The Way Home

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Chapter 25

“So what is it?” Marie asked wondering what his look of confusion was. “It’s negative.” He said confused. “Than it’s positive, than it’s negative, incomplete, and positive. I’m going to go ou ton a limb and just say we are pregnant baby.” Kane said excitedly picking her up spinning her around kissing her deeply. “Does this kind of thing happen often is this why people always buy like ten of these just to leave them stuck in the same question?” Kane asked scratching the back of his head. “Yes that’s exactly why.” “It’s ok though I’ll just call Natalie in the morning and have her schedule me in for an appointment Dr. Brooks owes me one.”

“Can I go with you?” Kane asked like a kid scared to ask permission to go to his friends house. “I would love it if you were there. Besides knowing how Dr. Brooks he will do an ultrasound just to be sure anyway, and if there is someone there I don’t wan you to miss out on seeing them for the first time.” Thank you so much.” Kane said as his face was beaming. “There is still a fifty-fifty chance of no one in there at all, I don’t that though, but still for my own sanity don’t put all your eggs in one basket on this.” Marie said scared tomorrow would be a big disappointment for him.

“Hey I think we are, but if we aren’t than it will happen when it happens I’m ok with that. However if someone is in there we need to move up the wedding I want his mama to be matching our names legitimately.” Kane “As long as I don’t have a big belly in my dress I’m ok with it.” They laid down to go to sleep. Which proved to be difficult for Kane. His brain going miles a minute of excitement and what if’s playing in his head the possible fishing trips, or ball games, or even tea parties and horse rides. His heart couldn’t wait for morning.

The next day Kane reached out for Marie who wasn’t there the bed was semi cold so she wasn’t there for long. He got dressed and made his way to the kitchen to find Marie on the phone and texting with his cell phone confused he came up to her as she placed his phone down. She had texted Dylan she was not coming in today couldn’t make it and will talk later. Kane read it and nodded happy she took it off knowing her mind would be preoccupied until they knew for sure.

“Hey Isaac, good morning. Look sorry for calling so late but I need a favor. Ok thank you for that. I need you to see me for an appointment. Well it’s just I took five pregnancy test one was inclusive, two were positive, two were negative, and I have been showing symptoms for about two weeks, I just need to know. Can you see me today? Ya I can be there at eight what is that like and hour? Yes he will be coming. YA we could bring some fresh fruits and vegetables for your mama. Yes I will bring you my coffee, yes you can rub it Mathew’s face. Ok thanks. Bye.” “Hey baby can you have Tommy go out to our special garden and grab whatever’s ripe and Adam to some of them fruit trees again whatevers ripe and fill these baskets. Isaac is not going to charge us anything he just wants food from here on the ranch and my special coffee as long as the smell doesn’t give me morning sickness.” Marie said chuckling. “OK I know Isaac is Dr. Brooks, who’s Mathew?” “Mathew is Dr. Bomien they have a little competitiveness and both love the things I make they are in the same building complex as Dylan’s, and Ricki’s. “ Marie said kissing his cheek. “Alright than. I’ll get Adam and Tommy on he fruit trees and the guys will help on the vegetable garden you just take your time and get ready and meet me in at the truck in forty-five minutes than.” He said kissing her lips quickly and grabbing the baskets.

“Keith, Adam, Leo, Tommy go fill this basket full of fruit as much it can hold I need it in thirty minutes. Bear, Tank help me fill this one from the garden.” These are pretty big boss man what’s the occasion?” Adam asked. “We’re just on our way over to talk to Dr. Brooks he wants these for his mom.” HE said normally. “Oh cool ya give us a minute we’ll be right back.” Leo said. This wasn’t an uncommon thing people always called up and did this, with everyone being so close and all no one ever put much thought into a reason behind why someone asked for fresh food from them, they just asked and they just gave no big deal to them. People helping people they thought.

“So how is Isaac doing anyway, last I heard he got bummed out because he was wanting to make a play for Natalie a little while back but let that hope go when he noticed how she is. Good thing to because man can you just imagine how lit Colt would be?” Tank said with a deep chuckle making the rest of them laugh. “Man, maybe that’s why he got mad a little bit back when he went to grab her for lunch. He was mumbling about Isaac needing to back the hell of something now it all makes sense. Least they are all past it. “I’m not sure how he is really Angel called him up.” Kane said still not looking at them.

