The Way Home

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Chapter 5

Marie was holding up a pair of dark blue scrubs and lavender scrubs. Holding up both of them. Standing in her Spaghetti strap undershirt and boy shorts. Kane walked in pulling his shirt down being fully dressed. Startled they both just stared at each other. “I didn’t mean to just walk in on ya babe.” Kane said. She was holding the scrubs to cover her lower parts feeling embrassed. He walked up to her.

“Don’t ever hide yourself from me baby girl.” He said cupping her face making her look at him give her a light peck. Don’t be shy beautiful, you are truly beautiful inside and out.” “Tt-t-thank you. Uhmm which color do you think I should go with for my first day at a new place?” “Well blue being both our favorite colors and the color of your eyes I say the dark blue one honey.” “Ok.” She said smiling. “I gotta get going soon honey you almost ready?” “Ya just going to slide this on and my slip on sketchers and I’m out the door.” “I’m going to get your bag ready meet you at the door.” “Thank you.”

They finally made their way out the door. Kane making sure to hand her a thermas of her tea, and locked her door. “Morning neighbor. Hey I was wondering if you didn’t have no where else to rush off to today maybe if you just want to drive to the office with me like carpool? I’m only going to the office and home today.” Dylan asked looking back and forth to them. “Well no I don’t have no where else to be today I guess that would make more sense to carpool.” “Thanks for the offer Dylan, I’m sure it would make Marie feel better to go into a new place with a good friend. I won’t be late tonight baby.” “I think your right Kane, thank you Dylan.” Kane walked up to the passenger door, kissed her with a tight hug handing her bag helping her in and shutting the door. "Drive safe Dylan I’m trusting you taking my baby and bringing her back safely." “I got it Kane. See ya later.” Kane winked at Marie blushing red. Kane got in his truck waited for them to leave, than made his way to work he had some guys waiting on him to fix some equipment and now he was aggravated to have his woman driving into work and back with the same one he felt was trying to take her from him yet , that was still to be proven it was just a hunch but if anything from his time served was to always go with the hunch.

“Hey man. What’s with your face it’s like normal and missing that smile you been sporting his week.” Tank said. “Marie working at Dylan office today and tomorrow and the dude offered to carpool with her.” He said putting down his tool bag. “That bastard giving her a ride knowing damn well he lives next door and is going to the same fucking place. How dare he not waste her gas. You want me to kick his ass boss?” Adam said in a serious tone and everyone else just laughed hard. “It’s not funny. I didn’t mean it like that.” “Do you really thinking his making a B-line for your girl boss?” Adam said.

“I can’t prove it and I’m not accusing him or anything it’s just.” “A feeling you got?” Kane shook his head. “As a man whose been through this go with that gut.” Adam said with a frown. “What happened with your girl.” Tank asked. “Well she’s now my ex. See I made all the wrong steps. The other guy was not a coworker though nor a neighbor it was the boyfriends cousin of her best friend. Every time her best friend came rolling through to chill her man was always with her, and his cousin always with him. I couldn’t scrape that fool off us to save our life and when I called him out on it or when she was trying to spend time with the girls and those guys would just pop in.” Adam said using air quotes.

“It always sounded like I didn’t trust her or they switched up in her mind that I had control issues, which was weird because her best friend could never go out with out her boyfriends permission so when I asked if maybe he was being to protective worrying she might have been being abused. I was the bad guy throwing accusations out and trying to break everyone up because I was to controlling and didn’t trust her. Didn’t matter that dude was trying to get with my girl I was still in the wrong because I fell right in the trap. Any way she did leave me. Her bestfriend did end up getting hit by the boyfriend and stayed with him and quit her friendship with my ex, and that had her move across country to live with some guy whose friends with her step brother. I honestly loved her but that whole thing was way too toxic. Just keep your eyes open to the opening signs. Marie is a great woman and she deserves the best, and that damn sure ain’t Dylan Meyers. Don’t get me wrong he is a great guy I’m sure a hell of a catch but just not right fit for her.” Adam said.

“Damn boy, that was a fucked situation. But thanks for the heads up.” “Good morning ladies.” Bear said with a huge face. “I take it the date went well.” Kane said with a smile. “It was the best date or time I’ve ever had. He’s funny, smart, got a good heart, he don’t play no stupid games. He ain’t the jealous type yet we both still protective. We got a lot of things in common. Banging body.” Bear said with a little drool coming from his mouth and daydream in his eye. “That’s enough of that. So are you guys going to go out again?” “Yes we are. Or.. at least I hope.” The guys looked up at him. “What’s that suppose to mean?” Kane asked “What did you do?” Tank asked.

