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Amaris Thorne doesn't trust easily, doesn't love and certainly doesn't want to lead her father's pack. She's been hurt, ticked and abandoned by those she never thought would never leave. She doesn't want a mate, she doesn't want to live a pack life so she leaves. 3 years later, Amaris returns home. When she arrives she's greeted by Alpha Rhydian who has taken the position of Alpha of The Dark Wolf Pack - her father's pack. Although Amaris doesn't want to lead, she's thrown into turmoil when Alpha Rhydian turns out to be her mate... Or is he? But not all is what it seems and Amaris soon finds herself fighting for life.

Romance / Fantasy
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I don’t know how long I’ve been pacing back and forth. I can feel the anger rising and showing no signs of calming. I wasn’t expecting this to happen. I mean, obviously, it was going to happen... But not like this.

Not now.

A small growl slipped out. I took a few deep breaths, trying to calm myself.

We need to calm down. We can’t travel like this.′ My wolf chastised.

Ugh! I know, Rory.′ I groaned.

I headed into my bathroom, hopefully, water will calm me. The water seemed to calm me when I was younger. I splashed water over my face, closed my eyes and let the water drip down my face. I sighed heavily, picked the towel up and held it against my face.

Everything is going to be ok, Amaris.′ Aurora reassured the best she could.

I really don’t need your optimism right now.′ I rolled my eyes as I pulled the towel away.

I glowered at myself in the mirror. I hated looking at myself, I don’t recognise myself anymore. My goals and life haven’t gone the way I thought they would or even the way I wanted. I should be happily mated and an Alpha by now. At 23, a she-wolf should have met her mate. But that isn’t always the case, at least not for me.

Well, Amaris... Time to face the music.

I gazed out of the window of my taxi as we passed through the streets of Vancouver. I’m going to miss living here, it’s so beautiful. This has been my home for the last 3 years. I moved here just before I turned 20. Well, I kind of ran away. Because that’s what I do... I run.

I couldn’t handle being at home. Too much hurt and betrayal, I couldn’t cope. So I left and I’ve never been back... That is until now.

“Are you travelling anywhere nice?” The taxi driver chatted.

“Going home,” I replied nonchalantly, staring out of the window.

“Perfect time for getting out of Canada. Winter is coming and it gets so cold here.” He chuckled.

“England is no better.” I snorted.

I’m from a small village called Clovelly in Devon. It’s a stunning place, full of secluded open fields and forests. It’s definitely a wolf’s dream. There are four neighbouring packs in Devon.

The Crimson Pack, The Luna Pack, The Moon Lake Pack and The Dark Wolf Pack.

I’m originally from The Dark Wolf Pack. I’m not sure where the pack names come from, some are actually silly.

“We have arrived.” The taxi drive announced, breaking me out of my trance.

I leaned forward and handed him some cash with a quick thank you. I stepped out of the car and the guy passed me my suitcase, “Thank you.” I replied with a smile.

I took a deep breath before heading into the airport. I checked in and went through the security. I decided to wait in the bar until I could board.

I’m anxious about going back home, not just because of what has happened but because of my friends. They didn’t understand why I had to leave. I left with things unresolved and without any support from my friends. I mean, I don’t blame them. I was leaving and they couldn’t see me again. Out of my friends, there is only one that has still avoided me. I made up with the others as the time when on but after 6 months of trying to contact him and getting no response, I gave up.

I took a sip of my drink then pulled my phone out. I had two messages, one from my uncle and one from Ria, my friend. I decided to open my uncle's text, I took a deep breath.

Uncle Tristan - Hey Kiddo! I’ll be at the airport when you land. Can’t wait to see you. X

I sent a quick text back before opening Rias.

Ria Roo xo - AHHH!! I can’t wait to see you!!! Tristan has already set off <3

Me - I’m waiting to board now. Is Lucas going to be there too? <3

It’s a long shot but I’m hoping he will be there. He’s not only my best friend but my cousin. I grew up with him, I thought he’d be the one to understand and support me. I did the one thing I never wanted to do...

I hurt him.


“Please don’t go,” Lucas whined.

“Luc, I can’t stay,” I whispered, staring at the ground.

Lucas started pacing the floor, mumbling to himself. I went over and stood in front of him, placing my hands on his chest. “Lucas, look at me.” I grabbed his face. “After everything I’ve been through, I need to get away.” Tears started streaming down my face, Lucas quickly wiped them away.

“I don’t want this life anymore. I don’t want the Alpha position. I don’t want another mate, I can’t deal with that again.” By now the tears were falling uncontrollable.

“If you go, that’s it. We’re done.” He deadpanned, glaring at me. I growled at him.

“Fuck you.” I spat then stormed out.

I gasped as someone touched my shoulder. I took a deep breath to calm myself. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to startle you.” He said quickly, “I saw you crying and wanted to make sure you were okay.” He smiled brightly at me.

I quickly wiped my face then smiled back. “Yeah, I’m good... Thank you though.” I replied. He nodded and smiled before turning to the bar. I followed his eyes and realised he was scanning the bar for a seat.

“You can sit here if you want?” I offered.

“Are you sure I won’t be disturbing you?” He asked. I shook my head and smiled, “Not at all. I just have to answer a text first. But feel free to have a seat.” He took a seat opposite while I grabbed my phone.

Ria Roo ox - No he’s not :( He’s helping with the funeral but he’s excited to see you.

Ria Roo ox - I am too, I wish it was under different circumstances though. See you soon, love ya <3

Me - Thanks for saying that but we both know he’s not. See you soon <3

I powered my phone off. I love that Ria tries to solve the problem between me and Lucas but until he understands why I had to go then we won’t ever sort this out.

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