The Way Home

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Chapter 24

“What’s going on in that head of yours? This day was too long for that much thinking to be going on.” Maddie said with a laugh. Everyone else looking half alive agreeing. “It’s just crazy were in the middle of July it’s hot as balls, and I can’t help but think how different everything is from about two months ago.” Marie said. “Ya you ladies realize that for the first time in like over a year of hanging together we are ALL have a man, and for longer than a month?” Ricki added. They all looked shocked. “Look at us all grown up.” Bells added doing a little happy wiggle hip dance on her chair drinking her sweet tea, making everyone else laugh.

“So is Dylan making you guys go to the health seminar, you know the one about two towns over?” Maddy asked. “I think he might I know it caught his interest we may just close the office for Monday and Tuesday. You know ho whe likes to go over those kinds of things the next day to see if we can realistically put those ideas into action in our office or if it’s just a load of crock.” Marie said back. “It’s like forty minutes or forty-five minutes right?” Natalie asked. “Ya.” Ricki said. “Ya I don’t get to go.” Maddie said. “Me either we’re way to booked to let anyone loose.” Bella said. “I’m going.” Chloe shrugged. “I got to make a couple of house calls I’m stuck here.” Ricki. “I think Dylan is just going to be sending me and Liam I think he is running to the hospital early morning doing a couple of rounds. Chloe will you want to drive up together?” Marie asked. “YA I know it make Ace and Kane feel better.

“It would make them feel better if you was takin gone of them.” Ricki mumbled loudly in his cup. “It is crazy weird how passively protective these damn men are.” Bells said. Shaking her head making all of them blush because deep down they did secretly love it even if it was a little over the top at the end of the day they were loved, safe, cherished and appreciated. “Ok ladies it’s date night we got to look alive let’s go home and make us look like less than off dead zombies and more like some people who want some booty tonight.” Ricki said in a cheerful voice like a motivational couch.

Everyone laughed and blushed because that was the plan. It didn’t take long for all of them to get home. The beauty of a small town. The were off a little after four, went to get a drink at a coffee and still got home before 5:10, knowing the guys were going to be picking them up for dinner and a movie around 6. Ricki dropped Marie at the front part of the house as he went to the one out back to the right. Rushing inside she went and took her thirty minute shower. Finding some a simple summer dress that came to her thighs, and was a halter top that hugged her body I a comfortable way. The girls all thought it would be good to slip into something cute, modest, and they won’t sweat completely through in minutes even in the evening when things started to cool down.

Kane has started making everyone start around four and five in the morning he wasn’t going to have people busting their ass in heat that could put their health as rest, so they started earlier and had rotated evening feeding shifts. HE has been going all over and sending Tank, bear, and even his father out to the other ranches making sure everything is running efficiently and for his own piece of mind had no sign of Jason or his leeches. They went all the way up to five hour radius drives with Marie not in the loop, he planned to keep it that way. He had three small trackers placed on her without telling her. All the guys have some type of tracker in their chains or necklaces around their necks. For Marie and Kane it was the wolf necklaces. It was also her engagement ring and a small little piece around her battery in her cell phone. Kane was not risking losing her in case of something happening to her. He has seen a lot of horrible things in his line of duties his tours, but this is one thing that gave him nightmares and scared him to his core.

After letting her hair into high ponytail to keep it from possibly sticking to her neck later and opting out not to wear the makeup in case, on the off hand she could sweat it off later or be too tired to take it off. She looked at herself in the mirror happy with her appearance. Still going for comfort she just slipped on thong flip flops and was making her way through the hall to the living room when she heard the loud knock. No one ever knocks except the a few of the hands. Opening the door she was left in surprise.

Kane in dark washed jeans a nice grey t-shirt and a bouquet of mixed multicolored flowers of daisies, lilies, and other beautiful flowers. She always got a little cringe when she received roses because that was Jason go to apology flower; ruining them for years, she just got to the point this year she can stomach receiving them from others. No matter how much progress she’s made sometimes the littlest thing can set her back. Marie in months, she knew it could always happen, but she also knew she was getting better. It was an amazing feeling to it was freeing, peaceful, weight lifting she could feel herself healing in every possible way straight through her core.

