Wanting Ace

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Hannah Walker is a pretty rich mean popular girl. Every girl wants to be her and every boy wants to be with her. But in reality, she is a nice, loving, caring, smart girl. Her parents don´t even like her. Then one day she meets this boy named Ace Colgate. Ace is mean, rude, and intimidating. But, in Hannah's eyes, he is very good looking. Ace does not have a good past. There are a lot of secrets he doesn't want to reveal, and won´t reveal. Will Hannah find her way in his heart, and get his trust, and live happily ever after?

Haven Hasty
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Chapter 1

Hannah, Sophia is here.¨

¨Coming¨, I slide on my white vans and run down the stairs.

¨Hey, Hannah you ready?¨

¨Yes.¨ I go and hug my mom around the counter, then I follow Sophia out the door.

We both get in the car and I say¨ We are finally Seniors.¨

¨ I know, I can´t wait to see Dawson,¨ Sophia said to me.

¨I am so glad you and Dawson are doing good,¨ I say with a half-smile.

¨I am so sorry you and Josh didn’t work out.¨

¨It’s okay. Now I can sleep with any guy.¨

¨There´s the spirit,¨ Sophia says, nudging me. We finally pull out of my driveway and head to school.

When we get to school, we park and we get out of the car. Everybody starts staring at us because we are the most popular girls in our school. Well, Sophia is, because she is pretty and is rich like me. I just don’t have the looks she has. I mean I think I am pretty, but I don’t think I am as hot as she is.

She hugs me, then says, ¨ I will see you at lunch.¨

¨Okay,¨ I say back while waving at her.

When we part our ways, I head to my locker. While I am walking to my locker, I can still feel eyes staring at me. I wish I was invisible sometimes. Everybody always pays attention to me, and I hate it.

When I finally reach my locker, some football players start whistling. One of them even slaps my ass.

¨You dick,¨ I yell when they start running. They are such bastards. I hurry and get my books for my first class before the bell rings and I am late.

I enter my first class, which is English. I love English. I may be rich and slightly pretty, but I am a nerd. People just don’t know that about me, because I keep to myself. I am not like one of the popular girls who only care about their looks and want boys to flaunt all over them. I am the complete opposite. Even my best friend Sophia doesn’t even know that. I mean I wouldn’t really call her my best friend, because the only reason I met her was that, Her family works with my family. She is nothing like me really, but I have no option. My parents want me to be popular, and they want me to get all this attention. Deep down I know they don´t care about me, because they even told me that. Their exact words were, ¨ You were an accident. We didn’t want you. But, since you are here, you are going to act and look beautiful. You better not mess up our reputation.¨ My parents are fucked up.

I go to sit at my desk, which is in the front. Mrs. Fuston calls role, then gets straight into the lesson. She is like that. She doesn’t put up with any bullshit. She likes to get stuff done.

Mrs. Fuston says, ¨ Today our lesson is going to be about Poetry.¨

I pull out my journal ready to take notes.

The bell finally rings, and I say to myself, ¨Class is already over.¨ I got so interested in our lesson today that went by super fast. This is why I love English. I get so sucked into it, that it feels like ten minutes, instead of an hour.

The first three-class of the day is finally over. It is officially time for lunch. I head to my locker to put my book up. I head to the cafeteria, while I’m walking I get a text from Sophia saying

Meet me outside in the stadium.

Looking down at my phone, I send

I will be there in 10

When I hit send, I hit into something really hard. I look up and I see these beautiful hazel eyes.

¨Watch where the fuck you’re going, ¨ the intimating boy says to me.

¨I… I´m sorry,¨ I didn’t bump into you.

¨Well maybe if you weren’t on your goddamn phone, you would have been able to see me, he says with a growl. Why was he mad at me, I didn’t even do anything. Yeah, he is right. I shouldn’t have been looking down, but he could have avoided me. What was his problem?

I finally had the courage to say, ¨ It is just as much as your fault as it is mine. You don’t have to be an ass about it either.¨ He just huffs and walks away. Dick head. I look at the floor and see my phone. He could have at least picked it up and gave it to me. Uhh! I pick it up and run to the stadium because Sophia is probably wondering what is taking so long. When I reach the stadium I see Sophia on her phone. I run up the stairs and I go sit beside her.

¨What took you so long,¨ she says taking a bite from her apple.

¨This boy ran into me,¨ I say scrolling through my phone.

¨Who was it,¨ she pushes further.

¨I have no clue, but he was being such a dick head. It looked like he had anger issues.¨

¨Well, I have to go, I am going to the mall. Do you want to come?¨ she says to me.

¨Sorry, I can´t. My parents are expecting me home,¨ I lie. I dreaded going to the mall with Sophia. In general, I hated shopping. I have no clue why, I just did.

¨Fine, suit yourself.¨ She puts her apple on the bleacher, then stands up, and walks away. Just like that, she was gone.

After a couple more minutes at the stadium, I get up and head to my car. When I arrive at my car, I see the boy who was being a dick to me earlier. He was talking to the principal. He had a scowl on his face. He looked pretty pissed. I keep listening to their conversation, wondering what the principal did to make the boy mad. The boy keeps cursing at the principal and waving his hands in the air. I can hear bits and pieces of what they’re talking about. The boy says,¨ You never cared about us.¨

I wonder what that is about. I try to keep listing, but then my phone rings. I look at the caller Id and I see my mother´s name on the screen.

¨Hello mom, what do you need,¨ I say casually.

¨Me and your father are going to be out with the Patterson family, tonight.¨

¨Okay mom, love you and have a good time,¨ I say ending the call.

I end the call, then I put my phone in my back pocket. I look up to see if the boy and the principal are still talking. But when I look all I see are those hazel eyes staring at me. When we make eye contact, he ducks his head and puts his helmet on. He gets on his motorcycle and then speeds away. That was weird I say to myself. I get in my car and put on some acoustic music. I guess tonight it is just going to be me.

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