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Lioness on the Rise

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2- Relationship break

The ride back to my hometown seems shorter and I know papa will be there waiting for me on the Porch. Either he has a belt for beating or my things already being throw out. I was ready for anything but the beating but having to be homeless was the worst.

Resting my head on the surprisingly clean bus window, watching as the sun race to end the day. My stomach roared in hunger then I pull my purse toward it, praying it will block the disturbing sound in the full bus of passengers. The white woman that seems a little older than I am, sitting beside me was at the edge of her seat as if I was a contagious being. No matter what, there will always be skin discrimination but look how that turns out.

Our white skinned chief must have cheated on his wife with a black woman and that is where Jah gets his complexion because her blood is stronger than his. All I know was, he was lying about being the son of the chief then a lot of problems will be on his shoulders.

I was relieved when the journey came to an end and body after body exit from front to back. The bus conductor has already collected my fare and stopped the lady who had sit beside me, asking for his money.

"Someone will be here to pay, give me a minute after a small phone call." Pulling out her expensive cellphone and begin to touch the screen before putting it to her ear.

Trying to avoid being knocked to the ground by other busy bodies on the sidewalk, I turned to walk in the direction my parents home is located when a familiar voice caused me to stop. "I'm sorry. Here." Turing around I see the tall, muscular frame of the man who I thought trusted and loved me, gave the conductor of the bus some money. The white woman hugged him and kissed his cheek, I watched, waiting for him to smile like he would have done with me, but he never did and I was a bit relieved.

"It is nice seeing you again Morrison, how's business?" She asks, clutching onto his muscular arm. Following him toward a car parked behind the bus that I didn't noticed. I stood in the middle of the sidewalk as a wall, people passing me, bumping my shoulders but all I could feel was curiosity and sadness.

Questions after questions filled my mind, images of them together doing the same thing we have done together. Was I his side chick? Who is she? Why do I not know her? Why is she like that, scorning me? Have I met her before? Did he tell her about me?

It seems I wasn't that important and he have moved on sooner than I thought. I am the type of woman who loves answers and now, I refuse to search for answers because I couldn't trust my heart to break. Not for one more piece to break that no one else will repair. She is a beauty, has more flesh on her bones that I do. Colour in her eyes and skin while mine was just the same. The only strength my skjn has is being a great barrier to the sun. They move towards the vehicle, he opened the door for her and went to his side then opened the door.

I didn't even know he has a car, much a lady friend and I put my hand to my chest, gripping my clothes between my breast in hopes of not feeling more heartache.

It was like a voice told him to look up and he did. We looked at each other for a while, his frightened one to my sad one. Surprised shown in his eyes like it was a open book, but mine had tears. Beads of tears running down my cheeks. I wanted to disappear when he whispered my name. Thanks to the beeping of a horn behind him that caused him to look away and I use that chance to move. To disappear from his sight, maybe from his life.

I now realize that relationship don't have breaks, it should be like a river. Water running; sometimes silent and bearly moving, rough and dangerous, warm and calming, clear and beautiful, clean and untouched, dirty and wild, safe and loud, rocky and dark.

I run without looking behind me, not even to greet my neighbors like I always do, ignoring my friends playing football ball on the empty street as they call me to join the game. The desperate girls who are standing outside the pool in a front yard showing off to the group of middle class wannabe gangsters who call after me instead of them. It was what my papa hated, I wasn't like the other girls who search for men with money so he could borrow and never return it. Using the lame excuse; 'I feed you for 20 years, I send you to school, I let you live under my roof without rent.' Thank God for mama, she always make him regret saying it.

I run through the dusty path to my parents home to see two strange vehicles parked outside and persons sitting on the porch like they were waiting for me. Papa, mama, my two sisters and a man. Papa was the first to move and began speaking as my run came to an end. Giving my body the rest it needs and for my heart to stop racing so fast.

"He doesn't want you anymore, am I right? You wouldn't be here by yourself. You little whore, spreading your legs for that man before marriage." With my eyes widen with surprise and mind fill with words to tell him, to defend myself.

"Like your mother and first child do. I didn't papa, you need to thank god for mama because a good woman like her pull you off your face and make you into a man you are today. Gambling away her money." I argue while catching breath.

"Shut up, ungrateful, lying brute." He shouts marching towards me ready to strike.

"I have held my mouth for too long, I was taught to talk so I will. I am older enough to do what I please."

"Then leave and go elsewhere, your other brutes of a sisters are here to let you join the whore club." He yelled, causing a crowd of people to move from their hideout.