Tank and Bear both stopped the basket was half full. “So you are going to take Angel to go see Dr. Brooks, and you haven’t looked us in the eye once today? Do you want to tell us what’s really going on?” Bear asked crossing his arms. “What’s, what really going on? Mama Callie, papa Neil, and Caleb asked standing behind them. “ What are you guys doing here this early?” Tank asked. “Robbing your garden for dinner what are you doing out there at all?” Caleb asked honestly curious. “Well we are get some goods for Dr. Brooks.” Kane said. “Awe that Isacc is a good boy.” Mama callie said taking the plastic bag from Neil to start gathering her choices, while they all nodded along.

“So what’s going on here the atmosphere is really tense with you guys.” Caleb said picking up on it. “Well daddy, Kane is taking tow baskets of crops and Marie to Isaac and hasn’t been able to look us in the eye.” Bear said looking at Caleb. “Awe hell Kane did you knock up my baby?” Caleb asked hands on his hips. Neil just laughing hard bent over, and Mama Callie looking hopeful. Kane still can’t look anybody in the eyes so he just stood there with his eyes closed pinching his nose. “I think he did Caleb look at my boy his absolutely glowing. What’s with the secretcy about son?” “Well since god only knows why no one can have privacy here. We only think she is we couldn’t get a straight answer so we’re going to go get her checked.” Kane said quietly. “What do you mean what did the test say?” Neil asked. “That’s just it out five one didn’t work, two were yes, two were no. SO were going for the urine and blood test and the ultrasound. HE’s going to see us as soon as we are done here with this crap. He doesn’t want any type of currency just food from here. I think I’ll send a cow, pig and chicken to he butcher and send it over to his folks place to they’ll just split it with him anyway.” Kane said scratching the back of his head.

“That’d be best I think son.” “Well can you call us when you get out? I’ll be at your folk place for awhile this morning.” Caleb said looking surprised by the news. “Ya I will I promise we’ll call when you get out.” “It would be nice to have a little one running around again. This time at least I won’t miss out on as much.” Caleb said sadly putting his hand on Kanes shoulder. “Here you go Boss with seven minutes to spare I do believe.” Leo said carrying it and placing it in Marie’s navigator. Bear putting theirs in as well. “Text me yes or no man because I can go pick out the cow and chicken and Bear could get the pig picked out at the end of the day.” Tank whispered.

“Hey honey are you ready. Oh good morning family.” MArei said waving at everyone with purse and phone in her hand. They all looked and smiled. Leo and Tommy had walked off and left them all alone. She took a good look at all of them. So you all know right? Well I had a good what almost nine hours more than what most get. Kane just get your ass in the car or I’m leaving you here.” She said putting a container of her special coffee for Isaac. “I’m coming woman let me wash my hands first.” HE said blushing. The ride was a lot quicker but for some reason it only seemed to ticking backwards for Kane the second they got in the office.

“Good morning Marie, Kane it is good to see you. So I am going to take a little bit of your blood here. Than while that is getting all whipped up, you can pee in this cup for me. Don’t worry no on eels comes in until nine today not even Natalie or anyone else it’s just us. Than we’ll see what these say. Once you are done leave the cup in the bathroom I will take it from there and than come back and you can come back I here and please remove your pants and underwear I have some sheet’s in here to cover your lower half pop up on the table here leaned back a little bit so than we’ll be set to give you just a routine exam and the ultra sound to help get a better look around there just so all bases are covered. Is that alright with you?” He asked making sure mainly Kane was ok with everything going on. “I know your doing the explanation thing for my benefit and I thank you for that.” Kane said making everyone chuckle. “Not just you babe, every office runs different most won’t give you an exam. Things haved changed and thank you Dr. Brooks that’s fine which arm you want?” Marie said as she was in a summers dress everything was available to the Dr. “Please call me Isaac it’s weird when your coworkers call you that while no ones around.” He said pretending to shiver. “Either let’s go left.” The process went fast. While everything was running in the test he came back in for a routine exam, than left the room. Kane growing nervous seeing how uncomfortable she was with him inside her with a qtip. Kane was cringing because he didn’t think he could do it.

