if you don’t put him in the kennel than he just runs wild in the morning.” Kane said mumbling into her hair. “eh you, know you love being in bed with me baby.” Ace said in his most girlish seductive voice causing all of them to laugh deeply. “Get your nasty ass off my bed and my woman.” Kane said with a growl. “Oh you know I’m really here for you, you big stud muffin.” Ace said as he walked away winking blowing a kiss to Kane and shutting the door behind him.

Marie got up to get changed so she could start making coffee and other drinks for everyone it was the day with the family and ranch hands like every Sunday. Kane was about to go sneak up on her when he’s phone went off with a text from Colt. “Jason Morgan has taken a long vacation, and I have been informed he is not in the city. For now all I know is he is MIA. So is his two buddies. Theirs is nothing I can do with this information other than to give you a heads up. I definitely don’t have a good feeling about it though.” Colt said. “Thanks for the heads up. We’re ready if anything happens. Well just play it by ear and only keep it between the guys alright?” Kane said back.. “Ya I agree no sense in getting worried until there is something to get worried over.” “ Yup see you soon man.” Kane said putting his phone down deleting the last text.

Marie came out in a beautiful bright haltered summer dress. “Hey baby come here please.” He asked only wearing his jeans and socks at this point. Reaching out for his hand he had out to her. “I’ve been wanting to give you this.” HE said holding up a long thin velvet box. She looked surprised opening it up. “These are beautiful.” It was two silver wolf necklaces with a diamond in the moon. “Why are there two?” “One’s for me I know how much you love wolves this is called mate necklaces you know because wolves have mates, so we each wear one and never take it off. See it’s not long enough to hang down you at work, and short enough to be tucked under your scrubs so if anyone with a metal allergy can’t touch it. Just swear to me you’ll never take it off?” He said with a pleading look. “Well this is beyond sweet and I swear I will never take it off I may have to wear it as an anklet if Dyl forces me but It will always be on my person. As long as you never take yours off either.” Marie challenged. Putting it on him. “Promise.” He said putting it on her. Kissing her deeply. “I love you Kane.” “I love you more baby. He said looking at the mirror behind her as he hugged her tightly he didn’t have a good feeling for what ever was coming., but he would hold her tight for now.

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