The Way Home

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Chapter 28

The days went quickly and Kane and Marie were lost in their own little bubble. The gang was all excited with them. They just got done with there four week check up marking her up to eight weeks. They were able to get everything arranged to have their wedding set for two weeks. It was actually a lot easier than they thought it would be. In fact she even had another conference set up for Friday she and the girls had it planned out this time Rikki and Dylan were actually going to be going with them. It was in a close town to only about around an hour drive. Kane and Marie were in the office room next to their room, the guys were helping Kane take the stuff out to put in the third room at Bear’s and Tanks house. Both men were happy to have an office set up so they could do half their paper work and other things they would have to do at home in their PJ’S hanging with their partners on easy days.

“So what are you hoping the little peanut will be?” Caleb asked with his arm over Marie’s shoulder. “I don’t have any preference, but I think it’s a boy. I just want a healthy baby. What about you what do you want your first grandbaby to be?” “I think it’s a boy.” Caleb said happily. “What about you Neil?” “Boy all in on boy.” Neil said. “I’m going for girl. I would love to finally have a little girl in the house.” Mama Callie said patting her little belly. “I want a girl.” Bear said, with Colt, and Ace agreeing. “You can wan tall you want, but I think we all know it’s a boy.” Tank said with Dylan agreeing with him. “What about the daddy to be than?” Dylan asked patting Kanes shoulder. “I just want a healthy kid. I got a feeling it’s a boy. Although there is a bright side to all of this, what ever gender we get, we can always make more until we get at least one of each eventually. Ow!” Kane said as Neil, and Caleb both swatted the back of his. Head making everyone around them laugh.

When their task was done, and they were getting settled in bed. “Do you have to go to the conference tomorrow?” Kane asked. “Yes honey, I do this is going over some of the new things I need to know as well as the other girls, it’s also a lot of new information and techniques for the midwives stuff so see it’s beneficial all the way around. Don’t worry we even got Ricki and Dylan going this time so you agreed to let me go and right now even if you didn’t I would still be making my way up there this is the one I don’t want to miss, plus I spent a lot of money on the access ticket to go.” Maire said booping Kane’s nose. “Fine I just got a weird feeling about it, but I think it’s just me being paranoid, you know how sometimes I get a little over protective.” HE said cuddling her closer to him. “If you want to start this morning off with lies by using the word little I will hop on the imagination train your on and agree with you if that’s what were doing tonight.” She said earning her self a couple of tickles than an even closer cuddle with Kane’s hand resting on her belly. As she fell asleep he was just so excited like a kid on Christmas thinking of all the possibilities of what was under the tree and what he may do with it. He just couldn’t help be lost in all the things he can do with their kid. He got even more lost in just how many he wanted he was hoping for four or six he kept thinking yeah he wants a big family but he never wanted anything of things to be an odd number out; but than again he will take whatever they could safely have to. He just let his mind wonder until he feel asleep which was a more difficult task since he couldn’t shake the uneasy feeling he had about her not being with him.

The next morning Kane and the others decided to meet earlier to have breakfast at the Dinner they decided on two cars and that Ricki and Dylan could drive. When they were getting into the cars Dylan had opened the passenger door for Madison. Ace and Colt did the same for Natalie and Chloe. Bear, Tank, and Kane came and mirrored the gesture kissing goodbye Isabella, Ricki, and Marie. “Please just come home safe.” Kane said. “I promise everything will be fine and even if it isn’t I know you won’t be far away. I know you’ll always come for us Kane.” She said with one last kiss. The rest of the guys looked at each other like sad puppies. “Anyone else want to go blow off work and hang out on the ranch today?” Tank asked with a sad sigh. “Ya, let’s go.” Kane said as they all loaded up their cars and headed over to Kane’s house.