Isaac walked right back in the room. “Ok well The urine test says your pregnant, bloods test says your pregnant, my exam says your early pregnant let’s see what the ultra sound says, but my dear you are indeed pregnant.” Isaac said smiling at her. “Really?!” Marie asked. Kane just beaming and glowing smile so big you could probably see it from back home, she didn’t mind. Seeing him that happy, knowing he ws happy to know he was going to be a dad to their baby was something that touched her heart straight through tot her soul. His happiness and smile was so contagious, his energy was like catching a piggy back ride to a secondary high. “Yes really. Now hang time this will be cold.” He said as he typed some things in the ultra sound machine.

“Ok hold on,” He said moving it around her pelvis. “And.. right about. There.” He said as this cute little peanut bean pooped on the computer. “That is your baby measuring about three weeks almost four maybe another three and half four days based on here and the information you gave me. Well say three and a half weeks. Here is the heart beat.” He said cranking the volume up so it surrounded the room and the only noise you can hear beside the air leaving both Marie and Kane’s lungs. Kane has not let go of Marie’s hand since she got back on the table.

“Its so fast.” Kane said his eyes getting a little teary. “That is what a healthy heartbeat sounds like dad. There is definitely only one baby in there so we know that three and a half weeks will put us at about the middle of March. Could be a week before, could be week after some women are early, on time or late. Don’t worry Kane your bride is a midwife and a nurse she knows everything about this stuff. But while I am here do you have any concerns or questions?” “Baby why don’t you go get cleaned up and go run next door and tell Dylan the good news and the picture here and I will meet you there and take you two to breakfast this will just be a minute.” HE said with a hand on her tummy, and a kiss to her forehead. “Sure babe.” She said taking his hand helping her off the table. Giving him his space.

“So I know the basics routines of healthy women the diets and all that. You know about her PTSD. We know how to be cautious with that my concern right now is mental stress and physical trauma.” Kane said. “Well this may take a minute but here look at these files, here’s what’s going on, and here’s what I’d like to do.’ Kane said pulling up some papers he had folded and hid in his pocket. Isaac’s face dropped getting sad and angry listening to Kane when he was finished he came out with a whole folder and a lot of paper work. Shaking his hand Kane left and ran to hide the papers in the glove box, locking back up and going into Dylans office who was holding her tight to him with a big smile.

“Hey man, congrads.” Dylan said coming up to hug Kane to. It’s crazy how much he hated him at the start, but how close he is now with him, everything happens for a reason. “Yeah I so beyond excited. Only now we gotta to go get new invites made and move up the date with Shelly. I want you bound to me as soon as possible.” Kane said playfully wrapping his arms around her waist hugging her from behind and hands resting on her tummy. “We were just going to go eat but I have an extra pair of scrubs in the car I can come back and clock in I know your short with Liam gone.” “Are you sure? I mean you guys could just take the day for yourselves.” “No Dylan I’m going to eat be back in an hour and I should be back in her ready to get changed before ten thirty the latest. Sounds good we don’t have anything until 11:15 anyway. Alright I’ll see you than thanks so much. Happy for you bro.” Dyaln said again shaking his hand.

“Ok so how about we just walk to the diner? We can call the folks on the way.” It is healthier than driving, daddy.” She purred. “I know your using that word playfully but damn if it still doesn’t make me hard.” HE growled back playfully smacking her butt. After a few loud yells and cheers over the phone, and a few more phone calls after that, and two breakfast platters later, Marie took her extra scrubs and shoes out of the truck telling Kane she’ll go home with Ricki. Kane made his way over to the next stop Ace.

