Ravyn's Nights - Book 2

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Chapter 53

As the clock struck four a.m. Claire and Aidan were still entangled there together atop the large bed. Neither of them had been in too terrible a hurry to bother getting out of the bed, let alone even getting dressed after their lovemaking earlier in the evening. Shortly after the chime of the clock rang that fourth time, Claire looked toward the door of the bedroom.

“Yes?” Aidan smiled down at her. Though he did not need to hear her response before the two of them heard a key turning in the lock of the bedroom door. Aidan tensed a moment just as Sean stepped through the newly unlocked door.

Though as Sean’s eyes immediately turned to the bed the two lovers still lay upon, there was only a fraction of a crack in his demeanor, before he managed a gentle smile as he shut the door behind him. Despite the semblance of calm upon Sean’s face as he took a few steps closer to the bed, Aidan still couldn’t help pushing himself awkwardly up to his elbows. Just as Aidan was about to fully sit up again, nervous as his expression was, Sean smiled again “don’t bother getting up. It’ll be morning soon” was the only response Sean offered Aidan.

Aidan simply raised a brow at that particular greeting. Claire then allowed her own soft smile up at Sean as he finally reached the bed. There, Sean began slowly removing his jacket and shoes, adding them to the haphazardly piled clothes that already dotted the floor near the bed. Claire’s and Aidan’s eyes stayed on Sean as he began undoing his shirt as well, his pools of blue continuing to move over their bodies with what almost looked like a bit of his own desire.

After having removed his last bit of clothing, Sean moved to crawl across the bed to a spot behind where Claire still lay upon her side with a smile, facing Aidan. Her husband then moved to press his body tightly against hers from behind, wrapping his arms around her waist. Aidan continued to look a bit shocked, as well as aroused, as Sean pulled Claire’s body back even closer against his, slowly beginning to kiss the back of her neck as he did.

As Sean gently caressed her breasts and kissed her neck, he allowed his body to come to life against hers. Aidan’s eyes continued watching the two of them as a grin couldn’t help playing at his own lips in the candle light. It was only a few more moments of gracing Claire with those gentle caresses before Sean repositioned their bodies slightly and ever so slowly slid himself inside her from behind. As a slight moan passed both their lips at the feel of him penetrating her, Aidan’s grin widened as he watched Sean beginning to move behind her, causing a few more soft moans from both of them.

As Sean continued bringing each of them more and more of the human form of pleasure with each gentle thrust, Aidan’s relief as well as desire made him move closer. The youngest among them then moved to gently cover Claire’s lips with his own. Between their ever intensifying moans as Sean continued making love to her, Aidan’s lips moved upon hers, his body pressing closer to her so that there was literally no distance between her and either man.

As the lovemaking as well as the kisses continued, Aidan couldn’t help reaching around her, his hands gently moving to rest on Sean’s hips as the older man continued to push him and his soul mate both into even more of those tremors that had already begun shaking both their bodies at that point. Once Sean’s and Claire’s pleasure wracked them as much as it could without the added pleasure of the Kiss, the two finally stopped their motions and attempted to let their bodies recover. Though none of the three dared to break off their intimate contact before relaxing into the mattress below them, waiting for the coming sunrise to place an end point upon that extremely passionate evening all three of them had now shared.

When the sun set on London the next evening, Claire awoke with a smile at the feel of still being pressed tightly between the equally cool flesh of both her sire and her childe on either side of her. Her two lovers also appeared to be in rather high spirits as Sean gently kissed the back of her neck and Aidan gently kissed her lips upon waking as well. Aidan then couldn’t help his smirk against her lips as he cast a sideways glance at where their three servants were now moving from that room into the adjoining one now that their daily guard duty had ended.

“Something funny?” Claire asked him with her own smile.

“What must they think?” Aidan returned her smile.

“I’m sure they’re used to us degenerates by now” Claire teased.

“But what must anyone think, really?” Aidan replied, his grin seeming permanently fixed at that point.

“Anyone?” Sean finally joined the conversation with a questioning look over at the dark eyes of his grandchilde, none of them still appearing to have found any desire to break off that intimate closeness of all three of their bodies just yet.

“I mean, in general” Aidan attempted to explain his train of thought “if anyone else could see us now, over one hundred and fifty years after I demanded that your wife become my mistress for a decade; then to look at us right at this moment” Aidan couldn’t help his slight chuckle.

