The Way Home

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Chapter 27

It was a quiet trip to the police station. Even though it was about twenty minute drive without traffic. It felt like it took couple of days. The only thing she could or see the whole way there was every encounter with her mother. Like a movie skipping forward to random moments. She could only hear every thing her mother had said to her that stuck. “Stop that crying no one likes a woman seeking attention.” “I’ll give you something to cry about.” “Who do you think will believe you?” “You are nothing without me.” “Why would you switch your major? DO you not know what you have done? You just threw your whole education away to be what, huh? A nothing that’s what you have no idea how badly you just screwed up your whole life! I did not work this hard and this long for you to fuck it all up now!” “You deserved every mark he gave you, you earned that. You need to relearn your place. Honestly life isn’t all cupcakes, and rainbows. You need to grow up now.” “You need to stop this damn act with your fake anxiety act every time we take you out in public.” “No, doctor I will take perfectly good care of her and follow those the instructions down to the T.” Every venomous word that ever dripped off her mother’s evil lips.

“Baby?” Kane said bringing her back to the reality. “Yeah. What?” She asked looking around wondering what she missed. “I said we’re here baby. Are you. Are you ready?” Kane asked. “You know baby if you aint ready for all this we can just leave it to your dad and just wait right here.” Kane added. “No, I think we both need to do this. Kane don’t give me that loo. I’m fine. Trust me I’ve been through so much worse than this in every form possible.” She said with a light chuckle trying to lighten the mood just a little. “I know you have baby. It’s just that I don’t want you to go through it anymore. It’s not just you, you carrying around anymore honey. Whatever you feel, our little peanut there feels. I just want to make sure I’m doing everything I can to help both of you stay on the healthy safe side.” Kane said having his hand cover hers, looking at her lovingly.

“I know sweetheart and I appreciate that I truly do, it’s just something I need to do. I need this after everything I just need this.” Marie said opening the door and getting out of the car. Kane was quicker and at her side in seconds. “Are you ready daddy?” “You can walk out at any point. You both remember that. If I even think you starting to buckle in there Kane is taking you straight out. You hear me?” Caleb said in that dad authority voice which left no room for negotiations, or anything else. “Yes, dad.” Marie said in a low voice. Kane nodding to him. “Can I help you the lady in the front desk asked. “Yes we are the Alderman’s here because you need someone for identification.” Caleb said in is business tone that was always intimidating. “Of course the cop on the other side of the desk said in a sad tone, Drew.” A man came around the corner she spoke to him in a volume only they could here. Nodding he looked at them with a sympathetic look on his face.

“If you folks will please follow me right this way. They made their way down to a basement type of floor that was held the special morgue made just for these reasons, or special autopsies. Stopping just outside the door. “I need to warn you for what your about to see. It’s not a normal viewing process for us in this case. It may be hard to see, seeing as the body is well the victims body is missing a couple of parts.” Drew said. “What do you mean missing a couple of parts?” Kane asked while Caleb and Marie are looking at him confused.

“The victim is missing her jaw and all her teeth, her arms hands, legs, and feet. Her hair has been shaved tongue has been cut out. All forms or any other way we could have to identify her ourselves have been well eliminated so to speak. Were hoping maybe a birth mark or something would spark something. We only got blood type to go by and that is just not much. I’m sorry. I’m also sorry you have to see this, I just didn’t want you to be caught off guard.” Drew said sadly. “Well thank you for the heads up I guess. Honey are you sure you want to go in there?” Caleb asked one more time. “I need this dad.” She said with nothing but the truth coming off her eyes looking back in to him. “Kane you stay with her.” HE said pointing to him. “Always, dad.” He said with a small smirk. Earning one back from Caleb he really loved that kid already.