“Baby you look beautiful, and glowing.” Kane said handing her the flowers bringing her in for a strong hug. “You been out of these lonely arms too long today my love.” HE added breathing her in. “Well thank you, you sexy beast. These are gorgeous. It has been a long day. It’s summer my dear you sweat for a little and you’ll have that glow too.” She said ending the last in the giggle being tickled by him.

“So you all set baby? We’re meeting the others at the diner.” He said happily. “Ya just got to lock the door.” “I got that honey.” He said locking the door than taking her to his truck lifting her up and buckling her in. Singin along to the radio on the short drive there. Walking in the hostess was all smiles and warm welcomes just telling them to go ahead and shove the tables in the center being such a big party. It was a common occurrence now always being a group of twelve. It was nice to be around so much love and happiness. They hardly ever fought, but they always had fun arguments. After enjoying they just walked to the theater that was only two buildings over and they all parked in the open spaces on the curbs.

Standing waiting in line for tickets for the new action comedy that just came out. “So Kane, Ace how are you guys like the girls going to the seminar?” Dylan asked. Kane looked at her. “It’s only you and Chloe?” Kane asked raising his eyebrow. “What happened to Liam?” “Well it seems his sister in law has gone into labor this morning he’s taking the week off to help them out for the first week apparently she has had major complications, and his brother can only get two days off his brothers time off doesn’t start until the day before he comes back.” Dyl said scratching the back of his head. I’m actually just closing the office Monday, and stay at the hospital for the day.” He said his arm drapped over Maddy. “Oh relaxe you damn cavemen the girls will be fine it’s less than an hour away. They leave early and will be back about six or seven depending on traffic honestly it’s the two most logical, smart, calm girls of this whole group what kind of troubles do you think they will really get into all those tasers and other crap you guys made us all get permits to carry what honestly do you expect to happen in crowded hotel where everyone is out in the open?” Natalie asked throwing her hands on her hips as much as Colt would allow, with his arm wrapped around his waist.

The guys just looked around to each other, Ace looking a little nervous, but was scared to give anything off. “Their right Medina maybe we need to step back a little.” Ace said adjusting his necklace to remind Kane they may be far, but not alone.” Kane nodded. “You know I just want you to be safe, and have a good time I think this thing is important for you guys it’s a lot of new information you gotta find out anyways to spread to these guys right?” Kane said kissing the top of her head as she nodded. Getting their tickets Marie felt something weird. Looking around she was hesitant not noticing everyone going in. “Angel?” Colt asked getting her attention with Kane. “You good Angel?” He asked. “I’m just more tired than I thought I just had this over powering feeling out of no where I can’t describe it. It’s probably just me it’s been awhile since the PTSD acted up. Let’s just forget it’s nothing and silly let’s go see this thing you guys couldn’t wait to see.” She said waving it al off.

Colt and Kane knew better. “Hey girls why don’t you go to the bathroom first while we grab some drinks.” Bear said. “I will go get the seats than aint no one going to argue with me we all know that for fact.” Ricki said. “That’s my baby.” Bear said slapping his ass as he walked away. “Oh daddy.” He said with a wink and a smirk. Everyone turning red form the happy smiles on his face.

“Ok before they all come back. I got a text from a friend at the office and he just placed a file in a special locked drop place on my desk about Jason Morgan and something about some changes that may need to be made or altered on Marie’s current restraining order. I can’t get into check until my next scheduled work day which isn’t until Monday when they go out of town. So when I find out what’s going on than I will be able to call you and fill you guys in. Except you two you can find out when I get home.” Colt said quickly. “What kind of alterations could possibly need to be made?” Tank asked confused. “He is still on his paid time off apparently my source says it could be for a while this guy never even took a damn day off. He actually has months of time he can use and no one can say anything a thing.” Ace added.

“You think sending them on their own is a good idea?” Dyaln asked. “I was only able to grab the one ticket to get into that thing, I can’t leave because I’m needed at the hospital, and Riley can’t go because he’s not registered that way. There’s no way I can get or talk her our of this without looking suspicious.” Dylan said. “Don’t we have any ranches or restaurants who orders from us over there, maybe we can make a run up there and just see how things are going?” Tank asked scratching the back of his head. “That. Is. Perfect!” Kane said. We actually have five, five star restaurants we can go and talk to them see if they are satisfied with their order and get feedback, still being close by in case this whack nut pulls anything.”

