From grief we grew

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A story of two people whose life begans after the loss of one person. Teagan and Hayden try to avoid each other after the death of Zayden. But they are united when Hayden finds a map marked with places for him and Teagan to visit that was set up by his dead Twin brother. Wanting to visit the places her best friend went, Teagan agrees to join Hayden. Meanwhile they meet two people who share just as much as grief as they do. Maybe they can help each other to grow if they only let the other one in but it's gonna be harder than it seems cause they all lost someone dear to them and the fear of losing another keeps holding them down. ~updates every friday~

Romance / Adventure
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I stand with my family trying to play it cool. I look around the place and my eyes catches sight of a girl I've known all my life. I frown wondering how her long blonde rapunzel hair has suddenly gone to shoulder length. She looks very tired and her eyes are red and puffy. She looks at me and I quickly look away. I focus on the black coffin box in front of me that's decorated with flowers. I hear sniffles from either side of me. I try my best not to cry. I had already cried myself in my room for the past 22 hours, I don't think I can cry anymore.

"I now call upon Teagan to read the eulogy," the priest says.

I watch as the blonde girl makes her way to the mic. She looks around nervously and I have this urge to grab her hand and run away to someplace far, away from this place and the truth; to go way back in time where my brother is still alive.

"This is very hard for me, When Katherine called me last night asking me to prepare a eulogy, I was terrified because I have so much to say about him but I got such limited time to speak that I panicked. I mean I can literally write a book about him maybe I will." She chuckles a bit and wipes her tears off her cheeks as she continues, "Zayden and I were practically diaper buddies. We grew up and did everything together. Like everything. I still can't believe he's gone. Even in the morning I pinched my face so hard to check if I was dreaming. Zayden deserved to live, this is unfair but here we are." Her eyes become watery. "He was one of a kind. He wasn't just my best friend, he was also another father to me and a loving brother. Zayden was home. My home. He was this person who can light up your day even at your darkest times. I remember this time my dog died and he spent the entire day at my house making a little coffin for it and then we buried it and he let me cry all night on his lap and played with my hair till I fell asleep." there is a pause. I can see her smiling with her eyes closed and I know she's trying to relive that moment. After few seconds she opens her eyes and says, "sorry" and chuckles as more tears roll down her cheeks. "The next day I woke up to a big box and him beside of it. Inside there were my favorite movies, chocolates and ice cream and then he said 'T , Tyson is not gone anywhere' Then he placed his hand on my heart and said 'he lives in you now. In your grief, you can either water it and let something grow from it or destroy it with a storm. Something beautiful will grow out of it if you let it to. Something beautiful always grows from grief." I close my eyes not wanting to burst out in tears. "As he said, he is now living in each one of us and it's our responsibility to live for him too. I know he'll always be with me but without seeing that dorkish smile I don't know how I'm going to be but I guess like he said I need to grow from grief. We all do. Thank you."

I stand their with my eyes closed not budging from my spot but then when I hear someone saying about burying the coffin my eyes fly open. I see the coffin put in a big whole. I lung myself forward as I scream for them to stop them but my father grabs my arms as I scream and cry.

"No! No! Don't bury him! No please! Zayden!"

I feel someone hold my hand. I turn around and see Teagan looking at me. I squeeze her hand as I fall on my knees and cry. She wraps her arms around me as I cry and continue screaming my twin brother's name.

A thud sound beside of me snaps me out. I turn around and find Teagan laying beside of me. I hear her parents panicking as I watch them try to wake her up. Her dad carries her and her hand slips away from mine as they take her away. I wipe my cheeks and sigh. I look back at my brother's grave and whisper, "I'll take good care of her. Don't worry."

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