The Way Home

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Chapter 26

The room was dark, getting a little a nervous no one has been down here since however took her brought her down here. To where ever the here was. She had on cuff on the ankle and one cuff and her hand. It wasn’t until the door opened and a about ten men came down. The lights had come on making her eyes squint and burn. “Sorry maybe should have given you some warning about that.” The voice making her cringe. “Well hello Jennifer.” Jason said with his two best friends and extra men who had emotionless expressions. Eric, and Tristian with those evil smirks that only the devil’s little trinity here can wear so well.

“Awe Jason, I should have guessed this was all your doing.” “You should have but it seems you are a quiet a popular lady and not for good reasons might I add. Did you really think I wouldn’t find out you would try to get rid of me?” Jason asked with a deep chuckle. “As usual I don’t know what your getting at Jason.” She said in calm tone with a smirk. “Oh, well I must have gotten some mixed communication than. Kenzo can you come here please.” He asked without taking his eyes off her as the man about Jason age came up to him. “Yes boss.” HE said again with an emotionless face.

“Is this the woman who called you asking if you would take a job. A hit none the less on me?” “It depends sir.” “Depends on what Enzo.” “Is this ma’am a Mrs. Jennifer Alderman or at least was.” Kenzo asked looking straight at her. “Yes, this is and was.” “Let me check one thing sir.” Enzo pulled out his phone and called her number.” Having her phone ring in Tristans hand. Tristan shaking the phone Mr. Morgan I think it’s for you.” HE said with an amused tone. “Yes, sir she is the one who called me asking for a hit on you.” Kenzo said in a simple tone. Jennifer eyes almost coming out of her head never did she think he would have caught her. Knowing about him being a shady corrupted detective, what connections could he have underground.

“You look a little confused there Jen let me fill you in. My family and I are the people who run this town and do you know how you run a city above in a high society like the one back home? By making sure you run the one below as well.” Her eyes opened wide realization hut her hard. “That’s right, dear Jen I am the head of the underground. Enzo what did you tell Mrs. Alderman when she called to enlist your special services?” “I told her we would take her request upon further investigation and will get back to her. I was informed she could not take any calls as she was incarcerated at the time. So I told her to call back in about a week to see if it would be worthy of my bosses efforts, time, or man power.” Kenzo answered back.

“Thank you Enzo. You see Jennifer, loyalty is such a precious thing to me especially in this line of business and I have very loyal people. I have them every where also.” “You mean every where but the east side, don’t you? It seems that little Kane Medina runs that. Even drug my baby with him.” Jennifer spat out in disgust. “I think that is the only thing we see eye to eye on there ma’am. Speaking of Marie I guess I should congratulate you on becoming a grandmother. It seems my woman is pregnant by that little fucktard.” Jason said angrily. “Is she really? Well what’s going to happen to it?” Jason looked at her with confused look. Looking to his other men who also looked confused.

“Well you can’t let her be with that damn man.” “I know that, and I am not going to.” Jason said still not following her. “So when is she going to get the abortion? Is one of your little spies going to trip her down stairs or something? They have pills to help with this type of situation.” Jennifer said looking at him wondering if he needed anymore ideas. “Are you? Are you seriously asking me how I plan to eliminate Marie’s unborn baby?” He asked disgusted. His men looking at each other feeling uncomfortable. “Why the hell would I do any of that?” HE asked looking around the room wondering if there was something he was missing. Tristan and Eric shrugged at him just as lost. “Are you telling me you would allow Marie to have another mans baby and claim it as your own?” She asked cringing at the thought.

“Yes, I am. There is no need to punish an innocent baby for who the parents are. This child is apart of her. No matter how much I hate it, this baby is apart of her. I love everything about Marie and when I take her as my queen back home I’m taking every little part of her with me. I will take this kid as if they were mine. See the ultimate revenge one man can really get is taking their child and making them love them as the father the other man will never get to be. Any child that comes out of Marie will be mine.” He growled back at her. “You think that makes you strong, it makes you weak to accept anything not your own. You need to turn that stray out. You best believe if I wasn’t in this spot right now this little problem would be fixed.” She snapped back.

“You would murder your own grandchild because you dislike the father?” Eric asked in an angry confused tone. The other men getting mad. All of them were big on family, and not harming innocent. A baby is as innocent as it’s going to get, most of the men grew up either being in big families or being adopted. This was a very sensitive issue for most people who worked for him. Knowing how crazy he is scared the crap out of all of them. They had a great respect for their boss, knowing he would take that woman and anyone else who came along with her in stride no matter how much it hurt him. Also scared of if he hurt Marie that badly to high tail and run, would he do it again Would he do it to the child as they got older all thoughts none of them would wonder aloud, if they truly valued their life.