“I’m so happy for you man!” Ace yelled his partner coming out of the room what’s going on?! He came out asking worriedly. “I’m going to be an uncle. Now go back to your office I ain’t staying here all day.” Ace said pointing his finger come in tell me what’s going on he said closing his door behind him. “It’s about Friday are you going to be with her right?” Kane asked looking at Ace. “I wouldn’t let anyone else in the whole damn state besides me be with my Angel in there.” He said sincerely. “Than your going to need these.” Kane said popping the manilla envelope on the desk. Ace took it and starting looking through the medical records he’d seen already than to the new ones Kane just obtained. “Damn man you always one step ahead of the game, it’s really got to start messing with Morgans head by now. By the way Keith came to see me with some other evidence he got. No worry he’s not a witness, and in no way can this lead back to him. It’s just some extra proof he’s been following and stalking Marie from back in their home town. If we thought he was crazy before, I would hate to see what is going ot happen to him after this trail. Marie has no idea the defense play I’m going for but she did say do whatever I have to do to make she not only never had to have contact with him, but that he does get some help.” Ace said.

“I just need this little fuck nut away from my family. I will do everything I can to make sure that, that happens.“ Kane said. Ace nodding his head. “Man this will be a turning point battle in this little war. He is never going to see this coming I can’t wait until her hears all this Friday. Man his world is going to crash down hard.” Ace said shaking his head a little. “Dylan is shutting down the office that’s why he so busy today and tomorrow. He also wants this over, she’s suffered enough man.” Ace said looking at Kane. “I don’t think you understand just how much you have pulled that woman from the dark and edge and pulled her to the surface man. I’ve been around in person and have been able to see her on the daily almost, she’s so different it actually hurts my heart. She is such a big part of me and the guys lives for awhile. Honestly man I just can’t find a way to thank you for everything you given her.” Ace said looking at Kane a little misty eyes which was a huge thing from Ace’s normal silliness.

“I feel you on that I am thankful you guys were here with here when we, well I couldn’t be physically. So we are set right you ready for this?” “Oh please brother I’m always ready. You insult me man. They don’t even know what they walking into this is my house baby.” Ace said cockily. Getting up walking Kane out. “Take it easy man. Has Colt talked to you about Jason being on lock down?” “Nope I think the less I know right now and the fuck tard the better.” “Yeah you probably right. Kiss my Angel send Chloes love to the both of you.” Ace said waving him off.

It felt like a blink of an eye Marie thought to herself as she put her cell phone in her wallet case with her, Id, some money, a credit card and her house key taken and hidden in a little slot. She was in a mixed colors of blue halter top summer dress. She took her prenatal vitamin and a bottle of water. “I’m ready she said walking into the kitchen staring at Ricki, Tank, Bear, and Kane. They planned to drive together over there. “Can I drive boo?” Ricki asked. “Take my car it’s big enough.” She said handing her keys over. Kane and Tank on both sides of her in the back. Bear and Ricki in the front.

“Can I touch your tummy?” Tank asked looking at Marie. Kane raising his eyebrows. “Why?” Kane said getting nervous something was noticed by Tank who was always keen on details. “What you talked to it, I want this little one to know me too?” Tank said in a childish voice. “Go right ahead it doesn’t bother me if you guys talk or touch the belly. It bothers me when people I don’t know touch my belly.” “Bothers me too.” Kane growled. “Hey buddy.”” Tank said than stopped thinking for a minute. “Or buddet.” HE added “The hell is a buddet?” Bear said whipping his around. “It’s a girl version of buddy.’ He said in a duh kind of tone. “Naw man I think that’s dude and dudette. I think buddy is universal.” Ricki added. That’s how the whole car ride went. Full of laughter and them just being themselves.

When they got to the court and saw the guys, with their girls and their parents. Marie took her seat pass the line and sat down. She immediately knew Jason’s family lawyer. Ms. Alderman it is a pleasure to see you again. I’m sorry it’s here though.” He said looking genuinely sad with his hand to shake. She accepted it. “It’s alright Mr. Morrison I understand, more than you know.” She said in the same tone. I think you know of Ace Jackson.” “I do it is nice to meet you. I want you to know how sorry I am to be here doing this to you, it’s honestly out of my hands you of all people remember what it is like back there.” He said scratching the back of his neck. “Well don’t worry we are the only case in here today. Once were done hopefully it will be done.” Ace said in high hopes. “God I hope so son.” He said walking back. A guard brought out Jason who was cleaned up clean cut looking like every little dime he worth. No chains or anything he came sitting down looking around the room nodding at those who were there.

