The Way Home

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Chapter 8

It was early the sun light barely coming out still providing enough light to be able to get the day looking up to Kane who was still sleeping hard. She lifted his arm form here which was more of a task than she thought. She changed into in simple black legging like joggers and a black spaghetti strap tank top it held and high lighted all her curves in the most elegant way.

She crept herself in the kitchen. Grabbing some pants reaching for some ingredients placing them on the kitchen counter she looked up to see Ricki in the cabinet already cracking the eggs. “I didn’t mean to wake you.” She said with a little bit of sadness. “It’s ok new place and all you know how we both are.” Ricki said with a wink. “Nothing a little time won’t change.” He said with insurance. “It’s crazy how were both here right now finally happy, right?”

“Crazy? A little bit; but we have finally got to where were suppose to be I honestly believe.” Ricki said blushing with the worlds biggest smile. “It’s crazy to want something for so long and finally get it. It’s almost as if I’m not worthy to have him.” Ricki said. “Ya well you both deserve the best, and you both are. Like you said nothing a little time won’t change.” She said walking up rubbing his huge back a little.

“Your right bitch I’m m fabulous.” The both laughed quietely. What are we making I got scrambled eggs. I’m doing waffle with the bacon and fruit face scrambled eggs would be perfect.” “Alright I’ll get to it the bacon and eggs and you go make and create the faces.” The smiled singing together softly in the kitchen. “I was wrong you’re both Angels.” Tank said sittin down Marie giving him his orange juice.

“Thank you Angel.” Tank said with a wink. “This looks and smells great thanks babe.” Bear said sneaking a kiss to Ricki’s face causing it to turn beat red. ”Do you need help carring all this to the table?” Kane asked wrapping his hands around her waist sneaking a kiss to her cheek as well making her cheek match the color of Ricki. “Yes please.” She said softly. The breakfast was wonderful the dinning room filled with laughter and jokes, it was like they knew each other for years which was in fact true in all the important ways. So I was thinking if you guys didn’t have much else going on.

Maybe we should give Ricki a good tour of the land I think he’s only been around the main house.” Tank said looking at everyone. “That sounds fun are we taking the ATVS or horses?” Ricki said getting excited. “What ever you want.” Bear said with a wink. “How about you love what you would you prefer love?” Kane asked Marie. Marie and Ricki looked at each other with a big smile. “ATV!” They said loudly at the same time. With laughter once again filling the room. “Alright let us get dressed and well get the tour started.” Tank said.

Making their way in to one of the many huge warehouse shed they had on the property which felt like a whole city wide. To get on their rides. It was about three o clock in the afternoon and they only covered maybe half of the property. They made their way to the main house. “You all look like you’ve been having a good time. Hello Love bug, Ricki it’s been to long son.” Pop said hugging Marie and Ricki. “It has.” Ricki said back. “Look at this all my babies under one roof, dreams do come true.” Mama Callie said. “Ricki glad to have Marie drag you out here.” “She didn’t actually. My boyfriend did.” He answered back. “Well hells bells don’t tell me prayer don’t’ work.” Pop Neil said with a laugh.

“Good to see you finally grew some balls here son.” Everyone laughed deeply. Marie I cheated today and just got some rotiserrie chickens today for dinner.” Cal said with a smile. “That’ sounds yummy. DO you need help with any salads?” “No I got them all from the deli as well.” Cal chuckled. They were sharing stories of the boys when they were younger all the pranks they played to everyone.

Ricki was in the middle of the story of when Marie made brownies with super exlax and than put icy hot on all the toliets in the bathrooms to the cheerleaders who made fun of Ricki for dating the head of the football team just because they were jealous. “Man my baby got claws.” Kane said. “That is awesome.” Bear said laughing harder trying to breathe. “Them girls were so broke out and couldn’t properly sit without burning all week.” Ricki said laughing just as hard Bear. The sound of the phone was ringing as Ricki looked down, smile falling looking up to Marie. “I have to get this just a minute” a fake smile put on his face.