“I may have asked him to go steady with me. He may have said he would let me know at the BBQ Saturday he gotta work late today and tomorrow and wants to think it through and give me an answer in person. I may be nervous as hell that I took my shot to soon on the only man that I’ve had any real interest in two years; and in those tow years built more than a friendship with.” Bear said a little disheartedly.

“Come Bear you know Ricki odds are I bet he’s just making you sweat.” Tank said. “Ya there’s no way he waited this long finding literally any and everything wrong with every date until you came home. I swear he was actively sabotaging his dates or dating life because he’s been waiting for you for this long.” “You really think so?” Bear looked up hopeful. “Bet.” They all said and laughed let’s hurry up and get this shit done yall I wanna hurry back up to Maries tonight and get her back to the arms she really belongs in. Just one more tonight and tomorrow and she staying at our place for about a week.” “I can’t wait to hang out with her I miss her texting her everyday just ai’t the same.” “You two have been texting her everyday?” Kane asked. “Duh, I think you forget she’s our best friend too.” Tank said looking at Kane like he lost his damn mind. “Let’s just hurry up.” Kane said shaking his head.

The day at the office actually went by really fast it was busy but nothing Ellie and Marie weren’t already used to it was a steady fats pace. They had the whole office cleared by lunch. No other appointments were scheduled but they did have some walk in that were coming in for the rest of the day.

”Are you lovely ladies ready?” Dylan asked with a smile looking at Ellie and Marie. “Ya just washed up I can’t wait to get to the dinner that cheeseburger is calling my name.” Marie laughed Dylan joined her. “All set Ellie said smiling with a little blush. “We should just walk I mean it’s a little breezy but it feels so nice outside.” Marie suggested. “Sounds great.” Dyl agreed. “Ugh ya sure. I would hate to lose a good parking spot just to go down the street. I didn’t think you would be this busy Dr. Meyers.” “Ellie were not clocked just call me Dylan.”

“Ok, Dylan.” She said with a small blush. Marie couldn’t help but wonder if Ellie was crushing on Dylan. This could be ok. Ellie was a nice sweet girl but she was a high maintence type and even though she busted her ass for everything she had, she would also only date a certain type of guy who she felt could maintain her. This could be good or bad. Dylan was definitely not the type who could go high maintence type of girl. She was curious to see how this would play out. Dylan opened the door and let the girls pass.

“Thank you such a gentleman.” Ellie said with a little sweetness in her tone.” “Thanks Dyl. Marie said as she entered next. Dylan couldn’t help himself and starred at Marie's bum for a few minutes so he wouldn’t’ get caught gentleman my ass he thought damn I’d open every door in the world if I got to be in the blessings of the view of this beautiful creature in her tight scrubs he thought to himself. Reaching the table Dylan sat on one of the table and Ellie and Marie sat in the other individual chairs that sat across from him avoiding the booth the sat at center tables.

The waitress had come to take their order. “I’d like a sweet tea Marie asked, I’d like a water with lemon wedge, I’d like a sweet tea too.” She left they looked over the menu in silence when she returned with their drinks. “Are you ready?” “I Think so.” Dylan said looking at the girls. “I would like the bacon avocado cheeseburger with no mayo, no tomato and fries please.” Marie said the sweet waitress smiled at her politeness taking her menu. “I’d like the house salad and fruit cup I’m trying to keep the fatty carbs and grease out of my diet.” Ellie said handing her menu back with a fake smile.

“I want the same burger as she got with fries it sounds like it’d really hit the spot.” Dylan said with a cute wink to the waitress who was obviously way to old for him but smiled none the less. “I didn’t know you were back on the diet ellie I don’t know why I think you look great.” Marie said. “Well thank you Marie but I would like to stay this way also so I’m trying to eat a little better maybe you should try to cut down the fatty foods a little too. It would give us a good excuse to go clothes shopping.” Ellie said clapping her together getting excited at the thought.

“I think Marie looks perfect. You can’t cut out all the fatty foods your body needs some of them it runs off calories denying yourself to much may get your body skinny but it’s not going to change the way you feel on the inside. Most people only go on diets to fix a deeper issue and once they get to the goal they are still unhappy. I think you two girls are good just the way you are. What’s that thing you always tell me Marie what’s bad for the heart is still good for the soul.” They all chuckled as the waitress brought the food.