“People get rid of unwanted babies all the time. This child is not apart of the plan. This child should not exist, it does not belong in my family.” She snapped back at him. “Well sucks for you, you crazy bitch because it belongs in mine!” Jason roared back. “Oh that’s rich coming form you. Coming from a man who beat the hell out of his mama in anger tantrums. What are you going to Jason? Huh? You going ot go out their and drag my daughter out of the life she’s fighting for back there, to go back home and what get the hell beat out of her again? What are you going to do when that baby turns into a child and that child gets you angry are you going to almost kill them too? Are you going to snap one day and finally finish the job and kill my daughter Jason?” She asked getting louder.

“That’s just the thing Jennifer normally I would back hand you with my little anger issue, however I actually did receive help, not only help. I received medication for awhile. I will never have that problem again, I won’t raise my hand to my woman ever again. Turns out I had a little disorder. Who knew right?” HE joked causing everyone to laugh with him all knowing he’s crazy. “I got the help I need and I am a changed man. I had about three years to get fixed. I’ll be damned if that shit didn’t work too. However it’s getting Marie to be able to believe me or see it. See without her to keep my inner demons at bay all this work my as well be for not. The one thing I can’t change is getting pist at people who put their hands on what’s mine in such an aggressive manner. OR trying to make a hit on me.” Jason looking at her evilly.

“See we only have a don’t hurt an innocent policy. You are by far innocent. You put your filthy hands on my woman and bruised her that will be the last time you ever lay your evil paws on her. You threatened our unborn child that is punishable by death in my eyes. Anyone disagree with that?” Jason asked looking around. “No sir.” Was murmured all around the woman. “I guess it works in your favor than that your both darked skinned men than, you and Kane. This child you so desperately want to claim, a beautiful mixed baby, with perfect skin, Marie’s amazing eye color and hair color, I wondering how you’ll feel when that baby comes out looking just like their real daddy.” Jennifer asked with an evil smirk. “Not like you’ll ever know.” He said as he took his gun quickly and shot her twice in the heart and head. “Why you shoot her twice in the head?” Eric asked with a chuckle. The perfect way is two in the heart, and once in the head you remember that right?” “He asked. All the men nodded along in agreement to his word. “Well I think we can all agree that this crazy bitch aint got no god damned heart. Might as well make sure I got her good in the head. Don’t nee his type of trash in the world. It’s ugly enough. Clean this up.” Jason said as he walked out with Tristan, and Eric right there with him.

“Where does Lexy think you are?” Jason asked Eric. “I told her the truth I was spending time working with you guys. I don’t keep no lies from my woman, I just don’t unfold the situations to her either.” Eric said with an evil smirk. “He was an evil man And Lexy will always to be good for him, but he could not let her go he was too selfish, yet he would never bring her into his messy world. Not knowing all the truths, he would not ever taint his angel. “You a smart man.” Tristan said with a chuckle. “Ya, he is. Let’s go gentlemen we have much to do, not a lot of time to do it in. That fucking cum twat is going to bump up that wedding now, and I can’t have the woman with anything but my name on her. Call him up and see what’s happening on their end.” He said with an evil smirk.

Rubbing on her tummy looking down at her belly smiling like a damn fool. Kane had her sitting on his lap on one of the many porch swings on the back porch. Sitting with his family. Tank with Isabella, Bear arguing playfully with Ricki and both his dad and mom. A couple of the farm hands playing horseshoes with Caleb, Dylan and Maddie. On the other side Ace and Chloe lost in laughter with Colt and Natalie. He was a lucky man. He never thought he could have had this three years ago until he got a letter from an amazing lost, beautiful broken woman who was constantly scared and slowly became his whole world he lived looking forward to receiving her next letters, to receiving her phone calls. Meeting her for the first time was more than his heart could have ever hoped for. It’s crazy how he thought his only competition was only Dylan, now they are close friends happily in love with their own women. Hell he even gained a new parent. He truly got to love Caleb as a fatherly figure.

Never did he think his life could get to this great place he is in looking around and the happiness and love surrounding him. Now he has this whole new little life coming in the world. They made that, their love made this little person. He was only more concerned now what Jason was or might be willing to do with his little family. HE was a crazy man but according to his sources he has calmed down majorly after getting the proper help for his little disorder. Who knows if he would have gotten help sooner he may not be here holding on to his world right here in his lap. Everything in life happens for a reason. Like his reason for breathing was all sitting around him.