Drew opened the door, and two other people in scrubs, and a white coat. “Marie?” “Hi Gavin.” “What are you doing here?” He said coming up to hug her. “You know Dre’ here right, maybe you should turn around before you have to hear that mouth go off.” Gavin said scratching his head. “Before who’s mouth goes off. Oh. Wow, look at you looking beautiful as ever. What brings you down to my neck of the woods. Finally going to let me take you to dinner.” He said smiling ear to ear. “Gavin and Dre I guess I would like to introduce you to my father Caleb Alderman, and my future husband and currently baby daddy Kane Medina. So Dre before you start popping off with your sorry ass pick lines we are here to try identify if what ever’s left of that body is my abusive mother. SO do you think you can start trying to use the upper head of your body and do your job just this one time without the pick up game?” She asked clearly not amused.

“Marie I’m really sorry. I didn’t know but if you are in fact pregnant, which you know congratulations, are you sure your up for this, it’s not an easy thing to see.” Dre said. “You and I both know we’ve seen worse, I’m not a light stomach person so Gavin if you will please.” Gavin just nodded. “It’s nice to meet you fellas by the way, I’m just sorry about… this way you know?” Gavin said coming to the sheet. Gavin looked to Caleb who motioned for him to lift it. The sight was more than they were ready to see. No matter how much you prepare yourself to see someone for the last time. You’re never prepared when the moment comes. It sucks the breath right out of you. Whether you loved that person or hate that person at some point there was some type of love there at some point, the look of them in front of you lifeless hits you in some type of way straight to your soul. Squeezing your chest and hits straight through your stomach even if it’s just for a moment. “I know this next question is not a good one but I have to ask does any of her look familiar?” “Yes.” They both said. Dre opened his mouth next to ask in a professional manner. “Is there anyway for you to provide us any sort of ID marks on her birthmark, scar or anything special symbol upon the body?” Caleb didn’t miss a beat. “Marie and her mother have the same birth marks on their left hip is a small little light brown mark that looks in the shape of a small strawberry.” Caleb said. “But this woman is Jennifer.” HE said flatly. Dre looking at Marie who was just nodding.

“I can feel it through my very soul Dre. Its her. Thank you Gavin.” She said giving them both a nod. Gavin came up to her. “The mark is there I’m so sorry, sweetheart.” Gavin said hugging on her.” Looking at Kane who was just keeping a mindful eye not being more than two steps away form her. “I worked with Marie in the hospital, I swing a couple of shifts when things like this happen they call me and that damn tool over there up to get over and handle it.” Gavin said shaking Kane and Caleb. Dre came up and just scooped her up softly barely off the ground. “I am very sorry princess.” She knew he meant this hug in a friendly way. He did this to everyone who lost someone. There was nothing one hug couldn’t do to help ease a little off the soul; was what he believed maybe in a way he was on to something. “Thank you Dre.” Marie said trying to release from his hold. “You know if you change your mind I’m still working over there.” HE said wiggling his eyebrows. She knew he was trying to low key change her mood. “Try it and I’ll be upstairs while you in there.” Kane said pointing to one of the places they stored the body in the freezer. Caleb let out a chuckle. “You not even close to the middle of the list in line of suitors for my baby.” Caleb scoffed at him.

“So what now? Do we send her body back home to the mortuary over there for a funeral or what is it am I supposed to do now?” Caleb asked. “Well is that were she’s going to be laid to rest? Is there family to make those arrangements? Gavin asked. “Ya, she got some cousins back home. I would like to cremate her though. There really good ladies and I don’t want them to see her like this it’ll break them more than she did when she was still breathing.” Caleb said in a sad voice. “We can do that. We can take care of that here and send her home. If that’s what you wish, you are the husband right?” “NO not legally anymore.” Caleb said. “Oh ook well than Marie you know I’m going to need your signature than only the kid or spouse can make that call.” Dre said. “Ok, do you have them now?” “YA right here.” Dre said. “Sign here, here, initial here, sign here. Phone number here, address here, and where you want me to send her. One more signature here. On the blank sheet behind it you can place your number if you need personal comfort or.” She shoved the board back at him cutting him off. “Dude I swear you want to die.” Gavin said dragging on hand down his face.

