The Way Home

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Chapter 3

Some of the women were starting to drool over the three men who were filling out the paper work. The boys started to feel a little uncomfortable. “Are you three brothers?” The receptionist asked.

“Not by blood mame.” Tank said. “We ask just in case you guys wee in a hurry and wanted to get it all at the same time we could allow the three of you in the room at the same time.” “Actually that would be great if you could.” Tank said they all nodded in agreement. “Ok than that’s fine here is your I>D’s and Insurance cards back, and our nurse will be with you in a moment she’s just finishing up with some of our younger patients. This being a family office we run on what we like to call baby time.” She said with a proud smile.

“That’s alright we understand.” Kane said politely. “You guys new in town? Think I would remember seeing someone as handsome as you walking around.” One of the two girls said staring at them with lust in their eyes staring hard at Tank and Bear. “No. We live here in town.” “Well maybe we could meet up sometime?” The other one said. “Oh honey you are so barking up the wrong tree.” Bear said as he took her hand off him and threw it back in disgust.” The boys were trying hard not laugh.

Marie had walked out the door with three clipboards and two packets. “Ok girls here is you prescription for the penicillion that should clear everything up for you two in a couple days the staff would also like to remind you this is the fourth time in two and half months so please on behalf of the community please make better choices. Boys your room is ready your flus shots await.” The girls hurried and walked out of the office and the guys stood there with their mouths opened.

They followed her to the back room where Bear had decided to scrub his entire arms and hands in every type of sterile sanitation they had in the room scared of whatever the infected girl who touched them had. They all laughed at him for a few minutes. “Bear sit down your fine.” “FINE! FINE! Who knows what the hell those girls actually got. They be touching on random people, they nasty as hell.” “I do I know what they got don’t worry your good.” Marie said. "

Ok so whose first?" “Me.” Tank said. Marie came up with a try with three shots knowing everything they’re allergic to she was able to skip all the health history questions. She cleaned the left arm and inserted him. Continuing the same with Kane and than Bear. “I didn’t notice how many tattoos yall actually have they’re beautiful.” “Thanks.” They all said admiring them themselves. “Ok so let me wash up and clock out and let the girls know I’m stepping out.”

As they were about to head out to wait in the lobby they heard a doctor call out. “Marie.” “Yes, Dr. Johnson?” “You girls can just call me Eddie y'all make me feel so old they salt and pepper in my hair does that job good enough already. Look I’m going to be heading out of town after lunch and I’m going to be out for two-three weeks I want you girls to take the time off. Think of it as a paid vacation. I’m missing my grandkids and they have some plays going to happen and I don’t plan on missing it so think of it as a Thanks giving get away. Actually Dr. Meyers called over if you could do two days a week for two weeks that’d be great Ellie and Lola are going to do about two days to. He’s nurse had hurt herself and can’t move around quite yet they are pair hands short. So I guess you’ll have only Thanks giving week off fully. Would that be ok with you?”

"Sure I could do two days a week for Dr. Meyers.” Great Lola, Ellie can you come here.” Yes Eddie. “Which days are you girls going.” “I can do Mondays, and Tuesdays.” Lola said. “ I’ll do Wednesdays through Fridays I have no real life and could use the extra money with Christmas coming.” “I think I’ll take Thursdays and Fridays and finish off the week strong with Ellie we all know how bad that paper work can get.” “Ok I will call Dr. Meyers right now thank you girls he’ll be very grateful for whatever help he can get if you can’t make it just call in his office no big deal.” “Ok yall can just clock out were done for the day, and next three weeks.”

After they all clocked out. “Well it seems that you have some free time coming up.” Bear said with a smile. “I do, hey come with me this way we can actually just walk to the dinner from here.” They entered the dinner and it was a movie based theme every booth was from a a different movie they had a big one they sat in as the Millennium Falcon. Every major blockbuster movie they had the booths were decorated for that theme.

“Come Bear don’t be a sour puss, I swear next time we come we can sit in the original bat mobile.” Kane said. “Promise.” “Yes. Tank said. “You’re right by the way I totally love this place this is so amazing. “ Tank said with a big smile on his face. “It smells so great.” Bear added. “This was the best idea thanks for bringing us babe.” Kane said kissing Maries forehead.

“Welcome and what can I get started for you today. A waiter dressed as Danny from grease asked. “ well have three everything burgers and the basic cheeseburger with fries and cokes two chocolate shakes, one tropical smoothie and cookie monster cookies please.” Marie said loudly looking at the boys wondering if that was ok. They all nodded. They talked about their day so far. When the food came You could hear the moans from all four of them as the flavor took over a world on their own.

