The Way Home

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Chapter 29

Another gun came up taking the little minion and pushing him back down into the center with the others bounding his hands together and placing a blind fold on his eyes. “That’s the last of everyone here beside the lady of the hour herself.” Colt said. They were all wearing masks. Jason smiled knowing there was still one card up his sleeve beside knowing where she is there was still one person here they haven’t gotten yet. “Are you going to turn and face me like a man or are you going to stare away like a damn coward?” The man behind asked. “I don’t know are you going to remain hiding behind a mask too like your little bitches here?” Jason asked as he turned around. Starring Kane straight into his eyes with a couple of old military friends behind him.

“I’d watch that damn mouth boy before it gets you in even worse trouble. You have no idea what the hell you brought to you today do you son?” One of the older men asked. “Do you really not think we know who you really are and what you boys do?” The older one on the other side asked. “Does it seem like I care what a bunch of retired military think they know? Why don’t you start with why the hell you in my house?” Jason asked with a smirk. “Give me what you took and I might let you be able to walk away from here still breathing. I know what you did Morgan. I can show you enough mercy to get you back on a plane and keep you where the fuck you came from and leave my family the hell alone.” Kane spoke honestly. Never lowering his gun never breaking contact. “I tell you what how about I take you to where she is and you and me hash this thing out like men. Loser may still be breathing based on how Marie feels. Winner takes her home and never ahs to hear form the other again?” Jason offered up.

“No way in hell would I bet my wife or my kid to a psychopath like you Jas.” Kane said flatly. “I don’t need you to tell me where she is I know exactly where she is. I was just trying to make it easier for you after saving her from her mothers henchmen anyway.” Kane said. “How the fuck did you know that?” Jason caught off guard. Kanes started laughing. “Did you really think us vets would ever let anyone of our little clan go without trackers on some part of their person. Hell Marie has three alone. Did you really think I would have stayed at home knowing one of your men was watching her at the conference. We got to the shoot out you had staged right after you left. I was able to get the other officer out and the agents that still work for me notified before even getting here. See after being let go and still at the top of our game we got et’s say drafted to keep certain things around us at home clean. It’s our job to make sure little piss ants like people who run underground illegal shit in check. Luckily for your men you guys will always have another person in charge. Which keeps you disposable Since you are deemed whacked out and crazy, and you’ve caused a lot of trouble I have ever order to do with you whatever I see fit. SO I ask you again Jason what options do you wan tot take?” Kane asked in a tone that demanded authority.

“Aw I get it, it seems I have a rat.” Jason said looking at the group of circle of men who stood up taking their blind folds off staying silent so their voices couldn’t be recognized. “They are not rats they just do their best to keep you in check. I have to warn you though you won’t get to walk completely free you and your two friends have been ordered to a very special prison for your crimes. You know it’s amazing you always held it against the women for being weak. Yet one woman threw her heart away to make sure justice actually got served she had everything handed to her on a silver platter and yet she just couldn’t bare the idea of being used against someone she truly cared for. It’s a shame Eric never saw Lexi coming.” Tank said tilting his head in a mocking gesture. “No I think Kayla was the best one she was singing like a Rockstar after finding out Mr. Tristan there had no intentions of staying true only to her. Apparently woman don’t like being used as tools who knew right?” Bear asked with sarcasim as he held his hand up for Ace to high five him. All the men were still wearing a mask except Kane and the two older vets behind them.

“Take us to where you got the girl.” The one behind him on the right said. “The rest of you take these guys were it’s been agreed upon for them to go.” The one on the left said. Kane and the other two vets along with Bear, and Tank right behind them as they had frisked Jason down already looking for weapons they took about three knives, and two guns, and one taser. Where he actually had the space on him was still a mystery. Going up to the room he took the key out and unlocked the door. Smiling he let the other follow him in there. “Where is she Morgan, I aint in no mood to keep playing your damn mind games.” Kane said gun still up. “You know I think it’s so cute how you think I don’t have people everyone on the inside they same as you.” The second he said that the two vets turned their guns to Bear and Tank.