"Funny papa, tell mama how many nights you've been gone over Miss Dahlia's house to warm her bed when her husband's not there or you are suppose to be at work." Loud gasps were heard from the crowd and the woman's husband who was running our way to fight papa, but some men held him back. "Instead of going to the farm in the day you find comfort in her daughter's bedroom too or stealing from the policeman's son down the road."

My sisters, Trudith and Honorah pulled me away and into one of the cars beside what looks like my luggages and familiar items. The man got in the driver's seat with Trudith in the passenger seat. Honorah went to the other car and drive behind us as we leave the place with extra drama.

"You are still a keeper I see. How long have I told you to tell mama eh, and your doing it now." My sister says shaking her head with a small smile on her face. Looking at me on the backseat.

"Years, but I had to wait for the right time." I told her causing her to laugh.

"My wife, behave na. You love drama too much eh." The man say, touching my sister's hand.

"Your wife... Trudith your married without telling me?" I shout angrily. She waved her hand silencing me and glaring at her husband.

"Yes my sista, my husband here is right. We are married for two months now. I send you and mama the invitations and I guess papa destroyed them." I opened my mouth to speak but she glared at me. "Let me finish na. I came after our honeymoon but you weren't there. Papa was happy because he got gifts from my man and I told them not to tell you because I wanted to surprise you. Now this man here couldn't keep his mouth shut before we get home."

"I am still angry with you, but congratulations. When will I become a auntie?" I asked wiping the sweat off my forehead. She turn to the front and got the air conditioner on.

"We don't know yet my sista, but know that will be another surprise. This man here, his name is Emmanuel Grace."

"Nice to meet you sir."

"Sista Loyalty, call me Emmanuel na, we are family now." He says while grinning along with his wife.

"Okay Emmanuel." I replied smiling at them both.

He drove into a gated community with big houses on each side then touched something but I didn't know for what reason. A slim man opened the gate and let us in before closing it behind us. "Welcome to our home sis, your room is ready."

"Are you sure..."

"Yes sista Loyalty, come na." We exit the car as I took my time, looking around the huge place. A bigger place means more work to clean. It was a orange and brown three story home with a inside garage and a flowers under the wall surrounding the house. "Trudith will give you a tour while I cook dinner. Finger come take these to the guest house"

I smile at him and join them walking into the house. With few of my things in our hand. "Why did he call you finger?" I ask the gatekeeper who was walking a little behind me.

"I have 4 fingers on the right and a little one the left, making 6." He says proudly, even trying to show me although his hands were full like ours. Instead of going through the front door they lead us to the side where there was a little varanda with two chairs around a circular table under a window. They put my things on them and finger left, leaving just me and my sister after thanking him.

"Honourah is coming by later for dinner, she's with mama now. She call us to come for you, because papa was kicking you out." I nod and enter the house first as she comes after.

It was like a small house, two single white couches facing a small television on the wall and a glass coffee table between them. There was a kitchen section; a stove, small fridge, countertop, drawers and everything in the small space with two bar stools facing that direction. Opening the door in the corner leads to a bedroom, also small room with walls painted baby blue and a matching bed sets. A bed not too big and not too small, but comfortable enough for one persons to hold, with only one nightstand, a lamp and alarm clock. One single dresser was facing the bed and a door beside it leads to the bathroom were it was stocked with all the basic items. Towels, tissue, soap, new toothbrushes, mouth wash and other things.

"Do you like it? I can move you inside but I know you like your own space."

"It is absolutely amazing, it is like a mini house that fits me so well. Thank you."

"Don't thank me just yet, mama told me you're searching for a job. I am a secretary for Zykino Morrison and he is hiring." I shook my head no and focus on the bringing my items to start unpack. "What's wrong?"

"Loyalty, Trudith, were are you?" Honorah called, her voice came from the outside and the sound of footsteps against tiles coming in our direction. "There you are, come little girl tell me everything about what happened today."

Rolling my eyes, I told them to sit while I tell them everything. From I open my eye this morning, till arriving at home to papa. Even told them about the eyes of the king and how blue they were.

"Lord, our lil sissy is real busy. And why in heavens name did travel there alone? You know how long we haven't been there and nothing like that has happened. That can't be true."

"Wait Honorah, did you just say the status has blue yes?" All I did was nod, packing the little that I had where it can or should go. "Honorah and I went there together about three years ago, some days after her twenty first birthday and all their eyes were the same gray as the rocks or marble on every part of their body. The King's own also."

"Maybe the king is turning human..."

"Maybe sis, maybe."

"Come na, my husband's food is ready. I can smell it from here." Trudith sigh, getting up from the couch and pulling Honorah and I through the door and into the bigger doors of the main house.