Marie breathe stilled. “Hey you ok?” Tank said. “Ya. Ya I’m fine.” Marie lied. Raising an eyebrow he looked at her. “If you wanna play that game I’ll play along.” Tank said putting his drink down. Earning a warning glare form Kane and ma and Pop. Ricki came back with a smile and sat down. Bear staring at him. “My parents said hi and they expect to see you when they face time me before they go on through cruise and they are happy for us and are already looking for matching sweaters for Christmas just warning you now.” Bear started laughing.

“Well I guess we could take some pictures in them for Christmas card.” Ricki looked up with a smile shocked that the bit of truth didn’’t scare him off.” “Anything else I should know about?” Bear joked. Ricki looked up at Marie with a big smile. “No, they had no other news.” Marie exhaled a deep breath she didn’t know she was holding. “Tell me about your parents are they ready for their cruise? I thought you guys always spent holidays with them, but the past few years I don’t think you’ve even been home. Warning you know you pull that shit with this mama you and me going to go few rounds.” Mama Callie said. Marie and Ricki looked at each other while everyone else took a deep laugh looking at them.

“ It’s actually because of me.” Marie said looking down. “Angel you don’t have to.” Marie cut Ricki off. “No I do. I really do. I think of you guys as my family and I trust you and it’s been over two years. Hell you deserve to know what you get yourselves into if you choose to associate with me. I just feel bad now that it took me so long to do this.” They all set down their utensils and drinks and gave her their undivided attention. “We all know you’ve been through a certain hell baby girl if your not ready.”

“No it’s ok. I’m really ok. Ricki’s parents were like my parents growing up we have been best friends since Junior high that is when I was finally allowed to go to public school. I was homeschooled with special tutors and teachers until they couldn’t stand my mother anymore. She really is a piece of work. See my real parents are not insanely rich but they are well known in the city where we lived and knew all the right people so to speak. They did have money though. She wanted nothing but the best for me and after being told how networking in the schools could future benefit my chances getting in with the right crowds. I had some social anxiety but I had to hide that or I’d be locked in the room being grounded for my poor behavior. My mother never pulled half her stunts when my father was around which was only half the time he did work. He owns a bank and an accounting firm they both manage. They couldn’t wait for me to get through college to take over for them. They were already trying to pair me up with just the right guy so business could sore even better it did ot matter to father if the man had money as long as he came from a good name. My mother felt the same. No one I ever wanted to be friends with were ever good enough. No one except Ricki. His parents are well accomplished as Doctors his father is the most sought out surgeon for a few states actually, and his mother the same in the obgyn field." Marie took in a deep breathe.

"Nothing I did was ever good enough for them all the A’s the parties forced to go to with a fake smile nothing was ever approved I rather just stayed home and read they made me go out with Ricki to all the parties the popular kids had. We stayed for about 30 minutes enough time for every one to see us and sneak off to the library or the park or coffee house until it was time to go home. It wasn’t until high school I met him. I met a guy I started to get along with. HE made me feel normal I guess. He helped me branch out and have fun in ways which I was finally comfortable. My parents and even RIckis were over the moon that I found someone who not only made me happy but they approved of his father was head of the police department and that was Jason’s plans to follow. His mother was not only the secretary for the mayor she was on his committee. They loved me. It was fine for the first couple of years." TAking another deep breathe to keep her emtions in check.

"When college came he began to get more possessive, he knew how I was in social gatherings but still forced me to go or he’d tell my parents I was behaving poorly. He made me go to the stupid parties and when I would talk to certain people who were either below his status so to speak or point of view or just a male in general he got insanely jealous and for no reason might I add. I had to change the way I dress to something he approved of. See our parents got us an apartment together, to everyone else even Jason we were basically engaged. It started out as a few insults here and there of how he is the only who could love me or accept me. I could be nothing down the road without him." Taking another breathe keeping tears from welling.