“So, hey if you’re going to be off for a couple days of the week you could always come down the house you know we could always use the help especially mama.” Kane said. “That is a great idea. I think I will. I’ll tell her this Sunday.” Marie said with a big smile she loved it down at the house it truly felt like home more than her own place did. “So Angel is that Dr. Meyers guy, isn’t he your neighbor we met?” “Ya that’s Dylan. He’s actually a really great doctor. He’s nurse got hurt a couple weeks back so they are really getting behind and he will be Dr. Johnson on call doctor it’s only fair we help out with him taking over adding more work, plus he is a good buddy and I have no problem steeping in if it’s truly important. I mean these are some of our patients too.” “I think that’s incredible for you guys to able to unite together like that. If you guys are good friends what made you go to Dr. Johnsons office instead Dyaln's practice?” Kane asked.

“Well, huh. It’s not that Dylan has never offered he always lets me know there is room there if I ever need it. I did tell you guys I switched from the hospital to the practice so I could get less hours to spends more time helping mama Callie and Pop. I don’t know I used to work around Dr. Johnson a lot more in the hospital and he left a couple months before I decided to leave and he gave me his card and one day I just looked at it and made the call. I guess I feel more at home with the girls and Eddie.” Marie said. She didn’t know how to explain to the guys that working for Dylan would make her uncomfortable and akward, because she couldn’t explain why she felt that way to begin with, plus Dylan is a general doctor and worker comp, where as Eddie does all types of families and kids. The thought that more men go to Dylan made her anxiety just flow right up there.

“Ricki is actually stationed right there inside the building a couple doors down the hall so that’d be nice to pop in lunch with him every now and than I’m sure he gets in Dylans office often for consult right being the physical therapist?” Bear asked. “Yes that’s right.” Marie smiled with a wink. “Well I think it’s time to get going. Do you want us to follow you home?” “No I think I’ll run to the store and pick up some things I think I can get some baking in for tomorrow and clean the house. I’m sure Dylan’s gonna swing by between now and than about the shifts for the day after tomorrow.” “Don’t forget to let us know what we can bring for your BBQ.” Tank said. “I got the meat and drinks covered if one of you guys want to cook it on the grill or Ricki will so maybe just some sides.” “We can do that Angel.” Bear said.

Kane walked Marie over to her car. Bringing her into a hug his hands around her waist and hers around his neck foreheads touching for a moment. “If I get to lonely can I come by?” “You have your key, if you’d like I have an empty drawer you can put some clothes in so you don’t have to rush out and be late.” “That would be great thanks. You know I got room for you too? Or we can go take you shopping and get all new stuff?” “No thank you I am happy with my things don’t go wasting money on me I’m perfectly content to just bring over some things.” “Nothing ever spent on you is a waste baby girl.” He said with a deep kiss good bye. “I’ll see you tonight even sooner if you don’t hurry up and get that cute ass in the car and get.” They both laughed. She drove away as he hopped in the trucks.

“It’s going to be nice having her round the house for couple days.” Tank said. “You think she and Ricki would spend Thanksgiving with us?” Bear asked hopeful. “I was thinking of having them over the whole week they both know what to do out their they’ve both worked the lands before and they are both off that whole week.” Kane said. “So do you think you’re ever going to make a move?” Tank asked. “we talk everyday I think he gets how I feel and he knows I was waiting. But damn man every wtime he goes on them dates I don’t know why but it guts me. So I was actually going to ask him out this Friday. If it goes well than Saturday won’t be awkward lol. Hey Kane we could start double dating.” Bear said. “It would definitely mess up Dylan's game from trying to keep Ricki busy. He’s got a whole new playing field for the next two weeks. I hope your acting skills have gotten better because you gotta pretend to be ok when they go lunch and crap. Hell even Dinner they are neighbors and if she meets with Ricki every Thursday who knows how many more ties he’s going to try.” Tank said. Kane nodded knowing it all made sense.

“You know what’s funny she never had Dylan over without Ricki. She only associated with him when she was outside in public eye in the yard. Do you think maybe she’s not as ok around as she seems?” Bear asked. “No she’s ok with him, not like best friend close but there is probably something about him that her subconcious mind seems comparing to her ex she keeps her guard up.” Kane said plainly. “Makes sense. He does give off an very weird vibe.” Bear added. Let’s get home and get to work. I gotta hurry up take a shower and head back to her place I don’t want numb nuts to have a reason to talk to her alone a longer than he has too.” Kane said flatly.

