The Way Home

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Chapter 6

Marie woke up still wrapped up in Kanes arms she looked up at him and steadied his face. He was truly a handsome man. After admiring him for a few minutes she felt her self build a little bit of confidence and started leaving butterfly kisses on his face. After a couple she grazed across his lips where he caught her and kept her there, pulling her closer and more over him. “That is a great way to wake baby girl.” Kane said in a sexy husky voice still waking up.” Marie blushed but nodded her head in agreement.

“Let’s go ahead and get ready babe.” “You want me to make you anything to eat?” “No honey I’m good but I won’t turn down your coffee. Maybe we can even get one ready for Meyers?” “That is a wonderful idea, you’re so thoughtful babe.” He pulled her close after they made the bed. “I love when you call me that, better get a move on before I make us late.” He said with a playful tap to her butt making her giggle going for here scrubs and going quickly to her bathroom. After getting ready and putting her hair in a messy bun and her Disney villain scrubs. She made her way to the kitchen and go the coffee going and made her a tea on the side. “Smells great.” Kane said wrapping his hands around her.

“Here you go honey, I’m all set are you ready?” “Ya, I actually get off around four today how about I get here and make some tacos, unless you want something else?” “No that sounds great I actually have some asada meat in the fridge and some tortillas in the cabinet not opened yet. Are you sure you want to come back and cook for us I’m sure I could whip it up after Dylan brings us in.” “Naw babe it’s ok I like to cook and it would make me happy being able to do that for you after a long day of work. I know how much paper work you gotta get down today. It’s fine.” They made their way out to see Dylan putting his laptop in the back of the truck. “Good morning Darlin’ what you got there?” Dylan said looking at the wolf thermas Marie was holding out for him walking up Kane close behind her drinking his.

“Kane thought maybe you could use some coffee this morning too. So here ya go DYl.” Marie said with a bright beautiful smile that was contagious making both guys smile too. “Well I thank you both, I could really use the caffine push this morning. “Dylan giving her a side hug and accepted the drink. “Thanks for thought yall.” Kane opened the door for her. “Drive safe Meyers. Come home hungry babe I got a nice night for you when you get home. The guys are all set to meet everyone tomorrow and are actually looking forward to it. Have good day you guys. See you soon honey. “ he said with a kiss as he shut the door.

“Ok see you soon Kane.” The car ride to work was upbeat as they both sang along to the radio. They even got out of the car singing the last song together as Dylan unlocked the office and they set up they got there about fifteen minutes early. Ellie opened up looking at both of them doing their own task finishing up their little karaoke. Ellie smiling to herself. “Well some people woke up on the Disney musical side of the bed.” She said with a giggle. “You two sound great and cheerful, definilty got the Friday end of the week vibe going. Any big plans for today?”

“Well I don’t know about you guys but I got a nice date night at home awaiting me tonight.” Marie said. “I am actually meeting some friends for dinner.” Dylan said. “Oh little boys night?” “Not really but kinda since they are in fact guys.” Dylan said. “I'm actually going out with some friends tonight to. Hey maybe if guys get a little bored we could meet up?” “That’s a nice offer but were just going to go to dinner and than go home. Maybe another time. Hey I could always give our friend Ace your number if your looking to hang with someone later.” Dylan asked. “Oh well I’ll think about it.” “Dylan why don’t you take Ellie’s number and if she and Ace decide to give it a go you can just slide it to him later?” Marie said causing Ellie to smile big.

“That’s a great idea why don’t you go ahead and slide me your phone and I’ll program it in there.” “Oh well it’s charging in the office so you can just write it down and I can always slide to him.” Dylan said dodging her. “Oh ya that works too.” Ellie said a little disappointed. “OK let’s go over the charts people are starting to come in?” The day was going great until lunch hit. “Hey Dr. Meyers, I’m starting to get hungry there’s a great sandwich shop a couple buildings down. How about we run over and grab one?” “Oh that sounds nice but I actually got some things to catch up on before the weekend so I am having lunch in my office but have great lunch and see you soon.” Dylan said smiling walking into his office.

Ellie getting aggravating grabbed her purse and her phone and walked out the office door Liam locking it behind her. “Relentless, that one?” Liam said shaking his head. “I’ve never seen her be or act so… so…” “Desperate?” Liam asked. They laughed for a second. Marie grabbed her brown bag. Dylan heard the knocking on the door he rubbed his fingers on the door. ”Come in.” He said a little defeatedly. “Hey I hope you don’t mind but I had an extra sandwich and I know you don’t pack a lunch so I just thought this could hold you over until you meet up with Ace and Colt tonight.” “Darlin, you are my savior. That’s twice you thought of me today and it truly has made my day. Thank you.” HE said taking the drink and the soda from her.