“Ok the girls are coming but this is perfect.” Colt said. “Hey baby.” Ace said hugging on to Chloe. “Hey isn’t that conference thing in Linden?” Kane asked whispering in her ear. “Yes actually, it is.” Marie said curled into his side. “Well you know how we’ve been going all over touching basis for that last couple weeks with some of our business and clients? Linden is actually our first stop we got a lot of ground to cover. SO how about you girls ride up, with Tank, Bear, and I and well will pick you two up when it’s done. We can even get dinner at one of our places on the way out?” Kane asked. Marie looked and Chloe and shrugged. “If it’s really not too much trouble and we’re not getting in your way it would make more sense.” Chloe said agreeing. She wasn’t comfortable around people she didn’t know anyway, and this she knew would make Ace more comfortable. “You boys got yourselves some tag-a-longs .” Marie said with a kiss to his cheek.

Monday morning came to quickly as Ace had dropped Chloe off they both made a B-line straight for the coffee they knew Marie would have ready. “Arent’t you going to have some?” Chloe asked sipping her warm mug. As Ace was waking up next to her drinking his. “No, I would rather my sweet tea. We really shouldn’t be having any of this you know it’s just going to make me have to pee about a million times when this damn thing starts. I got the note pads, pens, highlighters and the recorders too just in case we miss something important later.” Marie said showing her the purse next to her. “You are the godsend really.” Chloe said raising her mug to praise her as she bowed a little bit. “That’s our Angel always taking care of the fam.” Tank said kissing Marie’s forehead as he filled his mug of coffee, catching a kiss to Chloe’s cheek as he reached over her to grab the sugar. “Morning.” Ace said raising his mug to Tank, who just touched his mug back to his.

“Good morning family!” Bear said cheerfully standing in front the door way happily. Kane just raised his eyebrow looking at him. “He got shower sex this morning.” Tank said loudly shaking his head. “Awe ,yeah, that’ll do it.” Kane said smirking earning a playful slap t the chest from Marie. “Sure the hell did, I got this day started off right now, let’s get our beautiful ass in that navigator and get this day rolling.” Bear said happily. Everyone gathered their things and went out and locked the door. Ace kissed Chloe deeply promising to pick her back up here when she got in tonight.

The car ride was faster than they though it would be the girls got to and was even about fifteen minutes early so waving the guys off they quickly went in using their passed they brough wearing them around their neck. Finding great seats near the aisle. It was going to be a long day. The guys made surprised visits to some of the of their clients using their meats and crops everything served in these fancy places were made off their many lands. From the everything in the salads, all the meats, and hell even the meat and cheeses. They were actually excited to see just how well the sales were. They are glad the chefs and their workers were so happy with their harvest, and other products. They even had to give noticed they will be needing more as they open the rooftops dining areas for the evenings. All five of them had out door eating areas so their new orders were more than welcomed. Everything was going great until Tank’s phone started ringing.

“Hey Colt what’s up.” “What’s up is for the first time ever Kane is not answering his damn phone you with him today right is he around I need to talk to all three of you.” Colt said. “Yeah what here he is we just got done with our last place we are about to get in the car and go pick up the girls they’ll be done in a few minutes here.” Tank said. “What’s going on Colt?” Kane asked as he was now on speaker as they were all three in the car. “So you know how I said I would call after I wen through the file that was left on my desk this morning?” “Dude you clocked on hours ago how slow do you read?” Bear asked with playful laugh.

’It wasn’t the reading that took this long man it was me having to talk to a judge, a lawyer, and some uniforms BECAUSE of everything I read in that file. Luckily I am still even on the case because that apparently a concern. Seeing as I’m so close to the quote unquote victim. However I had twenty stations states wide back me up, and I get to still be apart of the case as long as everything stays professional and everyone is safe.” Colt said taking a deep breath. Kane taking one with him not liking how this is going. “What exactly is happening Colt?”