“Try one more line boy I dare you. Not time or place man. Seriously.” Kane said squaring him face to face. “I’m sorry man. I apologize for the time and place. You can’t blame me though she’s incredible.” “Ya. A incredibly taken woman stand the fuck down.” He said in a low growl. “Alright I believe we’re done here. Thank you for everything Gavin. I’ll see you around.” She said placing an arm and small smile to Gavin. “As always get bent Dre.” She said walking out earning three death glares from the three men in the room as tow of them walked out for Drew who was shaking his head waiting for them to come out so he can escort them back to the entrance of the building.

“Once again my dearest condolences.” Drew said as he parted with the as they went outside. “I’m going to go home and call your cousins, to let them know your mother will be on her way soon. Are you ok baby girl?” Caleb asked hugging his daughter. “I’m fine dad, are you ok. I mean you did love that women for almost thirty years.” She asked wondering if he is ok. “I’m ok. I’m a little hurt to see what he life has been brought down to. I’d like to know who she pist off this bad, but than again she had made many enemies towards the end there. I don’t I could have done anything for her or to her that could have possibly changed this outcome. You can only go so far for someone, honey. Sometimes it may never change the way things are meant to be. We’re going to be fine.” He kissed her forehead. “You guys try to have a better rest of the day.

Caleb left and Kane hugged his woman close to him. “Are you sure you want to go in today?” Kane asked her starring in her eyes to see any signs of emotions stress. “I’m sure baby. This is not going to take over me. It’s weird I should be feeling sad, or mad or something. I feel… nothing. I feel bad because I don’t feel bad. I can’t explain it. I am ok though baby I swear I am fine. I will call you when I am done here today ok. Just wait for me to call you.” “I will I promise. Let me walk you there.” “Ok.” She said kissing him sweetly. Opening the door for her to enter. “You call if you need anything I mean it. I don’t care if it’s a damn stick of gum Marie you call me.” Using her name so she knows he’s serious. “I will baby. I promise.” She said giving him one more kiss.

“If you want to leave at any point.” Dylan started to say. She held up her hand. “Its ok Dyl. Did Colt call you.” HE just nodded. Walking past him to go place her things in his office. Standing in his doorframe she placed her hand on it, turning a little to look at him. “Hey Dyl?” “Yes, Darlin’.” He said with a slight smile. “What do you think it means if you are not morning? Does it mean it hasn’t hit or something?” Marie asked looking at him in the eyes knowing he’s always give it to her straight. “Well Darlin’ in most cases yes. It could mean it will settle and sink in your mind so your mind and body can go through the healing process. However in cases like yours I just… I honestly don’t ever see that being the case for you.” “You don’t?” She asked curiously. “Marie I think you mourned for her when you left three years ago or most likely before when she kept dropping you off on Jason’s door not caring if the next time she might see you could have been in a body bag form his anger. I think deep down the day you left everything was dead to you and it took you all those two years before Kane came face to face with you to be over that bridge. I think my dear your not effected is because you already grieved her loss a while back.”

She never thought of it like that, hearing it out loud coming from a close loved one. It just hit her in her soul so much truth in those words; and only because he was right. “Thank you Dyl. For everything.” She said as she got herself ready. They both went through charts laughing with Riley. Both men did their best to keep her mind happy and occupied even talked about baby stuff, the wedding everything to the moon and back. The last sight of her mother may forever haunt her, whether it would have been seeing what’s left, to her screaming at her at a hotel parking lot. They only thing she was secretly thankful for was her baby was safe from her. Something in her tells her if her mother was still around this poor baby may not have a chance to breath air for the first time, for some reason that thought stays with her. For the first time in a long time she sent a heartfelt thank you prayer to whoever was looking out for her and her little family.

It was evening time and Marie was all showered and rested up picking up a little around the house while he was getting to make his way from the horse barn with Bear and Tank back to their own houses when they heard the thump like someone fell hard. The boys quickly went to the side of the barn looking for the noise. Keith was struggling a little to stand up with the motion lights that popped up showed his face bruised and e was a little bloody.