"Than when everyone found when I graduated that I got a medical and not a business graduate. They sat waiting for me in the business section when they never called my name everyone got so mad Jason and his parents and my parents yelling at me I threw my life away and there was no point in changing the majors the way I did for I wouldn’t need it I would only be taking over my parents business until I had kids than would have to hire help and keep going his mother was convinced I also take her place on the committee and help run the city with the creepy Mayor it was never the mayor in charge anyway it was the committee."

"Ricki and his parents are the only one who know I’m a nurse. They were the only ones I wanted there. Hell I would spend every holiday with them Jason was in the academy. He does have his degree in Criminal administration though. It was later that week when on a date night we went to a fancy place to eat and a guy who was in my chem class waited on us he was nice and smiled and made conversation all night with both of us. He was also engaged his girlfriend was actually going to be an x-ray tech. He was so jealous that we fought all the way home about how he is embrassed to have a woman who throws her self at any male who gives her a smile, because I was so attention starved for never getting enough." Taking a deep breathe and Kane's hand.

"It was allow blow honestly knowing how both our parents were pretty much the same. Once we got home we bickered a little more. I asked him what we were doing. It wasn’t suppose to be this hard, relationships shouldn’t be this hard and that he changed and I didn’t think it was working anymore that he shouldn’t have to go out of his way to insult or hurt me just to make himself feel superior to me were equals on the same time. He knew where I was going with that got on his knees and started begging me that he would change back to how we were. I remember crying not letting him get to me with any more of his lies I asked if it was that simple for him to say now why hasn’t he done it already. I told him no I was going to pack my things and go to a hotel. We needed to time apart. He cried a little more and than when he saw the bag in my hand it was like a flip switched." She said looking around the room.

"He yelled and screamed threw my a bag back to the room throwing everything in the house lamps, dishes, vase anything that could break I swear. He said the only way one of us was leaving was through body bag. He loved me and no other and it would be the same for me. Obsession was beyond that man. He didn’t tart hitting me until the week after when I actually packed my things and moved out when he was at work. I had told Ricki and his parents everything. When I went down to get a restraining order it never happened turns out kinds hard to press charges when the chief of police and the committee and courts are the same people who are crazy and want you in their family."

"My father started to get worried for me but in the end my evil mother got to him. He was so over the edge for my mother that he could never turn her away. Anyway My mother found a way to get me dragged back to a new house Jason bought it was actually nice with four bedrooms turns out he wanted a big family. When I said I won’t be having any of his demon seeded spawns that’s when he beat me he made sure not to damage the stomach and lower half too much because like I said he wanted a big family. He never raped me though so there was a silver lining. I did get whipped, belted, beat and other things though. I don’t know how but I did save enough money and when I finally had a window Jason had a meeting with higher ups and the force he was now a detective and would be gone for two days."

"I got food poisoning o I wouldn’t have to go so he kissed my head and told me his mother would be over in the morning to help out. I waited for two hours changed the cameras and had my emergency bag with everything I’ve ever earned in my entire life no one knew I worked in school. I got in an uber switched ubers three times and ran in a forget behind a park where Ricki was suppose to have a car for me turns out he packed his shit and just came with me. Ricki’s parents convinced everyone that he was traveling for work and they still don’t know that I am with him or here we are. I know they know I am here but if they find out or we get any contact with my family than Jason will come back and drag me back to that hell."

"I can’t put in a restraining order here because it would flag him down to be notified he’ll find me. He’s looking in Canada and Italy maybe even Ireland because that is the only places I would speak of dreaming of going. No one knows where I am and I’m keeping it that way. We almost got caught in the first city where Jason showed up at Ricki’s work he actually just got noticed of being transfered here so He hugged Jason pretending to happy to see him looking around for me asking where I was saying he insisted we stayed with him. Jason was thrown for a loop when He stayed all night long and not one once of contact was tried to be made with me, no sign of any female being there. Jason left saying if he heard from me to please stay in contact because I was missing and he was so worried."