“The judge has to suspend the restraining order starting on Friday. All the therapy that little twat nut has done it may affect it. Since her mother took it upon herself to accept all blame publicly, he has admitted to doing a few things in his therapy, and he has gotten the therapist to try to use that his lack of relationship with Ms. Alderman is effecting him not only emotionally but causing mental stress. So it sounds like he’s trying to make it where he needs to attend therapy with him for a few weeks to help him with treatments. They are pushing one weekly visit every week until basically your wedding being that it’s the last week of July if this goes his way would start last week of August through the first week of October. The plus side is he has to show that he is not a threat to Ms. Alderman in court before the restraining order can be lifted.” Colt said happily.

“The doctors from the city are on their way, Dr. Eddie is on his way, and Ricki and Marie will be served to show up Friday morning to testify in court. He is actually trying to use you also in the case with his friend Tristan saying you were to possessive when he was here and she maybe being in a relationship against her will. He also will use the line how come it’s ok for you to be so possessive but not for Jason.” Colt said. “So let me get this straight he is going to drag her to court to lift the restraining order against him, and make it mandatory to go to therapy with him once a week. Their pushing for two but would settle for one. He is making the therapist fly out here with him as to be more of a convenience towards Marie, seeing as she has a job that would be highly effective by her absence and his job lets him go all over California he can leave early one day use his two days off to get back.” Colt said.

“Look there is no way the order is going to be lifted, I got ace to be the lawyer for Marie and he already subpoenaed her dad, and the Medina’s, and Dylan. They are all witness’s of her battle with the PTSD and watching how she healed by being here. So don’t worry the judge himself already told me there was no way in hell he will let it be lifted all the judges agreed with him as they have seen the transformation over the last basically over three years. Including the changes you’ve done to her. The only down side is he could be anywhere right now and we have no way to track him. He has to follow the order up til Friday morning. I think he’s closer than that.” Colt said.

Kanes phone started ringing. “Hey Keith now is not a good time what’s up?” “Please boss man tell me you have Marie and you guys are on your way back already.” “No, we’re getting ready to pick the girls up right now what happened.” “My sources say that Eric is there at the hotel, basically scouting her out. You need to get there and get here home. Remember on eof you boys start video recording if you see him you going to need that. Awe crap I got to get the damn cow it got out and still needs the damn shots. Be careful boss man.” Keith said and hung up quickly.

“Well move your guys ass, go get them. Record If you see him seriously man. That’s him breaking order.” Colt said as he hung up. Kane started Marie’s car threw it in gear and quickly went to the hotel hoping she hasn’t run into him. The car ride was quiet and the tension and anger was filled it was deafening, suffocating even. Kan ejust had the tightness in his chest, and it would not let up until he had ahold of her, and got her the hell away from him. Thinking back to the theater last night he was starting to understand why she was feeling funny, and that turned his whole stomach she already knew something bad was happening she just couldn’t know what or when.

The lecture’s finally let out. “I have to run to the bathroom how about I just meet you outside?” Marie asked Chloe. “Are you sure, I can go with you.” Chloe said face beat as a tomato being around to many people like this especially with them pushing and moving so quickly was starting to get her light headed. “Chloe I know you need some air right now go meet outside where the guys are going to get us I’ll be right out after that lines gets down. I’m fine I promise.” “OK.” Chloe said as she quickly made her way to the bathroom. The whole hotel was so grand, but everything felt so backwards. She finally found a door that leas her to outside but it was to the wrong parking lot so she quickly made her way over to her when she saw the car she was happy to see the relief on Kane’s face. However the person who stopped her wasn’t able to see the guys as easily as they saw him.

Quickly making their way over to her Tank pulled out his phone and kept it on her. The man in front of her not paying attention to the three men in front of her. “It’s been a long time baby. You look good. I’ve missed you so much.” “What are you ding here Jason. You know you can’t be here. I don’t want you here you need to leave before I have to call you in.” Marie said backing away form him a little big by a little bit. “You can try but we both know how much you miss me, how badly you need me with you like I need you with me. I’m losing it without you baby, I need you Marie. Why can’t you just come home? I’m getting help and I’ve changed why won’t you just give me a chance? Is it that guy? IS it? Is he why your holding back from me?” Jason said getting agitated and closer to her grabbing her wrist hard leaving a bruise on her with his finger prints.