“So you guys talk a lot?” Ellie asked. “Yes, we’re good friends. We’re also neighbors.” Dylan said with a smile. “That is so great. You guys could just like carpool to work.” She said. “That’s funny because we did today.” Dyl added. “Great minds think alike. Right? So what’s new with you guys? Did your pen pals from over seas ever get to come home you were pretty excited about that.”

“Actually ya they did get to come home they actually live here in town out on the Medina’s Farm. Actually I am now officially dating one of them.” Marie said with a smile. “No way! You actually got a boyfriend? Girl you have been avoiding the opposite sex like the damn plague and now you have a boyfriend.” Ellie said loudly and excitedly. “Good for you girl. I’m so proud you put yourself out there I know It could not have been easy.” Marie smiled Ellie squeezed her hand whispered the last part to her. Marie nodded.

“What about you Dylan what is new with you?” “Well my nurse got hurt and I’ve seem to taken over Eddies nurses instead. I even got a packed weekend to look forward to. That’s it.” “Busy man. Does your girlfriend ever get lonely?” “I don’t have one, but if I did she would no doubt ever be lonely.” “So Ellie how are things going with Blake?” Marie asked trying to free Dylan from the uncomfortable look in his eyes praying the subject would change knowing where it was going.

“Oh, that’s over we broke up about two weeks ago, we just wanted different things.” Ellie said a little annoyed that she would bring up her recent ex when she was trying to feel out Dylan. “Oh, that’s to bad. Hey you know if your looking for a date and feeling lonely Dylan has a friend name Ace and I think you two could really hit it off. You guys have a lot in common.” Marie said Dylan smiled brightly.

“Ya actually now that you say it he is single and they would get along great I could ask him this weekend if you would like?” “Really your friend are you sure? Like what does he do ?” “Why don’t you go out with him and find out? I mean you seem like the adventurous type, I think you’d have good time. Should I ask him if he’s free?” Dylan said. “I do like a good time. I’ll think it over and get back to you. Maybe I should get your number Dylan just in case I come to a decision.” “Wouldn’t you need Ace’s number to talk to him directly and set something up. Calling me to set something up would be like just an extra unnecessary step. Don’t you think?” Dylan raising an eyebrow.

“Well you know what I am stuffed and ready to get back at it so why don’t we head on out if your ready.” Marie said reaching for her wallet. “No Marie this is my treat as a thank you for helping me this week and next.” “Are you sure I’d hate for you to waste your money on me.” “It’s never a waste to spend it on friends and family or people who are as special as you. It warms my heart to know people like you stay humble.” Dylan said as he went to pay the bill.

“So what’s the deal with Dylan? IS he dating or gay? Do you think I could get a shot?” “Well I don’t think he’s dating at the moment and he is not gay. You guys maybe a little to different I mean once a guy starts trying to set you up with his friend I think that’s the sign of no romantic interest but Ace his friend I think is just what your looking for. Ace is my friend too and he really is a funny smart guy. If you like the way Dylan is built Ace is very similar.” Really? I may just have to check this guy out later.” Ellie said with a smirk.

They made their way back to the office and the day just flew by. Once they were done They all made there way out Dylan locking the office up. Walking to his truck he held open Marie’s door. “Thanks Dyl.” Dylan smiled. Ellie cleared her throat with a seductive smile. Dylan opened her door for her. “Ever the gentleman.” She said with a wink. He shut the door and got in started the truck. He and Marie looked back and forth a couple times until they burst out laughing. “Oh man I feel dirty just for having to sit back and watch all that today.” “You feel dirty, Darlin’ a need a shower with water as hot straight form hell. Damn What ever happened to young women today having some decency ya know, or just a little modesty.” Dylan asked making them laugh harder. “Thanks for trying to divert her today.” “I just felt so bad for you with the look of help begging for your eyes like a dog begging for food from the table. I actually think Ace would be perfect because they think about themselves, they both care about money and looks, and they are more interested in sex than a relationship. The differences I heard from Liam about Ellies break up was that he wanted a commitment and she wanted to keep her options open for someone who makes a little more than Blake. I actually feel bad for Blake.”

“Ya that’s the kinda girl I had her pegged for. I was praying she wouldn’t make a scene when I called her the adventurous type.” Dylan said shaking her head. The drive home was quick as they joked all the way home about the desperation of their new co worker. They pulled in to see Kane coming out of his truck with Chinese food. “You look happy, good day babe?” Kane said leaning down for a kiss from Marie, who happily took it smiling in it. “Ya it was something it was fast, but poor Dylan could have had a better lunch.” “Didn’t you go out to lunch at the dinner?” Kane asked curiously.

