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I spent the evening yesterday with Lucas and Elijah and it was the best couple of hours I have had in a while. Elijah and Lucas are total opposites, Lucas is always on edge and wants things done here and so unlike Elijah, he’s so laid back and has a wicked sense of humour. Their wedding photos were absolutely stunning, Lucas looked so happy. I’m gutted I missed it.

I stretched out in bed and groaned. Tristan and Georgie did an amazing job of my bedroom, they replaced pretty much everything. I rolled over and grabbed my phone from the side table. I unlocked it then promptly screwed my eyes shut as the light blinded me. I let my eyes adjust before I looked properly at it.

There was a text from Ria and Lucas. I opened Ria’s first...

Ria Roo xo - Do you want to have a pamper day ready for tomorrow? xx

Me - Um, yeah that’ll be... nice. Xx

Ria Roo xo - Well get ready. I’ll be at yours soon or we can meet at the packhouse xx

Me - Packhouse, 1 hour. See you soon <3

A day of pampering... Yay. I guess she means well but I have never been into that face mask, manicure and pedicure shit... I mean when we shift, it would ruin our nails, what’s the point? I sighed then opened Lucas’ text...

Lucas - Thank you for coming home. I love you Amaris xxx

Me - I love you xxx

I dropped my phone onto my bed then buried my head under the cover and groaned. My dad’s funeral is tomorrow and I’m not looking forward to it at all. I don’t know how I’m going to keep calm. I’m expected to say a eulogy and I don’t know what to say or if I can even do it without breaking down.

I kicked the quilt cover off me and dragged myself out of bed. I headed into the bathroom, turned the shower on then did my business while I waited for the shower to heat up.

I glanced in the mirror before splashing water on my face. The mirror was all steamy from the shower, I childishly wrote my name into the mirror then chuckled to myself. As a pup, I remember going around every window in our house, breathing against the glass to make it fog and writing my name. I loved leaving my mark everywhere.

I stepped into the shower, wincing because of the heat... I turned the temperature down a little and relaxed under the water. I leaned my head back, closed my eyes and let the water stream down my face.

I need to think of something to say at my dad’s funeral... When it comes to putting feelings into words, I suck! How am I supposed to say how I feel when half the time, I have no idea. I could talk about how great he was... But everyone already knows that. Even if I manage to think of something to say, how do I stand in front of these people, the people I let down. They won’t have respect for me nor do I blame them.

Calm down, Amaris.′ Aurora warned.

I growled and clenched my fists into balls. I let my dad down, I let my pack down, I let all my friends down. That she-wolf was right... My dad died, thinking I didn’t care.

My body started shaking violently, I tried calming myself but I was failing. The more I thought about what I’d done, the angrier I became. I leaned forward, placing my palms against the cool tiles, dropping my head down, closing my eyes and taking long, deep breaths.

Soon, my breaths became laboured and heavy. My eyes snapped open, a burning sensation spread throughout my body. I spun around and screamed. A high pitched, deafening scream. My fists collided with the glass in the shower, shattering it. A loud, threatening growl erupted from deep inside me, causing a power surge to flow from me. It was happening, the Dark Wolf was taking over. With the little self-control I had left, I slid down the tiles, pulling my knees to my chest and waited for the inevitable.

“Amaris, come on. Open your eyes.” A voice soothed.

I couldn’t work out who was speaking, or what was going on. The last thing I remember, I was in the shower...

No, no, no... I lost control, again. I blinked my eyes a few times adjusting to the darkness. Wait?! Darkness, where am I?

“Please.” There’s that voice again.

“Where am I?” I choked out, barely audible. My throat was scratchy and my head was killing. I tried sitting up but was gently pulled back against a hard surface. Everything was hazy, I concentrated on my senses and was hit by Rhydian’s scent. I panicked and turned my head sideways, peeking up. My eyes went wide, I glanced down, I had a towel wrapped around my body. I gripped my necklace and breathed out in relief before looking back up at Rhydian.

He gazed back down at me, his face was full of concern and a little... fear? “What happened? Where are we?” I whispered, staring back at him.

“I think we need to... talk.” He hesitated. I furrowed my brows at him and I swear I felt him shiver.

“I don’t want to talk. Why am I here?” I asked, “Why are you here?” I monotoned, glaring at him.

He took a deep breath, “That’s what we need to talk about.” I sighed and turned my head forward. I tried sitting up again, only to be pulled back down. “It’s best if you stay here.” He deadpanned, snaking his arm across my stomach. I glanced down, taking in a sharp intake of breath, as the tingles and shocks pulsed through my body.

“I have it under control.” I huffed, throwing myself back against his chest. He grunted but kept his hand on me. I can’t focus on anything with his stupid hand giving me stupid fake tingles. I groaned and screwed my eyes shut.

“Ok... talk.” I scoffed.

“Why can I bring you back from whatever happens to you?” He questioned.

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