Sean narrowed his eyes at the reminder “keep talking about stealing my wife away from me and you may be the next one I take from behind” Sean threatened, though there was somehow no actual malice behind his own slight grin.

Sean’s ‘threat’ did do well to produce a loud giggle from both Claire and Aidan. Though Aidan did turn his eyes back to Sean then “and I somehow don’t seem to mind if you actually were to try and follow through on that particular punishment” he told the older man with a trace of arousal left over from the very arousing evening they had spent the night before.

Both Sean and Claire smirked over at Aidan before Sean responded “and I didn’t know your predilections extended that far” he told the dark haired man with another questioning raise of the brow.

“A century and a half does leave one with lots of time for experimentation” Aidan confirmed with another grin before adding, “and now I’ve seen you in action up close, instead of just up on the stage… on stages” he couldn’t help the jibe.

That was when Sean shook his head at the reminder of his other stage performance, back when Awsha had decided they needed to put on that very unforgettable show “you just had to go there, didn’t you?”

Sean then growled slightly as he crawled over Claire as she let out a shocked though amused laugh as Sean moved to a place now between her and Aidan’s bodies. Upon switching he and Claire’s previous positions, he roughly pulled Aidan close and covered his mouth with his own to follow up on that earlier ‘threat’ of his. Though Aidan didn’t even pretend to pull away as he kissed him back instead, obviously still quite wracked with desire after the previous evening the three had spent in that bed.

“One big happy family, huh?” Claire couldn’t help teasing, which did cause the two men to both chuckle as they broke off the kiss. Claire then couldn’t help adding “you know, if you were to actually ‘take each other’” she smirked again “then you’d both end up as hungry as I am right about now” she added with her own chuckle as she reminded them that bringing her body to life to make love not only once, but twice in one evening, did leave her just a little peckish due to the blood required to do such a thing.

“I suppose we all could use a little nourishment” Sean agreed as he rolled away from Aidan to give Claire an even more passionate kiss before pushing up onto his elbows between the two.

Just as the three lovers were about to force their bodies to actually leave that bed for the evening, was when the lord and lady of the house entered the room, still dressed for bed themselves. Daniel and Anastasia greeted the scene before them with wide grins as their eyes moved approvingly over all three of the still nude bodies atop that bed. They then allowed slight chuckles of their own as they moved off to the side of the door and allowed three pretty young servants to enter the room after them.

Daniel couldn’t help another smirk as well as a lick of his lips as his eyes moved over his three beautifully exposed houseguests once more “we figured the three of you just may be a little famished this evening” he offered as the servants easily moved to take seats at the end of the bed, awaiting their visitors to move to fill the very need Daniel spoke of.

“Breakfast in bed?” Claire couldn’t help another smile “I could get used to this” she added as she moved to the nearest servant.

“Glad to hear it” Daniel replied as he and his wife both beamed at the sound of her words, while all three of the lovers then moved to replenish all of that very passionate energy they had expended mere hours earlier.

Considering it was a much less complicated process for Aidan and Sean to get back into their own clothing; the men didn’t need long to reacquire that clothing before following Daniel and the servants out of the room after they had all fed. This left Anastasia to try and help Claire back into the tight corset which had been built into the beautiful gown she wore the night before.

As Anastasia made her way through pulling the laces tight around Claire’s tiny frame, she couldn’t help a slight chuckle “I’m amazed you and Aidan didn’t need to call in servants to help get you out of this last night” she teased, though there was a pointed tone to her words.

“I guess we were a little more motivated to get undressed than I ever am to get dressed” Claire admitted with a slight smile, and an even slighter gasp as Anastasia pulled another lace tight.

That was when Anastasia couldn’t help another knowing chuckle as she pulled the last lace tight and tied the knot “so I guess that means you did let Aidan make love to you last night?” she purred against Claire’s ear.

“Wasn’t that kind of obvious?” Claire stated as she looked down, though with a slight smile.

“Well, I didn’t want to assume anything” Anastasia teased as she moved around Claire with that nearly constant smile of hers.

“Is this where you say I told you so or something?” Claire asked as she looked toward the tiny beauty with another shy smile.

“I’m just happy you are trying to get past this, for us” she then added “very happy” as she moved to place her lips over Claire’s once more.

After several moments of that gentle kiss, wherein Anastasia pressed her body close to Claire’s, they finally broke off the kiss, though remained standing close together. Finally Claire found her voice again “Are you sure you want to try and start this, after how hard we just worked to get me back into this dress?” she asked with another only slightly nervous laugh.