“Dude it was the lunch form hell. I just wanted to thank the girls for taking the extra shifts, and Ellie would not back down. It was awkward and uncomfortable.” Dylan said shaking his head with his body shuttering. “He was uncomfortable I had a great burger. See Ellie likes guy who can maintain her so to speak so she sees an attractive looking doctor around her age she saw a shot she took it. However modesty is not her friend it’s a good thing the scrubs don’t button down or her shirt would half been a deep v neckline.” Marie laughed tears coming down her face form laughing so hard.

“Yes laugh at my misery some friend you are.” Dylan said. “Hey I threw Ace under the bus for you. I think that makes me a great friend.” “Don’t think I won’t tell him Saturday either. I’ll be sure to tell him it was your idea.” “I think he’d thank me for getting i'm a chance for an easy girl.” Marie said. “Ima tell him you threw him under that bus so hard you could have won a prize.” Dylan said as they all laughed.

“I’ll leave you guys to your evening see you tomorrow Darlin’ did you want to ride in again in the morning?” “Ya that sounds fine.” They waved each other off. Marie unlocked the door and let Kane in to unpack the food. “ Lock the door baby well go wash up real quick and you can sit down and tell me about the rest of your first day.” "That sounds wonderful.

They showered quickly in separate showers no matter how much he didn’t want to. He couldn’t stop thinking bout her smile, her laugh, the shine that came through her eyes. Than his imagination start to drift imagining her down upon he knees with that innocent look in her eyes. Picturing her reaching out to grab his shaft picturing her running her tongue along his tip and taking him all in. He was stroking himself up and down now quietly grunting to himself. That’s right baby take it all in like my good girl baby. He whispered to himself as white ribbons shot out of him. He didn’t think he could cum that much just by a day dream he couldn’t wait to see just how crazy she could make him when they did the real thing. He washed off his seed from her shower and quickly got dressed.

When he came to the kitchen to eat. They enjoyed each others company and watched a movie on the couch. Watching Divergent she couldn’t help but be cuddled into his side. She looked up at him he was already looking at her. “So beautiful.” Kane said running the back of his hand against her cheek. She leaned up and kissed him passionately the kiss started to get way from them. He pulled he into his lap so she was straddling him one leg across each side of him. He held her close one hand behind her head in her hair and one wrapped around her waist to keep her close. He pulled away. “Is this to much?” Kane asked with worry on his face. She shook her head “No, it’s fine.” Marie said catching her beathe.

“Can I.. is it ok… Could I. Touch you? I don’t want to rush you baby you can say no.” Kane rushed out. Marie couldn’t help but feel a little excited about Kane's hands on her. She could feel the wetness in between her legs and she wasn’t nervous about Kane feeling her. “ That’s ok. Yes I’m ok if you touch me Kane. Let’s just try it step by step and see how we go I can’t promise I won’t freak out on you eventually but I trust you I’m ok with it.” Marie whispered to him nibbiling on his ear lobe. Kane letting out some deep moans in the process.

“Ok baby girl you just let me know if I start crossing a line.” He said kissing up and down her neck. He continued kissing up to her lips he ran his hands inside her shirt running his finger tips up and down her back, until he his tongue invaded her mouth while his hand made his way over to her left breast kneading it in the most enjoyable way. She let out softs moans, he started playing with her left nipple pulling it rubbing twisting softly. He pulled her shirt up and started to kiss her chest and than started to suck on her right one. Playing with her nipple with his tongue. After awhile he pulled her shirt down placing deep kiss one last time to her lips and pulled away.

“Baby I have to stop now before I can’t control myself anymore. Let’s turn all this off and go cuddle in bed baby.” “Ok, you’re right I’m not ready to go further yet. That sounds great.” Marie said back they looked into each others eyes deeply. “Thank you baby girl for trying and going so far out of your comfort zone to try with me and for me. You don’t know how thankful I am just to be here and get to be wrapped around you at night honey.” He said placing a kiss to her forehead. She smiled at him letting out a playful squeal as he got up still with her legs wrapped around him as he turned off the tv, and made their way to the bedroom with him carrying her. “I can walk you know.” “I do but I like you this close to me.” They curled up in bed and fell asleep quick. He couldn’t believe she let him get that far tonight. His smile seemed never fading he was so thankful to be here next to her. Being next to her felt like he was finally home. After all the years of hell, it finally felt like this was home. She, she was home. He held her close and let him drift off before they had to get up and start the ay all over again. All he had to do was just get through Saturday and than get her to his place where she belongs.

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