It wasn’t until about four o’clock that they we’re leaving the conference and everyone was buzzing about it all the way back to the car. They all said their goodbyes as they were just going to get dropped off at their man’s places tonight, as they already started texting them giving them a forty minute warning of when they should be there. Even if they weren’t there they already had keys to all their places anyway. They couldn’t wait to soak in the long warm baths ,as the information from today settled in their minds. “I got to tell you boo, that guy with the brownish redish hair was giving me the creeps.” Ricki said to Marie. “I know he gave off this very bad vibe. I can’t explain it just gave me chills, I don’t even find it weird he went to EVERY lecture we did, I find it weird he had to be so close to us.” Marie said sending a shiver down her body, her stomach turning at the mire thought of it all replaying in her head. “Did you guys hear how he told off that lady all because she asked him to scoot over a little bit?” Bella added shaking her head in disbelief.

When a light came on it caught Ricki’s attention. Hey we got pull into the gas station real quick. The oil light came on. I need to check it out.” “Good I got to pee anyway I just was not going to go there with the guy still in the building.” Marie said looking back to Bella who just nodded her head in agreement. When they got there Ricki got out and looked under the car, nothing was dripping but it looked like he’s oil has been tampered with he tightened the bolt back like how you do when you just get done changing it. HE lifted the hood, and got a tissues from the car to check the dipstick oil level. It came back as none in there. “Shit.” He said to himself. The girls got out of the car came up to him. “Hey I’m going to go ask to use the bathroom.” Marie said to them. “I’m going to go in there and get us drinks I’ll grab the oil while I’m in there just tell me what number you need and how many.’ Bella added. “Oh you know what that would be great I need 10-30w and get about five of them please.” Ricki said as he watched the girls go in the building he pulled out his phone and made a call to the guys about the oil thing it was just too weird and he got a bad feeling about it. He had already snapped a picture of the guy behind them in the many selfies he took with the girls making sure to add him in there on purpose as not to make him suspect anything and letting them know about the weird guy. The guys have been sitting on the edge of their own nerves the rest of the day after that; just wanting them to hurry up and be back home.

Ricki was still talking to Kane and the guys as he watched Marie holding a key walking around back to the side of the building from his angle point of view as she was making her way to go to the bathroom. HE kept an eye out waiting for her and Isabella to come back. “Do you want us to meet you in between us at some dinner or something to make you guys feel more comfortable, or are you just going to hurry on home?” Bear asked since Kane had his phone on speaker. “I’m just going to hurry on home, Bella said she just staying at our place so it’s literally just a straight shot. I’ll get my car to Lola’s boyfriend tomorrow he’ll check it for me. I got to go though Bella coming back with the oil, I’m still waiting on Marie I guess it doesn’t matter how small that peanut is them preggos can pee for days.” He said laughing as he hung up. Bella came back with some drinks and oil, smiling as she remembered to grab a funnel and extra napkins just in case Ricki didn’t have them. “Ohh thank you, I have some already but I like this better.” He said looking at the cool design on the funnel; as they still stayed waiting.

Marie still had a weird feeling in her gut. After finally being able to relive herself she also go sick a little bit. She washed up and took the key to leave as she walked out of the bathroom she felt hands grab her eyes and her mouth, and a needle go into her neck. Her vision started to get blurry as she was fighting back as she threw the key at a glass bottle hard as she could before she lost consciousness hoping to gain someone’s attention it was a long shot but it was all she had left. The two men picked her up and put her in the car, the last one peeling out quickly from the back exit of the parking lot.

The ding caught the attention of Rick and Bella who were already starting to walk over to check on her. The sound of burning tires form peeling out made them feel worried even more so when they realized they could find her. Running into the store asking for help they man behind the counter looked at his security tapes, since the camera itself was not in a position for anyone to see or make its self known. After watching it he called the police before answering them. “Hello I need to report a kidnapping.” Ricki and Bella’s hearts dropped as they listened to the man give them all the details even the license plates. Ricki had to pick up the phone and make the one call he didn’t know he could make. His heart felt like it was being ripped through his chest. His best friend, his soul sister, he’s better half was taken from him just feet from him and there was nothing her could have done to help her. Kane answered on the third ring, grabbed the boys as he called his parents and Caleb inside his Bluetooth in his truck, Colt pulling up his laptop looking up the tracker they had on her necklace and engagement ring. Breaking every traffic violation all the way down to the small hideaway gas station where two best friends just holding onto each other heart broken and confused.