There was a cold tense atmosphere when he started looking at everyone who was sitting on her side, especially with Caleb, Ricki, and Kane. A look came into Jason eyes not even she had seen before the hatred was so much more than she’s ever seen from him. “All Rise. Honorable Judge Henry Palmer entering the court room.” “No need y’all sit let’s get on with this. So Mr. Morgan you are her to try to life your restraining order form Ms. Alderman. Also you would like to have it mandatory for her to attend a at least weekly therapy sessions for your treatments? Now I would like you to explain to me what at least once a week is suppose to mean. Than I would like to explain to me how you believe with your own words how having Ms. Alderman in this sessions will actually benefit not just you, but her as well. I have read what your therapist has written in these notes but I just really want to hear from you some good reasons why this would benefit both of you not just the one party.” The judge said already taking mental note of not liking the feeling Jason was giving off. Jusge Palmer was a great judge of people and character and there was something evil residing in this man it was just something you can feel in your bones when you are in it’s presents.

“Well your honor I do have anger issues which when you think about really isn’t that uncommon for people in my profession. Ms. Alderman presence normally kept in check for me a lot of the times not all but most of the time when we were together. I think with all of the trauma from her, and the stress and all the unresolved issues and other personal and emotional things between us could help us both with either closure, or whatever the next step would be. I have difficulty in the sessions and Ms. Alderman being the main issue my Dr. agree it would be beneficial for my treatment.” Jason said looking at the judge.

“Ok I can see reason in some of that, but I have some major issues with that we will go over as we cross that bridge. The other question I would like to know before we start opening statements which I honestly have no patience to hear today I’m sure they would have been great speeches but y’all we are all educated men with other things to do with our day and we all know why we here so let’s just pass that stage. Now Mr. Morgan you are aware yes that your restraining order would be full in effect until today when after court to day would base it’s merits on staying effective or dismissed, and terminated?” “No sir, I was given a paper saying it was lifted Monday until Friday than it was based on today’s actions.” Jason said handing the paper up showing the judge. “Dominic had me that please.” He asked the Sherriff. The judge looked it over carefully.” Mr. Morgan I don’t know how you received this paper but this is document is a real paper however it’s signature is fraudulent. I can prove it if you like but I think you already know that. How did you get this Mr. Morgan.” The judge asked angrily. “Like I said your honor it came in the mail, I just figured Ms. Aldermen had it altered for this week. I don’t know how it was mailed to me but I got it and came early hoping we could just be able to talk about all this civialy without the need of being here today.” Jason said n a calm voice.

“Well I think today is a much needed event. Moving on. Mr. Morrison I would like for you to call your witness and prove your points.” The judge said very not happy to be here, or happy with this situation he hated people like Jason who had most of the law eating out of his hand because of who he is. This is why the system is in trouble the people who bend it to their own damn convenience. “Well your honor I would like to call Dr. Kira Bentley to the stand to share her treatment plan, and why she feels it is necessary in her professional opinion. Dr. Bentley.” Mr. Morrison called using his hand to point out the stand.

Dr. Bentely had a questionable length skirt, and too tall heels. “Dr. Bentley can you explain to us your plan, and why you believe it is in the best interest of Mr. Morgan?” “Of course. Like most officers in law or and political head figure in society of a mass population. Mr. Morgan does seem to have some anger issues, but he also has some depression issues that I feel could eliminated if he was given proper closure, and resolvement for both parties. He is great at his job and put his life on the line everyday for our city back home I think it’s important to get past these emeotional and mental major walls so his head could be more clear enough to come home and relax after working the type of job he has it’s not ok to come in working one nightmare to come home and be alone in the one he is stuck in at home.”

“That’s all I got your honor. MR. Jackson?” Mr. Morrison asked. “ya I got a couple of questions for Dr. Bentley. Now Dr. Bentley you said this would be beneficial for both parties I would like to know how you honestly see that to be true. You are aware she has a restraining order for domestic violence against this man? Can you break down any of why that could make sense to someone simple like me?” “I know both parties suffer greatly from this separation and I feel that clearing the air and working through those together will help end them.” “What problems would that be helping for my client Ms. Alderman though exactly to be mandated to be in a room with you mental, verbal, and physical abuser who when she was with him and tried to get counseling refused to go? How would that benefit her now? Why should she have to be ordered to go with you and your treatment plan when she had to go on her own and make it through hers on her own? Why order that now, when no one including Mr. Morgan was trying to help her than?” Ace asked her acting like her was actually confused at her.

