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"Yo... you." I spluttered.

"Well, if this isn't a nice surprise..." He smirked.

"You're a wolf?" I gaped.

Out of everyone I expected to walk out from the trees... Ezra wasn't one of them.

"And you are one too." He rolled his eyes, "I didn't sense your wolf. I still don't." He added.

"I didn't sense yours either." I countered. He chuckled, "Touche."

He leaned against a tree and folded his arms. "So, you said you knew me because of my last name? Why did you look so shocked to see me in wolf form?" I asked, puzzled.

He chuckled again, "We went to the same school." He looked down, "I haven't been around much. I've come back for the funeral." He stated, slowly.

I took a deep breath, " The funeral... it's my fathers." I whispered.

" You're that Amaris." He affirmed, shocked. "I'm so sorry about you-" I cut him off... "Please don't say you're sorry about my loss. That's all I've heard." I rolled my eyes.

"Ok, I won't." He quickly replied, holding his hands up in defence. "So, are you heading back?" He smiled.

"Suppose so." I sighed.

"Well, come on, sis." He winked.

I rolled my eyes and barged into his shoulder, playfully. We started off in the direction of the packhouse.

"So, how did you mask your scent?" He quizzed, while we strolled along.

"I have a special necklace," I said, cooly. "How did you mask yours?" I questioned.

"My scent was masked by some healers from the pack I was visiting. My sister moved to a different country to be with her mate. I was more of a guinea pig, so to speak." He chuckled.

"Why is your scent still masked then?" He questioned, glancing at me.

"I have my reasons," I muttered.

He nodded, humming but didn't question more which I was glad. "I just have to say, your wolf is pretty impressive." He expressed.

I smiled, brightly. "Why, thank you." I chuckled.

We came out of the tree lines into the back garden of the packhouse. There was a crowd around the back door. We walked over, everyone spun around, staring at us.

"Amaris, where have you been?" Lucas shrilled. I rolled my eyes and glared at him. "I was with Ezra." I shrugged.

Rhydian pushed his way to the front and growled. Everyone stared at him, he looked just as confused as the rest. "What's up, Rhyd?" Ezra asked.

Rhydian shook his head before answering, "You were supposed to come straight to me when you arrived." He glared. Ezra nodded, "Sorry, I saw Amaris and got sidetracked." He confessed.

"Nice chatting with you again, sis." He winked. "Now I know who you are." He chuckled. Lucas and Rhydian looked at us confused. "Yeah, I still think you're a pup," I smirked. He playfully bowed at me before turning to Rhydian. "Come on, Alpha." He rolled his eyes.

Lucas dismissed everyone and beckoned me to a nearby bench. "Why did you run off?" He questioned. I sighed and flopped down on the bench.

Do I tell him I heard their conversation? Or do I keep quiet? I'm so confused, my head hurts.

"I just needed some air. I'm a little overwhelmed." I whispered. Lucas nodded his head and gazed into the distance. I looked at him. I know him well enough to know he wants to say something.

"Spit it out" I groaned. He jumped slightly, "What do you mean?" He muttered.

"Lucas, I've known you forever. I know when you want to say something." I rolled my eyes, giggling slightly. He took a deep breath then twisted around so he was facing me.

"Why was Rhydian able to calm you?" He awkwardly asked. I stared at him. What a stupid question to ask when he knows exactly what Rhydian is doing.

I rolled my eyes and snorted. "He didn't, I have learned to control myself." I lied... "When I felt myself changing, I focused on my happy place." I lied again.

Someone should give me an award for 'the best lies made up on the spot.' I chuckled to myself.

"I'm just going to pretend I believe you." He said, sarcastically.

"Thanks," I replied, just as sarcastic. "I know you'll tell me eventually what's going on." He smiled.

I nodded, rolling my eyes then sighed. "Anyway, how do you know Ezra?" He asked.

"I don't... not really." I shrugged, "I met him at the airport. Only I didn't know he is a wolf and vice versa." I explained.

"Do you wear your necklace all the time?" He questioned, staring out into the distance. I peered at him, trying to figure out his sudden interest with my necklace.

"I do. I don't ever take it off." I replied, coldly.

"I get it, I do." He sighed then turned to look at me. "But... don't you ever want to find your mate?" He asked, scanning my eyes. I sighed and leaned back.

"No. I don't." I whispered. "I'd never know if it was real or fake." I breathed out, heavily.

"I guess." He murmured. "Sorry, I just want you to be happy." He smiled sadly at me.

"I know, I will be." I sighed. "I have you lot." I playfully shoved his shoulder. He wrapped his arm around me, pulling me into his side.

"That you do." He grinned, resting his head on mine. I linked my arm through his and sighed contentedly.

"Hey Luc, do you have any photos of your wedding?" I asked. He nodded his head, excitedly. "I do!" He jumped up. He held his hand out to me, "Come for dinner and I'll show you." I took his hand and stood up, I smiled and we headed towards his house.

Lucas pulled his phone out of his pocket, pressed some buttons then put it away. "Pasta bake still your fave?" He questioned.

"Of course!" I happily exclaimed. I was already looking forward to a home-cooked meal with my family.

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