“Ok we’ll be at the airport soon the judge wants to see you in two months, I don’t know what the hell you did to get this to happen but trust me once Kane finds out this will not be happening again.” The officer in the passenger seat said to Jason mad that the judge is letting this dangerous prick near one of his old friends soon to be wife. Jason was sitting in the back in the regular car they were driving because he was technically a free man he got to be escorted in a regular car. However he knew they were right to. So he had to make sure everyone believed he got on the plane, but really he was having a group of his underground men come get him and they would just go to his parents vacation house in the town nearby the lake wouldn’t be to far either just as he was lost in his thoughts about having to baby proof the lake house and cabin soon it happened. The car was slammed forward as the other car behind them had wrecked.

“What the fuck just happened. Morgan you ok?” The officers asked rubbing their neck. “Yeah I’m fine but the guys behind us are fucked up. You guys check on them hurry and I’ll call it in Jason said as he pulled out his cell phone making the call. He made it sound convincing, his boys on the other end of it were trying not to laugh as they were getting into position. He walked around the car looking inside of it to see if anyone else might be in there or hurt. That’s when he saw what made his heart hurt Marie. The woman he loved was passed out hands bounded behind her back, neck bruised a little like a hand mark on one side and a shot bruise on the other. She would always pop up with a weird bruise after getting a shot. He wasted no time in pulling her out of the car.

One of the officers just stared at her in disbelief. The other ran up to her checking for a pulse. “Come on Marie where is it? I can’t go back and tell Kane we let you die.” He said with tears in his eyes. Catching Jason’s attention making him scared and angry. “Found it, it’s strong she’s ok so far.” He said as they all took a deep breath. “Now the driver is fine and perfectly healthy except a bump to the head. The passenger wasn’t wearing a belt and flew through the window all the broken glass has managed to cut into his neck deeply he didn’t make it. How long is the ETA on the ambulance Jason?” He asked back. Just as he finished asking his question the shots were being heard and fired. He got shot in the leg and shoulder slamming his head hard onto the crashed car in front of him making his head bleed and knocking him unconscious. The other officer was shot in the head, the stomach, the chest, the arm and leg. Falling onto the floor eyes wide opened.

“You ok boss? You want me to take her?” One of the men asked coming up to Jason. “NO ONE touches the queen but me.” Jason roared out. “I need you and some others to get that man in the drivers seat and take him to a special place where I will be able to get my answers and he can pay for whatever he ahs done to your queen.” Jason growled out lowly in a husky voice. What the fuck is she doing here, dude what the hell happened?” Tristan asked in shock. “Don’t know but I need you to get our doctor over to the house and check her over I want blood test ultra sound everything I need my woman and our little one checked now.” Jason told his friend who was already pulling out his phone to call the doctor. The drive back was quick they were less than twenty minutes away and the house was indeed deep in the woodsy area.

The doctor ran a whole number of tests to check the baby and Marie he was happy to know she walked away without a scratch or a hair out of place. The fluid in which was found in her system was nonharmful to the baby and was nothing more than to help her sleep. The worse thing that may happen when she wakes up is feeling a little groggy, being super hungry as she will still be asleep for a few more hours, and maybe morning sickness since she’s still in the early stages measuring out to be about nine weeks to the day. The doctor left nausea pills in case of sickness. Tylenol in case of a headache. “Make sure she eats as soon as she gets up which I can bet will be in about two and a half hours maybe six thirty-ish the sun will still be up. Feel free o call about anything that worries you son I’ll be happy to answer any question you may have I know how much worry there is being a new parent and all.” Doctor said s he shook Jasons hand making his way out of the house. He was an older man who was close to his family as he went through the same thing. He kidnapped his wife to when she was pregnant with another mans baby. She feel and slammed her head losing her memory so the doctor cut and dyed her hair and told her how the were together for years and were getting married in three days about to have a baby, seeing as she had no real family and the man she loved wsan’t looking for her it was easy to abduct her. She believed and twenty years later still no memory. Just happy healthy family with more kids with the doctor.