“My patient understands some of the actions he should have taken with Ms. Alderman who I do commend for being able to get help and over come a lot of trauma on her own, however not everyone is as strong and some struggle and need help, its also clear to me that just because she has gotten help in the past doesn’t mean may not need some more now you can’t get over her condition on her own without talking to someone.” The Dr. said getting more of an attitude tone with Ace not liking him talk down to her. “What condition would that be exactly that you are referring to?” “Ms. Alderman PTSD.” The Dr snapped but than realized her mistake and the look on her face said it all.

“How would you know Ms. Alderman has PTSD?” Ace snapped back at her using the same tone she was given him. Jason looking at her like he was ready to pull his gun on her right than and there. “It’s in her medical records.” She said flatly looking down. “Is Ms. Alderman a direct apteint of your or have you ever treated her before?” “No.” “Than why do you know what is in her records if you have never been given consent or access to them?” “I got them from another Dr. It is not uncommon for thereaist to borrow notes on patients to help our current ones.” “Now we both know you took the oath not to lie, yet you are standing here doing just that. You said you saw it in her medical records, than you said you borrowed her Dr.s notes and I wan you to be aware I do have her therapist waiting on call outside this room this second to be able to confirm or deny that they willing gave you any information on my clients treatments or conditions. There is no way Mr. Morgan could know about considering it’s been about three years since she’s made any contact and she was diagnosed with it about a month after she fleed form him so I ask you again Dr. Bentley how did you get ahold of her medical records?” “I don’t know. They just came across my desk one day and I started to see and understand why my patient was having problems. It helped to find a new plan.”

“Ok I have just a couple more questions your honor. So Dr. Bentley would you say Mr. Morgan has a problem letting go of his feelings and relationship with Ms. Alderman?” “I would say there are some issues of letting go their relationship it is hard to grieve the relationship and move on if there was any closure or understanding to why it ended the way there’s did.” “I could understand that. Now do you have any personal close relationships with any of Mr. Morgans friends?” “No I do not.” “No, ok so this isn’t you with one of his best friends Tristan being really up close and intimate one picture for every week you started given Mr. Morgan his sessions?” The look on her face turned beat red. “Yes, that’s us. “So is it safe to assume you know of his feeling for my client and how desperate he is to try to get her back, as most abusers are, so his friend who you are having rather personal relations with, would try to help his friend in getting some time with her even if it’s against her own free will and made into a court order?” “No I do think it will help them honestly in the long run this is how people can heal in more ways than one. Even if they think they are over you never really know until one day it’s starring you in the face.” Dr. Bentley said.

“No further questions your honor.” Ace said walking away with Marie whole side including her smiling at him. “Dr. Bentley after admitting to breaking your oath and hippa violations your license is suspended until further notice and a trial held in a separate committee form your town but still in your state can deem rather to return it you or not but if I were you I would start seeking other employment.” “Mr. Jackson what do you have for me next?” The judge asked. “We have a video of Mr. Morgan breaking the restraining order on Monday. Which you have seen, we have phone records of him again also breaking the order reaching in contact. We have already submitted all the medical records of proof of abuse in all ways except sexual. My client says no sexual abuse ever was committed and all evidence ahs found that to be true, but all also found it in every other aspect. I also have EVERY SINGLE doctor and nurses signatures on stand by in the hall every therapist and also doctors and nurse Ms. Alderman herself has worked who has seen and documented the affects of the abuse from Mr. Morgan not just her mother as the media has sought out to believe. There are eighty-five in total. They can and are willing to testify about how well her recovery has been and how well she is here and not form being back home in the residence of Mr. Morgan.”