“Betrayal. Such a bitch isn’t it?” Jason said with a laugh especially when you seen it coming all along yet you still cave and trust someone any way am I right Keith?” Jason asked as Keith came around smiling deeply with his hands in his pockets. “Ya the switch up never gets old. He said doing some weird hand shake with Jason. “Oh I’m sorry you guy slet me introduce to a cousin of mine Keith, ya I got two cousin I kept Marie form because I wasn’t ready to have my cover blown form the underground. Beside the real second is Keith’s brother.” Jason started laughing. “Actually I brought him with me, thought since the family will be expanding and all enjoying this moment together would be fun it’s been so long since we got to do something together. “You’ve been with him this whole time, his men beat the shit out of you how does that even work.” Kane growled.

“Well that’s the easy part no one knows were related no one knows I’m related to anybody involved in this group or family. You just made everything way to easy, I’m not even sure I know how to properly thank you Kane however I’m sure I’ll figure it out. Keith said as he quickly shot the two older vets straight in the head it happened so quick you almost couldn’t tell it was him. “What they fuck?” Jason roared to Keith who was holding his gun to Jason, Bear and Tank quickly to point their’s in the same direction. “I sat by long enough doing you r dirty work, and doing things I didn’t agree with now that I am not the only one in the group who disagrees with you we have decided it’s time for let’s say new management. All of us love Marie we can’t do this to her and we damn sure can’t let you do this to her kid. You of all people know how important it is to all of us men to be able to be a dad and you were going to steal it away form that child. Jason your mind is fucked up three days from Sunday and we can never know for sure if you are never going to snap at her or that baby again and that is not a risk were willing to take. You know how many of our own guidelines you have crossed just to get to this sick twisted point even for you man?” Keith said.

“We have decided it’s time for this to end the undergorund standing behind me now and it’s agreed your out. Everyone who sided with you is being like true captains with the ship they are going down with you and they are all in that room on their knees.” The new man said walking in the room. “Marcello, you so ready to throw me under the bus, can’t say I am not that surprised.” Jason said nodding his head slightly. “Well you took things to far Jas. Hell even we have limits and you pushed and broke through each and almost everyone.” Marcello said back standing next Keith. Out of nowhere you hear movement under the rug. Kane took a deep breath. “Keith could you please get my woman out of the floor.” Kane said in an annoyed tone. As soon as Marie emerged looking around and at everyone. “I want to ask what’s going on but a big part of me doesn’t think I wan tot know.” Marie said wrapping her arms around her stomach.

“Later baby, later.” Kane said as he was standing away from her. Keith was standing in front of her in a protective manner. Jason looked straight at her. He started smiling like at her. “You know it’s so crazy how one person can just over take your whole world, straight through the every inch of your soul. How just the thought of them can make you smile all the way to your heart. When that one person becomes all soul consuming to the point where you just feel like you can’t even breathe without them. You don’t even remember what life was like before them. Than one day it just vanishes and you realizes how easy it was for someone else to come swoop right in and take your claim. To watch everything you worked so hard for the both of you to be just a lonely damn journey you ended up on all alone. To stand in front of that person and tell them how they are you’re everything, how sorry you for every massive monstrous mistake that has ever happened between the two of you to tell that person how much you love and need them in your life. It’s crazy how one person can have so much power over another person. Isn’t” Jason asked. No one made a move but they knew the truth and the depth of his words and how true they really were how each piece of it hit home with each and every one of them after feeling all of it themselves.

Marcello and another vet came coming in to get Jason detained. However thinking quickly Jason was able to take his cousins gun and shot at Kane quickly placing three shots to Kane’s right side. Bear and Tank quickly lit Jason up shooting so many bullets into Jason Keith had Marie turned so she didn’t have to see any of it. Once the shots had stop she fought her way away from Keith to Kane. Addressing his wounds. He was hit twice in his bullet proof vest, and one that grazed the hell out of Kane’s shoulder. “Calm down baby, I’m fine. Look honey I’m fine it’s nothing but like a big cut. No don’t look over there.” Kane said as he caught her face not letting her turn to look at whatever was left of Jason. “What’s going to happen now?” Marie asked cupping his face trying to help him up, but Bear and Tank beat him to it.