Knowing now that he had plenty of time to run down to the shed outside that has a secret basement he had one of his men stand watch at her door in case she got up sooner. Setting his phone alarm on so he can get back to make her a sandwich something light and easy on her stomach and their little one. He stared at the baby in the ultrasound. You should have been mine he whispered to himself amazed at the sight in front of him on a picture. “You will be.” He said out loud putting the picture down next to her on the recliner which he thought would be more comfortable on her back and legs, and for her mentally as she knew he wasn’t being a creep laying her up in abed would only put some fears into her and that was the last thing he needed right now. Walking into the basement as they had the driver set up to a table still passed out form the wreck hw decided it was time to get some answers. Nodding at one of his men, he poured the small bucket of water onto his face Startling the man awake.

Taking in the room and everything and everyone in it he knew he was I major trouble. “What’s going on? What happened?” The man cried out in fear and panic. “Well a couple of things bud the good new is you were in a car accident but you walked away without a scratch except maybe some bruising. The bad news is you and your dip shit little friend thought it would be a good idea to kidnap my woman. My woman who is pregnant. My pregnant woman who you got into a very severe car crash. Although she is fine which can’t be said the same about your partner who decided to eat the glass of the window and die. You have no idea how badly you have fucked up. Do you know who I am or what we are?” Jason asked the man in a calm voice.

“You’re the underground.” HE said eyes opening wide. “That’s is right now you better start giving me the answers I am looking for or trust you will regret it.” Jason said getting closer. “I swear I didn’t know she was your woman I was paid to take a woman named Marie Alderman if she ever got pregnant. She is engaged to some rich guy who owns all these damn ranches everywhere. I was paid to take her not your woman I’m sorry. I thought I had the right one.” The man started pleading. “MARIE ALDREMAN IS MY WOMAN you fucking prick.” Jason said as he back handed the man so hard across the face is left some blood marks from the scratches. “Tristan! I need you to put a message out to everyone in the underground and anywhere else it is connected no one regardless what happens to me is to ever touch Marie EVER! No harm should ever come or fall upon her or any one that should ever come out of her. That’s is a Don’s promise.”

What the call a Don’s promise is when a certain order is put out that anyone who takes charge after him has to follow no matter what as long as it is a reasonable ruling. Normally it was just to keep someone under protection and that was always upheld. “Done” Tristan said as he pulled out his phone making a mass email and alert to everyone. “Who paid you to take her?” Jason asked. “Some woman named Jennifer called us when she was driving her way over to a small town to try to take her daughter back home, she thought she may have trouble later and needed a back up plan, so she called us and paid us to get her if she should fall pregnant. She paid us in full and in cash, since we never heard from her after that we just assumed when she didn’t answer or return the calls the plan was still on and once we heard from around town she was finally all knocked up we made our plan and when the time came we made our move.” He rushed out scared of what’s going to happen to him. There was no way he saw himself walking out of this alive but he could at least make it to where he wouldn’t suffer long.