“I want the record to also show that when she tried to request and get help with a restraining order in Mr. Morgans place of work with all the proper evidence they made her leave and turned her down, they turned her away one time with his hand print and finger embedded in her arms. My client is no longer that scared victim she is a survivor who knew what could have happened living in Mr. Morgans care if she couldn’t get the protection she needed, she sought it else where she is an incredibly brave woman because not a lot of people have not only the smarts to leave but the strength. I ask you honor do we really need to call all those witness in to go over all the paper work in front of you submitted into the evidence?” “Do you really want to challenge this Mr. Morrison?” “NO your honor we do not.”

“Mr. Jackson I believe you have made your point. Mr. Morgan young man this is not looking good for you. Do you have anything you want to ry to pull an d waste my time with today?” The judge asked in a high deep tone. “No sir I do not I really only wanted to seek help and know it would be more beneficial with Ms. Alderman participation.” Jason sadly looking at her with longing in his eyes, she is just so close and so far away. He could feel his heart just aching. His arms desperately craving to hold her in them and her laugh. Marie didn’t spare him one glance the whole time and he knew it. “You know Mr. Morgan I do believe you came here for help but not the kind I think you really need. There is so much truth in the plan Dr. Bentley spoke about, but I don’t see it being a possibility. You broke you court order and could cost you jail time your job so many other things. However I can’t help but noticed you have taken so much from Ms. Alderman I would like to know how you would want proceed in this. What steps do you think would be appropriate for me to follow right now in your best opinion?”

“Your honor my client wishes for the restraining order to remain in full effect. She has no desire to ever be mandated to go to therapy with him as he has been abusive in the past and is afraid for her unborn baby if he decides to snap like he has in the past.” Once those words od unborn baby were said Jason’s head snapped to her mouth opened a little heart shattering on the ground, and just lost in surprise. The love of his life was carrying life of her own that he did not place in there. His mind started to start working on all the ways on how to get Kane permanently out of his way. His baby or not he would take Marie and any baby she bears as his own as long as he was able to hold her at the end of the day. “Her obgyn has made copies of his report and has stressed on the point of how important it is to avoid stressful situations especially this early in her condition. She would also like to make sure Mr. Morgan get’s real help and treatment as she wishes him nothing but the best in the future, she just wants to be no where near him, she has against my best advice ask for him to be barred form this stated as long as she resides here, for her own safety and that of her growing family and have him be delivered back to their hometown where he and I quote belongs. If he can not agree or violates these conditions than we have no problem pushing charges and he can hand over his badge now and start doing his time sentence serve up states.”

Jason still couldn’t believe she was still protecting him in her own way. Still making sure he gets help and keeps his place. That can’t mean nothing he kept thinking to himself. He had a whole new plan all ready to go in his mind she will be his without a doubt. He looked at he judge. “Ms. Alderman you are a much bigger person than I think I could ever be. Your child is going to truly an incredible person if they get even half the size of your heart. Truly wish you nothing but the best for you and you future husband back there. So do you agree to these terms and following the terms of this court saying you have to have 150 hours of therapy by a new licensed Dr. sending in through this court the progress of your sessions before you may return to work.” “Yes your honor I do.” Jason said looking at Marie smiling at her. She still ahs not said one word out loud, or even look his way it was killing him. HE knew she knew that it would get to this badly.

“We are adjourned Dominic please wait with Mr. Morgan and see to it he stays in cuffs until he is put on a the next plane home. Marie got up smiling to Ace who held the little gate opened for her. She went straight to Kane who kissed her deeply hugging her tight to him sliding his hand down to rub her belly a little between a small space he made to fit his little fingers smiling at her and her tummy. HE looked up at Jason who was throwing daggers and an evil smile at him. Kane tucked her into him returning the same smile to him and escorted his woman out the door. Kane and everyone got to the house and after the excitement died down and everyone left. Marie was already on the bed asleep he got into bed after locking up his phone lit up with a text from unknown number. “Hope that wasn’t the best you got. It’s not over, are you ready?” Smirking to himself looking down at his phone. “I think the bigger question is are you?” HE wrote and blocked the number after copying so info on it for Bear later. Seems like Kanes next step in his plan will be happening sooner than he thought. HE wrapped his arms around and spooned his woman close to him and fell asleep easily breathing her in with his hand on her tummy.

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