“Actually Kane thought of you this morning I just had a feeling you would tuck tail and run at lunch time with Ellie around. I’m not sure what has gotten into her but you have surely took hold of her attention. Gotta warn you now Dyl she’s not exactly a quitter so unless a better man comes along you may have to deal with her for awhile.” Marie said with a giggle. “Honestly I hate girls who think they always get what they think they want. Hopefully she’ll lose interest before I have to come and be flat out direct with her that will be weird.” “Well I have faith you’ll be fine. I’m all done. I’ll go finished charts and make sure the prescriptions got in so the refills will be there.” “You’re seriously an angel Darlin’.” Marie left the office. Dylan looked down at his finished meal.

Feeling like he was on cloud having lunch with her for two days. He pulled out his phone and texted Ace. Hey man you remember that one time you made me give you some meds for the STD you caught and you said you owed me one? Dylan asked. Oh god I don’t think I like where this is going. What do you need Dyl? Ace asked back quickly. I actually think I may need you to go on a date with one of my temp nurses. He’s actually totally your type except I think she’s mainly a gold digger who at the same time works hard for her money. You know the girl type who works, but dates a guy for status and material things. She is a definitely a hook up girl everything you look for. Dylan said chuckling to himself.

SO you want me to do you a favor by taking a girl on a date which I could get laid from? It feels like this is some type of set up. Dylan chuckled again. It is a set up I’m trying to get this girl off my jock bro. Seriously I don’t need her trying to get with me when I’m trying to get closer to Marie who by the way made me coffee and lunch today and even had it with me. She also carpooled with me. Dude this sucks because we have such a great time and than she gets to go back to that Medina dude. Who maybe more of a challenge than we thought were going to have to work on a game plan tonight. I think not only is on to me and my feelings but may have some curve ball plays of his own. Well work this out when we meet up tonight. Dylan said. That’s priceless dude Ya I’m totally down for taking that girl out because than you just can’t bring yourself to date a girl your friend has already dated because of the bro code. You are smarter than you look my friend. Ya we will have to shake things up. Super sweet of our girl though, she really something else. You know honestly in the end I just want you both happy right? Ace replied back. Ya me too bro. See you tonight. He ended putting his phone away.

The day went by a little slower with the awkwardness of Ellie trying to get every and any minute with Dylan. Marie started to feel bad for him, and was starting to think that maybe Dylan should just be straight with her. “Are you ready to go home Marie?” Dylan asked trying to hide the desperation of getting rid of Ellie. Marie smiling at him knowing he’s reason for being in such a rush. “Ya,” HE locked up and walked Marie to the car opening her door letting her and shutting it. He heard Ellie cleared her throat, he sighed and turned around and opened her door and shut it. “Drive safe goodnight.” Dylan said running around the car before she could say anything else.

The car ride home was filled with laughter and how Dylan had text Ace to beg him to take Ellie on just one date so he could dodge Ellie all the way through the future. Marie laughed assaying that even though that was smart and she could see his point but that was still a little messed up. As they pulled up Dylan let her out and wishe her a good night while he rushed to get ready to start his night of setting his play book.

Kane had a bath set up for her and dinner half way done. She bathed and came into the living room. With dinner and drinks already set up. She told him about her day, and everything that happened. Warning him about the topic of Ellies that will come tomorrow. Kane was laughing so hard he even had tears coming from his eyes. “Man that is something else.” “It was getting hard to watch. I am so glad to be away from all that until next week. Just two more days of that sad little show and we can go back to normal.” “Yup I’m actually excited to get some more time with you in the next few days. The guys will be here around one tomorrow afternoon. So why don’t we clean up and get ready for bed. I’m actually looking forward to Rickis steaks. I got talking with him today he went and got steaks, burgers, and some ribs. I swear that guy could write books of food porn.” They both laughed hard knowing how true that was Ricki was a great cook when it came to meat. They got ready quickly and tangled into each other for a great nights sleep. Kane was mentally preparing his mind. Getting ready for tomorrow he was ready for all the sneaky shit that the other ‘team’ was getting ready to play. Hoping his secret weapon would come through tomorrow.

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