Anastasia simply chuckled again “sorry, hard to resist” another sweet smile “I also assumed that after having two men last night, you may want something a bit…gentler… next time” she purred against Claire’s cheek.

Claire’s voice shook a bit in response to the offer “what about you? Didn’t you have your own man last night?”

“I did. Hence my understanding of having another sort of need… from time to time” Anastasia whispered back, pressing close to Claire again in that translucent nightgown she still wore.

Claire was easily shaken by their closeness as well as the obvious desire in the other woman’s voice and aura; not to mention how fresh the memories of the previous night’s passions still were in her head. As she looked down at the dark haired beauty so near to her, Claire allowed her hands to move to Anastasia’s hips. Claire then kissed her once more as she let her hands slowly begin bunching the sheer material of the nightgown into her hands, inching it ever so slowly up to Anastasia’s waist where she was quite obviously nude underneath said gown.

Once the younger woman was completely exposed from the waist down, Claire’s hands moved again. First over her now bare behind, then around to the tiny patch of dark hair between her legs. Anastasia let out a slight moan at the feel of that touch as she let her body press closer against Claire’s. Upon feeling the other woman’s obvious desire heating her body to Claire’s touch, she gently caressed the woman into a few more pre-climactic tremors before bravely sliding her fingers inside her body, which of course produced another moan of pleasure in the tiny Spanish beauty.

It only took mere moments before Anastasia’s tremors were shaking her body so badly that she could barely stay standing. As the last orgasmic moan passed her lips, Anastasia slumped into Claire’s arms exhaustedly, as she gratefully spread dozens of frenzied kisses over Claire’s much paler neck and chest above the corset.

Claire smiled at the obvious state of afterglow she had so easily caused in the other woman who was still shaking in her arms, kissing her chest feverishly “sorry, I guess that wasn’t all that… gentle” Claire whispered in reference to those violent tremors the other woman had just experienced at the feel of her touch.

“Oh believe me that was exactly gentle enough” Anastasia assured with another satisfied grin. After taking another long moment to fully recover from Claire’s touch, Anastasia finally looked up into those smiling green eyes “does this mean you are able to trust us now?” she had to ask.

“Definitely getting there” Claire promised as she offered her another small kiss, and slightly squeezed Anastasia’s hand before slowly gliding out of the room once more.

When they arrived back at their own much more modest abode that evening, Sean dropped his belongings to the floor near the couch as Claire hung her bag upon the door. When she turned back, Sean was now laying back upon the couch, his eyes closed in thought “yes?” she asked as she took a few steps toward the couch, removing her high boots as she did.

“I have a song in my head. I’m just trying to make it work” he smiled, though his eyes remained closed as though he actually could hear the tune in his head.

“So, inspiration has struck once again?” Claire smiled back at him.

“Something like that” Sean replied with that continued smile.

Claire couldn’t help chuckling at his obvious mood, which was strikingly similar to hers that night. She then moved to the couch with him, placing her body above his with a smile as his eyes opened at the feel of her against him and his arms curled around her instinctively.

“I appear to have broken your concentration” she told him with feigned regret as she gently kissed his neck.

“I think I can manage to forgive you” he teased as he kissed her forehead.

“How kind” she teased back as she kissed his lips and he squeezed her more tightly against him. A moment after the kiss, she couldn’t help speaking up again “so, were you really going to?”

“Going to what?” he asked with a questioning smile.

“Take Aidan” she clarified with another smile.

“It was fairly tempting” Sean agreed with a grin.

Claire giggled at that admission as she curled closer to him “how can you still somehow surprise me after almost two hundred years?”

“I was going to ask you the same thing. You know, after you finished with Anastasia” he smirked down at her, which did cause her to giggle against his chest.

“What? I have been with one other girl” Claire declared with the same feigned innocence.

“But she was practically me, remember?” Sean laughed, calling her on a statement she had made to him long ago.

“What can I say? I’m trying to open myself up to new things… considering” she added more quietly, pressing closer to him still.

“Considering?” he asked her with gentle concern at the slight darkness that peered into her otherwise jovial mood.

Claire sighed slightly “that I may not have as much time as I used to think I did” she whispered.

“Claire” he told her with a soft regret as he turned her face up to meet his.

“Sorry” she sniffled slightly “it’s hard to ever completely forget that.”

Sean just shook his head sadly, pulling her ever closer, and hanging onto her that much more tightly at the reminder of that dark fate he knew he would never be able to bear coming to pass either.

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