“Are you ok, you look like you’re a million miles away. Come back to me.” Marie said softly for his ears only to hear, rubbing his face lovingly. “I was just lost in thought baby, I’m here.” He said putting his face in her neck breathing her in. “What thoughts could occupy that wonderful mind?” “Just looking around thinking I’m a lucky, blessed man. Just taking a minute to be thankful I guess.” He said honestly looking into her eyes. “That’s right son. Always take that minute to be thankful.” Papa Neil said hugging on mama Callie. “Never let those praying knees get lazy baby boy.” His mama added smiling deeply. “So when do you want to get married now baby?” “Well I would like to do it before I start to show to much so how about in about two months? Let’s see August now, so we can do the first week of October. I’ll be three months and have just a pudge and my dress can be altered to add baby room.” “Ok if that’s what you want I’ll call Shelly and remake the invites and get them out by Tuesday, and you will be Mrs. Medina in about almost what nine weeks?” “Nine weeks sounds great. Also knowing I’m pregnant I don’t want to go away for the honey moon, I just get this nervous feeling.” Marie said at a loss on how to explain it.

“I understand baby. So why don’ we just come back home and lock the doors for a week.” He said playfully kissing her sweetly. Earning him a playfully slap to the chest. “What, is it wrong to want my new little wifey all to myself for a little while?” HE asked with a cute pout. “Your insufferable.” She said playfully. Everyone started to leave and the night was upon them. They were cuddled in bed drifting to sleep. When they heard a key unlocking the door opening it, locking it back. “Stay here baby. I’ll go check on who it is. You know it’s probably Bear looking for food again.” He mumbled making her laugh.

Kane went to make his way to the kitchen when he realized that Bear was in his old room. Hands in his hair, leaned forward. “Hey man, what’s going on?” Kane asked getting a little nervous to see someone as a big of a joking teddy bear with his eyes glazed over and red. “I got into I don’t even know what to call it with Ricki. It wasn’t a fight, but it was something I don’t even know. I don’t even know if I want…” he kept cutting himself off. “Why don’t you just start at the beginning. Catch me up to where ever that brain of yours is at.” Kane said sitting in the chair in the corner looking at him.

“We wee looking online at baby stuff, looking up on safety and stuff you know just so we can start thinking about baby proofing some of the things in the houses around here, and the barns. We were having a good time laughing and we were really into it. One of the joes he made was really funny I can’t even remember what it was now. Anyway I playfully asked if that’s he going to be when we have kids running around. Than he just stopped and starred at me. He asked me you want kids. I said well ya someday. I would like to have them. I always planned on adopting, because I don’t think I could handle having a baby from a surrogate because that’s not made form both of us, so I would rather just adopt. It was like the color left his face. I Asked him if that was a problem. He said he didn’t know if he wanted kids.” Taking a deep breath.

“You know when we used to talk when we were over seas, he was always on board with the baby thing. Now he has some doubts and is scared. He thinks he may not be able to be the father he wants to be. I don’t know where it all was coming from. SO I told him it was ok to be scared about that because everyone is scared about that. I just told him that when the time is right for us well know, and just take it form there. Than he asked what if the time never comes. Would it be enough just being us too. I said well we could get a dog. Than he though I was making fun of him. Now I’m sent out to think about if I can be with someone who may not want kids while he stays there wondering if he can be strong to want them. He is just so scared of the what if’s that it threw him.” Bear said scratching the back of his head.

“What if the baby gets a disorder like Jason’s that turns him into a monster and they do to someone what he did to Marie. What if the baby grows up to be in a horrible relationship with someone who hurts them like Marie was. I told him well we know the signs we will be there and we will help them. We’ve done it before it’s not like it would be our first rodeo. Than it was what do we if they get bullied for having two dads. I told him it’ a small town where Ricki himself has dated a lot of the gay community and not one person has ever shamed anyone, it’s not like that here in town, as it was where he grew up. I think he’s just going through the scary what if’s now to get them out of his system. Having a family has always been his dream. I know he still wants this, so I’m just going to give him his space and let him have his freak out now. DO you mind if I crash here tonight?” Bear asked looking little sad.

“Ya man, whenever you need. Are you sure your ok.” “Ya bro, I’m good. I’m not upset about anything of what Ricki and I said or anything like that I know and bet with everything in me that this will blow over by tomorrow or the next day, it’s just that.” HE paused and looked up at him. “I honestly don’t know how to sleep without him. I mean hell it’s been almost a year since we’ve been together I just don’t know how to be without him. Even if it’s just to sleep. It’s making my heart sad. He’s just fucking less than fifteen minutes away you know hell I could walk there. How can I or my body just miss him this much, to need to be able to touch him to sleep?” Bear asked looking at Kane hoping have an answer.

“You know what man I have no idea because I know for a fact I can’t do it either. I don’t think they understand just how wrapped up and sprung we really are. It’s crazy the power they have over us, it’s so soul and heart consuming it’s almost like being placed under someone else control willfully to I might add.” They both laughed lightly. “When did this happen. “Dude I swear just yesterday we were getting ready to go on a first tour alone, and scared. Now were happily snatched up men and still scared all for completely reasons. Do you think it’ll ever stop?” “God man I sure hope not. The real difference is now not only are really living we have real reasons to have something to be living for. Now come on Uncle Benny Bear let’s get some sleep.” “You teach my little one to call me that I’ll wax your ass in your sleep.” Bear said rolling onto the bed flatly. “Get the light on your way out there daddy.” He said playfully.