Marie had started a nice bbq baked chicken dinner with salad, corn on the cob, homemade dinner rolls, and a small pot of homemade beans. Sending Kane a text letting him know dinner will be done soonish. She already cleaned her house and made her cookies and two pies. Knowing how much the boys loved the goodie she would bring for him tomorrow. She had just enough to shower and dress just before a knock came on the door. She hesitated a little nervous about what or who could be on the other side. Never knowing when she’ll get over that worrying feeling, she opened it with the chain still on.

Seeing Dylan smiling at her She shut the door took a deep breath of relief and unchained it the door. “Howdy neighbor.” Dylan said with small chuckle. “Hey Dyl.” “Damn girl you got it smelling good in here” he said at the door. You could always smell her cooking from down the street. “Thanks.” She said with a blush. “Still cute as ever when you blush darlin’.” He said looking down at her. “I just wanted to stop by and thank you personally for covering those extra shifts I really appreciate you and the girls giving up your time for us like that and I know the patients would love it too. It really means a lot to me you step up for us like that.” “Hey anytime Dyl, I know how it is.” “Well would you at least let me take you to lunch when you there. I know you always turn me down but I would really like to show my thanks and I want you to know I am personally doing the same for Ellie an dLola has informed she likes gift cards.” They bothed laughed hard.

“That is true she has a weird coffee addiction so literally any coffee place in town will do and she’ll be your new bff.” “I’ll remember that. So would that be ok?” “You know ya that will be ok. It would be nice to get out of that comfort zone everyday rut and go to lunch with a friend/colleague/neighbor.” She laughed. “Alright look at you go getting out into the world I’m proud of you Alderman.” Dylan said with a big smile on his face. “Well oh here before I forget I got you and Ricki a small bag of cookies made up today.” Marie said handing him his little treat bag. “Awesome thanks I look forward to snacking on this while watching Netflix.” They giggled. “You know yo spoil us right? A man could get use to this.” Dylan said with a wink. “Well you guys deserve to be spoiled every now and than anyway. Good night Dyl.” “Night Darlin.” HE said smiling walking away. Answering his phone for Colt. “Hey man what you doing?” “I’m doing great about to munch out on some cookie made by a beautiful neighbor and the best part is I think I finally got a foot in a door and it only took a plane ticket and some extra work shifts at the office.” “I told you man Eddie’ loves those kids.” They both let a chuckle and continued talking.

Dylan was taking out his trash when he say Kane getting out of his lifted truck he parked in Marie's drive way. “Hey man how you doin?” Kane said with a wave. “I’m alright long days and all. How bout you?” “I’m doing good. Actually I’m looking forward to the next couple of weeks and I guess I should thank you for that.” Kane said holding out his hand to shake. Dylan took it. “What did I do to deserve such thanks?” Dylan asked raising an eyebrow.

“Well you made it possible for Dr. Johnson to leave for awhile so my girl has got some free time coming up and I can’t wait to have her working up there at the farm with us.” “The farm?” “Ya. Didn’t Marie tell ya. Ya man crazy story turns out ya boy Colt was right about this place being such a small town. See I didn’t know that the old couple Marie was visiting and taking care of all this time was my parents on the Medina farms. Crazy right? I mean it’s kinda like fate put everything together like a perfect puzzle. We didn’t know ourselves until I saw her in the house Sunday. Now with this free time coming up I get to more time with her out there. SO thanks man couldn’t be more excited and it’s all thanks to you for taking in her patients.” Kane said with a honest smile and shit eating grin. Dylan put on his fake smile. “Glad to help it’ll be nice being able treat my patients better and with faster care you know Marie really is a great nurse she’s great at what she does and she really loves the people it really shows through her in her work. I’m proud of here not a lot of people who go through social anxiety can bounce like that. I’m looking forward to hanging out with at lunch too it’d be nice to get some good time in. Both our schedules get so crazy sometimes but we do try together for the most part ya know friends catching up and all. Hope you don’t mind. I mean it does get really interesting with Ricki and all.” They bothed laughed Kane knew how true those words were.

“Well I gotta get goin my woman got supper ready and I cant wait to get to it.” He said pulling out his keys looking for the right one. “You already got her key?” Dylan asked shocked. “Ya. “Kane said flatly. “I just want you to know that Marie is a speical and sensitive girl, so just please to the best of your ability don’t hurt I think she has been through enough. I just don’t want to see her hurt.” “I get that man and I agree with you. I am not stupid enough to do anything to mess up what I got right now. I appreciate you looking out, but I swear she’s good right where she at.” Kane said in more of a warning voice. “See you in the morning Meyers.” Kane said walking off unlocking the door.” Dylan laughed to himself. I hope your ready for the fight coming our way Medina.

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