“What were you suppose to do with her once you got her?” Tristan asked. “We were suppose to take her to this address that her mother gave us it was some doctor that handle abortions and we were suppose to take her to him and he would fix her being pregnant. It seemed to be a huge issue for Jennifer we were order to strap her down and do whatever the doctor needed us to do to make sure that baby was gone, and that Marie would be healthy after and get her to a small place hidden for her recovery than Jennifer was supposed to come and take her back home East.” He said crying. “That’s it, that’s all I know.” He said crying a little. “I swear I didn’t know she was your woman. I swear.” HE said over and over. Jason took a little pity on the man. His alarm on his phone went off. Grabbing it and turning it off. He looked up to a man who was standing next to him waiting to find out what he needed him to do to him. “Take care of this and make it quick and make sure it gets properly cleaned up. I need to go.” Jason said as he made his way to the house to wash up and make a snack for Marie to have when she awoke. Wondering how he was going to tell her the all new low her mother has done this time it made him physically sick, but he had to push that away right now and put her first. Here goes nothing he thought only hoping she wouldn’t flip out on him too much, wishing for the best he quietly opened the door entered the room and starred at her for a moment just taking her in.

Marie had no idea how long they had traveled for, or where they were no idea what these crazy men wanted, she just knew that she was waking up on one of the most comfortable recliners she’s ever been in. A little nervous about where this place is or who was awaiting her, her whole body coiled back in fear as she heard a very familiar voice. “Ah good your awake I was starting to wonder when you would come to I was afraid I would have to call the doctor back in.” Jason said as he put a sandwich next to her with some juice. “Don’t worry it’s just turkey, avocado, a little mustard lettuce and that muenster cheese you like, and apple juice. I still remember everything about you.” Jason said with a small laugh to try to lighten the mood.

“Why am I here Jason?” “Well that actually is the craziest story. I had to come back here to the judge about a day or two ago he wanted me to check in with a psychologist here, he felt it would be good to have a face to face every couple months from now on and I agreed after all this is all about me getting the help I need to change I think it’s safe to say that’s what we both want and need. Anyway I was on my way back to this little airport in a city about forty minutes away and this car just slams into the back of mine. Me and the officer and some other guys who escorting me back got out to check the two men. The impact was very rough. The passenger went straight through the window and nicked his neck through all the glass. He didn’t make it. They did get the driver detained though. Especially when we found you bounded passed out in the back seat. Next thing I know there were gun shots going off everywhere I got into one of the other cars with you in tow and came to one of my parents old vacation houses. Called a doctor to come check on you; both you and the baby are well and fine perfectly healthy, and here we are.” Jason said using hands to show her the place.

They were in a living room type place with an old wolf blanket she used to love. “Now I do have some information about the two men if you think you are ok enough to hear it.” Jason said. He was a great detective and the one thing he didn’t do was lie to her unless it was about not putting hands on her again, he really did keep everything truthful. She just nodded along. Running her hands around her stomach trying to keep his words in her mind baby is well and healthy. “Ok so first don’t worry about what the injected into your blood stream it’s apparently a high does off something related to like Tylenol P.M it is safe for the baby. The second thing is I know you had to go and identify your mom recently but did you have any contact with her before that?” Jason asked he was in his job mode which made it easier to talk to him actually. “No, I haven’t spoken to her since she the cops took her from the hotel parking lot.” Marie added. “Well the driver said he was paid a lot of money from Jennifer to make sure you would not be pregnant by some small ass country hick and they were taking you across a couple states over to a doctor who would have taken care of that issue, and return you back to wherever she was going to be. They haven’t heard word from her because of whatever happened to her, and since they were already paid they were just waiting to find out if you ever gotten pregnant and just had to wait for a moment to seize the opportunity to grab you to complete the job. No one told them about Jennifer’s death had they known they would have never gone through with it and just let you be in peace.” Jason said as her face fell.

This was a whole new low even for her. Yet it was still beleiveable. That’s just the kind of woman Jennifer was. Pure damn evil. “I never thought I would say this but thank you for helping us Jason. It means a lot to me, to know you helped keep my baby safe.” He just nodded. “You know I would do anything for you to be safe. I really have changed. I swear I will never lay my hands on you or any other woman like that again. I am sorry I didn’t get checked and the help I need when you asked me to. I didn’t know about the condition I had, but you did. I should have listened to you. Maybe than things would have been different. I am from the bottom of my heart and soul so sorry Marie.” Jason said with is face just pouring out in tears all over his face. He meant every word to her, and she could finally feel it in her body. The closure they always needed, the breakdown they were always suppose to have. He just kept sobbing uncontrollably that her heart physically. She did the one thing that scared her the most and reached out pulling him into her for a hug. He saved them form open gun fire and got her baby checked she could give him this one hug.