"I was actually working I stayed in the hospital working a double. Than slept in the on call rooms. To this day no one knows I’m a nurse or where I am. That’s my story. That’s the missing piece you guys know everything now and I understand if you don’t want to be in contact with someone who is so emotionally damaged and such a burden.” Marie said looking around the table. To a bunch of raging mad eyes some with some tears mainly anger.

“You are a lot of things but damaged, and burden is not one of them. You are strong, smart, brave, and beautiful inside and out and everything I could ever hope to find in another person.” Kane said cupping his hands to her face. “It is not your fault you never had the support system you needed. That you should have had this whole time your father should have manned up and put your bitch of a mother in place.” Callie chimmed in with such anger. “Once you lay a finger on a woman you are no longer a man. I am so sorry you were forced into that, and so thankful you had at least three people to be there for you.” Papa Neil said a little teary eyed. Ricki was sitting there quietely crying little tears rolling down his cheeks.

Bear was side hugging him close to him looking torn and sad. “This is where you both are meant to be here at home with us. This is where your going to find everything you need. We got you hell your family and you don’t turn on family.” Tank said looking at both of them . Everyone nodding along with hm. “I am possessive baby girl but not like that, I will never hurt in such a way, you are safe here. You are safe with us. Is that why you scared of Rickis call your scared you parents will find. You.” “Her dad id actually trying he misses her and I think he finally hit his limits and is slowly growing mad. Apparently Jason is matching the crazy desperately still looking for our Angel.” Ricki said sadly.

“Well we can stay here being hidden and silent, or you can branch out and speak to your dad and we can handle everything that comes as it comes. Yu don’t have to keep hiding Marie. We basically own the three states around we the most known family here in the south and aint no one going to come in tour neck of the woods and demand shit they have no power were. Whenever you get tired of hiding you let us know But when that time comes you two are going to have to probably move in here n the property it’s all private and harder to get into.”

“That is something I will think about but I don’t think I could ever put you guys out like that.” “You are our kid. Whether you like it or not, you know damn well we won’t be put out. I won’t have one of my babies living in fear and over her shoulder the rest of her life. When you ready everything you need is right here one call away.” Papa Neil said with a voice that demanded respect. “Ok Pop I will think about it. I have been getting better though.” She said. “We know you have baby, we see you.” “It’s just nice that I’m the only one truly seeing her.” Ricki said.

“Ok, moving on to happier things we will both be here for Thanksgiving week.” “That is great news.” Callie said. “We got lots of work ahead of Marie.” Callie said with a wink. “The hands are getting Tuesday through Saturday off. SO you boys are going to have to stay on top of the feeding out their and cleaning the stables.” “I could help with all that I got the week off as well. ”Ricki said with smile. “Oh I was already adding you in that rotation.” Neil said. Everyone laughed.

Dinner went well after that hugs went around and they all made their way back to the house and got ready for bed. As they settled in bed Kane held her close. “Thank you for telling me today I mean I know how hard that had to be. I am so sorry I wasn’t there to help you. I just want you to know that I am serious about this, I do love you and I won’t let anyone ever hurt you again even if it’s your parents or anyone who comes along.”

“Thank you Kane for accepting me and the baggage I know you’re serious about us that’s why it was time for me to tell you because I love you too Kane it took awhile to get to this kind of place but I am so glad to be in it and be in it with you. I couldn’t have gotten through these last two years without you, and everyone else. I’ve never had this kind of support or love before it’s still a little odd to get used to.” “Well you have all the time to get used to because I don’t plan on letting you go.” He said leaning his head down to give her a kiss good night. They drifted off Marie feeling a million pounds lighter now tha the truth was out there. Wondering if maybe pop was right, she is tired of running and looking over her shoulder; but was she ready to finally end all of this and be able to move on and live her life in peace without worrying if Jason would pop and ruin whatever happy healthy relationship she had going. Maybe it was time to finally step out of the shadows and into the light.

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