"I know your Pregnant True... I bet you a hundred dollars that you are." I told her, she waves me off and lead us toward her kitchen. We enter the kitchen just in time to hear the noise from the television.

"Nighty news update at 8:50. The king's manor will be closed starting tomorrow morning. Business and Entertainment- Jahmar Zykino Morrison was seen with a beauty Kellyanne Shakes almost kissing when paparazzi caught them. Emmanuel Grace is no longer a bachelor and second in line after Jahmar Zykino Morrison, both CEO's of their own companies, rising to the top..."

He has moved on after all, I sat there watching everything on television. Not only was he famous and a rich man but I knew nothing about it

The news bearly had anything to say about him, not even his face was shown, but a man under a familiar hoodie with a woman clutching onto him arm and smiling to the cameras.

They didn't announce anything regarding the king's changes but it might be better than to have people hearing about it then flooding the gates of the manor. This is the human news channel so we wouldn't know if it wasn't serous.

I was real lucky enough to have seen it or him rather, as the very last visitor I think.

Telling everyone goodnight and thanking them again for helping me, I leave the main house and freshen up for bed. Sitting in the darkness with tears in my eyes. They became tired, calling me into a early sleep, but before closing my eyes, the window beside the dresser had a figure with blue eyes staring right at me and the last thing I did was scream. Not once moving my eyes from them or blinking, afraid it might be a illusion or my mind playing tricks with me but they were still there. Even as my door open and my sisters enter, I heard gasp from them before fainting.

It wasn't just one eyes staring at me through the window, there were many others, yellow, green, brown and grey, but one blue. The same blue eyes that saw today.


They were just flowers in the garden outside the window and Trudith got her husband Emmanuel to cut them out and remove the roots from the garden. We didn't tell him the reason but we were glad it was gone. It was weird and I know it shouldn't be so suspicious. Those flowers weren't planted in the garden. It was red leafy plants with a lot of green and white on them.

I wasn't afraid to admit it to my sisters that I was a bit scared but when I went back to the room, I turn my back to the window after pulling the drapes and cover my head with the sheets.

I was basically counting sheep out loud but in my head, my thoughts were haunted by today's events. I was dreading tomorrow and praying for a better day because I couldn't find the strength to have another bad day following this one, I would have to stay aways from the world if I have to. Even that wouldn't work because I need to find a job so I can go on my own as soon as I can get off my face and start making some money.

The next morning I watched my sister and her husband leaves for work after I got over to the main house and made them breakfast which they were thankful for because they were running late. It was finger and I alone on the property and I join him at the gate post with the news letter and pen in my hand that has the job advertisements.

"Thanks for breakfast madam." He says and I nod.

"Call me Loyalty, please. Madam is for my Sisters and you're welcome. Breakfast was the least I could do while living here." I tell him, sitting on the tiled floor of the little office doorway looking though the papers.

After a few minutes of going through it, I found a couple. One- Parents needs a human who can travel to the werewolf kingdom and can be a babysitter for weekends for a six month old toddler and to tutor a twelve years old boy. Two- Monday to Friday caregiver for elderly woman or as domestic help. I told finger I will be be borrowing his office phone and I made the first call by dialing the number below the advertisement.

"Hello, good morning. My name is loyalty and I'm calling regarding to the advertisement I found in the ne..."

"Yes, thank you for calling dear, my name is Lily Anderson. My mate and I needs a good babysitter that can work on weekends. We will pay for your travelling fees and... Can you cook?" She inquires.

"Yes Ms Anderson I can."

"Good, good. I will send your name over to the entrance gate so you can enter on weekends from seven am to five pm, but can you reach a bit earlier..." We talked for a bit and I will be seeing her and the family in two days. The next call was harder than i thought, but I didn't get to job so I settled with a weekend job for now but I will have to wait until next week to see the other job advertisement. To choose something that I can manage as a starter.

My small mobile phone was all had and I have a list of things I need to buy when I collect my pay check. I wasn't sure about the amount because the mates want to discuss it when I visit. That afternoon I made dinner for my sister, her husband, finger and myself after spending the entire day in their pool, watering the garden, preparing for my first job and ignoring Jahmar's calls.

I was serious about needed time to find myself and be my own person without a man's help and I'm sure that I can do it. After all, I'm a strong black woman.

I was finally Saturday and I was brought to the Anderson residence by their personal driver after I got though the travel agency. I got the stamp with the count down time on my wrist again and went though the same tunnel but at a different place this time.

The driver Oliver got out and open the door for me then I thank him and look up where three tall muscular figures stood at the doorway and I walked up the stairs. As nervous I am and greet them, feeling like a child because of my height next to these people. The two shorter persons are the Anderson and the more tallest and muscular one is the Alpha.