As he calmed down. “I ugh have something the doctor left for you.” Jason said reaching over the little table stand next to her sandwich he lifted up the ultrasound picture of the baby. Making her smile and laugh, he mirrored her gestures. “This little one he said to his best guess is measuring out to be healthy strong heart and nine weeks to this day.” Jason added as Marie kept her focus on the picture with a deep smile to her face. “Thank you so much Jason. Really.” She said with s single tear rolling off her face. He wiped it. “Don’t thank me, I would do anything to keep you safe.” Jason said pushing his luck leaning in placing a kiss to her forehead.

“Where’s my phone?” She asked looking up at him. “That got destroyed the guy who flew thought the window had it flew from his hand and shattered to the ground.” Jason said honestly. “What happened to everyone? Who was shooting at you or us?” She asked. “Well since the two men were sent by your mother and they slammed into cops we think that maybe they might al be linked together. I know with the whole restraining order in effect it’s breaking the law but the other two officer went down and I know one for sure is dead I brought you here and the other officers thought it was a good idea because no one knows about this place so they wouldn’t be able to track you here to finish whatever type of plan or job your mother wanted that left you childless at the end of the day. I promise you I will not let that happen. I will protect you and make sure you both stay happy and healthy before you say anything else. I did swallow my pride and call that farmer of yours and your dad both did not answer but I will call back in a little while after you are settle down for the most part. You need to eat. Doctors orders make sure you take sometime and than we will call back later together ok it’s not going to do us any good if you get on the line with them and break down ok that would cause even more stress on you and the baby and even them. No good decisions comes from stress and worry. SO eat gather your thoughts and we will tackle this together. I wll give you some time.” HE said as he rubbed the back of her hand turning on the tv to ’How I Met Your Mother” to help her relax.

“I hate the small moments when he is right.” She said as she mumbled to her self looking down at her chest where her necklace hung squeezing it lightly she knew Kane would find her. She had no doubt in her mind she just really didn’t want him tot worry, she ate the sandwich only to find a tablet sitting on the couch next to her so she took it there was a lock but after typing in her and Jason anniversary she was able to get on she logged into a messenger app to type a message to Kane however before she could push send the power went out. Everything was black the wifi had dropped not letting the message go through damn she thought to herself. The door opened. “Jason what’s going on?” She asked looking at him. “I need you to go down here”, he said lifting the secret door hidden under the floor boards and wait for me to come back for you someone cut the power but don’t worry, everything is ok.” Jason said giving her a flash light, a blanket, and knife. “Just in case. We don’t know who these people actually are yet. I will be back for you soon. Just please stay quiet It’s actually sound proof down there. With a bathroom.” Jason said kissing her forehead and putting her in the secret room and covering it back up with the rug. Walking out of the room that he locked shut behind him one of his men walked up him bleeding with a gun shot wound.

“Boss they found us. They came at us and took us by surprise in the shed as we were cleaning up he mess. They were so quick we almost didn’t see them. Everyone from outside is down. We can’t tell you how many are there are, where they are or how they even got here.” “Have they penetrated the house?” Jason asked quickly as they kept walking and were now in between the kitchen and the living room. They heard a bunch of gun clicks up around them with the rest of his men down on there knees in a circle in the living room even Tristan they were all blind folded and bounded. “What do you think Morgan?” The familiar voice asked in his ear. “Took you long enough don’t you think” Jason asked the person holding the gun to the back of his head. “I warned you not fuck with me but you had to go and play your games. Now you deal with me.” The husky man’s voice said behind him. “Well it’s about time don’t you think?” Jason answer back in an evil smirk.

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