“Jason stop your hurting me! LET ME GO!” She yelled at him snapping him back to reality. “OH shit, Marie I’m so sorry I-I-I didn’t.” “She cut him off. “You didn’t mean right Jason. That’s always your go to line for every marking you’ve ever put on me, every damn bone you’ve ever broken you didn’t mean it. You can’t play this dumb Jason it’s not a good look for you. You know damn well you mean it or you wouldn’t keep doing it! You know what your doing when you raise your hand to me everytime. I begged you a long time ago to seek help, and what did you do you screamed at me to know my place and cracked my rib. Now it’s time for you to know your damn place Officer Morgan and that is to stay the hell away from me.” She screamed back.

Kane and the guys getting closer Tank already been there filming everything as Bear had already called so cops in. “You can’t have your parents, or you friends or anyone else you can buy your way in to, to get you out of this I don’t love you. I don’t miss you and all the damn hell you brought with you. I don’t need or want you. I need you to move on with your life Jason. I am not going to be with someone who beat me senseless weekly like it was a damn competitive sport, because it’s just a matter of one of those damns becoming so bad that you jus end up killing me Jason. I refuse to be your punching bag, I REFUSE TO BE YOUR GOD DAMN VICTIM ANYMORE! That shit has ended. What I need from you is to stay away from, keep getting help, and move on.” She screamed back getting ready to square up to him face to face.

“Baby it’s ok come here.” Kane said as he pulled her into his arms. “You ok, you good?” HE said pulling her back a little to take a good look at her. “Just a bruise on my wrist it’ll be fine with some ice she said cupping his face. Smiling like her world just got better. “You just can’t keep your damn hands off her for even five minutes can you?” Kane snapped at the man in front of him finally meeting face to face. “Excuse you man it was an accident.” Jason roared back.

“That ain’t no damn accident you should have never put your hands on her. What are you even doing here? You know damn well you still got that restraining order. You see her less than ten minutes and you already bruising her up. What the hell man. She was backing away from you, and you got agrressive.” Kane growled keeping Marie behind him while Bear came up to Tank side. The last thing they need is to look like they are ganging up on him in an evidence video. “Prove it farm boy. You need to back away from my woman because it will not end so well for you.” “I ain’t a defenseless woman Morgan, you need to be rethinking that.” The cops pulled right up out of no where and made Jason put up his hands. As he got in the car he looked at Marie with a deep wink. “This aint over baby don’t worry well have this mess settled soon.

They booked him in the jail house there. The ride home was quiet as Tank drove with Chloe holding Marie’s hand and Kane had her tucked in his side. Bear up front riding shot gun, with the music on some of the channels he knew the girls listened to. When they finaly got home she looked to see all her guys there. Even her their new girls. “Are you ok Darlin’?” Dylan asked first. “I’m fine.” She smiled back. “Are you ok?” Ace asked Chloe. I was no where near them I was fine. We had our tasers and things just like you taught me.” She smiled tapping her purse. “Don’t worry Ace she was prepared but it never came any where close to that.”

“I’m going to kill that little fucker.” Caleb said coming out with an icepack. “Calm down daddy I’m alright.” She said hugging him. “Hell no, Neil go get me my shit we skinning the prick. Lay his damn dirty nasty ass hands on one of my babies he don’t know who playing with, but tha boy about to fucking learn. What kind of grown ass man puts his hand on female like this?” Mama Callie was starting to mumble to herself. “It’s alright baby she’s alright look she in one piece. You got all well twelve now of your babies and the all here. 120 fingers and 120 toes it’s alright.” Papa Neil said hugging on to her. “We just had to see you baby, just for ourselves. Now that we did I think I think it’s best to leave you two alone. You must got some things to talk about.” Caleb said looking at Kane being as Colt has already told everybody. They all hugged her close the guys kissed her fore head, and the girls hugged her and smiled. Than they left leaving Kane and Marie alone in the kitchen where he explained everything that was happening as the made and ate dinner.