“Keith what the fuck happened to you? Are you ok?” Kane asked quickly as the three of them got him and placed him the sitting up position. “You know.” Keith said while laughing.” “We got to stop meeting like this boys. You now side of the horses, busted lips and noses.” Keith laughed out. They just glared at him not amused. Well Bear was a little. “Calm down boss man. I am fine. I actually walked back believe it or not. See I was taken while I was in town with the other hands who thought that I just left. It was one of Jason other men. They were wearing masks so we couldn’t see who they were. They placed little masks over our eyes. SO we can’t tell each other apart no difference anyway since we all are from different towns around here anyway.” He said as he winced.

“So anyway they took us to discover that four people have run away. Something had happened and that’s how they know they were betrayed so they pinned everything to the four that split and decided to show the last three of us still around, a small taste of what might happen if we decide to turn on him too. Funny thing is they would have never came down but get this someone was supposed to making sure Marie was receiving some special birth control thing to make it not possible to get pregnant unless you stop taking it. Now he knows she is pregnant he knows, and some how got a hold of her blood work from a couple months back, she was never given it there’s no track or trace of it in her at all, so that person has split awhile back.” Keith said.

The guys looked at each other pist off. “Kane.” Keith said trying to make sure he had his attention. “One guy asked the masked guy sin charge what Jason plans to do with the bun in her oven.” This put a lump in Kane’s throat, and his heart skipped a beat. Listening more intently. “What that little prick say?” “He said a direct quote from his phone in the video where Jason was yelling at Jennifer, and yes I quote ’any child that comes from Marie will be my child. That was before he did that handy work to Jennifer, the only reason she is in pieces is because.” Keith licked his lips and took a deep breath. “Is because she wanted him to get rid of the baby and he told her to go to hell. Baby or not he wants them both. No matter what in his sick twisted head she will always be his. Kane he runs the underground back home. You need to take him out. The rules there is different. They know he is crazy. So the rule is if he dies and his men did everything they could the second in command takes control and it’s rumored if he falls in his mission in trying to take a woman who has someone else kin, they can’t retaliate. So id you get him in the ground your free and in the clear.” Keith said looking at him.

“The guys who took us made sure we remembered that. Loyalty and family means everything. So don’t worry your plans are still leaps and bounds above him. The other don’t have the access they need to get to her and their to nervous to make me do anything because they feel you’re suspicious of me. Remember I am your diversion. Yet the others who were suppose to come through are gone and they will be tracked down now in the worse ways for betrayal. I just need you to know what happened. Ok I am off for a shower, and some sleep.” “Do you need help back to the house? Are you ok, we can take you to Marie or call Dylan over?” “Kane don’t fuss over a broken nose it’ll be fine in the morning I promise, by the way this is me calling in tomorrow, I have a feeling I’m going to be a little on the sore side.” Keith said with a laugh. As he got up and walk back. “G’night.” “Goodnight.” The men waved.

“That sick fuck thinks he’s going to raise my kids seriously? What kind of shit is that?” Kane asked shocked. “I would have thought he would have wanted to take Marie’s moms approach but if you think about he did get the anger help and the thought of what a loss like that can do to Marie would cause unfixable pain to her in so many ways, he just can’t put her through that type of pain?” Bear said. Their mouths hung a little opened looking at the deep and serious thought that came form Bear. “Ya that’s right I know some stuff.” He said a little offended looking at them. “Well that’s the ruth of it though. If I really wanted to stick to the guy who thought he could have my woman I would make his kid love me as his father instead too like on Hank hill that Dale guy and that Joesph kid.” Tank said. Making the other guys shake their head. “Are you guys ready for this? You can back out anytime. We know how crazy he is. You all have someone special to look after now too, I understand if you pull out at anytime.” Kane said looking at them. “We ain’t going anywhere bro. We go in we go out together. Family first. That in there and right here is family.” Bear said. “I just hope that sick little bastard is ready, because this is going to be one ugly mess he aint even going to see coming.” Tank said. “I may have something better in mind.” Kane said with a small smirk lost in thought. Looking back at he house the smirk growing wider.

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