“Well the officers are using Jason shoot out with the guys who took you as a cover on how Jason and his friends recently passed away. There is one current witness to stand trial and they other guys we are saying took you for him as some sort of psycho ex kidnapping because it was reported in so it all works together. Than we go home and clean up and heal as a family and in about two weeks if you’re willing I meet you down the aisle and make you mine. Than make more babies.” Kane said making his friends and Marie laugh with him. “Can’t keep it in your pants for five minutes can you boy?” Caleb asked. “What are you doing here?” Marie asked hugging her dad. “Who do you think was hiding Marcello?” Caleb said with a wink. “You see honey Keith and Marcello were our trump card and we had to hold them both at a distance until we were ready to have them in play.” Kane said smiling down at her.

“You remember the deal you keep your people in line and we won’t have any more problems.” Kane said. Trust me the fed’s we can handle we aint going to piss off the damn militia they have on back up.” Marcello said shaking his hand. “What doe she mean?” Marie asked. “Well baby the government has their hands very dirty in lots of things they should be playing in, so to keep the peace and keep out of the public eye they keep a couple of the strong VETS on a stand by to serve so to speak, to help keep some of the little dirty treat’s here at home and across seas in line to not basically show their crazy or show their dirty side. So once in a blue moon we will get called in to fight crazy ex’s like yours in higher power like he was or help dethrown one DON for another. I’m sorry I was never able to tell you but you can’t tell anyone either unless they are involved in a case in the future so no telling no one baby.” Kane said as he smashed his lips to hers.

Everything has happened so quick there wasn’t a trial or anything as they let out a press release and had everyone involved statements. It took a couple days to recover. Jason’s death had hit her pretty hard it was mainly the last intimate moment she shared with him, the closure they finally both allowed themselves to have. She cried for a good evening not sure if it was the past that had ended or maybe just pregnancy hormones maybe a whole list of things she wasn’t even sure of yet. It just shocked her to be as emotionally effected as she was but the best thing was she had her own army of support she had a strong family to support and back her up. Everything she worked so hard for in the last three years was right here in front of her, and for the first time in her life she no longer had to look over her shoulder. No longer was she nervous of when or where the people who had put her through hell in every way possible were able to reach out and get her. She no longer felt a weight on her shoulders. Finally being able to breath in peace. There will still be times where it will come back and hit her hard, but those times were getting less and less, and there was Kane who was beside her loving her through it.

The doors opened as the man on the microphone announced. “Family and Friends for the first time ever Mr. and Mrs. Medina.” The huge crowd went up in a cheerful roar people clapping and smiling as the made their way over to make their first dance on the floor. After about a minute in and looking around at their friends and family who joined them in the dance on the floor a room surrounded with love, as Kane could not get his eyes to leave from her beautiful face. He used one hand to rub her belly which was barely starting to show smiling deeply.

“I don’t even know how or where to start to thank you for everything you’ve done for me Marie.” Kane said getting teary eyes not letting them fall. “For everything I’ve done. Kane it was you who helped me find myself, it was you who got me over the PTSD, it was you who got me away form my mother, and Jason, hell you helped me build a family and even get some of it back. How or where do I start repaying that?” Marie asked getting tear eyes back. “I think you forget it was you who helped keep me and two others out of the dark even from so far away. It was you who let us know we all hope and something to even come home for. It was you who expanded our family and helped us find our true happiness we would be so lost with you in our world. I would be so lost without you. You and this little one and who ever else we get blessed with who comes along are my life now and I am so excited to start living it with you everyday. I know we will have our troubles, and the road will get bumpy and all that. I am just so happy to be able to be lucky enough to be go down it with you, and even all of them.” Kane said as his eyes looked around the room to see the happy couples and proud parents, and the ever wonderful workers they get to work with. It’s definitely going to be a hell of a journey, but it’s one I can’t to see unfold.” Marie said leaning into his chest as he used his arms to seal her in close savoring in every moment they were in. Ready to face whatever else comes there way.

The End.

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