He was trying to be intimidated but I didn't mind that, it is his pack. The Luna Tribe was the second biggest for a reason and I was surprised that he was here instead of his Beta that did these welcoming or whatever. He was also surprised when I looked him in the eyes but he wasn't the only one.

It wasn't a bad thing but to took a man with or in power right in the eye with struggle is proven to be equal to the person or have a big higher position than them. Most humans like myself should be able to feel the aura of his power but I was surprised that I didn't and the Anderson's noticed too. It got them weary of me but I was trying not to make eye contact again, as best as I can.

I got seated by myself facing the Alpha in the warriors home office while the couple stood around. I was told the rules of the pack, how I should take care of the children and a lot more.

For my first day, I will be meeting the children and doing regular babysitting. The price of the pay was the best part and I didn't have a problem afterwords but I know I will be watched because these people have senses better than a dog.

"It was pleasure meeting you Alpha Hamilton." He nods at me and leave the house with Peter Anderson following. He is one of the best tribe warriors as I was told and his mate is a high school History teacher who works at the pack house on weekends.

I was left alone with Lily who was showing me around her simple five bedroom home with with a small living area, medium sized kitchen and office on the ground floor. Now she was taking me around the back of the house with her six months old baby Davine getting breastfeed.

The backyard wasn't fenced and shows the beautiful view of the tall three above the smaller ones and small animals singing or running around. "Beautiful isn't it?"


"Our Alpha as the most breathtaking view ever, you should see it... Oh, Benny will be here soon, he got training which ends at nine so he should always be home on the dot or else call me or I'll call you if he's with me. Out here is his face but he knows not to go too far into the woods or he'll have to face the Gamma for bothering patrol.

A list will be on the refrigerator of the things your are required to do. I will be the first to be home in the afternoons but it want you to let Davine get some fresh air. Either out here or at the park around the corner. Benny will love it because he can go out to play football will his friend but after all his homework is completed. Luckily we aren't allergic to anything so that's it. I will have my phone on me at all times, call me if there is anything you want to know or any problems occurs." She listed before giving me Davine before leaving to go upstairs.

The chubby weighty baby sitting on my arm was looking up at me before a smile breaks out on her lips. "You do know what I'm thinking right?"

She only giggles and I smile.

"I hope we can be the best of friends. I'm Loyalty and you are princess Devine, am I right?" She giggled even louder and my smile turns to a grin. "Okay, princess, let's see what I got to do."

I took the list off the refrigerator and realize Benny Anderson will be here and he will need snacks which includes meat. I put the little princess in her high chair and took out few ingredients to make a sandwich for him and a little stew for Devine. When the sandwiches were finished I clapped my hands and she giggles so I do it repeatedly.

"Clap your hands for praises, clap your hands for joy, happy babies makes the world go round. Little Davine, you're the smiling queen. Clap to hear you sweet being." Her giggles got louder at the song that I instantly made on spot and I repeated it again when she is trying to clap.

"Who are you?" A voice asked and I turn to see Benny as his mother shows me in the photo.

"I'm Loyalty..."

"Is that even a name. Where is my snack maid, I hungry." He orders and I look him in the eye and points to the still warm sandwiches covered on the island. His eyes widen and he took a step back then turn, going around the island where the high stools are and lift the plastic cover. "You can cook right?"

"I can. What drink can I get for you?" I and him.

"I like you already Loyalty, can I get a bottle of water, thanks." I nod and gave him a bottle I took out from the refrigerator then look over at Devine watching me.

"You need something princess?" She only moves her hand to clap again and I laugh and sing the song I just made.

"Do you have a mate?" Benny inquires, interrupting our singing and it made his sister gets angry. "Wait little sis."

"I don't." I tell him softly with a small smile.

"You should. You might." He adds then sip the water from the bottle.

"Why do you think that?"

"I might not be from the magic Kingdom but you are stronger and braver than you look. Even a great cook." He tell me before biting into the second sandwich before I turn and got Devine's meal from off the stove after I turn it off. "Do you want children in the future?"

"Of course. As many as my God gifted to me." I put her meat and vegetables stew I make into her plate after I got it washed and dried. Them got her sippy cup with apple juice inside before going them to feed her.

"What is that?" I tell him the ingredients and ask if he can get some which I got up to give him when his sister gets her juice.

"Don't let her drink too much or she will eat less food."

He removes the bottle from her tiny hands and she stretches doe the plate.

"Lily! Open the door, I got news about the palace." A female voice came from the front door and Benny got off the stool quickly and open the door. "Hey Ben Ben... Why does it smell like a human in here?"

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