“Ok well thank you for telling me. Am I completely in the loop now do you have any more secrets from me that I may be pist to find out about later” Kane stopped and looked down at the ground. “I do but it’s not just my secret to tell actually all the guys are in on it and I don’t know if they told the girls yet or not but I really don’t want you to have any more reason to doubt me and walk out, because you know my daddy would probably just beat my ass until it turned white like the Michael Jackson ass whooping.” Kane said making Marie laugh hard even though she tried to fight it. “I have three location trackers on you. Well two on you and one you carry with you.” HE said looking down ashamed.

“The guys and I always had a fear of being taken with no way for any of us to know what happened to us or where we were. You noticed how we all wear necklaces. Even the new ones you and I wearing now? Well all of them us guys and all the girls, and you they have a tracker in it. It is just a fear the guys and I have for the almost decade we spent over there. It only has to do with the Jason situation a little bit. Your engagement ring and your future wedding ring as well as mine have small trackers in them to. As well as your cell phone. That’s it though I’m sorry for not telling you.” Kane said looking down.

“You know even though I should be I’m not even mad. This is not some irrational fear Kane. This is one of the effects your guys PTSD took on you and it’s ok. I mean look at my mom she got taken off a prison bus no one can locate her. Look how Jason came me at me all side ways out of no where today who know what he was willing or going to do if you guys weren’t there. I think this is a good thing and I won’t say nothing to the girls for a week. You have one maybe two depending on how court goes. To tell the guys to tell the girls.” She said kissing him deeply. Kane sighed they took a shower together just washing each other up and drying each other off. “Are you not getting dressed don’t get me wrong baby I love you naked rubbing and staying close on my body. I just think tonight we should rest long day you had and all.” Kane said holding her to his chest breathing in her neck feeling her tense up. Pulling away.

“Kane I need to do something before I go to bed but even though it’s better to wait until the morning I just need to do it now. I just.” She said getting a little shaky. “Hey calm down, breathe, and just tell me what’s going on.” “I need to take a pregnancy test. I’m not late, but my boobs are and feel different, Im tired, I’ve been getting sick randomly, and I’m a bit more emotional. It is common for women to maybe have a period the first couple months and I have but it was mostly just spotting. I bought five tests from different brands yesterday. I’ve been think this way for a week but I think I maybe at least six to eight weeks if it’s positive.” She said lastly looking at him. HE just had a blank face. Reaching down under the sink he pulled out the bag that had in deed five tests in their. He didn’t say a word as he carefully read each one.

Looking up at her. “Do you need some water. I’ll get you those little paper cups to pee in for these two. You want me to be in here, or do you want me to wait out side?” HE was oddly calm and collected. “You want to watch pee on things?” She asked kind of shock this was the first words after she told him all this. “Well can you bend that way?” HE laughed playfully. “Yes, you of all should know just how well I can bend. Are you freaking out on the inside you know?” She asked. “Nope not even a little bit. It’s a little sooner than I had planned, but Marie I want this, I want this with you. I’m ready. I’ve been ready for a while, I was just waiting to you to get here with me. Are you freaking out?” “I don’t know yet I was more scared of just telling you.” “You should never be scared to me anything. I want to be the first person you go to for every and anything. Look we got great health insurance, all of your close friends are doctors and midwives. You have at least three months vacation set aside plus the maternity leave you would get. My parents are retired and your dad makes his own schedule and works from home sixty percent of the time so child care id over half way covered.” HE joked. “ We have a beautiful home filled with emptied rooms, a great support system who would do anything for us. We have money for years There’s is nothing to worry about we got this everything will be ok.” Kane said putting his forehead to hers. She felt like she could breath.

“OK now get out so I can pee on things an din things.” She said as she playfully pushed him out. After about five minutes she came out to him dressed in one of his long shirts and her underwear. He was looking at her. It says about five some five to ten minutes. Kane nodded his head. “Do you feel a little better know that your checking for the answer?” He asked. “I just feel better that you know.” She said his arm wrapped around her head resting on his shoulder. “Baby, it’s time.” Kane said. “Will you do it, you have been waiting longer for this apparently.” She said with a smile as he was grinning and smiling like a kid checking the Christmas tree for presents. AS he looked over all of them with a blank face studied them carefully she couldn’t help but wonder as he turned looking at her. Is this it?

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