Curling up next to Marie back on the bed. She hummed and scooted closer to him in her sleep. He loved that her body was always so responsive to his even when subconsciously. HE fell asleep quickly with his arm draped around her stomach hand placed on their little one. Morning came and they both got dress and made their way to the kitchen they made waffles, scrambled eggs, sausages, bagel with strawberry cream cheese, and fresh fruit. They heard a couple of banging sounds going on in Bears room. “I’ll go call him down to breakfast he had a little thing with Ricki last night and crashed here.”

Marie looked at Kane with a smirk. “Maybe you should just leave him be.” “No can do honey we all got work today I need him fed and ready soon.” Kane said walking away. “Ok than.” She giggled learning her lesson twice was more than enough she thought to herself. Kane knocked once as he opened the barely cracked door. To see Bear sittin slightly up on the bed while Ricki was on his knees working his dick just like Marie does him with the hand thing. “Oh shit baby right there just like that. UGH. Damn baby you know what daddy likes.” Bear growled out using his hands to control Rickis head as he was sucking the soul right out of his body. HE quickly shut the door. Shivering in the horror image he wish he never saw.

“YOU, you knew what I was walking into didn’t you and you said nothing.” HE said laughing pointing at her. “Well I did tell you to let it go, you wouldn’t hear it.” A few minutes later Ricki and Bear came to he table. “I want to say sorry, but honestly I’m only sorry you saw it man.” Bear said laughing. The news was on the little tv in the kitchen area. “Authorities have found a body discovered in the small area next to the river side. They are under suspicion that the identity maybe that of an Jennifer Alderman who is recently divorced and was claimed as a missing prisoner of a prison transport accident. Sources say it’s yet to be officially announced as her until a family member could be found to identify the body. In other news it’s going to be cooling down. “ Kane turned off the t.v. “Baby are you ok?” JUSt than her cell phone rang. “Hello.” She answer. “Darlin’?” “Dyl, what’s wrong.”

“Well you see I came into work a little early to make sure the hospital’s had the right information on some of our things here in the office and I was faxing them over when someone came a tapping on the door. There are a few officers wanting to speak to you . Darlin’ they need you to identify a woman that might be your mom, your dad is not answering his phone, but I told them he doesn’t until nine a.m., what do you want to do?” Dyaln asked her. “Is the body at the station or at the morgue in the hospital.” “Well they have a separate morgue area in the police station. That’s where they want to take you.” “Ok, I will grab my dad, and well go straight there. I’ll be in later today once they are done with me.” “You don’t have to.” She cut him off before he could finish. “Dyl I do, I really do.” She waited for a moment.

“OK Darlin’ just know whatever you need I’m right here.” “I know Dyls, thank you.” She said sadly as she hung up. The door opened up to see her father dressed and ready. “Did they call you in? You know you don’t have to go honey they only need one of us, and I’m heading there now.” “Caleb said trying to make sure she was ok with all of this in some way. “No, I need to go with you I need to see for myself.” “Alright than are you ready?” Caleb asked looking at her sadly with his hands in his pockets. “Ya I am.” She said grabbing her purse. “Baby are you sure your ok, I’m coming with you.” Kane said getting his keys. “Ya ok. No honey I’m fine you can come though I need you to take me to the office when were done though, I need to keep my mind and hands busy. You know what the weirdest thing is?”

She asked looking at the four men in front of her. “If she was to have had her way, she would probably be the one who maybe identifying my body.” She said shivering and walking out the door. “The saddest thing about that statement is the truth in those words.” Caleb said looking into Kanes eyes, who was nodding because it was true. “You know the real weird thing is she disappeared around the same time Jason came through didn’t she say that Jason used to find a way punish her mother if she laid hands on Marie. Kind of no one hurts my girl but me kind of thing?” Ricki asked looking at the other three men. “I got to say if that theory that just came with that question is even close to being true, than this might just be the only step from him I wasn’t ready for.” Bear said rubbing both hands down his face to his jaw. “I was.” Kane said walking out the door to get this all over with. “What the hell kind of training did you boys have over there? What the hell does he know that we’re missing.” Caleb asked Bear and Ricki as he walked himself to his car and followed them over to the police station. “This is whole mess is about to get uglier and bigger real soon baby, just please what ever happens don’t take off your necklace.” Bear said caressing Ricki’s cheek. “I won’t I promise, I just wish this mother fucker would hurry this up, this needs to be over.” HE said resting his forehead to Bears. “It will be, babe, it will be soon enough.”

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